The 15 Best Greek Restaurants In Sydney

Greece has a wonderful food culture. Family, friends and the social aspect of preparing and consuming food plays a major role in Greek cuisine. Dine at a Greek eatery and you can expect plenty of share plates and dishes derived from the Mediterranean ‘triad’ of olive oil, wheat and wine.

Greek is a very healthy cuisine with vegetables, fish, olives, lamb, lentils, honey and fruits mainstays of the diet.

And of course, Greek taverns often make for fabulous nights-out: with plate throwing, dancing, singing, drinking, and eating great food with the ones you love. There are many excellent Greek restaurants and taverns in Sydney, bringing a vibrant Greek culture of warmth and hospitality to the city.

On this list, we will suggest many of our favourite Greek restaurants in Sydney. All of these eateries serve delicious, authentic Greek food and are recommended to both Sydneysiders and visitors alike.

The 15 Best Greek Restaurants In Sydney

Medusa Greek Tavern

Location: 2 Market Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 Ph: (02) 9267 0799

Medusa Greek Taverna claims to be Sydney’s “favourite’ Greek restaurant”. Whilst, we can’t prove this claim, we certainly agree that it deserves to be in the running for the title.

Medusa Greek Tavern embodies one of the most important things in Greek culture. What is that? Why, the importance of family and dining together.

The food is authentically Greek and the restaurant is beautiful and bright, with plenty of blue and green to depict the country and its landscape. Greek owner Peter Koutsopoulos started the restaurant to reflect his love his country with its blue sparkling oceans and sunny hills.

He believed Greek cooking brought the family together, and wanted this to be a reality in Sydney.

A veteran of more than forty years experience in the restaurant industry, he establishment features authentic food made from unique ingredients. It showcases both Mediterranean cuisine and the more rural cuisine of the Greek hillsides.

Here they serve small plates and dips such as taramasalata, fava, and tzatziki.

Then there’s souzoukakia, which is chilli and cumin lamb, as well as crispy deep-fried calamari, which is simply delicious with a garlic aioli. They serve an authentic Greek salad, with feta cheese, cucumber, juicy tomatoes, olives, and onions.

In terms of the main dishes, you’ll not go wrong with the traditional favourites of roast lamb with lemon potatoes, chicken souvlaki with fries or veal back strap.

There’s also cheese in a crispy filo pastry, lamb cutlets with capsicum, and free-range chicken with goats cheese and peppers.

Want more? Why not try the prawns, scallops and Parmesan spaghetti, tossed in a flavour-packed tomato and chilli sauce? Maybe more Italian than Greek, but delicious nonetheless.

For delicious food and a great atmosphere, this is one of the top Greek restaurants in Sydney.

Diethnes Greek Restaurant

Location: 336 Pitt Street, NSW 2000 Tel: (02) 9267 8956

Diethnes has been a Sydney CBD institution for many a year. In fact, Diethnes has been in its current Pitt St location for over 45 years, and you can feel the history as you descend the narrow stairs into its welcoming hospitality.

Diethnes feels like an authentic Greek restaurant of yesteryear. The waiting staff greet you cheerfully and guide you to your table. You hear buzz of conversation and smell the kitchen aromas and immediately feel at home.

Their recipes are meticulously crafted, and have been worked on over the years to ensure the most authentic and hearty of flavours.

You’ll find a number of platters containing taramasalata, tzatziki, zucchini, Corinthian rissoles (lamb patties) and crispy halloumi. What’s more, there are always baskets of warm pita bread on the side.

This is an excellent restaurant if you love dolmades (also known as dolmas in some cuisines – stuffed vine leaves). These dolmades are filled with beautifully seasoned rice, dill, green onions and olive oil. Amongst the other must-tries are tiropita (filo and cheese pies), Greek salad and fried eggplant.

If you enjoy seafood, you’ll delight in beer-battered flathead, calamari, prawn cutlets, and prawns cooked in tomatoes, feta, and rice. But that’s not all; there’s also fried calamari and grilled snapper.

Some of their traditional dishes include their cabbage roll with papoutsakia (stuffed eggplant) and capsicums. Personally, I’m a fan of their layered moussaka, made with lamb and eggplant.

