The 15 Best Steaks In Sydney

There’s some tough competition for the title of the best steakhouse in Sydney. Each restaurant, from luxury fine dining to casual dinner spot, has a fervent following, ready to defend their pick to the last. Really, you have no choice but to try them all.

Steak in Sydney is often a simple thing. Locally sourced beef means the steaks burst with fresh flavor.

Combine quality beef from reputable sources with deliciously clever cooking, and you get the typical Sydney steak, which is nothing but meaty goodness. But that doesn’t mean each steakhouse doesn’t have their individual spin on the classic dish.

In this guide, we cover the best steakhouses in Sydney, and what steaks you have to order when you get there. Get ready to sink your teeth into the most succulent steaks around.

The 15 Best Steaks In Sydney


Porteño has become a legend of the Australian steak community, so if you want to try the best steak in Sydney, head here first. The Argentinian restaurant is one of the most-renowned eateries in Sydney.

An open dining area allows the scents of sizzling meats, as well as the vibrant atmosphere, to infuse the space with a sense of welcome. Your stomach will be rumbling before you even get a chance to look at the menu.

Any steak at Porteño is good, but we recommend whatever on the changing menu is currently being served with chimichurri. It’s the best of Argentina, transplanted to Surry Hills.

The Gidley

The Gidley is one of the few restaurants in Australia to serve a spinalis steak — a cut so mouthwatering and tender you’ll never forget it. That alone makes The Gidley worth a visit, but the rest of the menu is pretty fantastic as well.

Start with a cocktail in the elegant lounge – an Old Fashioned is always good with steak – before settling into the soft velvet booths of The Gidley. There’s a real old-fashioned charm to the dining room, which pairs perfectly with a char-grilled rib eye. 


Try and soak up as much of the harbor views as you can before your food arrives at 6HEAD, because as gorgeous as the location is, the food is better. 6HEAD have directed their focus on ensuring their beef is of the highest quality, serving grass fed meats carefully selected from Australian farms.

The wagyu is particularly remarkable, and grilled just how you like it by the talented chef. Try not to fill up on the delicious starters, so you can really appreciate the fine meats.

6HEAD has cultivated an atmosphere that feels both romantic and friendly, making it the perfect place for a date night or celebration. Honestly, the steak is so good, you’ll probably be happy to come by yourself.


There’s only one steak on the Bistecca menu, which is the bistecca alla fiorentina. Don’t worry about the lack of choice — this is the only thing you’ll want to eat (possibly ever again).

A traditional Italian steak served in a traditional Italian setting, Bistecca serves a T-bone steak cooked medium rare over ironbark and charcoal.

When a restaurant does one thing this good, they don’t need anything else. The sides are fantastic too, serving to elevate the steak, and never drawing attention from the star of the show.


Everything at Firedoor is powered by wood fire, and watching the licking flames perfectly sear your meat is an unforgettable experience. Firedoor has become a star of the Sydney culinary scene, with a red-hot fire right at the heart of it. 

The chef’s menu at Firedoor is ever-changing, but the steak makes frequent appearances. Book well in advance, because reservations fill up fast. Even the most ardent carnivore will enjoy what gets cooked up. If steak hasn’t made the cut, you’ll just have to book again. Trust us, it won’t be a hardship.

Rockpool Bar And Grill

The 15 Best Steaks In Sydney

Anyone interested in steak in Sydney has to try Rockpool Bar and Grill at least once. It’s become the first choice for many Australian foodies, interested in a menu that exemplifies the best produce available nearby. 

The steaks are dry-aged on the premises, and butchered daily. The Cape Grim rib eye is the star, but there really isn’t a bad offering. Get some mustard on the side to bring out the nuttiness of the steak. Enjoy alongside the incredible art deco interior that makes Rockpool such a special place to eat.

BLACK Bar And Grill

If you struggle to make a decision, then avoid BLACK bar and grill. The extensive steak menu is nothing but goodness, and the chef lightly smokes the beef before grilling to add a sweet hint of cherry wood.

