Brisbane is a beautiful place known for its art galleries, concert halls and diverse community, which all come together to produce one of the most popular cities in Australia. And while the country is known for its beaches and barbecue, Brisbane also offers a range of amazing restaurants each with its own atmosphere and cuisine. 

Because there are so many restaurants to choose from, you may find it difficult to pick the perfect establishment for your daily meals, which is why we have decided to help aid you in your search by compiling a list of the best restaurants that Brisbane has to offer. These restaurants range from breakfast joints to brassieres, so you know there is something for everyone.

So if you are planning a vacation to this iconic city, this article has everything you need to find a place to eat. Just take a look at our list and see which one catches your eye… 

Best Breakfast Restaurants 

There’s nothing better than waking up to a delicious breakfast, which is why we have decided to showcase some of the best breakfast joints that the city has to offer. So if you have a hankering for bacon and eggs, this section has everything you need to find the best breakfast in the whole of Brisbane. 

1. Florence Cafe

Location: 54 Martha St, Camp Hill QLD 4152, Australia 

This adorable and welcoming cafe is currently located in an old Queenslander cottage, where the friendly staff make their own range of delicious preserves and condiments. 

Unlike other cafes in Brisbane, this joint offers all-day breakfasts, which gives you plenty of time to pay the establishment a visit and sample some of their famous dishes. Whether that be the potato pancakes with braised mushrooms or poached eggs served with ricotta and a homemade pepper sauce. 

However, one of the best things about this breakfast joint is its range of gluten-free options, such as the signature breakfast omelette, which features artichoke, ricotta and seaweed to produce a breakfast experience that will leave you satisfied until lunch. So if you want to start your morning with a delicious meal, then there’s no better place to visit than this amazing joint. 

2. Peach Cafe

Location: 97 Haig Rd, Auchenflower QLD 4066, Australia 

Our next choice is a relative newcomer to the city, which first caught our attention with its pastel pink decor and delicious vegan breakfast. 

Boasting a wide menu of hearty and indulgent snacks, this breakfast joint can cater to your every need, with the establishment offering unique creations from eggs benedict croissants to halloumi hash burgers. 

However, where this establishment shines is in its sweeter offerings, which currently range from vegan jam donuts to homemade muffins and chocolate lava cookies. But if you really feel like satisfying your sweet tooth, then we recommend the breakfast hotcakes with sliced apple, oat crumbles and salted dulce de leche sauce. Now if that doesn’t sound like the perfect breakfast, then we don’t know what does. 

Best Steak Restaurants 

If you adore a succulent steak for dinner, then you have come to the right place. Not only is Brisbane known for its amazing steakhouses, but it also offers some of the best in the whole country. So why not check out our top choices and see which steakhouse tickles your taste buds. 

1. Black Hide Steakhouse

Location: 36 Caxton St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia 

This stunning steakhouse was once named Australia’s Best Steak Restaurant back in 2016 and it’s easy to see why. 

While this restaurant offers modern decor and welcoming staff, it also boasts some of the best meat in the country, with the menu offering choice cuts such as rib-eye, sirloin and fillet. 

However, where this steakhouse truly excels is in the sauces, which include traditional classics such as peppercorn, bearnaise and garlic mushroom. So if you have ever wanted to sample some authentic wagyu beef, then this steakhouse is the one for you. 

2. Alchemy Restaurant & Bar

Location: 175 Eagle Street, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia 

This restaurant is another popular destination for tourists and locals alike, which is renowned throughout Brisbane for its gourmet cuisine and stunning waterfront views. 

Boasting a wide range of dry-aged wagyu and pasture-fed cuts, this amazing steakhouse offers some of the meat in the country, with the menu even offering beef cheeks and the elusive angus striploin. 

Beyond this, Alchemy also offers an extensive list of fine wines, which originate from New Zealand, Australia and Europe. This means that every meal you enjoy at the establishment will be accompanied by the perfect blend. 

Best Pizza Restaurants 

While Brisbane is known for its stunning views and amazing attractions, it is also known for its growing pizza scene, with the city boasting a wide selection of Italian restaurants that offer some of the best food in the country. So if you ever get a craving for stringy cheese and tomato sauce, this section has everything you need to find the best pizza for the job. 

1. Julius Pizzeria

Location: 77 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia 

Located on the south side of the city, this pizzeria remains a popular institution for lovers of Italian cuisine, with the restaurant offering a vibrant atmosphere and authentic menu. 

If you are a fan of well-made and hearty Italian dishes, then you will simply adore this joint from the comfortable decor to the fresh ingredients used in every recipe. Just a quick look at the reviews tells you everything you need to know about this restaurant and its unshakeable popularity. 

So if you have been searching for a spot that offers world-class pizza and service, then this venue is the place for you. 

2. Sette Pizza

Location: 36B Caxton St, Petrie Terrace QLD 4000, Australia 

This hole-in-the-wall establishment was first opened by the Italian royal family of Brisbane, who sought to provide the local community with fresh and authentic pizza. 

While the menu remains notably short, you can rest assured that every single pizza is being hand-made and crafted to perfection, with each new pie boasting fresh ingredients and a level of precision unmatched by any other pizzeria in the city. 

However, if you prefer your pizza to be folded, then this restaurant also dedicates a whole section of its menu to calzones, which are practically bursting with delicious toppings. So if you want to experience traditional Italian cuisine, this joint is the best place to start. 

Best Seafood Restaurants 

Anyone who has ever been to Australia knows how good seafood is, especially when it has been freshly caught and cooked on the day. So if you are planning a vacation and consider yourself a seafood connoisseur, then this section has everything you need to find the best spots in the whole of Brisbane. 