If you prefer your meat in succulent pieces, Diethnes serves a grilled lamb with olive oil and oregano (with salad and fries).

Greek food culture embraces the plentiful use of lamb, and, when cooked well, lamb is an incredibly flavoursome and juicy meat. 

This spot should definitely make your list of the top Greek restaurants in Sydney.


Location: 172 St John’s Rd Glebe, Sydney, NSW 2037 Ph: 0451 597 846

Ahgora is a quality Mediterranean restaurant, specialising in Greek cuisine. They serve modern, contemporary Greek cuisine, with amazing unique flavours and the highest quality ingredients.

This is a great destination for both brunch and dinner. In fact, their iconic halloumi stack with homemade pesto and eggplant is one of our favourite brunch dishes.

For dinner, you can order halloumi with lemon jam, smoked salmon with Greek yogurt and feta or roasted cauliflower with hummus. If none of those appeal, maybe ricotta gnocchi with pumpkin purée and Parmesan cheese, ravioli with lemon jam, walnuts, and halloumi are more to your taste?

Or perhaps honey glazed pork belly, charred octopus with sweet potato and cucumber, red cabbage salad or beef kofta with Greek salad?

With such an original, yet clearly still Greek-inspired menu, this is one of the best choices for Mediterranean fusion dining in the inner-west.

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The Apollo Restaurant

Location: 44 Macleay St Potts Point, Sydney, NSW 2011 Ph: (02) 8354 0888

The Apollo has an infectiously lively vibe. Regularly buzzing with activity and chatter, it is a contemporary Greek taverna with industrial chic decor. There is plenty of exposed cement and a striking feature marble bar.

As one of the top Greek restaurants in Sydney, the Apollo is a favourite of the eastern suburbs. In fact, it has a fiercely loyal customer base.

It’s both elegant and minimalist, and yet manages to feel intimate and welcoming. Come on a busy night and you’ll feel the energy and hubbub of noise and laughter. We love the organised chaos of it all.

Share plates are the go, and you can feast on small dishes such as marinated olives, peas with spicy horseradish, warm, fresh pita and taramasalata. The pungent saganaki cheese is served with honey and the split pea and chickpea dip is delightfully smooth.

There’s a hearty fried fisherman’s plate, consisting of calamari and prawns. In addition, the chefs prepare calamari with pepper and fennel, sardines with herbs and vinegar and barbecued swordfish. And if you have a taste for octopus, it’s beautifully cooked with olives and tomatoes.

The smoky flavour of the charcoal grilled chicken with eggplant is addictive, whilst the richness of the crumbed pork is cut with lemon and artichokes.

They serve lovely desserts such as watermelon and mint with ouzo (aniseed flavoured liquor) and chocolate honeycomb roses. And don’t forget to order their delicious walnut and coffee cream filo pastry, similar to baklava.

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Location: Worker Building, 238 Castlereagh St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Ph: (02) 9098 1111

Alpha is a stunning Greek restaurant in Sydney’s Castlereagh Street. With amazing decor, an enormous space and minimalist aesthetic, it’s a visually impressive venue that does justice to the elegant heritage building that hosts it.

Head chef Peter Conistis has been a stalwart of modern Greek cuisine in Sydney for decades and Cosmos, his first restaurant, is still warmly remembered. To its many loyal customers, Alpha has become a beloved Greek CBD dining institution in the decade since opening.

Recently renovated with an expensive makeover, Alpha is very tastefully furnished with whitewashed walls, exposed concrete, elegant arches, a huge bar and open kitchen. It’s a large restaurant and feels elegant, spacious and uncluttered.

Examples of the starters and small dishes at Alpha include warm pita with olive oil and rigani and smoked eggplant dip, along with tzatziki and taramasalata. There’s a fabulous ouzo cured salmon, zucchini fritters and halloumi with figs and pistachios.

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Always looking to add a modern spin on a classic dish, Alpha’s taramasalata base is sea urchin.

As for main dishes, we recommend Alpha’s grilled sardines with vine leaves and rice, moussaka with scallops, king fish broth with samphire, snapper with garlic, barbecued chicken with feta and almonds, and succulent slow-roasted lamb and eggplant.

