The 10 Best Lebanese Restaurants In Sydney

When you are in the mood for a healthy meal that is also packed with flavor and gusto, Lebanese food ticks all the boxes.

Known for utilizing fresh ingredients, from fresh fish and veggies to zesty lemon juice, Lebanese cuisine combines all the staples of a nutritious meal and packages it all up in classic middle-eastern dishes..

Think about hummus, for example; Lebanese cuisine has transformed the humble chickpea into a mesmerizingly flavorful dip that has become an essential part of any party spread or picnic basket.

Whether you’re in the mood for a meaty and filling dinner date, or fancy grabbing a light salad for lunch with a friend, Lebanese restaurants have a dish for every occasion.

But where can you find these treat-filled establishments, you ask? Have you not discovered Sydney’s best spots for a Lebanese experience? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

The 10 Best Lebanese Restaurants In Sydney

Zahli Restaurant

Location: 529 Elizabeth Street, Surrey Hills, NSW 2010

First up is this sleek and modern restaurant, which serves dishes that have been inspired by traditional Lebanese food, and given a modern twist.

The menu has a wide array of delicious dishes, ranging from their unique signature tabbouli to their golden fried whitebait.

Our favorite menu item was their Zahli banquet, which can be shared between four or more people.

The banquet comprises of five mouthwatering courses, each of which is filled with the restaurant’s signature dishes. It’s got all the meat you could ask for, heaps of refreshingly light seafood, and a crunchy pastry dessert.

Blacktown is a diverse, multicultural suburb and has some great Lebanese dining spots.

Nour Restaurant

Location: Shop 3, 490 Crown Street, Surrey Hills, NSW 2010

This restaurant has the most incredible interior. Sit at delightfully simple light wooden tables and soak up the glorious light that streams in through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Pinkish tones along the walls and ceilings are complemented by indoor greenery, which soothes you into a state of readiness for some fresh food.

The mezze selection is to die for. Choose between locally sourced freshly shucked oysters with a fragrant rose mignonette, and a wagyu skewer served with Armenian pickled cucumber.

Or, don’t make that tough decision and just order both! That’s what we did, anyway. What’s great about this place is that it is up to date with modern lifestyles and offers a bottomless brunch on Sundays!

Enjoy the spices and traditional flavours of Lebanese cuisine alongside an endless flow of French rosé or Aperol Spritz. We can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday.


Location: 105 Thompson Street, Drummoyne, 2047

Next on our list is a lovely family-run restaurant which dedicates itself not only to providing exquisite Lebanese cuisine, but also to helping the community.

On the Kadmus menu you will find all your favorite Lebanese dishes, including three different types of hummus and steaming skewers.

Kadmus has an array of vegan-friendly and gluten-free options, so that everyone can enjoy their food.

The best things about this restaurant are the friendly atmosphere, and the affordable prices. You can dine like royals on their various banquets, and at a fraction of the cost of other restaurants.

Love the flavours of the Med? Try one of our Roasted Beetroot Salad Recipes.

The Prophet Restaurant

The 10 Best Lebanese Restaurants In Sydney

Location: 274 Cleveland Street, Surrey Hills, NSW

This family-run venue has been going for over thirty years, and serves amazing home-style dishes made from recipes that have been passed down through generations of their family.

Their flavors are authentic and refreshing, and provide the customers with the full Lebanese experience. If you are looking for truly traditional Lebanese food, The Prophet should be top of your list.

Fill your boots with Shish Kebab and Shawrama, the latter of which has been marinated in a concoction of wine and herbs and tastes delectable.

There are so many tempting dishes to choose from, and if you can’t make up your mind you can opt for a Mezza, which has a combination of their starters and mains.

Nada’s Lebanese Restaurant

Location: 270 Cleveland Street, Surrey Hills, 2010

Nada’s restaurant has a great vibe. It’s casual and cool, but still provides an authentic Lebanese feel. Our favorite thing about this place is that you can bring your own booze!

Forget overpriced restaurant bottles of wine, and bring a crate of your favorite beers to enjoy throughout the night.

Their hummus and babaganouge come in three different sizes, meaning you can tailor each trip to your mood and levels of hunger! Nada’s serves a long list of vegetarian dishes, and an extensive selection of classic meat-based meals, so there’s something for everyone.

For an incredibly reasonable price, you and your friends can share a Super Special Banquet, which includes 3 sides, 7 main courses, and coffee and desserts!

