10 Roasted Beetroot Salad Recipes

A lot of people associate salads with diets and assume that they are dull or tasteless. Although salads can be great to help with weight loss, they are an exciting meal in their own right.

You can make all kinds of salads, inspired by different cuisines with various flavours to suit people’s individual preferences.

10 Roasted Beetroot Salad Recipes

Roasted beetroot is a fantastic ingredient to use in a salad. It is flavoursome, colourful, and filling. It is also versatile, so you can use it in lots of different kinds of salads.

In addition, beetroot are low in calories, but high in nutrients. In fact, they are packed with important vitamins and minerals.

If you want to make a roasted beetroot salad but you’re not sure where to start then you are in the right place.

We have put together this list of 10 delicious roasted beetroot salad recipes that you will love.

Roasted Beetroot Salad With Feta And Walnuts

We are kicking off the list with a classic combination – beetroot, feta cheese and walnuts.

The beetroot is rich with a deep flavour, the cheese is salty and creamy, and the nuts add an earthy taste and a lovely crunchy texture.

The addition of sweet and zesty orange really lifts the flavours and makes this salad ideal for summer. In fact, we think that the combination of orange and beetroot is so good, they should be put together more often.

If you want to make a more wintery salad then you can switch out the oranges for pears.

This salad is high in fibre which makes it a really nutritious option. In addition, the sprinkle of seeds introduces healthy fats as well as a variation in texture.

You can use whatever salad leaves you fancy, but baby spinach works really well.

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Roasted Beetroot Salad With Watercress And Red Onion

This superfood salad is really simple but the flavours are fantastic. If you want your beets nice and sweet then go for the smaller ones – the larger they grow the less sweet they are.

The red onion is also roasted, bringing out a sweeter, softer flavour than using raw onion.

The watercress adds a crisp and refreshing element and contrasts the warm, sweet vegetables.

Cleverly, the vinaigrette is a little bit sour. This adds a savoury note which brings all of the flavours together. This salad works great on its own, or it could make a wonderful side dish for some roasted chicken thighs.

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Roasted Beetroot And Green Lentil Salad With Honey

Continuing our look at roasted beetroot salad recipes we have a genuine lunch option.

If you are looking for a wholesome, nutritious salad that is packed with flavour then it doesn’t get much better than this!

The lentils add protein and fibre, making this a well-balanced meal. The beetroot is seasoned with thyme and served with warm lentils, peppery rocket and crumbly feta cheese.

These ingredients make a mouthwatering combination, and are topped with a sprinkling of crunchy seeds and a drizzle of sweet honey.

A dish like this would go beautifully with one of our Greek Desserts.

Roasted Beetroot And Goats Cheese Salad With A Balsamic Dressing

This salad is ideal for a cold winter day. It will fill you up and satisfy your tastebuds without requiring lots of time slaving away in the kitchen.

You can use normal purple beets, or a variety of beets if you want to add more colour and flavour. Moreover, the thinly sliced apple creates a lively crisp texture and a refreshing edge (this would also work with a pear).

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The walnuts have an earthy flavour and a good crunch to contrast the softer ingredients.

The addition of goat’s cheese brings a soft and creamy dimension. Best of all, it tastes delicious with the tangy balsamic dressing. You can use fresh shallots if you want a punchy flavour, or pickled if you want a bit more vinegar.

Arugula (roquette) works well for the greens, but feel free to use whatever is in season. A light season with sea salt and black pepper and you have the perfect salad.

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Roasted Beetroot Salad With Sesame Yoghurt

You might not think to combine sesame and beetroot together, but it works really well!

Use a good quality Greek yogurt and tahini paste mixed with lemon juice and honey to create the sesame yogurt and then spread it over your plate to form the base of the salad.

This is layered up with roasted beetroot and roasted red onions, still warm, a generous helping of parsley and your choice of salad leaves.

The dressing is very simple – olive oil, fresh crushed garlic, and za’atar (a blend of dried herbs)- these flavours mingle together whilst you prepare the salad.

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Golden Beet Salad With Goats Cheese, Apricots And Pistachios

Next up in our list of roasted beetroot salad recipes we change things up a bit.

Not all beetroot is deep purple in colour. There are different varieties of beetroot, and golden beets make a great choice for a summer or fall salad.

