The 15 Best Mexican Restaurants In Sydney

Sydney is the gateway to Australia and in 2013 hosted over 2.8 million international visitors. Many of Sydney’s tourists come from Asia as well as the United States and the US.

Not only is Sydney brimming with tourists, but also with the energy of young students who bring a vibrancy to the city’s bars and restaurants.

People love visiting Sydney from America, as Sydney is an English speaking country you can have a lot of fun in this different land while still being afforded some familiarity in terms of culture.

The 15 Best Mexican Restaurants In Sydney

Within these restaurants are the multiple quality Mexican restaurants within the city. We highly recommend you check these out, as Australia and Mexico have similarly warm climates the aussies can crack up a good mexican, let alone a barbeque.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, so you can simply pick which one sounds the best to you!

Read on to learn about the 15 best Mexican restaurants in Sydney.

Méjico Restaurant, Pitt Street 

Slap bang in the Central Business District, Méjico offers some high class surroundings along with high quality Mexican food.

On the more expensive side Mejico guarantees bagn for your buck as the food is fine dining level small plates that will offer you a taste of every corner of Mexico, right here in Sydney.

Méjico’s main calling card, beyond their already high quality food, is their bar selection. Mejico has a pretty extensive and broad tequila shelf, with some very knowledgeable bartenders who can talk about mezcal and mexico all day long.

Tequila isn’t your thing? Don’t worry, Méjico also has an extremely knowledgeable sommelier who will help you find the right vino for your taco. For the cosmopolitan among us, Mejico is a great choice.

Barrio Cellar, Elizabeth Street

Barrio Cellar is another hip and unique spot in the heart of Sydney that promises great food as well as vibrations. Barrio Cellar is a ‘tequileria’ and eatery that offers seasonal food and cocktails that are subject to change.

For those who don’t want the same boring menu options every saturday, Barrio Cellar is a good choice as they change their menu as their produce and goods change with the seasons.

This Mexican joint has another great selection of Tequila and Mezcal which compliments the seasonal Mexican street food they have on offer.

Located in a basement, Barrio Cellar provides a contemporary setting, designed by award winning architects, for you to enjoy your food and drink, which is both sexy and cosy.

If you’re feeling cheeky, stay a little later, or return on a Friday, to hear some local DJs provide some beats to shake your shoulders and work off some tacos.

The Two Wolves, Broadway

For a more community focused eatery, try The Two Wolves. The Two Wolves are a ‘not-for-profit’ cantina that focuses on volunteer-driven social enterprise as well as being open to all kinds of patrons.

Supported by Catholic and Jesuit volunteers, there is a purity and feel good vibe while you enjoy your food. With a team of young volunteer staff you’re guaranteed to feel welcome in this humble spot.

Although, the food doesn’t disappoint. All the food on the menu is predominantly sourced from the Mexican Abuela’s of the community, so you can guarantee family cooking done right.

The menu often rotates to accommodate changes in produce and season. Many locals love this spot, find out why.

Bar Pátron, Phillip Street

Bar Pátron is a Mexican restaurant  that focuses on authentic Mexican cuisine, which many customers will agree with. Their interesting menu covers lunch, dinner, and late night bites.

The menu is authentic and the drinks menu is artisanal, combining both Tequila as well as a great wine list – many suggest that this is the best Margarita in Australia.

Bar Pátron offers some sophisticated settings and dining in their restaurant which compliments their focus on authentic Mexican food. Located just by Sydney’s Circular Quay this is an interesting stop if you want some authentic food and drink from a mid range eatery.

Chula, Potts Point

Chula is a modern Mexican restaurant that tries to remain true to Mexican classics while still keeping up with the modern changes to Mexican cuisine. Wth a traditional decor you truly feel like you are in Mexico.

However, when your food comes don’t expect the usual greasy street stall mess, Chula is clean and aesthetically pleasing with presentation and their take on Mexican cuisine is authentic while still revamping these classic dishes. 

This is a perfect spot for those who want an authentic dining experience which has the confidence to change the classics while still honouring them – they achieve this with their classically trained Mexican chefs.

Chula is a guaranteed hit if you are in Sydney.

Bad Hombres, Surry Hills

The 15 Best Mexican Restaurants In Sydney

Have that awkward vegan friend or family member, but still want the taste of Mexico? Don’t fear, Bad Hombres have your back. Bad Hombres is a cutesy little vegan Mexican restaurant that offers a laid back vibe to enjoy your food. 

Expect all the Mexican classics of Birria, enchiladas, nachos, etc, but simply revamped with plant based goodness and vegan friendly options. Don’t expect any meat, it’s purely vegan here but many happy customers will verify that you won’t miss any meat.

With a rustic decor in the restaurant you will have all the comforts of Mexico, but with the added ability to enjoy it guilt free and not worry about its effect on your health.

This is a great joint to try if you are vegan curious, they might just make you give up meat forever.

Mexican Burrito Cantina, Surry Hills

If you’re in Surry Hill and you would rather have some meat, we don’t blame you – Mexican Burrito Cantina is just down the street and offers some similar food that caters for the carnivorous among us.

