The 13 Best Ramen Restaurants In Sydney

Sometimes you want a bowl of warm, soupy, noodle-y goodness, and the packets of Maggi instant ramen sat in the back of your cupboard just won’t cut it.

As any amateur kitchen cook will know, ramen is a deceptively difficult recipe. Given this it sometimes just doesn’t feel feasible to cook up your own authentic Japanese dinner when you get a craving.

And let’s be honest – the 13-hour-long broth cooking time, multiple components, and wide variety of toppings can feel intimidating. Understandably, it’s sometimes best to leave it to the professionals. 

But then, where do you even go to find delicious Japanese ramen in Sydney? This list will guide you through the options on your doorstep. We’ve explored a wide range of delicious bowls of ramen cooked by professional chefs. So with our help, you can slurp comforting noodles without having to slave away over a stove.

Here’s our take on the best ramen restaurants in Sydney.

13 Of The Best Ramen Restaurants In Sydney


Location: Eating Street Food Court, Shop 211/25-29 Dixon St, Haymarket, NSW 2000 Ph: 0410253 180

Famous for their thick and tasty Pork Broth, this authentic ramen joint boasts a delicious menu and a wealth of positive reviews.

They are particularly known for their MSG and thickener-free Bone Marrow Broth, which is kept deliciously rich and thick by their 14-hour cooking time.

This broth is filled with collagen; the protein that keeps our skin supple, so some claim that eating here might even have some anti-aging benefits

Recommended Order – The Super Mega Ramen Bowl –  steeped in delicious, hearty Tonkotsu Broth, and loaded with three types of Pork, this meaty meal is guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest of appetites. 

Gogyo Surry Hills

Location: 52-54 Albion St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 9212 0003

Gogyo, owned by the same restaurateurs that brought us Japanese dining giant Ippudo, makes famously tasty and unique Charred Kogashi Ramen. Think chewy noodles floating in a delectably smoky Miso Broth.

Less well-known than their soupy counterparts, but equally mouth-watering, are their appetisers and snacks. Crispy Gyoza and fresh, juicy Edamame are the perfect companion to your blackened ramen bowl and should be enjoyed with a delicious Ashai beer. 

Recommended Order – The Burnt Kogashi Ramen (don’t be put off by the black broth! We promise it’s delicious, really), and a complimentary barrage of snacking plates. Think Pork Belly Steamed Buns and Japanese-style Jerky. 

RaRa Ramen

Location: 66b Regent Street, Redfern, NSW 2016 Ph: (02) 9698 9994

With locations across Sydney, including Eveleigh, Burleigh Heads, Redfern and Randwick, you’re never too far from a RaRa Ramen.

Their pared-back but still undoubtedly delicious menu ranges from bowls of thick and creamy Pork Tonkotsu with homemade black chilli and garlic to spicy Sichuan Sesame Broth and Tori Paitan. The latter is the Chicken filled cousin of Tonkotsu. 

Recommended Order – a must to try at this craft ramen bar is their thinner, Hakata Style Noodle, with their silky Tonkotsu Broth.

Also, worth an extra few dollars is the Chicken Karaage –  a Japanese take on fried chicken. Served with lemon and mayonnaise, it’s the perfect appetiser to get you in the mood for some modern Japanese cuisine.

Note: The only negative to this hip joint is its popularity. This means you have to book ahead to ensure a table, and be prepared for weekend queues. 

Lonely Mouth

Location: 275 Australia Street, Newtown, NSW 2042 Ph: (02) 9519 2465

Lonely Mouth is the vegan little sister of RaRa Ramen and home to an entirely plant-based menu. 

The delicious vegan alternatives to traditional Japanese Ramen Bowls include nutty Tantanmen Broth, accompanied by Black Fungus and Bok Choy. Or try the veganified Tori Paitan, with substitute chicken made from sunflower and hemp seed. 

All dishes are accompanied by housemaid thin Hakata Noodles.

Three cheers for Lonely Mouth. Finally there’s an utterly delicious all-vegan ramen restaurant in Sydney! 

Recommended Order – Spicy plant-based Tantanmen Ramen, with Corn Tempura for starters. Absolutely delicious!

Editor’s Note: Sadly, it seems that Lonely Mouth has closed. We will let you know when we know more.

Ramen O-San

Location: 401 Sussex Street, Haymarket, NSW 2000 Ph: (02) 9281 0998

This authentic and cost-effective restaurant combines delicate Noodles, handmade Ramen Sauce, a Light Broth and fully customisable toppings. The result is a totally bespoke dining experience. 

Located in Sussex Centre food court, it’s a must-visit for any foodie. Keep an eye on their Facebook page, for last-minute deals and offers.

Recommended Order – the Ramen and Char-Mayo Rice Bowl Set – an absolute bargain for a tasty, hearty and filling meal. 

Editor’s Note: Sadly, it seems that Ramen O-San has closed. We will let you know when we know more.

