The 15 Best Indian Restaurants In Sydney

Indian food is so flavoursome, and there are so many great dishes to try. Indeed, the country is known for its bright, tasty food, and its use of amazing ingredients such coconut, almond, spices, chilies and fruits.

Often, Indian restaurants have huge menus and it’s difficult to know which are worth ordering, let alone which establishments you should visit.

Sydney is a beautiful place, with so many cultures and cuisines. So as you might expect, there are lots of Indian dining options in the ‘Harbour City – some are modern Indian, some classic, and others, fusion.

The 15 Best Indian Restaurants In Sydney

With so much choice, it’s difficult to know which restaurants are going to be good. And how can you tell which dishes are incredible?

Luckily, we’ve done the leg-work for you. We’ve compiled a list of the fifteen best Indian restaurants in Sydney, so all you have to do is making a booking.

And to help you decide, we’ve included a brief menu overview – so you don’t miss any noteworthy dishes. 

Flavour Of India

128 New South Head Road, Edgecliff, NSW 2027

Flavour of India is an Indian in Sydney that have been cooking some excellent Indian cuisine for almost thirty years. Their menu encapsulates the flavors, and cooking techniques from every part of India.

Their head chef, Hayat, has been at the restaurant for almost thirty years, since the beginning. He is passionate about delivering food that is full of love, and flavor.

The restaurant describes itself as a fun-loving, passionate restaurant that even brings in some Hollywood A-listers!

As starters/entrées, they have crispy Bombay rolls stuffed with lamb, potato ginger and coriander, deep-fried samosas with potatoes, peas, and spices, and spicy crab meat with ginger, chili and onions, served in potato skins.

They also have their iconic butter chicken masala cooked in a creamy red masala sauce, chicken jalfrezi in a cinnamon, cardamon and clove curry, along with their goat curry sautéed in spices and slow cooked for hours.

Their seafood dishes are also a hit, such as their green fish curry, and their Malabar prawns in coconut cream and fresh lime leaves.

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Malabar Cuisine

274 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010

Malabar Cuisine first opened in 2003, and is decorated with murals, and traditional Indian decor. The restaurant replicates South Indian heritage through its dishes as well as its decorative choices.

There are 100 seats, and it is known as one of the most atmospheric restaurants in Sydney.

For starters, they have garlic and pepper rasam with fresh tomatoes and tamarind, cauliflower and potato bonda, spicy chaat (spinach leaves, chickpeas and yoghurt), kerala fried chicken in chickpea flour, and tiger prawns in red onion and fennel seeds.

They also have some flavorful mains suc as their hot Kashmiri prawn balchao in a boan masala, their slow cooked beef Kerala in ginger, chili, and coriander, and their lamb shank Rogan josh which is slowly cooked in yogurt and tomatoes with ratanjot and cardamon.

Nawaz Flavour Of India

142A Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW 2037

Nawaz is a cozy Indian restaurant that has been open since 1990. It is regarded as one of the top fine dining Indian restaurants, and is amazing for its quality food, homely atmosphere and culinary excellence.

They serve appetizers such as pakoras, samosas, a seafood platter, aloo chop, and spicy crab. They serve chicken saag, tikka masala, butter chicken, lamb korma, lamb rogan josh, as well as dishes cooked in their clay oven such as tandoori mango prawns and reshmi chicken.

Their tandoori breads are delicious, such as the cheese naan, keema naan and the methi roti. They also serve authentic Indian desserts such as gulab jamun, and mango/pistachi kulfi. 

The Grand Pavilion 

9/17 Church Street, Terrigal, NSW 2260

The Grand Pavilion is a beautiful restaurant, serving authentic Indian food made with organically harvested ingredients. The menu includes various vegetarian dishes as well as non-vegetarian dishes.

They have daily specials, such as malai kofta dumplings, spicy pavilion chicken, and almond pumpkin lamb. They serve crispy marinated butter chicken, murg malai tikka with spices, cream and yogurt cooked in a tandoor, and cauliflower bazule tossed in spices and fried.

Some of their top chef recommendations include their lamb shank korma, nilgiri korma chicken, handi goat masala, and vindaloo chicken. They have some lovely naan breads, such as the cheese and spinach naan, and the Peshawar naan stuffed with fruit and nuts. 


350 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Indu is an Indian and Sri Lankan restaurant, that specializes in serving light and fresh food, from rural places in southern idea and Sri Lanka. The aim is to bring village food to the city.

The restaurant only opened in 2021, and is a hit with customers. The decor is dimly-lit, and cozy, with terracotta and warm colors. The restaurant has partnered with ACFID, to help build thriving village economies and help build infrastructure across Sri Lanka.

Their menu is extensive, and has several sections such as their Indu feast section, from the coast, from the village, and the curries and grill section.

They serve market fish croquettes, with black garlic mayo, cured king fish with tobiko and chili, and prawn and apple salad with peanut. They have crispy besan fritters with tamarind and cardamon, along with pickled eggplant with coconut and pistachio.

Their cashew roasted tomato and yogurt chicken is served with shallots and cinnamon bark, and their Goan pork belly is served with crispy crackling and cardamon.