Even the sides are worth the trip into town. You’ll not be disappointed with the iconic Greek salad, roasted asparagus with pine nuts and tahini, and a peppy cos salad with salty anchovies and mint. 

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Plateia Where Friends Meet

Location: Shop 5 2-14 Bayswater Rd Potts Point, Sydney, NSW 2011 Ph: (02) 9331 5142

Located in bustling Kings Cross/ Potts Point, Plateia WFM serves traditional Greek Street Food in a relaxed café.

Plateia is renowned for producing excellent gyros (known as yeeros or yiros to some) and traditional souvlakia, along with other iconic Greek dishes. This eatery is inexpensive, homely and unpretentious, with a limited but delicious range of options.

They serve light dishes such as gyros (either pork or chicken), along with salad, befteki with salad, or souvlaki (meat stick skewers) with salad. One of their stand-out dishes is their amazing skepasti. This is a Greek club sandwich containing meat, salad, and tzatziki.

All the fan favourites are on the menu. They serve warm moussaka, with fries and salad. They also have stuffed potatoes, halloumi, saganaki and stuffed vine leaves, along with the usual traditional dips.

If you fancy something light, try the Greek or halloumi salads. Meat-lovers are catered for with large selection of beef rissoles, lamb, chicken, or pork souvlaki and lamb or chicken gyros. And for the committed carnivore, their mixed grill, contains copious amounts of all. 

Steki Taverna

Location: 2 O’Connell St, Newtown NSW 2042  Ph: 0401 216 757/ (02) 9516 2191

Situated in a quiet street just off the main drag in trendy Newtown, Steki Taverna has grown to become an inner-west institution over its 30+ years.

Steki translates to ‘hangout’, and this Greek favourite has certainly lived up to its name. Steki Taverna has been delighting diners with its convivial and warm atmosphere for decades and is a great option for those looking for a late-night feed.

It is a hugely welcoming restaurant, with excellent service and very well priced traditional Greek dishes, wine and ouzo. Unlike some of the restaurants on this list (I’m looking at you, Alpha), this taverna has not had a makeover in many a year. Maybe that explains why its so awesomely affordable?

Dining on a weekend? Then you’re in luck. Steki Taverna boasts a wonderful house band playing Greek music. The music is uplifting and the traditional decor, intimate setting and low-hung ceilings just add to the atmosphere.

The entree list is extensive. You work your way through Greek salads, horiatiki (traditional Greek salad with capsicum and a traditional dressing), zucchini patties, fried eggplants and lima beans with carrots, celery and tomatoes. If you want more, then try the fried saganaki cheese, barbecued octopus, calamari, cheese and spinach encased in filo pastry, halloumi and prawns.

This may not be revolutionary, but I’ll often order the moussaka as my main dish. But you could just as easily gorge upon the baked lamb with lemon and garlic, keftedes meatballs with rice, garlic prawns, barbecued snapper and spaghetti with seafood in a tomato or cream sauce. 

Whatever your preference, you’ll struggle to find better a value-for-money Greek eatery in Sydney’s inner-west.

Editor’s Note: We’ve recently read that Steki is seeking new premises. The restaurant will no longer operate in its current location, but Steki is not dead. Owner Paul Oiakimidis is hopeful of securing a new venue soon. As this is the case, why not try this popular spot instead…?

Ikaria Bondi

Location: 70B Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026 Ph: 0422 771 251

Greek restaurants don’t get much hotter than Ikaria Bondi.

Sat across from iconic Bondi Beach, this sleek eatery is as big on cool vibes as it is on superb food and delicious drinks.

The decor is modern, light and chilled – but still definitely Greek. When the sun dips over the ocean, the pale textured walls and tiled flooring turn a warm, welcoming golden and you could almost imagine yourself in the Mediterranean.

Although the menu is small it is smartly constructed. Interestingly, there are plenty of familiar favourites given a tweak to bring them bang up to date. So amongst the Starters, you may find taramasalata spiked with finger lime, or a seasonal crudite with lemon & sumac. Elsewhere on the menu, dishes like the grilled king prawns, harissa & yoghurt are a must-try, whilst the miso carrots, pistachio & yoghurt is a stunner of a Side.

