17 Classic Gin Cocktails

One of life’s simplest pleasures is gin cocktail in a frosted glass. Gin is a popular choice of spirit that mixes well to transform into an array of different drinks. The choice of cocktails based on gin is almost endless.

From classic drinks to some with new flavours, we have made a list of 17 different gin cocktails for you to try.

17 Classic Gin Cocktails

This is perfect if you are having a cocktail evening with your friends and family, or if you just fancy switching up your go-to drink. You can make these to share at a party or BBQ or as single glasses to enjoy by yourself.

These timeless tipples will have you wanting to try more. From simple and traditional cocktails to fancy and suave mixes, you are sure to find a gin cocktail that suits you from this list.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Classic Gin And Tonic

There is nothing better to pair gin with than a classic tonic. This cocktail has been a favourite for decades and is still one of, if not the, most popular choice of gin drink.

This absolutely classic but simple drink consists of just two ingredients – the gin and the tonic, of course. If you want to make it a little crazy, add a splash of lemon or lime and serve over ice and a slice. Invest in a good quality gin to fully enjoy this drink that is perfect for all occasions.

Also, over the last couple of years, the world of tonic waters has seen a major shake up. Suddenly, your choice of tonic is just as important as the quality of your gin. Try experimenting with a few brands to see which one works for you.

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Gin And Soda Fizz

Another perfectly simple gin cocktail is a gin and soda fizz. Again, there are very few ingredients to make this drink, however, it tastes sublime and will leave you wanting more. To make this drink mix gin, a dash of soda, and a sprinkling of sugar and lemon juice.

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It is lightly bubbly, and refreshing, and perfect for a summer evening when you want to cool off. Make this glass over ice and
garnish with a slice of lemon to perfectly finish the libation.

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Cucumber Cooler

This is another fantastic cocktail for a warm summer evening that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. This is a no-fuss cocktail that is a staple to serve at summer parties. To create a cucumber cooler you need to mix gin with tonic water, lime juice, mint, and cucumber.

You can make the drink sweeter by adding a small amount of sugar if that is your preference. To spice up the presentation you can add a mint sprig, slice of lime, and cucumber to make it look all the more fancy and impressive.

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Red Snapper

If you are a fan of the classic Bloody Mary cocktail, you are likely to be a huge fan of the spicy red snapper. This is essentially a simple twist on the regular Bloody Mary where instead of using vodka, you use gin.

This is a very fiery cocktail and is made from a mix of tomato juice, hot pepper, Worcestershire sauce, olive brine, and spices. It definitely isn’t a drink for those who are afraid of spice or prefer a fruitier and lighter cocktail. This drink packs a punch.

So, if you aren’t a fan of sweet cocktails and are more into your savoury drinks then this is the gin cocktail for you.

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Georgia Gin

Another simple way to elevate a standard drink of gin is to create a Georgia gin cocktail. This tipple is gin mixed with peach schnapps and orange juice to create a bright, summery drink that looks beautiful when served in a fancy cocktail glass.

To really wow your guests with this fruit blend, add a slice of orange or orange peel to the glass for an effortlessly elegant and expensive look.

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Aviation Cocktail

Aviation Cocktail

The aviation cocktail will catch the eye of your guests and impress anyone with its subtle purple hue that tastes as good as it looks. Mix gin with creme de Violette for a drink that tastes both fruity and floral.

The aromatic drink is flavoursome and fragrant and looks best when served in a traditional martini glass. Add a twist of lemon to polish the drink off, creating the perfect evening cocktail that will wow anyone who tastes it.

This fancy and futuristic-looking cocktail is simple to make but has complex flavours.

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Tom Collins

This is a tangy and fruity cocktail that is a Summertime staple. This one is a little fancier and requires a small amount more skill. Oh. And you’ll need a cocktail shaker.

Mix in your shaker gin, simple syrup, lemon, soda, and sugar (or you could use a spoonful of honey if you are watching your sugar level). Then, shake it all up and serve over ice and garnish with sliced fruit.

This is a cocktail that is perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth and prefers your cocktails sweet rather than bitter.

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French 75

A french 75 cocktail is as sophisticated as it sounds. Not only will you impress others with the chic name of this drink, but with the taste as well. And who doesn’t love a cocktail that tastes even better than it looks?

Here at Eatability, we love a cocktail with a story. Well, legend has it that The French 75 is named after a french field gun used in the first world war. So it isn’t surprising that this drink has a kick.

Mix gin with a splash of bubbly champagne for a highly alcoholic but still very tasty cocktail drink.

This is a great drink for celebrations like birthdays and weddings, perfect for special occasions where you want to celebrate. High spirits are virtually guaranteed on a glass or 2 of this. But go easy. Gin cocktails are generally quite strong, and the French 75 is no exception.

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Gin Rickey

This is another classic and timeless gin cocktail that is simple to make and can be enjoyed in any situation. This drink mixes sweet and sour (but mostly sour) to create the perfect blend bursting with citrus.

Gin, fresh lime, and seltzer are mixed to create an easy alcoholic beverage that goes down easily – maybe even too easily! Pour over ice for a refreshing and tangy boost.

This is an especially great cocktail for those of us who prefer a sour-tasting cocktail, the tingling of the drink will tickle your taste buds and leave you wanting (many) more.

