The 8 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants In Melbourne

As enthusiastic food lovers, we’ve had the pleasure of delving into Melbourne’s dynamic Korean BBQ scene, and it was truly unforgettable. Not only do Korean BBQ restaurants hold a special place in our hearts because they prioritize high-quality, tender meats grilled to perfection, but they also offer the interactive aspect of cooking our own meat at the table, creating a fun and sociable atmosphere.

In our article, you’ll find the 8 best Korean BBQ restaurants in Melbourne catering to various preferences, whether it’s exceptional meat variety, late-night dining, premium quality cuts or a cozy ambience. Let’s dive in to discover Victorian capital’s gastronomic gems together!


The best Korean BBQ in Melbourne overall: Bornga

Best value for money: ChangGo Korean BBQ

Best for Family-Friendly Dining: Hinoak Korean Charcoal BBQ

Best for Large Groups and Gatherings: Guhng The Palace

Best for Late-Night BBQ: G2 Korean BBQ

Best for Fun Dining Experience: Towoo Charcoal

Most Exceptional Meat Variety: Melbourne Hwaro Korean Barbecue

If you are looking for Premium Meat Quality: Mansae Korean BBQ and Bar

1. G2 Korean BBQ

G2 Korean BBQ is a multi-level restaurant nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s Central Business District on Elizabeth Street. It offers a unique dining experience where patrons can grill premium cuts of meat and seafood right at their table.

Upon entering with my friends, we were drawn to the modern and inviting atmosphere complemented by steampunk-inspired decor. Despite its cozy size, the restaurant was bustling with activity, and we were fortunate to secure the last available seats.

The menu at G2 Korean BBQ is designed primarily for sharing and we were pleasantly surprised by the generous portions. We indulged in the fried kimchi rice and a set menu featuring pork, beef, soup, and seaweed salad. Each dish was a delight, especially paired with G2’s signature homemade sweet soy sauce. To complement our meal, we opted for Korean beer and soju.

We appreciated the well-ventilated space, which made for a less smoky atmosphere compared to other Korean BBQ restaurants.

Keep in mind that this is a quite small place, so we highly recommend making a reservation to secure your spot.

Inside G2 Korean BBQ Restaurant in Melbourne

The Vibe: Lively and modern ambiance, perfect for socializing.

What We Loved: the generous portions and flavorful sauces

Specialties: Korean BBQ_KBBQ Set, Korean Beef Tartare, Marinated Raw Beef

Ideal for: Groups of friends seeking a lively dining experience

Cons: Loud music and crowded atmosphere during peak hours.

Location: 301 Elizabeth St

Phone: +61 3 9642 3424

Working hours: Sunday to Thursday: 5:30PM – 10:00PM

Friday & Saturday: 5:30 PM – 1:00 AM


Pricing: $$ – $$$

2. Bornga

Bornga stands as a culinary gem renowned for its exceptional Korean BBQ experience, nestled in the vibrant hub of Melbourne’s Chinatown. Both my friends and I were urged by our workmates to visit, as they all swore by its quality and authenticity.

The place is super busy, obviously very popular, and we had to wait at least 30 minutes for a table. However, upon entering, we were warmly greeted by the entire staff, no matter where they were serving. There was plenty of seating, and the ambiance was really nice.

We appreciated the helpful cartoon printed paper containing instructions on how to enjoy the Korean BBQ, guiding you through the different methods of wrapping meat and vegetables.

We ordered both pork and beef, and they were both tender and bursting with flavor. I really liked the Woo Samgyup, which is the restaurant’s signature brisket cut grilled and enjoyed with lettuce wraps and various dipping sauces. Additionally, the marinated wagyu finger ribs and pork belly were equally delicious and juicy. The sauces that come with the barbecue are highly recommended, with Bornga’s signature BBQ sauce being my favorite.

When we found out that Bornga offers complimentary side dishes, unlike many other Korean BBQ restaurants we’ve been to, we were pleasantly surprised. If you run out of lettuce, kimchi, or any other side, they quickly refill it at no extra charge. We only paid for the main dishes, like meat and noodles.

Despite being on the pricier side, I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone visiting Melbourne and seeking an unforgettable Korean BBQ experience.

Inside Bornga Korean BBQ Restaurant In Melbourne

The Vibe: Cozy and bustling, with an inviting ambiance

What we loved: free complimentary side dishes, beautiful setting, the friendliest staff

Ideal for: for friends, family, gatherings or special occasions; Diners seeking premium quality Korean BBQ

Specialties: Pork Galbi Jeongsik, Wagu steak slices, Woo Samgyup, Saeng Galbi (marinated beef ribs)

Cons: Higher prices compared to other Korean BBQ restaurants in the city

Location: 178 Little Bourke St

Phone: +61 406 468 878

Working hours: Mon-Thur: 4:30pm- 11pm

Fri-Sun: 11:30am-3pm; 4:30pm-11pm

Pricing: $$$

3. Ghung The Palace

Ghung The Palace, a hidden gem in Melbourne’s CBD, has been at the forefront of Korean BBQ since 2010, making it the oldest establishment of its kind in the area. Their atmosphere blends traditional Asian and modern Western design influences.