If you don’t book for dinner, at least hop up to the bar for a drink. Ikaria Bondi does some excellent cocktails, including it’s ozone-forward Seashell Martini. This is an inspired combo of oyster shell infused vodka, dry vermouth, lemon evoo & anchovy stuffed olives. As you sit and sip, with the sound of the waves throbbing outside, you’ll understand why this is one of the finest Greek restaurants in Sydney.

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Sofie’s Greek Restaurant

The 15 Best Greek Restaurants In Sydney

Location: Upstairs 386 Darling St, Balmain, NSW 2041 Ph: (02) 9555 7744 / 0412 075 076

Another vibrant Greek eatery in the Inner-West, Sofie’s is a Balmain favourite haunt, serving classic meze-style food made from authentic recipes.

The restaurant does a roaring trade as a celebration venue (including private parties), and is family-run, friendly and accommodating.

This is the kind of food a Greek yia yia (grandma) makes. Sofie’s is not flashy, nor innovative and does not break new ground, but it does deliver traditional, homely Greek cuisine. The portions are generous and the prices reasonable.

You’ll feel right at home. Sofie’s Greek Restaurant is all about comfort, hospitality and enjoying the company of family and friends. The restaurant is has smashed plates lining the walls and there’s a Greek belly dancing floor show on Saturday nights.

Expect flavoursome meze dishes such as baked butter beans with feta and leeks, spanakopita, haloumi, whitebait and zucchini fritters, crispy calamari and prawns in feta and a spicy salsa. The dolmades are beautifully balanced and the kotopita (chicken with sun-dried tomatoes and feta wrapped in filo pastry) is delicious.

Mains include an excellent creamy Greek pasta bake with ground beer and béchamel sauce, moussaka, chicken souvlaki, lamb with mint yogurt and fries, exohiko (scotch beef fillet with cheese, sun-dried, in filo pastry), and baked fish with spinach and capers. 

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Zeus Street Greek

Location: 69-81 Foveaux Street Surry Hills NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 8018 4559 (Multiple other locations around Sydney include: Broadway, Waverley, Turramurra, Dulwich Hill, Gladesville, North Point, Westfield, Roseberry, Balgowlah and soon-to-open Willoughby)

Zeus Street Greek is a youthful restaurant chain seemingly growing in a hurry. New locations are opening regularly across both Sydney and Melbourne (although our favourite Drummoyne ZSG venue appears to have closed recently) and there seems real momentum behind the brand.

There’s a distinctive vibe about Zeus Street Greek eateries. The food is fresh, modern and zesty – a harmony of traditional Hellenic street food and the best of Australian produce. It’s simple Greek fare, made fresh from scratch and delivered promptly and without fuss (whether you’re eating in or ordering from home).

You’ll find classic dips such as tzatziki and taramasalata, along with spicy feta and ricotta with roasted pepper and eggplant dips. There’s regular specials and limited-time menu offerings: we’ve recently seen activated charcoal pita, zucchini fries and beetroot salad offered.

Other menu items include warm pita, stuffed vine leaves, spinach and feta filo pastry parcels, grilled halloumi with lemon and crispy garlic calamari. Whoever first thought of paring fries with feta and oregano is a genius, and Zeus Street Greek does a mean version.

But don’t worry – the classics haven’t been discarded. There’s still room for a Greek salad and a halloumi and currant Greek coleslaw.

Their iconic spartan bowl comes with rice, dips, and a protein of your choice. Classic pork, chicken, or lamb gyros are matched with tomatoes, onion, and fries. And if you want to mix it up a bit, order the hermes gyros. This tasty dish contains chicken, spicy feta dip, peppers, and coleslaw.

The gyros are justifiably popular, and there vegan options too, such as their zucchini falafel with peppers and salad.

The desserts don’t disappoint either. We recommend the honey loukomades with honey and walnuts, their baklava with nuts and a sweet aromatic syrup and the salted caramel loukoumades. 

Vegans are catered for with ZSG’s 100% NOT lamb menu. Seasoned with classic Greek favours, we can endorse the totally meat-free, plant-based take on the classic pita wrap.

So look out for a Zeus outlet. We think they are amongst the best Greek restaurants in Sydney.

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Location: The Piazza Castle Towers, Castle St, Shop 21, Castle Hill, NSW 2154 Ph: (02) 8850 3330

Located 45 minutes north-east from the CBD in the vibrant Piazza restaurant precinct of Castle Hill, Enigma is a modern family-owned Greek restaurant.

