The 15 Best Dumplings In Sydney

Sydney is well-known for pioneering wonderful restaurants and there are few tastier options than Chinese food. This wonderfully intricate and delicious cuisine is often technically complex. None more so than dumplings. Dumplings are a Chinese staple which display of years of nuanced innovation.

So not surprisingly, Sydney boasts a fabulous variety of Chinese-style eateries that serve phenomenal dumplings.

Whether you are seeking a delicate bamboo steamer of yum cha or a hearty bowl of cripsy-bottomed dumplings, we’ve got you covered. Peruse the list below and you are guaranteed to find the best restaurants and trendy eateries to satisfy your cravings.

Read on to discover the 15 best dumpling restaurants in the entire city. 

15 Best Dumplings In Sydney


Location: The Galleries, Level 1/500 George St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Ph: (02) 9247 6868 See Website for Further Locations

There are a number different Lotus venues located throughout the city, including a dumpling house and a dumpling bar. All of the restaurants contained within the Lotus Group are excellent.

They are renowned for producing some of the best dumplings in Sydney for a good reason. In particular, their prawn and pork wontons are a perfect balance of sweet meat and crunchy texture. Your taste-buds will thank you for ordering them.

Other sure-fire winners include their chicken and kimchi wonton and their pork and zucchini dumplings. Both of these will leave you both fully satisfied and paradoxically begging for more.

Chefs Gallery 

Location: In Regent Place Shopping Centre, Ground Floor Shop, 12/501 George St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Ph: 0416 618 820

If you are seeking the freshest pan-Chinese cuisine then this is definitely the place for you.

One of the draw-cards of Chefs Gallery is an open kitchen where the chefs craft wonderful noodles, dim sim and hot pots.

Their delicious dumplings are undoubtedly some of the finest in Sydney. If you get the chance, you should try their finger-licking pan-fried prawn dumplings that come complete with squid flakes and seaweed. Their prawn and chicken shumai is also a stand-out.

There are different levels of culinary excellence when it comes to preparing dumplings. Luckily, this place gets it right with it’s wonderful flavour-combinations and skilful cooking.

Din Tai Fung

Location: In World Square, Shop 11.04, Level 1/644 George St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Ph: (02) 9261 0219 See Website For Further Locations

If you’re looking for delicious, authentic, soupy dumplings then this is the place for you.

Their xiao long bao is textbook. What’s more, they offer a range of specials on a daily basis that include beautifully crafted truffle dumplings and rainbow dumplings that make the perfect treat during the Mardi Gras festivities. 

In fact, the dumplings at Din Tai Fung are so good, they now have outlets in Melbourne as well.

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Lilong By Taste Of Shanghai 

Location: 1 Little Hay St, Haymarket, NSW 2000 Ph: 0478 885 781 & 1PA Park Rd & Cross St, 1PA Park Rd, Hurstville, NSW 2220 Ph: (02) 9570 9051

This traditional, terraced-style venue nods to authentic heritage and it’s menu boasts influences from Northern Chinese culture. This restaurant has been knocking out wonderful dumplings since 2006 and is a favourite spot for dumpling-lovers in the city.

You should try their sticky rice dumplings or their chicken and sweetcorn ones. Their traditional, crispy fried milk buns are also to die for. 

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New Shanghai 

Location: In Westfield Sydney, Shop 1017/1020, 188 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Ph: (02) 8386 8368

The prawn dumplings drizzled in a wonderfully nutty peanut sauce is the number one choice here.

The recipes used are all authentic and have been followed for generations.

The menu is extensive and you will definitely find something to suit everyone at this eatery.

Their crab meat xiao long bao is their signature dish, though their potstickers are also divine.

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Chinese Dumpling Master

Location: 91 Enmore Rd, Newtown, NSW 2042 Ph: (02) 8068 8368

This spot is renowned for serving some of the best dumplings in Sydney.

Whilst its interior is covered in plastic grapevines, the food inside is far from inauthentic. You can expect dumplings that are heavier than at many other establishments. However, it is this texture that makes them a standout venue.

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This is a no-fuss kind of place and we love it for it’s lack of pretension.

The food here is also inexpensive and if you are looking for hearty dumplings without any fuss, this is the spot for you.

Momo Bar

Location: 28 Market Pl, Manly, NSW 2095 Ph: 0438 903 999

15 Best Dumplings In Sydney

Chow down on the wonderful array of dumplings on offer at Momo Bar. These large dumplings are more than generous and boast an incredible array of textures and flavour pairings.

You can choose from traditional, gluten free and vegan options, ensuring that all of your party is catered for. Their mushroom and pork dumplings are particularly flavoursome and all are served with a delicious broth that will leave you feeling warm and satisfied.

Their chicken dumplings are also famous and are a hand-rolled dish with Nepalese influences.

Whilst at Momo Bar, you should also stock up on their garlic yoghurt and their outstanding sriracha chilli sauce.