1. Louisiana Red Claw

Location: 25 Connor St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia 

Renowned for its creative approach to picking seafood, this restaurant combines fresh local fish with exotic herbs and spices from the bayous of Louisiana, producing a taste experience that you will remember for years to come. 

When you pay this special establishment a visit, you will be asked to roll up your sleeves and don a pair of plastic gloves, as every dish they serve can get very messy. But if the food is good and you’re having fun, then who cares about a little staining? 

Just choose your favorite fish from the menu and then pair it with one of the restaurant’s signature sauces before amping up the flavor with your preferred level of spice. However, if seafood is not your thing, then you can also enjoy other dishes such as chicken wings or southern-fried gator tacos. 

2. The Prawnster

Location: Berth B1, Dockside Marina, 44 Ferry St, Kangaroo Point QLD 4169, Australia

This award-winning establishment is now considered to be one of the best seafood restaurants in the whole of Brisbane, with the venue offering delicious cuisine and stunning views of the surrounding city. 

Located on a large pontoon in the middle of the Brisbane River, this restaurant accompanies its unique location with some of the best seafood in Australia, which includes a variety of fish-based platters and freshly caught specials. 

If you have been searching for a unique dining experience and some of the best prawns in the whole city, then this is the place for you. 

Best Mexican Restaurants 

If you are looking for something spicy to eat, then Brisbane has got you covered. Not only is this city home to some of the best Mexican restaurants in the country, but it also offers alternative options unseen anywhere else in the world. So if you are in the mood for zesty tacos, this section has everything you need to find the best that Brisbane has to offer. 

1. El Camino Cantina

Location: 45 King St, Bowen Hills QLD 4000, Australia 

If you want a Mexican restaurant that offers a vibrant atmosphere and delicious food, then look no further than El Camino Cantina. 

Known for its welcoming staff and giant sombreros, this establishment offers a wide range of authentic Mexican cuisine, from burritos and enchiladas to plentiful sharing platters bursting with nachos, fajitas and tacos. 

Just wash everything down with one of the venue’s signature margaritas and we promise a Mexican dining experience unlike anything else you’ve encountered. 

2. Ivory Tusk

Location: 633 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia 

This next restaurant is considered to be one of the most exciting and popular venues in the whole of Brisbane. 

Situated in the heart of Brisbane’s entertainment precinct, this establishment promises to entertain you with its colorful atmosphere and hearty cuisine. Boasting a wide menu of authentic Mexican dishes, this restaurant looks to traditional street food for inspiration, producing tasty tacos and wholesome tortillas. 

However, if you truly want a taste experience, then we recommend a plate of the Baja fish tacos with burnt chilli mayo - delicious doesn’t quite cover it. 

Best Indian Restaurants 

Brisbane currently offers a wonderful selection of authentic Indian restaurants, which range from small venues to luxury diners. So if you find yourself in Brisbane craving a delicious curry, then this section has everything you need to find some of the best Indian restaurants across the city. 

1. Indian Mehfil

Location: 116 Brisbane Street, Ipswich QLD 4305, Australia 

This restaurant is founded on the basis of Mehfil, which means a collection or gathering of people, therefore making it the perfect place for business dinners or a quiet meal with your friends and family. 

Boasting a wide selection of different curries, this restaurant is best visited during a weekday afternoon, as the small space can fill up very quickly. The restaurant also offers a buffet option which includes chicken curry, vegetable curry and red meat curry with rice, raita and naan bread. 

However, one of the best things about this spot is its wide variety of vegetarian options, which include a delicious saag paneer and fragrant dal makhani. 

2. Garlic Clove Indian Restaurant

Location: 37 Eggersdorf Rd, Ormeau QLD 4208, Australia 

If you want to immerse yourself in delicious recipes that have been handed down for generations, then maybe you should consider paying this venue a visit. 

When entering this restaurant, you will be greeted by the friendly staff, who will lead you to your white-clothed table. The air will be fragrant with herbs and spices and you will get the chance to taste some of the best Indian delicacies in the country. 

Featuring a wide menu of fusion dishes that take classic recipes and infuse them with modern techniques, this restaurant is one of the most unique dining experiences that Brisbane has to offer. 

For a true taste sensation, we recommend ordering a plate of the vegetable samosas, which come on a sizzling tandoori plate - yum! 

Best Asian Restaurants 

If you would prefer to sample some of Brisbane’s Asian cuisine, then we have selected some of our favorite venues in the section below. These restaurants offer some of the most authentic food in the country and are renowned for their culinary experiences and delicious creations. So why not check out our top choices and see which one takes your interest. 

1. Phat Elephant

Location: 215 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia 

This Thai restaurant is now considered to be one of the best spots in Brisbane for authentic Thai cuisine, with the venue boasting polite staff and a menu bursting with delicious delicacies and sides. 

Featuring a range of aromatic dishes, you can treat yourself to anything from crispy barramundi with sweet and sour sauce to succulent pork belly served with a side of pineapple rice. 

There’s also the option of countless gluten-free dishes, which makes it one of the most inclusive restaurants in Brisbane. 

2. San Kai

Location: 164 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia

Featuring a team of experienced chefs, this restaurant can be found on the water’s edge, where it offers a range of authentic Japanese dishes. 

With a wide and extensive menu, this restaurant offers all of your Japanese favorites, from deep-fried oysters to succulent sliced pork. So you know that there is always something for everybody. 

However, you should not expect too much extravagance, as the restaurant prides itself on perfecting its dishes and offering an enjoyable experience. 

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