Recipes and preparation techniques have been handed down through generations of the Psaroudis family, and there’s a traditional feel to both the restaurant and the food, despite Enigma’s contemporary decor and modern menu.

Sydney’s premium, freshest ingredients are showcased to their finest. The menu highlights authentic family recipes and classic Greek starters and dips, marinated olives with fennel and garlic, grilled pita bread with balsamic glaze and garlic and herbed pita.

Give the char grilled octopus with a citrus aioli a chance – it’s a winner. Other options include saganaki prawns, salt and pepper calamari, beef meatballs with tomato and basil and sourdough, spinach and feta with shallots and paper filo, and halloumi with tomato relish.

For mains, we love the Atlantic salmon with broccolini and citrus butter and the beef stew with thyme and chilli oil. Chicken stuffed with feta and spinach in a chardonnay cream sauce is a heady combination.

The ubiquitous souvlaki makes an appearance, as do lamb shoulder with thyme and garlic, rib eye steak with wilted spinach, and their delicious seafood hotpot containing prawns, salmon, lobster and mussels. 

Next time, we’re ordering the Lamb Shank Giouvets – traditional slow braised lamb shank in rich tomato basil sauce with feta cheese and risoni pasta. Sounds fabulous.

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Skyros Greek Meze (now Binge Kitchen)

Location: 4/31 Market St, Sydney, NSW 2000

Editor’s Note: Skyros Greek Meze has been reported as closed. The Market Street eatery has been reborn as Binge Kitchen, which is not a Greek restaurant.

Skyros is relaxed and bright, with a great selection of meze dishes. Don’t expect the unusual. Skyros is not a culinary trailblazer, but does the basics well and delivers on its promise of value-for-money Greek food to the CBD crowd.

There’s a smattering of the usual brunch/ lunch offerings (smashed avocado toast with feta and a poached egg) and some splendid gyros. In addition to the popular Greek dishes, the restaurant serves specials such as breakfast sandwiches, cakes and pastries to office workers and commuters.

What’s more, there’s the usual chicken, lamb, pork, bifteki (mix of lamb and beef), and vegetarian gyros. These come in a pitta with onions, olives, tomatoes, fries, and homemade tzatziki.

They serve open plates, specifically intended for sharing. These come with meat, salad, and fries. Feta chips with oregano make a welcome appearance, as do dolmades, calamari with fries, moussaka and spicy beef meatballs. 

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Greek At The Belvedere

Location: 482 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 Ph: (02) 9264 1688

The Belvedere Hotel is a pub, known for its excellent food and beautiful building. It’s also home to one of the best Greek restaurants in Sydney. Upstairs in the hotel, you will find Greek food which is both authentic and hearty.

Their head chef, Stegios, is proudly Greek and makes sure the menu and ingredients stay true to his heritage.

At The Belvedere the pita is always warm. The tzatziki is fresh with cucumber and dill, and the kalamata olives come spiked with oregano and lemon. Favourites like lemon potatoes with thyme, Greek salad, and taramasalata are prepared with love.

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They have char grilled octopus with split pea dip along with capers and lemons, beef keftedes with mint and pepper and pork souvlaki. There is a pumpkin and pine nut pasta, and lamb and orzo version. Barramundi is paired green beans and lemon, whilst their iconic Greek lamb comes with whipped feta and potatoes.

They also have a delicious saganaki kafalograviera (fried cheese), with grapes, pistachio and honey.

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Location: 138 Norton Street, Leichhardt, Sydney, NSW 2040 Ph: 0437 864 493

Nestled in the heart of traditionally Italian Leichhardt lies Koutouki.

This venue serves meze accompanied by live traditional Greek music. It makes for a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience. Even better, it is inexpensive, with many options for you to choose from.

The restaurant is bright and colourful, yet warm and cozy, and the live music helps, too.

We are back in the safe world of familiar dips and entrees. Popular dishes like dips, Lima beans with sausages and capsicum, saganaki, haloumi with balsamic vinegar and zucchini fritters all make an appearance. There are potatoes with eggplant and mushrooms, calamari, grilled octopus and pink chicken livers with garlic and sage. And you really should order the lanahanodolmades (cabbage rolls with beef, parsley and dill).

