We Tried & Ranked 9 Best Steaks in Perth Steakhouses [2024]

Just like we promised last year, we hit the ground running in 2024, diving straight into our mission to uncover the best steaks in Perth. Our adventure took us through the streets and nooks of the city, all in the name of bringing you the ultimate guide to the best steakhouses in Perth. Known for its dynamic culinary diversity, the city has become a haven for steak enthusiasts.

Dive into our journey as we share the spots that serve the juiciest and most flavorsome steaks in Perth and provide an experience that resonates with every bite.

The Meat & Wine Co Perth

The Meat & Wine Co in Perth CBD is an African-inspired steak restaurant located in the historic Palace Hotel in St George’s Terrace. It offers a range of premium steaks, modern dishes with subtle African influences, and an extensive list of wines, curated cocktails, and other beverages.

Walking into this steakhouse, the atmosphere immediately struck us as both inviting and sophisticated. The interior boasts a decor that’s both elegant and thematic, perfectly suited for dining or just enjoying drinks, with a vibe that’s conducive to both business lunches and intimate dinners. The staff here is friendly and knowledgeable, ready with recommendations for both the food and the extensive wine list, and helped us with dietary needs.

Our meal started with garlic bread and an unforgettable truffle mac and cheese for starters, followed by the main event: steaks so tender they practically melt under the knife, accompanied by a simple yet delicious house salad. The dessert was divine, truly capping off a flawless dining experience.

It’s worth noting that the extra charges for sauces and steak sides felt a bit unnecessary. Yet, the overall quality of the food, the ambiance, and the service make it a place I’d recommend without hesitation – Just remember to book in advance!

The Meat & Wine Co - Steak - Steak Restaurant in Perth

Location: Ground Floor/108 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

Phone: (08) 6163 8880

Website: themeatandwineco.com/perth-restaurants/perth-cbd/

  • Pros: Inviting atmosphere, Knowledgeable staff, Exceptional steak quality
  • Cons: Extra charges for sauces and steak sides
  • House Specialities: New York Steak, Burger, Aged Wagyu Tartare, Szechuan Calamari, Truffle Mac & Cheese
  • Who is it for: Business Lunches, Intimate Dinners, Families with kids

Hunter & Barrel Perth

Hunter & Barrel is a premium steakhouse in Perth offering a rustic dining experience with a focus on flame-grilled steaks, barrel-aged spirits, craft beers, and a sophisticated atmosphere.

Walking into Hunter & Barrel in Perth, my initial impression was of stepping into a place where the rustic meets the refined. The atmosphere was a blend of elegance and casual comfort, with a thematic decor and a vibrant energy. The music and ambient noise were perfectly balanced to allow for easy conversation.

The staff welcomed us with genuine smiles and they navigated our inquiries, made spot-on recommendations, and were incredibly accommodating to our dietary needs without hesitation.

We began with a delightful cheese bread, setting the tone for an exceptional dining experience. Me and my friends shared our dishes – the calamari and T-bone steak were standouts and cooked with perfection, and the wagyu skewers melted in our mouths. The sides, especially the broccolini and duck fat potatoes, were a perfect complement to the mains. Cocktails was simply amazing. The cappuccino that followed was robust and a perfect end to the meal.

One unique touch that charmed us was the thoughtful “Happy Birthday” frame at the table next to ours – a testament to the restaurant’s attention to detail and personalization.

Everything was delicious, though we noted a lack of vegetable options. Overall, it’s a place we’d visit again and recommend, especially for the steaks and service.

Hunter & Barrel - Steak - A Premium Steakhouse in Perth

Location: Raine Square, 119 William St, Perth WA 6000

Phone: (08) 6163 8889

Website: hunterandbarrel.com

  • Pros: Friendly and knowledgeable staff, Cozy and inviting atmosphere, Special touches for celebrations.
  • Cons: Limited vegetable side options
  • House Specialities: Beef Ribs, Wagyu, Lamb, Garlic & Rosemary Wagyu Skewer
  • Who is it for: Celebrations, Casual night out, Groups, Families

Squires Loft Subiaco

Squires Loft Subiaco is a steak restaurant offering a unique dining experience. While the specific type of cuisine is not detailed, Squires Loft is known for its steakhouse menu, featuring a variety of grilled meats, typical of a high-quality steak restaurant.

