The 15 Best Spots for Korean BBQ In Sydney

Korean BBQ has become increasingly more popular in Sydney over the last few years and for a very good reason! It is a delicious cuisine that infuses the finest flavours with the freshest ingredients.

The novelty of being able to personally grill your meat to perfection also appeals to inner city residents who are eager to show off their skills to their new love interest or eagle-eyed friends!

These restaurants also place a lot of focus on crafting incredible side dishes, ensuring that you are fully satisfied in every way.

These restaurants are perfect for those who like to think of themselves as culinary experts who can cook cuts of meat to perfection and you are guaranteed to be served only the finest cuts of meat in these venues.

Best 15 Spots for Korean BBQ In Sydney

There is an emphasis on tradition in each and every one of the following eateries that makes them distinctly unique pioneers of Korean culture within the city.

You are guaranteed to find the right dish to suit every palate whilst washing all of that goodness down with a selection of beer and liquor.

Whether you are a fan of Kimchi or Bibimbap, you can indulge in all of your favourite Korean food within comfortable and hospitable surroundings and even the fussiest eaters will be able to select something to satisfy them from the extensive range of dishes on offer in most Korean eateries.

This makes these venues the perfect place for gatherings of friends and family alike and you will feel like you are engaging in a cultural experience like no other.

Sydney is a culturally enriched city and it’s culinary expertise is undoubtedly reflective of it’s vibrant, warm and embracing culture. Read on to find out all about the 15 best Korean BBQ restaurants in the city.


This restaurant serves up wholesome generous portions of meat and is undoubtedly one of the best Korean spots in the whole of the city. Their marinated pork and beef ribs served with steamed egg are definitely a highlight.

Their side dishes alternate on a regular basis which means that you are guaranteed to have a fresh and exciting experience upon every visit. The restaurant also boasts a warm and friendly ambience so you’ll definitely be coming back time and time again!

Jang Tai Bai

The staff at this Korean BBQ joint will definitely go to every length to satisfy you. Their finest cuts of meat are perfect for grilling until your heart’s content and you can also fully indulge in a wide range of scrumptious Korean sides.

These charcoal grills deliver a phenomenal flavour and it is also open late so you can soak up your drink in style!

Yang San Park

This is an incredibly fun and modernised venue and the waiters dress up like K-Pop band members. They’ll also help you every step of the way, flipping your steaks at exactly the right moment and ensuring that your pork is perfected.

This is an incredibly popular spot so be sure to get here early to grab a table!

Kangnam BBQ

Kangnam serves food with style! Their vast array of gorgeous side dishes match up perfectly with their wholesome main courses. They also serve complimentary Banchan dishes which are made from the freshest ingredients every single morning.

These dishes include lettuce salad, mashed potatoes and the infamous kimchi. You’ll definitely leave this restaurant feeling cared for and more than satisfied.

BBQ City Buffet

This restaurant mixes it up with an amalgamation of traditionally Korean and modernised design. It is a family friendly restaurant that can seat up to 300 diners! Their buffet-style dining makes it easy to sample each and every dish at the pace that suits you.

This is also the perfect location and venue for those who are seeking Korean food without the hustle and bustle of the inner city.

Bornga Korean BBQ Restaurant 

Best 15 Spots for Korean BBQ In Sydney

This is undoubtedly one of Sydney’s busiest Korean BBQ restaurants. The interior is filled with plush booths placed around the cooktops. Their signature dish is the Woo Samgyup and it is utterly gorgeous!

The beautifully slender beef cuts are perfectly crispy and have the texture of sliced bacon upon cooking. This place is seriously not one to miss!

Gyeong Bok Gung Korean BBQ Restaurant

If you’re looking for generous portions, then this is the spot for you. There is a wide range of side dishes (or Banchan) to select from and these include cucumber and potato based dishes.

Their banquet lunch is popular for a reason and starts out with a wonderfully sizzling plate of meat, culminating in a rice soup that fills your stomach with perfection.

JooMak Korean Restaurant

This restaurant serves some of the finest food in the entire city. Their recipes are historic and traditional and they utilise a range of amalgamated regional influences resulting in a diversified menu that provides only the utmost authenticity.

Their meat is also cooked in a unique way but you’ll need to pay them a visit to see for yourself!

678 Sydney

The chefs here work with the utmost culinary expertise to produce all of the multifaceted Korean flavours that you could wish for. Their menu boasts only the most premium cuts of meat and an array of fresh vegetables, soup and alcoholic beverages.

The atmosphere is equally as wonderful and as such, this restaurant is guaranteed to leave you feeling intoxicated by their passionate food and wonderful service. You’ll definitely keep coming back!

Sydney Madang Korean BBQ Restaurant

This Korean BBQ spot boasts friendly service and the highest quality food. If you’re looking for a vibrant and busy atmosphere to chow down in, then this is definitely the right spot for you.

They’re open for lunch, dinner and also serve takeaway options and serve unique dishes that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else in the city. Their Bimbim Bab is to die for and their Jungsik is also a much favoured option.

This place is guaranteed to tantalise your tastebuds!

Se Jong Korean BBQ

This restaurant is the perfect spot for gatherings of friends and family alike. Their uniquely styled BBQ buffet serves the finest Korean food at inexpensive prices.

You are likely to find yourself queueing to get yourself a table so be sure to book well in advance to avoid any disappointment. There’s also an extensive range of barbecue dishes to select from, ensuring that everyone on the table is guaranteed to be satisfied.

Jonga Jip

There’s so many wonderful dishes on offer here that you’ll be utterly spoiled for choice! Their dishes are both traditional and experimental and if you’re uncertain, the staff here are more than happy to make recommendations.

The dumplings are phenomenal and their kimchi is renowned for being one of the best in the city. Their side dishes are also unlimited and continually replenished by your waiter, so you are guaranteed to leave here feeling more than satisfied.


This place is a favourite amongst locals for a very good reason, the food is incredible! Their positive reviews speak for themselves and this popular Korean BBQ spot is also equipped with traditional decor and wonderful music.

They also incorporate Chinese and Japanese influences into their dishes creating an amalgamation of flavours that you are unlikely to experience elsewhere.

The Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) on offer here is infamous and their grilled meats are smoked to perfection. Whilst the menu may alternate, these dishes are staying put and you’d be foolish to miss out!

Mapo Charcoal BBQ

Whilst it’s exterior may seem a little unimpressive, the food inside is sure to excite you! This is one of the best spots for those visitors who are budgeting and you can easily fill up your stomach for under $30.

The ribs on offer here are undoubtedly the best in the entire city and you can enjoy the finest cuts of red meat served with a side of leek pancakes. You will definitely regret it if you walk past!


For undoubtedly authentic Korean BBQ, you cannot miss this restaurant! This spot boasts a fine dining experience and the presentation of their food reflects this. The meat cuts are also elite and prepared to perfection.

They are committed to cooking traditional dishes and offer a wide range of side dishes to ensure that everyone is more than satisfied.

The menu is full of decadent and delectable options including delicious soups, stews, noodles and meat dishes ensuring that you will be returning time and time again! 

Dylan Cole