Incidentally, these folks are just as well-known for their packed poke bowls. We think dumplings and poke are a winning combination – and so will you once you’ve eaten at Momo Bar.

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Queen Chow

Location: 2/167 Enmore Rd, Enmore, NSW 2042 Ph: (02) 9114 7333

We’re back in Enmore for the Merivale Group’s Queen Chow.

This food is polished and pristine. Indulge is some of the best dumplings in Sydney in a spacious dining room decorated in an interesting, eclectic style.

Their wild mushroom dumplings are ideal for vegetarians, though meat eaters will enjoy them as well. You can try a range of all of these delicious dumplings by ordering the dim sum platter.

Imperial Peking Restaurant 

Location: 979 King Georges Rd, Blakehurst, NSW 2221 Ph: (02) 9546 6122

This is one of the most popular dining spaces in the entire city and has been open for over twenty years. It boasts a wide range of Cantonese-style delicacies and, of course, their peking duck is their staple dish.

However, their dumplings are also incredible and their fried pork and other Pekinese dim sum options are to die for. You should definitely dine in for a yum cha experience in order to sample their vast array of tantalising dim sum options.

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Mama Mulan

Location: Level 1, The Concourse, Chatswood, NSW 2067 Ph: (02) 9157 1488

This is a modern Chinese eatery that serves up traditional dishes with an eclectic twist. Their yum cha is to fabulous and comes with hot plates of steaming pan-fried dim sum.

All of these dishes are also served with a blend of fresh ingredients that take influence from different parts of the world.

Their dim sum platter is the favourite option here and arrives with copious amounts of Milan prawn har gau, scallop, prawn and vegetarian dumplings. You are guaranteed to find whatever you need to satisfy your dumpling-cravings.

Incidentally, they also serve a pretty mean cocktail.

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Golden Sands

Location: Times Plaza, Level 2, Hurstville Times Plaza, 127-141 Forest Rd, Hurstville, NSW 2220 Ph: (02) 9580 3188

This restaurant is one of Sydney’s original yum cha innovators and their dim sum dishes are lip-lickingly good. You are guaranteed to find authenticity in this Hurtsville eatery as this area is known as “little Hong Kong”.

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Be sure to arrive early to grab a table and indulge in their phenomenal seafood options including their silky-smooth har gow dumplings. Their juicy, generously-sized scallop and spinach dumplings are also a favourite dish. 

Golden Unicorn Chinese Restaurant

Location: 2/193 Maroubra Rd, Maroubra, NSW 2035 Ph: (02) 9344 9278

This restaurant has flourished since opening its doors over 10 years ago and for a good reason. Their extensive menu showcases a range of options including yum cha and banquet style delicacies.

They only utilise the finest and freshest ingredients to create their luxurious steamed prawn, spinach and Chinese prawn dumplings that will definitely leave you feeling warm and replete. Their reputation speaks for itself.

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Dumpling And Noodle House

Location: 430 Wattle St, Ultimo, NSW 2007 Ph: (02) 7902 0077

This spot is inexpensive yet delicious. You can choose from a variety of steamed, boiled or pan fried options.

Their pork and chive dumplings are wonderfully blended and their chicken, lamb and beef options are both hearty and unique. This is the perfect spot for a Friday night visit.

XOPP by Golden Century

Location: The Exchange, Level M, Shop 31/1 Little Pier St, Haymarket, NSW 2000 Ph: (02) 8030 0000

This restaurant carries on the legacy of it’s elder sister restaurant, the Golden Century. It produces some of the finest modern takes on classic Cantonese dishes and the dumplings here are both comforting and creative.

The slightly crunchy prawn dumplings are a definitive must-try. This spot has one of the best reputations in the entire city for a good reason and is highly recommended.

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Vinh Phat

Location: 12/10 Hughes St, Cabramatta, NSW 2166 Ph: (02) 9726 2720

These dumplings have legendary status for a good reason. You may have to queue to grab yourself a table but it is so worth it. Their dim sum are texturally perfect and their creative menu makes them one of the best late night venues in the whole of the city. 

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To conclude, Sydney boasts an array of Chinese eateries that serve some of the finest dumplings that you’ll ever experience. This city is renowned for its culinary expertise for a reason and there is nothing more intricate than crafting the finest dumplings.

All of these restaurants and venues only source the finest and freshest produce that is guaranteed to leave you feeling wholesomely satisfied.

Whether you are seeking a traditional option like some minced prawn dim sum or you are wanting to wrap your lips around more experimental flavours, Sydney has a variety of dumpling dishes for you to enjoy.

These eateries also make the perfect spots to hang out and catch up with friends and family alike and you are guaranteed to receive the highest standard of service and food alike.

If you are seeking to appreciate the intricate, delicate yet hearty amalgamations contained within these fine dumplings then you should definitely stop by one (or more) of the eateries that are listed above.

Soak up the winter blues, chow down in the summer sun and enjoy the finest delicacy that Sydney has to offer. 

Dylan Cole