Walking into this steakhouse for the first time, I was immediately struck by the warm, welcoming atmosphere. The decor was elegant and inviting, creating a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. Soft live music filled the air, setting a pleasant backdrop that wasn’t too loud or intrusive, making conversation easy.

Our steak journey began with expertly crafted cocktails and a selection of wines that were both impressive and well-suited to our tastes. For appetizers, we opted for the chargrilled prawns, which were undoubtedly the best-tasting prawns I’ve had in a long while. Their flavor and preparation set a high standard for the rest of the meal.

For the main course, my choice was the eye filet cooked rare, which was a representation of the restaurant’s claim to the best steak in Perth. The steak was cooked to perfection, tender, and extremely tasty, accompanied by perfectly seasoned veggies and chips.

I would recommend this place to anyone looking for an outstanding dining experience, whether it’s for a romantic dinner, a special occasion, or simply to enjoy one of the best steaks in Perth.

Squires Loft Subiaco - Steak Restaurant in Perth

Location: 12F/531 Hay St, Subiaco WA 6008

Phone: (08) 6380 1978

Website: squiresloftsubiaco.com.au

  • Pros: Professional and friendly staff with excellent knowledge of the menu, Attention to special dietary requests, Reasonable prices for the quality of the offerings
  • Cons: The ambient lighting, while romantic, can make menu reading difficult.
  • House Specialities: Porterhouse Steak 300g, Rump Steak Fries, Lamb Loin Chops, Steak and Fries, 200 Gram Eye Fillet Chips
  • Who is it for: Couples, Families, Special occasions or Casual dining

Firewater Grille

Firewater Grille is located in the Duxton Hotel Perth, offering an elegant and stylish dining experience by serving locally sourced ingredients with a bit of flair. Also, it features a “retro style” cocktail bar for pre-dinner drinks.

Walking into Firewater Grille, the vibe was elegant and welcoming. The service stood out remarkably, with our waiter, Anthony, demonstrating professionalism and a deep knowledge of the menu. He was attentive and responsive to our needs, enhancing our dining experience.

We began with fresh oysters, then I enjoyed a striploin steak with a great crust, slightly over my medium-rare request but delicious. My girlfriend had a rack of lamb she declared the best she had eaten in a while. We also tried the dry-aged steak, notable for its perfect flavor and texture. The mushroom sauce was a highlight, and the dessert was outstanding, not overly sweet. The portions required additional side dishes for completeness, but the seafood and steaks were top-notch.

It’s worth noting that we encountered a minor hiccup with our table not being ready as confirmed. Despite this, the impeccable service and culinary delights more than made up for the initial inconvenience. I would eagerly recommend it to anyone looking for an exceptional steak in Perth and am already looking forward to our next visit.

Steak - Firewater Grille in the Duxton Hotel Perth

Location: Duxton Hotel Perth, 1 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

Phone: (08) 9261 8025

Website: www.perth.duxtonhotels.com/dining/firewater-grille

  • Pros: Sophisticated atmosphere, High-quality seafood and steak, Notable mushroom sauce, The Bar
  • Cons: Portion sizes may require ordering additional side dishes for a fuller meal
  • House Specialities: Mushroom Cannelloni, T-Bone steak, Duxton’s Signature Tomahawk, Chateaubriand
  • Who is it for: Groups Elegant dining, Families with kids

Tony Roma’s

Tony Roma’s is a renowned steakhouse in Perth. It specializes in American cuisine, particularly known for its ribs and steaks. The restaurant offers a diverse menu that caters to a variety of tastes, including vegetarian options, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

My friend and I decided to visit Tony Roma’s after hearing reviews about their steaks, despite the fact they are well known for their ribs. From the moment we walked in, the casual family atmosphere was evident, with a lively vibe and decor that was welcoming. Despite the music being a bit loud for my liking, it contributed to the vibrant energy of the place.

The staff was warm and professional and the recommended Rib Eye steak was spot-on, marking the highlight of our dinner. The Rib Eye was cooked flawlessly, boasting a perfect char on the outside while remaining incredibly tender and juicy inside. The potato soup, rich and full of flavor, provided a delightful start to our culinary journey, perfectly complementing the standout Rib Eye.