The food at this Cantina is 100% authentic Mexican – made by real Mexicans, no imposters. 

Mexican Burrito Cantina wants to get the traditional classic right for a reasonable price.

The food feels fresh and made in-house, the rustic chic of the interior makes you feel like you’re getting served by the roadside in Mexico, and we mean that as a compliment.

The decor and vibe here is second to none, if you want a really authentic experience give this cantina a look.

Chica Bonita, Manly

If you fancy a trip down to Manly, Chica Bonita will make it worth your while. This modern and chic restaurant will have you covered from lunch until dinner, and even a drinks menu to take you into the later hours.

You can truly feel like you’re in Mexico if you come here after the beach, with sand still in between your toes you can enjoy some well reviewed margaritas alongside some Mexican classics that will fill your stomach after a day of swimming. 

Many locals regard this as a hidden gem and a fabulous find for tourists, with its cosy yet cool decor it really is a well rounded eating experience that offers some great beer, tequila, and wine options to take you into the later hours.

El Camino Cantina, Argyle Street

At El Camino they do family style Tex-Mex food that will satisfy large groups and is great for a more laid back environment where families can share stories across their tables.

The Tex-Mex menu offers some great combinations of Mexican and American cuisine which is great for tourists who want something familiar. If you want buffalo wings alongside your burritos, then this is the place to be. 

With plenty of Taco Tuesdays and Wing Wednesdays you’ll get value for your money here as well as some fun and vibrant surroundings. If you want some good vibes and great food, without having to act out and dress up, then El Camino is for you.

Barrio Chino, Bayswater Road

A creation of famous restaurants Peter Lew and Nicole Gallway, that have had success in China and US as well as Australia, Barrio Chino offers Mexican street food that has been back engineered by authentic Mexican chefs into something new and different.

Nachos are out and revamped street food is in.

The decor is a match for the bold and ambitious cooking, but it pays off as well as the food does and offers a certain rawness that pairs well with the bold flavours of the food.

Barrio Chino is the place to go to impress your friends and family, and push the boat out ready for a culinary and atmospheric dining experience. 

Baja Cantina And Beer Garden, Glebe Point Road

This little spot near campus is a comforting eatery and drinking hole that won;’t disappoint. The Baja cantina seeks to serve creative and wholesome Mexican food that has a Californian twist.

They offer both an á la carte menu as well as a set menu which will serve large groups as well as intimate couples. 

The beer garden here is also a great addition that will be enjoyed most in summer, but really hits the Mexican cantina vibe right on the head.

This is a great place for hungry families or a get together with friends as well as an intimate date. Baja Cantina is a versatile eatery that will satisfy all customers with its welcoming smells and staff.

Guzman Y Gomez, King Street

This little eatery really gets Mexican street food right, with outside seating and food served over the counter you can guarantee an authentic Mexican eating experience.

Putting passion into every ingredient, Guzman Y Gomez guarantees real Mexican flavor in each dish. Their menu consists of the Mexican classics but leaves room for you to customise how you see fit.

GYG also offers some more modern twists on the Mexican classics such as burrito bowls and Cali burritos which help to make all feel welcome, including great vegetarian options.

Be prepared to eat in their outside dining area, just like at the Mexican roadside, as they can’t offer indoor seating. Or enjoy while seeing the sites of Sydney.

El Loco At Excelsior, Surry Hills

El Loco really embraces the Mexican vibe, serving restaurant grade cuisine in a dressed down environment they get most things right here.

Their menu offers hand held Mexican classics that have been given the restaurant treatment while still remaining affordable to all.

The decor and al fresco seating indoors feels very authentic and helps enhance the humble yet fulfilling experience at El Loco with music and color. El Loco feels warm and welcome to all kinds of diners and drinkers.

Open till 3am this is one for the night owls, on top of their food they also boast some great local DJs on the weekends. With over 100 types of Tequila and Mezcal to enjoy with your food, you’re sure to have a great time. 

Flying Fajita Sistas Mexican Kitchen, Glebe Point Road

This up and coming restaurant has been reviewed across the Sydney press and for good reason. The Flying Fajita Sistas use the best produce available during their season and rely on imported spices you don’t usually see outside of the US and MExico.

Chef and owner Joe Slakey focuses on the nuances that classical European cuisine has contributed to Mexican cooking. You know they are authentic as the Mexican music flows out from the kitchen alongside the clash and clank of a busy kitchen.

The menu is simple and easy to follow, accommodating for all with vegan and vegetarian options alongside the carnirific Mexican classics.

Los Vida, Westfield City

Expect traditional Mexican cooking whipped up in a buzzing restaurant with colorful surroundings. Some claim this is the most authentic Mexican in Sydney with its flavors and fillings staying true to the classics.

The chefs pride themselves on serving tasty food that isn’t harmful to your health and being overly calorific while also not emptying your wallet. Expect an attractive and extensive drinks menu inspired by Mexico.

The Mexican inspired desserts here are also highly recommended and set them apart from other Mexican inspired eateries – so leave some room for dessert!

Dylan Cole