Chaco Ramen

Location: 238 Crown Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 9007 8352

13 Of The Best Ramen Restaurants In Sydney

The creative and innovative chefs at Chaco Ramen have conjured up a set of truly stand out dishes. Traditional flavours are combined in non-traditional ways. Here’s you’ll find intriguing ingredients like Yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit) and Scallop complimented by chilli and coriander.

We’re confident that the flavourings found in these bowls of soup can’t be found anywhere else in town. It’ also one of the reasons that we feel it’s amongst the best ramen restaurants in Sydney.

Here you will be served one of four signature dishes. Each of these items is created within the confines of a firm ethical ethos – eating nose-to-tail – which means no waste. 

Moreover, Chaco Ramen runs seasonal Specials. With this in mind, it’s best to order them when they’re in stock, as there’s no guarantee that they will be back.

Recommended Order – When the weather is humid and claggy in Sydney, take yourself down to Chaco Ramen, to order their refreshing Cold Ramen. It’s a umami-packed savoury delicacy. 

Gaku Robata Grill

132 Darlinghurt Road, 2010

This atmospheric supper club is great if you’re looking for a true dining experience. Bathed in and beautiful interior design, you will be served food that blends traditional Japanese techniques with the flavours of French cuisine.

High-end ingredients such as caviar and truffle, more commonly found in traditional French cookbooks, are incorporated beautifully into their luxurious ramen. Think duck meatball ramen and yuzu spiced broth.

Recommended order = you have to order the Gaku ramen with chasu pork, accompanied by Japanese cocktails and bouillabaisse karaage.

Yasaka Ramen CBD

126 Liverpool Street, Sydney, 2000

This modern, minimalist restaurant was opened in 2014 by two former Gumshara chefs. Although they have definitely learnt how to make beautiful ramen from Gumshara, they have taken their own menu in a different direction.

Their big-hitting ramen is the spicy black garlic ramen, rather than tonkotsu, often accompanied by imported beer and larger. Japanese street food staple takoyaki (balls of octopus in crispy golden batter) are also one of their best menu offerings. 

Recommended order = If you’re with a group, make sure you order the tsukemen, a share plate of whole wheat dipping ramen noodles,  which is a comprehensive exploration of the ramen world.  

Tachinomi YP

Shop 1, 20 Burlington Street, Crowns Nest 2065.

This is a tiny authentic Japanese standing bar,  which in Japan are integral to the eating and drinking culture. During the daytime,  there is only one edition offer –  their tonkotsu ramen.

The thick and creamy broth,  chewy noodles,  and crispy fresh toppings are ideal for a lunch out,  and the contemplative atmosphere within the tiny restaurant is calm. Tachinomi patrons are expected to wipe their tables down and return their plates to the counter.

Recommended order = there is only one ramen dish on the menu, and it’s unavailable during their nighttime opening hours – but it is a superb one, brimming with rich and authentic broth. 

Ramen Megumi

4 4-8 Waters Road, Neutral Bay

Run by the head chef of Ramen O-San, Ramen Megumi boasts the same thick collagen-rich broth.  Here, the fishy gyokai tonkotsu takes centre stage, alongside chasu pork bowls and crispy katsu curry. 

Recommended order = The cheap and cheerful ramen fish tonkotsu is best ordered as a takeaway and enjoyed eaten on the sofa after a long day at work (although no one will blame you if you can’t wait to start and eat it in the street).

Rising Sun Workshop

1C Whateley Street, Newtown NSW 2042 

Part ramen restaurant, part motorbike workshop, all community spirit is  Rising Sun Workshop. This restaurant really takes its motto (‘you are an honoured guest, welcome to our home’) to heart.

The combination of motorbikes and Japanese food makes the owner’s passions endearingly clear, and if anything the workshop enriches your experience of the customer (and they make a mean bowl of ramen too). 

Recommended order = ‘The Light’ ramen – a blend of chicken broth, gingery tare seasoning, flavourful mushrooms, and crispy pork belly, this dish delights your taste buds with its complex but fruity flavour. 

Ramen Zundo

644 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000. 

Ramen Zundo painstakingly handcrafts their dishes from scratch, making their own noodles, folding their own gyoza and boiling ramen broths for 12 hours.

The amount of time and love put into the food is evident – delectably tasty bowls of steaming ramen are served up to hungry customers, topped with jammy boiled eggs and sheets of crisp nori seaweed.

Thor speciality, however, is tsukeman ramen – chewy cold noodles served with hot, spicy dipping sauce. 

Recommended order = tsukeman ramen and pan-fried gyoza dumplings. Just make sure you ask for an extra soup to mix with the dipping sauce when you’ve finished your noodles. 

Motto Motto

Macquarie Centre, 34444 Herring Road & Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113

This modern Japanese restaurant is inspired by the traditional fast-casual pace of a Japanese kitchen. Serving up fresh ingredients in innovative ways,  the dining experience at Motto Motto is unrivalled.

Not only can you enjoy ramen, but Japanese burgers, rice bowls,  poke bowls, curry and udon noodles. 

Recommended order = the spicy red ramen is not only delicious but also great if you’re feeling peaky – the kick to it will clear a blocked nose straight away. 

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