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Here at Eatability we firmly believe that a there are few challenges in life that can’t be alleviated by a stiff martini and a handful of spicy, salted nuts.

The martini is a classic cocktail for a reason. Deceptively simple to make, yet sublime when you hit the perfectly balanced sweet spot of gin to dry vermouth ratios.

Even within this classic gin cocktail there are a number of variations.

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Personally, we adore of Dirty Martini – 150ml gin, 25ml dry vermouth and 25ml olive brine split between 2 martini glasses, each garnished with a couple of juicy, green olives.

Of course, you can always channel your inner 007 and plump for a Vodka Martini (shaken, not stirred). The choice is yours.


A negroni cocktail is a very bitter drink with only a small hint of sweetness – and definitely not for the faint of heart. This drink is a great choice for anyone partial to a gin sour as it has the same tang of bitterness.

This drink is equal parts gin, Campari, and vermouth and extremely high in alcohol. Originating in Italy, this drink is perfect for the holiday season. The bright red colour of the drink is lush and inviting and the aroma of this cocktail is divine.

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Strawberry Smash

Who says all gin cocktails have to be serious?

Instantly this drink sounds like an incredibly fun cocktail to make and have and luckily it tastes just as good as it sounds. This cocktail is fruity and funky and quenches thirst like no other.

Perfect for the Summertime, blend a mix of smashed berries (whichever are your favorite), lemon juice, fresh mint, and gin. Serve this mixture over ice and top with the froth of ginger beer and a drizzle of honey.

This refreshing summer mix is not only delicious but the perfect mix of sweetness for any taste buds.

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Pegu Club

This popular drink was first introduced in the West way back in the 1930s. However, it has its origins even further back to the Pegu Club in Burma – hence the name of the cocktail. This classic gin drink is a sour blend of aromatic and fruity flavours. It has an exotic and unique taste.

This cocktail is another strong one in terms of alcohol as gin isn’t the only alcohol added to the concoction. In a cocktail shaker, add ice, gin, and orange liqueur to give it an extra citrusy boost. A good Pegu requires a lot of shaking, so this is basically a workout and a cocktail in one.

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Bramble Cocktail

Bramble Cocktail

For the ultimate summer sipper, try making a bramble cocktail. This is a surprisingly healthy drink – for a cocktail anyway, and is bursting with vitamins and fruits. Mix gin with a raspberry liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup, and smashed raspberries for a fruitful drink that buzzes with flavour and fruit juice.

This drink is also pretty to look at, despite how simple it is to make. This is mostly down to physics – the raspberry liqueur is heavier than the gin and other ingredients and so naturally sinks to the bottom of the glass creating a cool layered effect.

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Greyhound Cocktail

For the perfect simple and refreshing drink to enjoy on a fresh summer’s evening, create a Greyhound cocktail. This is one of the easiest classic gin cocktails you knock together and only uses three ingredients.

Simply mix gin, simple syrup, and grapefruit juice and pour over a glass of ice. The cool and refreshing taste will leave you feeling rejuvenated and mellow.

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The drink is effortlessly summery and perfect for those who enjoy a simple drink. This drink started life as a vodka cocktail, but by using gin you add a modern-day twist to the old classic.

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This is the perfect drink if you are looking for a pretty and elegant looking cocktail. In fact, it is almost too pretty to drink. Perfect for weddings and special occasions, this pink frothy drink is as gorgeous to taste as it is to look at.

This cocktail is named after a musical that is all about good times – which is certainly what you’ll be having with this gin cocktail. To make this drink you need gin, crème de framboise liqueur, lime juice, ginger ale. All combined, they create the perfect blend of fruitiness.

Serve in a fancy cocktail glass with a thin slice of lime on the rim to impress anyone.

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As the rumor goes, this cocktail was actually created way back in the 18th century in an attempt to try and stop sailors from getting scurvy. Whether that is true or not, the drink is now a modern classic. The recipe for this includes gin, fresh lime juice, and a sprinkling of sugar.

Packed with Vitamin C (that surely would protect against scurvy?) this drink is sweet and sour and will leave you refreshed and your mouth watering. Another gin cocktail that is perfect for a Spring or Summer party, for you and all of your guests to enjoy.

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Last Word (BONUS)

This very sophisticated drink is an elevated twist on any other classic gin cocktail. Essentially, this cocktail is a gin martini. Made using a mix of gin, green chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, and lime juice (all equal parts), this drink ends up with a tangy taste of layered flavorings.

Serve in a martini glass with a cherry-pick garnish to create a flawless and beautiful cocktail that is both graceful and refreshing. This is a very ‘grown-up’ cocktail that is classy and fancy and is impressive both to make and to drink.

Final Thoughts

So, why not give some of these scrumptious classic gin cocktails a try? You can keep them to yourself or create them in batches to share with friends and family. They pair perfectly on a summer evening or at a fancy restaurant. There is even a festive tipple in there too.

There is a gin cocktail for every occasion and each of them is delicious. Whether you have a sweet tooth or are more of a savoury fan, we have included every kind of different flavoured gin cocktail we could think of. So, have a little cocktail party with your friends and make these drinks.

They will taste good and leave you feeling good. Get creative and serve the drinks in fancy glasses that you probably won’t use again, or use it as an excuse to finally dust off that cocktail shaker.

Garnish the drinks with fruit you won’t eat and enough ice to keep you cool, and most importantly have fun and drink responsibly.

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