They have delicious mains such as chicken, pork, or lamb souvlaki, grilled snapper and moussaka with a Greek salad. Try the stuffed peppers with rice and herbs, lamb and lemon potatoes, fried barramundi, and kokinisto (beef with red wine and fries or rice). 

This is one of the best Greek restaurants in Sydney for a tasty, cheap feed.

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Stix And Pita

Location: 3/216 Enmore Rd, Enmore, NSW 2042 Ph: (02) 9516 1222

Next up on our rundown of the best Greek restaurants in Sydney, we head over to Enmore.

Stix and Pita is a Greek grill, specialising in flavoursome, quality food using sustainable ingredients. Importantly, everything is handmade.

Elvis and Jim started the restaurant, with Elvis hailing from Greece, and Jim from Glebe. They created the restaurant after realising that they share a love of food.

Souvas from Greek Street Food gr -
 best Greek restaurants in Sydney

Here, the souvlaki wraps burst with either chicken, pork, or lamb. Alternatively, order the souvlaki stix, with pork belly, chicken, or lamb back strap.

They also have slow cooked lamb shoulder, calamari and beef mince with Greek spices, along with a range of burgers.

There is also a large range of sides too. including oloklires potatoes with lemon and oregano, haloumi with honey and walnut, saganaki with tomato and lemon, seasonal Greek greens, corn, pittas, and their iconic Greek village salad. 

Kafenes Greek Restaurant

Location: 149 Enmore Road, Enmore, NSW 2042 Tel: (02) 9557 7580

And we’re staying in bustling Enmore for the next of our top Greek restaurants in Sydney.

Kafenes is family owned and operated, and a favourite Greek eatery of the inner-west. It has a homely feel, with small tables, simple decor, blue and white tablecloths, and a bustling hubbub of conversation and laughter..

Whilst the food is simple, hearty and delicious, it has excellent flavours and the service is attentive. This is not modern-fusion, but simple, authentic, wholesome Greek cuisine.

Come for the spinach and feta filo pastries and stay for the roasted Lima beans with tomatoes and onions and pan-fried feta cheese. If cheese is your thing, try the haloumi with olive oil and lemon or the saganaki.

Other delights include chorizo, chicken livers with lemon and oregano, beef and lamb meatballs with rice, garlic prawns, calamari, and char grilled octopus.

Kafenes also serve a classic souvlaki with pitta and tzatziki, lamb cutlets, pork chops, mixed grill with meat and fries, and lemon chicken with potatoes. The pork kontosouvlia is superb.

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Baba’s Place

Location: 20 Sloane St, Marrickville, NSW 2204 Ph: (02) 9090 2925

First up, should this eatery really best on our rundown of the best Greek restaurants in Sydney? Mmm. It’s debatable, but hear us out.

At this buzzy Marrickville warehouse the kitchen plays with dishes from a variety of cuisines. The idea is to explore the influence of Sydney’s diverse immigrant communities through food. Fortunately, one of those groups is the Greeks. After all, one of the owners – James Bello – has Greek heritage.

With this in mind, a stand-out plate is their much-admired Tarama on Toast which serves the fishy favourite with shokupan bread, praline, bottarga & house made pickles. Yum!

Special mention also has to be made of the unique setting. Tucked away behind a roller door in an industrial estate, the decor of Baba’s Place is like stepping into your Greek ya-ya’s or Italian nonna’s. It certainly has it own vibe and it all adds to the quirkiness of dining at this Greek (and more) venue.

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Sydney has plenty of excellent Greek restaurants. In fact, seemingly every suburb has a choice of price-range and favourite.

With friends and family being at the centre of Greek culture, it is no surprise to find that many of our recommended eateries are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality.

The simple joy of eating together is so important in a Greek restaurant. We hope this list will help you narrow down your choice of venue.

Greek cuisine is world famous – think Spanakopita, Moussaka, Souvlaki, Kontosouvli, Stamnato and Saganaki, to name just a few dishes – and it is diverse, hearty and healthy. So why not pick a place or 2 from this list of the best Greek restaurants in Sydney and give it a go?

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