The apricots and pistachios give this salad a Moroccan feel, making it an excellent choice to serve alongside lamb roasted with warm spices.

Or you could make a big bowl of this salad and enjoy it as a meal, as it is packed with tasty and satisfying ingredients.

If you want more colour and flavour, you can use traditional beets alongside the golden ones.

The cubed apricots look like beautiful jewels sprinkled over the salad, and the soft creamy goat cheese melts in your mouth.

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Roasted Beetroot And Blackberry Salad

If you love fruity salads then this beetroot and blackberry salad could be just what you are looking for.

It is a different take on a beetroot salad with a combination of sweet and savoury flavours. There’s slow roasted beetroot, fresh blackberries, caramelised pecans, manchego cheese shavings, mixed greens and a blackberry balsamic vinaigrette.

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You get sweetness, sharpness, sourness, earthiness, and a real depth of flavor. It is an unusual but winning amalgamation of tastes that you are bound to fall in love with.

It’s one of our favourite roasted beetroot salad recipes.

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Roasted Beetroot And Shrimp Salad

This salad is beautifully balanced and makes a wonderful weekday meal or weekend lunch. The barley is rich and full of fibre which will fill you up.

The beetroot is sweet and deep in flavour, and complements the succulent and tender shrimp. The addition of fennel gives a sweet aniseed taste, and the zucchini ribbons add colour and texture.

With refreshing watercress and vibrant arugula (rocket) to form a bed of springy salad leaves, this dish has everything you could want from a salad.

It is topped with a vinaigrette of olive oil, red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, and minced shallot. This brings all of the flavours together and adds some moisture to the salad.

Roasted Beetroot Salad With Wild Rice And Pistachios

Now for a dish that really does taste as good as it looks.

If you want a hearty salad that will keep you full then this recipe is perfect. The wild rice is full of fibre and is a slow release carbohydrate. Therefore, keeping you fuller for longer.

It has an earthy flavour that compliments the deep, rich notes of the beetroot. Zingy, fresh lemon juice lifts the earthy flavours and adds a zesty sourness that works really well.

Pistachio nuts are used to create a lovely, crunchy texture, and they also contain healthy fats to make the meal more balanced.

Simple sea salt brings everything together whilst enhancing the savoury notes.

This would make a wonderful side dish to serve with salmon, especially if the fish is cooked with lemon as this would tie the two elements of the meal together.

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Roasted Beetroot Salad With Chickpeas, Za’atar And Harissa Yogurt

Lastly, we have an entry on our list of roasted beetroot salad recipes that really packs a punch.

If you love flavours that are inspired by the Middle East then this recipe will certainly impress your taste buds. This salad is packed with flavoursome and filling ingredients, making it the perfect vegetarian supper.

The chickpeas are high in protein and are roasted to give them a nice crispy shell.

This contrasts with the soft beetroot and the creamy yogurt. Za’atar is used to season the beetroot and chickpeas, giving them a warm and herby flavor.

You can also use as much or as little chilli as you want, depending on whether you like your food to have a kick to it.

Harissa paste is swirled through Greek yoghurt and mixed with fresh lemon juice, lemon zest and salad to create a refreshing and tasty base for the rest of the salad.

If you want to make your own Harissa Paste – or any other paste, for that matter – it’s easy to do with a Pestle and Mortar. What’s more, bashing the hell out of herbs and spices is the perfect relaxing work-out after a tough day! For more information and prices, see here.

Pile on the roasted vegetables, any salad leaves of your choice, and sprinkle with fresh mint.

You can also drizzle some chilli oil over the top if you fancy it.

You could serve this as a meal on its own, or as part of a Meze style meal with hummus and pita bread, and stuffed vine leaves.

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Beetroot is a delicious and versatile superfood that can be combined with lots of different ingredients to create wonderful salads.

Whether you want something light, something comforting, something hearty or something creative, we have a recipe to suit your needs on this list.

You can add grilled chicken or flat iron steak to any of these salads if you want to serve them with meat, or you can enjoy them as vegetarian meals.

You can also experiment and customise the recipes by switching out or adding ingredients.

Remember to use smaller beetroot if you are looking for a sweeter flavour and tender texture, as the larger beetroot can be woody in the middle and less sweet.

If you want to save time, roast a big batch of beetroot and freeze half. This will make it easier for you to whip up a quick salad on a weekday evening.

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