The meat is then grilled over slow-burning ironbark that infuses the beef with an unbelievable depth of flavor. Caramelized on the outside, juicy in the middle; simple seasoning and clever techniques brings out the best of the quality cuts. 

BLACK blends simplicity and class for an elegant dining experience with a twist of modern. Bring along a few friends, and try the wagyu tasting board. 

Restaurant Hubert

Restaurant Hubert seems to have been designed with date night in mind. The atmosphere is awash with intimacy, and the classic French decorating adds romance to every experience.

For a moment, you’ll really feel you’ve stepped through the doors of a Parisian jazz club.

Spend some time looking over the wine list. Trust us, you won’t need long to consider the food. The Cote de Bouef, served with a béarnaise sauce, is simply incredible. You won’t get a better French steak in Sydney. 

LP’s Quality Meats

LP’s Quality Meats may not have the same elegant finish and classic dining you find at other Sydney steakhouses, but you’d be a fool to let that keep you away. “Quality Meats” isn’t just a marketing slogan — it’s the most apt description of the menu at LP’s. 

Start with the charcuterie selection, and then get the dry-aged rib eye steak. The relaxed environment of LP’s makes you want to savor every mouthful, but your first bite of steak might bring out the primal side. LP’s is a restaurant for the carnivorous, and the juicy meats will make you wild.

Vic’s Meat Market

It might seem confusing that you have to head to the fish market to get one of Sydney’s best steaks, but Vic’s Meat Market is a carnivore’s delight in the heart of fish country. 

When you first set eyes on Vic’s Meat Market, you might find you start drooling. Piles and piles of exquisitely cut steak await you. Guided by the expert butchers at Vic’s, grab some steaks to eat at home.

Tide yourself over until then with the smoked wagyu, or the wagyu brisket burger. 

Kingsleys Woolloomooloo

Sink your teeth into some choice cuts at Kingsleys Woolloomooloo. Dry-aged striploin on the bone is irresistibly good, but the Black Angus rib eye is pretty spectacular.

With a gorgeous location on the Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf, Kingsley’s has a breezy atmosphere that accommodates gatherings with friends best of all.

Fratelli Paradiso

Steak isn’t the focus of the menu at Fratelli Paradiso Italian restaurant, but the one they serve is so good it needs to be on this list.

Eating at Fratelli Paradiso feels like you’re having dinner with your large, Italian family, if your family were all fantastic chefs. Go to Fratelli Paradiso feeling hungry, because you’ll want to sample from across the menu.

Start with the arrosticini, order your perfectly aged steak with a side of potatoes, and finish with a tiramisu. Nothing but Italian goodness.

The Chophouse

The Chophouse proves that a good steakhouse doesn’t need to hide what it’s all about. A simple name for a restaurant that knows it does steak well.

The Chophouse has confidence in what they do, and you can feel that in the friendly greeting, open decor, and menu that doesn’t stray from the classics.

Steaks here are good, with no pretension distracting from their tender flavor. The beef is sourced from the best local suppliers, and cooked with minimal fuss. Ask the staff for a wine recommendation off their artfully curated menu.


“The butcher that cooks for you” — at Macelleria, you can choose your perfect steak, and get it cooked to your liking. Don’t worry if you fall in love with your steak, because you can get the same cut to take home with you.

A casual dining experience, enjoy tender steak in a comfortable restaurant.

Fancy saving your steak for later? The burgers at Macelleria are just as good, and perfect with a beer and Macelleria’s Bondi location. 

The Oaks Hotel

An unpretentious take on the steak house, dinner at The Oaks Hotel is good steak at a reasonable price. The Oaks Hotel has a long menu, but don’t let your eyes pass over the Tomahawk steak.

Alongside this specialty, the in-house butcher has crafted a diverse and interesting steak menu. There’s also a huge wine list, which is carefully temperature controlled, and makes a classy accompaniment to one of the best steaks in Sydney.

Dylan Cole