The restaurant’s interior struck a balance between elegant and casual, making it a great spot for families. We noticed many happy kids around, and the venue seemed to cater well to all ages.
Also, the wash basins are available for diners to clean up before dessert – a thoughtful touch given the stickiness of their marinade.

Despite its popularity and the potential need to book ahead on weekends, it’s a place I’d happily revisit.

Steak - Tony Roma's Steakhouse in Perth

Location: 919 Hay St, Perth WA 6000

Phone: (08) 9481 8152

Website: tonyromas.com.au

  • Pros: Family-friendly atmosphere, Washbasins, Booking online, Nearby parking garages and free street parking
  • Cons: Music can be too loud for some guests.
  • House Specialities: St Louis Ribs Half Rack, Lamb Ribs, Waygu Picanha
  • Who is it for: Families, Groups, Steak lovers

Samson’s Paddock

This steak house is known for its steak and whisky pairings, boasting a selection of over 100 whiskies paired with Australia’s finest beef. It emphasizes a casual dining experience with a commitment to quality.

From the moment we stepped into Samson’s Paddock, the atmosphere immediately set a welcoming tone for the evening. The rustic decor and vibe created a dining experience that felt exclusive and inviting. Although the space was a bit cramped, it contributed to the intimate ambiance, making each table feel like a private dining area despite the full house.

The staff was well-versed in the menu, guiding us through with great recommendations and readily accommodating any special requests. What really stood out was the steak-tasting plate – an absolute delight for my sense of taste, complemented by the crispiest chips I’ve ever had.
What elevated our dining experience was the whisky. We indulged in three different whiskeys, each served on a neat board with spring water and an ice cube, allowing us to customize our sips to perfection. The whisky and wine list impressed us greatly, marrying my two loves: steak and whisky.

Although the rising noise levels as the evening progressed were slightly less desirable, they couldn’t detract from the overall enchanting atmosphere. I would gladly recommend it to anyone looking for an exquisite steak and whisky experience.

Samson's Paddock - Steak - Steak House in Perth

Location: 1/3 Glyde St, Mosman Park WA 6012

Phone: (08) 9385 3854

Website: samsonspaddock.com.au

  • Pros: Cozy, inviting atmosphere with a variety of seating options (inside and outside), Exceptional whisky and wine list
  • Cons: Can become quite noisy during peak dining times.
  • House Specialities: Steak Tasting Plate, Duck Breast, Grilled Octopus, Chips
  • Who is it for: Groups, Friends, Whisky enthusiasts and steak lovers


Nextdoor is a restaurant that features a produce-driven menu that changes with the seasons, focusing on high-quality ingredients and culinary craftsmanship. The restaurant’s hours vary throughout the week, with specific times from Wednesday to Sunday.

Walking into Nextdoor, we were immediately struck by its style. The sleek, modern furniture and concrete countertops, particularly the newly updated fire bar, really set a sophisticated tone. Getting to watch the chefs in action at the fire bar added a special and enjoyable element to our visit.

The staff engaged in genuine conversations, adding a personal touch to our visit. Their professionalism and responsiveness to our needs stood out.

For our meal, we indulged in an array of dishes. The stone axe wagyu, cooked medium rare, was simply sublime, earning high praise from my well-traveled colleagues. Despite a minor hiccup with the overly salted chicken skin and slightly dense bread, the entrees, including semi-dried milk cow and chicken squid escabeche, were delicious.

The 72-day dry-aged steak was a highlight for its outstanding taste, and the Jerusalem artichoke and cheesecake were just the perfect desserts that didn’t disappoint, all while enjoying a fantastic array of wines and drinks.

Nextdoor stands out for its top-notch steaks and unique fire bar experience, matched with superb service. While prices are high, the exceptional quality of the food makes it worth it. Highly recommended for special occasions or anyone seeking a standout dining experience.