Having made a reservation for a larger group of coworkers, we particularly enjoyed the energetic, lively vibes as well as the beautiful interior, which felt cozy and comfortable.

Our dining adventure began with a selection of starters, including pork and veggie dumplings. Then we ordered the seared beef tataki with avocado puree and the deep-fried tofu with homemade sweet soy sauce. For our main course, we savored the 750g rib eye on the bone, complemented by a Mollydooker blended red and the recommended Hunter’s sauce.

We couldn’t help but notice the tantalizing desserts on offer. We indulged in an array of desserts ranging from black sesame ice cream to green tea cakes and ice cream, lemon sorbet with jelly, and heavenly black and white chocolate mousse. It felt like a steal considering the quality and variety offered.

To secure your spot, we highly recommend making a reservation in advance by visiting their website or giving them a call, especially considering the popularity of Friday and Saturday nights.

If you judge solely by the prices listed on the menu, it may not seem like the most affordable option, but given the quality of the experience and the generous portions, it was absolutely worth it and we all agreed to come back again.

Melbourne Restaurant Ghung The Palace Interior View

The vibe: lively and buzzing

What we loved: The faultless food quality, with indulgent desserts.

Ideal for: Groups of friends or families seeking a lively dining experience, as well as celebrations, events or gatherings (given the availability of a private dining room).

Specialties: Wagyu slice, Wagyu cube roll, angus rib filet

Cons: the charcoal BBQs can make the place a bit warm.

Location: 19 McKillop St

Phone: +61 3 9041 2192

Working hours: Sunday-Thursday: 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Friday & Saturday: 5:30 PM and 8:00 PM (two sessions available)


Pricing: $$ – $$$

4. ChangGo Korean BBQ

ChangGo, nestled along bustling La Trobe Street in Melbourne, hides behind imposing wooden doors and vibrant graffiti-covered walls. While favored by locals for its Korean BBQ, it also draws university students and tourists in search of a memorable dining experience.

The restaurant, though small, offers a cozy ambiance, perfect for intimate gatherings. When I visited with another couple for a double date, we found the seating arrangement, mostly four-seaters with a couple of larger tables, perfect for our outing.

One of the highlights of dining at ChangGo is their set menu items. My partner and I particularly enjoyed the “Palsaik Set,” featuring 8 different flavors of pork belly, priced at around $60 for 2-3 servings. Alongside the pork, the set included a seafood soybean paste stew, two servings of rice, and assorted vegetables. The pork belly pieces were tidily rolled up on separate plates, with each flavor labeled on the side. So authentic!

The pork belly flavors included ginseng, garlic, wine, original, herb, curry, red pepper paste, and miso paste. They suggested we start with the mildest flavor then proceed to spicier flavors. My favorite was definitely the garlic flavor, with its bold and savory taste, while my partner preferred the sweetness of the miso paste.

If you decide to visit ChangGo, you should be prepared for a wait, especially on busy days, as walk-ins are the only option. We would recommend arriving just when they open at 4:30 PM to avoid the queue. We waited for about 35 minutes, as we arrived at their busy time (around 7 pm).

Inside ChangGo Korean BBQ Restaurant in Melbourne

The Vibe: cozy place, buzzing with energy and filled with the scent of sizzling meats

What we loved: Great value for money, the juicy and tender pork cooked to perfection

Ideal for: for small groups of friends or couples craving a hearty feast

Specialties: The epic 8-flavored pork belly and beef combo are must-tries

Cons: Only walk-ins (no reservations), long wait times during peak hours and the lingering smell of barbecue smoke on clothing may be minor inconveniences for some

Location: 70 Little Latrobe St

Phone: /

Working hours: Mon-Thu: 4:30pm-11pm

Fri & Sat: 4.30pm-12am

Closed on Sunday

Website: ChangGo Korean BBQ

Pricing: $$

5. Towoo Charcoal

Towoo emerged onto the culinary scene in 2013 in the suburb of Surrey Hills, and was founded by a Korean elder couple driven by a passion for sharing the authentic flavors of Korean cuisine with their new community.

We found the atmosphere to be cozy and inviting, with a homely ambiance. The restaurant’s clean and well-maintained interior adds to its charm, while the bustling energy of the kitchen and attentive service contribute to the vibrant dining experience.

I opted for the beef bibimbap, a signature dish at Towoo. It was served in a sizzling stone bowl, it featured a colorful array of ingredients, including thinly sliced marinated beef, fresh vegetables like carrots, spinach, and bean sprouts, topped with a perfectly fried egg. The bibimbap was accompanied by a spicy gochujang sauce, which added a kick of flavor to the already delicious combination. Later, we decided to share their kimchi pancakes, and every bite was a delight. For drinks, I chose the pineapple Soju, and highly recommend giving it a try.