One of their most popular dishes is the lamb raan, made with slow cooked lachlan valley lamb, served with minted chutney and lunumiris. They also have handmade desserts, as well as sides such as basmati rice or lemon and lentil rice. 

The Spice Room

2 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW 2000

The Spice Room brings an authentic Indian experience and cuisine to the streets of Sydney. The restaurant is decorated beautifully with relics, treasured possessions and heirlooms from India, and is warm, elegant and atmospheric.

The restaurant is by far one of the most attractive, but they also take care to only serve the finest and most organic ingredients. They serve banquets as well as regular meals, and they also have a function room for birthdays and events.

For their small bites and street food menu, they serve onion bhajis, Punjabi paneer pakoda (paneer and green chutney, deep-fried), and lentil dumplings in cream yogurt (dahi bhalla).

They have their special tandoori dishes, such as star anise chicken tikka, paneer sizzler skewer ajwaini (cheese marinated in spices and smoke roasted), and lamb cutlet masala.

They have salmon tandoori tikka which is succulent and flavorful, as well as their spiced fish fry, coming from the streets of Amritsar. They have butter chicken, chicken chettinaad, curried mustard lamb chops, beef do pyaza, and beef vindaloo.  

Delhi ‘O’ Delhi

The 15 Best Indian Restaurants In Sydney

⅓-13 Erskineville Road, Newtown, NSW 2042

Delhi ‘O’ Delhi is an award-winning Indian restaurant, with lots to offer. They have bee serving some amazing Indian food for over ten years, and their food is a modern interpretation of India.

They keep the traditional, flavorful roots of Indian food, whilst using contemporary techniques and cooking practices.

For starters, they have ragda patties (crispy potatoes with white pea mash and watermelon), laung elaichi murgh (chicken tikka with cardamom, and fennel root salad), along with spiced prawns and australian adraki shops cooked in a clay oven.

They have palak cheese kofta, along with aloo wadiyan (lentil nuggets with spices), and even more fabulous vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Their chicken pepper fry is tossed with onions, curry leaves and pepper, and their Calcutta chili chicken is stir-fried with soy sauce, chilies and onions.

They serve an Assamese duck curry which is blended with ash gourd, along with their spicy, but popular beef chutney which is braised with mint, chilies and fresh ginger. 


10 Darling Drive, Darling Harbour NSW 2000

Zaaffran is an Indian fine dining restaurant, with a passion for food. They treat each meal as a celebration of life, as they do in India, and they have a passion for using spices such as saffron in their food, hence the name of the restaurant.

They blend   cuisine and its flavors whilst using fresh and organic Australian produce, creating beautiful dishes that are unforgettable.

They serve starters such as tandoori jhinga (king prawns glazed in ginger and aromatic spices), Punjabi chicken masala, tandoori lamb cutlets and sunheri kebab (chicken tikka glazed with garlic, chilli, ginger and besan).

They serve some amazing main meals, such as their laal maas (slow cooked goat with garlic, chilies and onions), meen moilee (seasonal fish in coastal red sauce), and their murg methi malai (chicken tenders), in a fenugreek and saffron gravy.

Their desserts are delicious, such as their pineapple phirnee, their saffron and cardamom milk dumplings and their remarkable rose Brulé. 

Bombay Street Kitchen

University Hall, Corner of Glebe Point Road and Parramatta Road, Glebe NSW 2037

Bombay Street Kitchen uses locally sourced ingredients, with old-world charm. They are inspired by Bombay, with their restaurant decorated with bright colors, and a look of charm.

They aim to bring the best street food of Bombay to Sydney, and they class themselves as a humble tribute to Indian street food.

They serve entrées such as tender tandoori chicken grilled in cumin yogurt, vegetable samosas with mint and tamarind, and vegetable pakoras, lightly fried with a sweet tamarind chutney.

With their curries, it is up to the customer to choose the sauce, protein, and any additional vegetables. They have butter curry, chennai curry, korma, vindaloo, and their iconic railway goat curry.

Their chicken biryani is delectable, with spiced saffron rice, tender chicken, and caramelized onions. They have some lovely sides such as yellow lentil dal, and their cumin-spiced vegetables, sautéed to perfection in a wok. 

Brick Lane

75 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Brick Lane is a contemporary, fun Indian restaurant, taking flavors from the Indian subcontinent and giving them a twist. They do not serve authentic Indian curries, but their food is popular for its Indian inspired taste, and their ability to break rules in their cooking.

For starters they have duck and cinnamon samosas, onion bhaji, tandoori chicken burger spring-rolls, chickpea fries, duck with spiced pumpkin butter, and loaded masala fries with butter chicken sauce and a sweet yogurt.

They serve fun Indian tacos, such as boneless chicken, cauliflower pickles, vindaloo sauce and yogurt in a roti wrap, and their spiced pork belly with cucumber and cabbage in a roti wrap.

For the bigger dishes, they have spiced king fish fillet with roasted chaat potatoes and mustard, along with their gunpowder cauliflower and paneer, and their coconut butter chicken curry with a garlic cabbage slaw.