This restaurant is open every single evening, from 6pm ‘til 10pm, and is a perfect place to spend any night of the week.

Bar Tikram | The Star Sydney

Location: Level LG, Harbourside, The Star Sydney, 80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont, NSW 2009

Bar Tikram is a no-booking walk-in restaurant that serves a selective menu full of Lebanese delight.

For your main course, you could have wood-fired lamb shoulder served with a sweet and fresh mint yogurt, or locally sourced fish accompanied by tahini and lemon, among plenty of other great things.

The best thing about Bar Tikram, in our opinion, is the extensive drinks menu. Tikram’s signature cocktails include the Turkish Delight; a vodka-based cocktail full of coconut water and rose infusions.

Plus, if you’re the designated driver, you can still enjoy some tasty beverages from their non-alcoholic section.

Jounieh Restaurant

The 10 Best Lebanese Restaurants In Sydney

Location: Promenade Foreshore, 17 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, 2000

Ideally located on the waterfront at Walsh Bay harbour, Jounieh provides a tasty slice of Lebanese culture, with a contemporary twist. At Jounieh, the chefs prioritize the use of fresh and local ingredients, which make their dishes delightfully fresh and flavorsome.

All of the restaurant’s amazing dishes are paired with a selection of delicious drinks, including cocktails and decadent whiskeys. The setting in which you eat at Jounieh is the cherry on the cake.

They have designed the interior of their restaurant with their sea-side location in mind; calming blue tones are scattered throughout the inside and augment the flow of the layout.

The furniture is made from natural wood, and the floors and walls boast beautiful stone tiles, both of which accentuate the natural ingredients within Jounieh’s stunning menu.

From herby falafels to a gorgeous harbour view, this restaurant has it all.


Location: 116 Marion Street, Leichhardt, NSW, 2040

This next restaurant is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. The dining setting is simple and bright, which allows the tantalizingly fresh food to take center stage.

The menu features cold and hot mezza, hand crafted pastries, salads, grill dishes, seafood, rice and more.

The dish we would recommend is the Barramundi Plate, which has both fresh fish and prawn skewers, and is served with a crispy Greek salad and chips.

What more could you ask for? If you’re worried about taking kids with slightly less mature palates, Jasmin1 also has a little section on the menu for kids.

You little ones can enjoy chicken nuggets, a mini skewer, or grilled chicken – all served with chips – while you tuck into something a little more herbaceous.


Location: Shop1, 501 King Street, Newtown, 2042

Next up is a restaurant that claims to be Sydney’s first ever modern Lebanese restaurant. While we cannot vouch for that statement, we can vouch for the amazing quality of their food.

The head chef at Arabella moved from Lebanon to Sydney nearly twenty years ago, and brought all his authentic culinary knowledge to the city. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can get banquet meals for six or more people to share, making it a perfect weekend treat for you and your friends.

If you don’t like sharing your food, that’s fine! Their menu also offers all the traditional Lebanese dishes that the country has become famous for.

Plus, Arabella has concocted some Lebanese-inspired sushi and sashimi dishes for all you sushi lovers!

Little Beirutee

Location: 139 Concord Road, North Strathfield, Sydney, NSW, 2137

Last, but certainly not least, is Little Beirute. From tabouleh, to hummus, to falafels, this cute restaurant delivers all your traditional Lebanese food of dreams.

What’s more, they have also developed some innovative dishes inspired by their cuisine, like their Lahme B Ajeen with Jeben, which is essentially a regular pizza made with Lebanese ingredients and tastes!

It’s open from 6:30am to 2:30pm every single day, so is perfect for a light lunch – or even breakfast!

Whether you’re up early and fancy a savory treat, or are still out on the town at 6:30am from the night before and need to fill your stomach with goodness, Little Beirutee can provide you with all the goods.

The Thievery

We must make a quick mention of a definite contender on our best Lebanese restaurants in Sydney guide.

The Thievery in Glebe has been surprising and delighting customers with its innovative spins on Lebanese classics for a while now.

We have a separate article, dedicated to the joys of dining at this great spot and you can read it here.

Final Thoughts

Aside from making you extremely hungry, we hope reading this article has helped you find a Lebanese restaurant that you can’t wait to try.

All of these places serve dishes that are authentic and crazily tasty, and have inspired in us a new-found love for Lebanese food and culture.

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