Nextdoor - Steak - Steak Restaurant in Perth

Location: 79 Angelo St, South Perth WA 6151

Phone: 0456 523 024

Website: nextdoor79.com.au

  • Pros: Stylish and sophisticated ambiance, Top-tier steaks, Unique fire bar experience
  • Cons: High prices, Some dishes like chicken skin and bread could improve
  • House Specialities: 72-day dry-aged steak, Stone axe wagyu, Cape grim ribeye, Jerusalem artichoke dessert
  • Who is it for: Special occasions, Business meetings, Friends

Angel Falls Grill

Angel Falls Grill is Perth’s unique Venezuelan steak restaurant, offering a blend of authentic Venezuelan cuisine and steaks. They emphasize traditional Venezuelan cooking techniques, utilizing corn-based dishes that are naturally gluten-free, and offer a variety of meats smoked and grilled to perfection.

From the moment we stepped into Angel Falls Grill, we were enveloped in an atmosphere that felt both exotic and welcoming. The Latin music set a lively tone, perfectly complementing the restaurant’s decor and thematic nod to Venezuela, particularly its namesake, the magnificent Angel Falls.

The staff greeted us warmly, showcasing their professionalism and deep knowledge of the menu, ensuring we could navigate the entirely gluten-free menu with ease, which was a pleasant surprise.

We started with a variety of appetizers, including croquettes and empanadas, each dish bursting with flavor. My dark mojito and my friend’s non-alcoholic Piña Colada were standout drinks. The main courses, particularly the steak and pulled beef, were cooked to perfection—juicy, tender, and rich in flavor.

Angel Falls Grill’s unique approach to dining, focusing on shared and tasting plates, allowed us to sample a wide range of what they had to offer. This, coupled with the restaurant’s history and dedication to Venezuelan cuisine, made our visit memorable. I would heartily recommend Angel Falls Grill to anyone looking for an authentic Venezuelan dining experience.

Angel Falls Grill - Venezuelan & Steak Restaurant in Perth City

Location: Shop/16 Shafto Ln, Perth WA 6000

Phone: (08) 9468 7177

Website: angelfallsgrill.com.au

  • Pros: Fully gluten-free menu, Excellent service, Diverse and delicious starters, Outdoor seatings
  • Cons: The kitchen closes early at 7:45 pm
  • House Specialities: Cachapas, Angel Falls, Empanadas, Tepuy Steak, Gran Sabana, Smoked Steaks: Lomito, Solomo, Punta
  • Who is it for: Those seeking authentic Venezuelan food, Groups, Friends

Mayfair Lane Pub & Dining Room

Mayfair Lane is a gastro pub and steak house offering a blend of British tradition and contemporary dining. It emphasizes timeless dishes over trendy ones. The restaurant prides itself on its award-winning wine list and aims to provide a relaxed yet upscale dining experience.

My first impression of a steak house was that effortlessly combines elegance with a welcoming atmosphere. By the decor is clear that this isn’t just any gastro pub. The interior, bathed in ambient lighting in the evening, creates a refined setting, ideal for both casual dinners and special occasions.

The staff’s prompt and attentive service ensured that our dining experience was seamless, from selecting wines to accommodating.

We started with an exquisite Steak Tartare, followed by the mouth-watering Tomahawk Steak and the tender Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder. Each dish was cooked to perfection leaving us craving for more. The famous duck fat roasted potatoes were a revelation, and the selection of wines complemented our meal beautifully.

One interesting observation was the restaurant’s British label, which set an expectation for English beers that the menu did not fulfill. However, this did little to detract from the overall experience. I will visit it again without a doubt.

Mayfair Lane Pub & Dining Room - Steak House in Perth

Location: 72 Outram St, West Perth WA 6005

Phone: (08) 9425 5222

Website: mayfairlane.com.au

  • Pros: Outdoor seating, Good selection of wines,
  • Cons: Some dishes are on the pricey side, Limited options for alternative milks for coffee
  • House Specialities: Steak Tartare, Tomahawk Steak, Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder, Famous duck fat roasted potatoes
  • Who is it for: Both casual and special occasions, Friends, Groups

Final Words

Our search for Perth’s finest steakhouses showcased the city as a premier destination for steak lovers, revealing a vibrant culinary landscape. Each establishment we encountered stood out for its unique approach to serving up the best steaks, blending quality cuts with exceptional culinary techniques. This journey through Perth’s dining scene confirmed its reputation for excellence, making it the go-to city for anyone in pursuit of the ultimate steak experience.

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