They have lots of veggie options such as Broccolini bhaji as well as their brick lane veggie curry which is cooked with eggplant and masala spices.

They have some creative desserts too, such as their chai and chocolate mousse, or their coconut crème caramel with dried orange and cinnamon. 

Not Just Curries

235 Darling Street, Balmain NSW 2041

Not Just Curries believe that Indian food is one of the beat and most diverse cuisines, aiming to bring a assorted menu to the people of Sydney. They aim to replicate India’s home cooked food, and serving a large variety of dishes to choose from.

They have two restaurants, one in Balmain, and one in Harris Park. For starters, they have aloo tikka chaat, dahi puri (puffed bread with potatoes, chickpeas and yogurt), chingari tikka (chicken with vindaloo and mint chutney), prawn pepper fry, and masala bass with saffron honey yogurt.

They serve home style chicken curry, butter chicken, Delhi style butter chicken, mango chicken, lamb vindaloo, prawn and barramundi masala and goan curry with basa or barramundi.

Their menu is extensive and flavorful, with sides such as a large range of roti and naan, masala poppadoms, peanut masala and fresh salads. 


4-6/14-20 Station Street East, Harris Park, NSW 2150

Chatkazz promises an authentic street food experience with over two hundred dishes, inspired from all parts of India. All of their dishes are fragrant and flavorful, and their restaurant is modern, taking influence from Mumbai  and Bombay, with murals and colorful walls.

They are popular in Sydney, and they have three locations in the city. Their menu is well categorized, with their Mumbai section containing dishes such as stir fried rice with onions, raita and papadam, as well as butter masala spicy potato balls.

They have samosas, along with cheese dabeli (potato burgers with peanuts and chutney, as well as masala puff pastry with chutneys and potatoes.

They serve a range of indian sandwiches, such as their masala cheese toast sandwich with vegetables and chutneys, and their Bombay aloo slice. They also serve street wraps, containing poatoes, onions and vegetables, with a curry sauce of your choice and chutney.

They serve biriyani, classic curries such as kadai paneer, as well as daal, rice, rotis and naans, and their popular chapatti chat range. These are small crispy Indian breads stuffed with flavorful vegetables and chutneys. 

Ginger Indian Restaurant

94 Wigram Street, Harris Park NSW 2150

Ginger strives to feed the people of Sydney authentic north Indian mughlai cuisine, whilst sitting in an inviting, and relaxed atmosphere.

Their menu is simple, with classic starters such as chicken tikka cooked in a tandoor clay oven, garlic prawns, fish amritsari (fried and spicy fish), or the sheekh kebab.

Their main dishes are popular, such as their rezala lamb cooked in tomato and yogurt, their mango chicken and their goat champ masala which is a historic indian dish.

They serve classic and delicious sides such as poppadoms, pickles, chutney, cucumber yogurt and onion salad. They have classic Indian desserts such as mango or pistachio kulfi (similar to ice cream, but thicker), and gulab jamun, which is deep-fried cottage cheese in rose syrup. 

Punjabi Fusion Bar, Lounge, And Restaurant

Shop 5&6, 104 Wigram Street, Harris Park NSW 2150

Punjabi Fusion Bar serves food from the North Western state of India, which is Punjab. They serve up some delicious and authentic Indian cuisine, which is colorful and flavorful.

Their restaurant is a lounge and bar, so it is warm, stylish and colorful, and you are bound to enjoy your stay. They serve some amazing dishes such as pani puri, which is puffed crispy balls loaded with potatoes, chickpeas and mint.

They have smashed samosas in a chickpea curry sauce with tamarind and mint, as well as their classic Punjabi samosas, stuffed with peas, potatoes, and fenugreek.

They are known for their astounding tandoor cooked meats, such as their yogurt marinated chicken which is bright and flavorful, and their spicy lamb chops, blackened by the tandoor.

They have dahi kebab rolls, which are yogurt croquettes, fried and spiced, as well as their famous amritsari fish which is accompanied by mint chutney.

They serve an Indo-Chinese mashup menu too, with dishes such as chili chicken cooked in garlic, ginger and soy, as well as their chili paneer. Their menu is huge, but they do serve classic curries such as butter chicken, tikka masala, and vindaloo. 

Spiced By Billu’s

Shop 7, 7/33 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo, NSW

Spiced by Billu’s serve some amazing North Indian dishes, using authentic and home style methods to bring you the best dish. The restaurant is on the waterfront in Barangaroo, and is furnished with bright colors and modern style, but with a cozy feel.

They have onion bhaji, salty spiced calamari in a chickpea batter, paneer tikka, tandoori prawns and Billu’s ling fillet with chickpea flour and coriander yogurt. They have a large vegetarian range, serving classics such as eggplant masala, and Punjabi chickpeas.

Their Jag’s lamb shank is famous, braised in mint and warm spice, as well as their classic mango chicken, beef vindaloo, and tandoori snapper. 

Final Thoughts

Sydney has some Indian gems, and each restaurant is completely different. There are so many to choose from, but we hope this list may help you in some way. Whether it is a fusion restaurant, street food, or modern Indian; Sydney has it all! 

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