While some might find Towoo Charcoal to be very loud, we actually enjoyed the bustling, lively vibe. With six of us friends dining together, the energetic atmosphere created a dinner filled with good vibes.

Melbourne Restaurant Towoo Charcoal Interior View

The Vibe: cozy, modern, lively and noisy

What we loved: The variety of flavorful side dishes and sauces; convenient parking.

Ideal for: Groups of friends seeking a fun, lively dining experience.

Specialties: Premium Wagyu Beef set, Towoo Beef & Pork Set, Bibimbap, Kimchi Pancakes, Korean Fried Chicken

Cons: Difficulty in getting a table, so we suggest booking in advance. Some may find it too noisy.

Location: 603 Whitehorse Rd, Surrey Hills

Phone: +61 3 8838 1838

Working hours: Tue,Wed, Thur- 5:30pm – 10pm

Fri, Sat 5:30-10:30pm

Closed on Mondays


Pricing: $$ – $$$

6. Hinoak Korean Charcoal BBQ

Hinoak, situated across from Syndal Station, stands out with its stylish wooden facade among neighboring businesses. During our first attempt to dine at Hinoak, this popular Korean BBQ spot was fully booked out.
Eventually, we managed to make a reservation and visited on a Thursday evening with family. The atmosphere at Hinoak is inviting and modern, with sleek, minimal design, and a lively bar.

My family was intrigued by Hinoak’s innovative vertical grilling method, which sandwiched the meat between two racks for a unique cooking experience. We opted for the $80 Seoul Taster set. The waitstaff efficiently initiated the cooking process, set the timer, and promptly returned when alerted, guiding us through each step. The pork belly, with its succulent and juicy meat, perfectly complemented the rich marbling of the Wagyu scotch fillet. Both were extremely tasty and beautifully presented. Accompanying the meats were traditional Korean side dishes, including tangy kimchi and refreshing pickled radishes, which added layers of flavor to our meal.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Hinoak offers a Korspresso Martini, so I had to give it a try. It did not disappoint! Meanwhile, my wife opted for the authentic soju spirit and found it to be smooth and full of flavor.

Although Hinoak isn’t the most budget-friendly option in town, we definitely plan on coming back.

Inside Hinoak Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant in Melbourne

The vibe: inviting and modern, a little noisy

What we loved: Hinoak’s tabletop barbecues (which function like toasters for meat), a wide selection of Soju, excellent service

Ideal for: those looking for a refined yet interactive dining experience coupled with a clear-air concept.

Specialties: Pork Belly, Beef Rib, and Wagyu Scotch Fillet; along with The bingsu desserts (especially the coffee and Baileys version)

Cons: Hinoak isn’t the cheapest option in town. Additionally, the absence of traditional charcoal-grilled flavor might disappoint purists.

Location: 7 Coleman Parade, Glen Waverley

Phone: +61 3 8838 1838

Working hours: Sun, Tues, Wed, Thur 5:30pm-9:30pm

Fri-Sat: 5:30-10:30pm

Closed on Monday


Pricing: $$ – $$$

7. Melbourne Hwaro Korean Barbecue

Hwaro is known as Melbourne’s first traditional Korean charcoal pot BBQ spot, led by owner and head chef Eunsook Kim.

We didn’t book but managed to get to the table at 7pm with the condition of leaving by 8.30pm. The servers bring a cast iron pot to your table filled with hot coals, and will either cook the meat for you or you can have a go at doing it yourself. Once we ordered, the service was quick, and the staff was helpful.

I visited Hwaro with my family to celebrate my son’s birthday and we had a fantastic time! We started with the dumplings, which, although lacking in filling to our liking, still offered good value for money. The cold noodle soup that followed was delightful.

We savored the incredibly soft ox tongue, flavorful bulgogi, soybean-marinated pork belly, and the highlight of the evening, the juicy wagyu tender strips, which were among the best I’ve ever tasted. We missed out on ordering a kimchi pancake, but after seeing the one on the next table, we wished we had gotten it too because it looked so delicious.

While some side dishes are complimentary, you should know that extra servings like kimchi cost extra. We also recommend booking through their website, as the restaurant tends to fill up quickly (even on weekdays).

Inside Hwaro Korean Barbecue Restaurant in Melbourne

The vibe: vibrant atmosphere, a bit noisy.

Specialties: Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak, Wagyu Scotch Fillet, Wagyu Thin-skirt, Marinated Pork Ribs, Wagyu Oyster Blade.

What we loved: exceptional meat variety, offering signature and premium sets, welcoming staff

Ideal for: special occasions, outings with friends or family.

Cons: Limited air-conditioning, so it gets warm.

Location: 562 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9642 5696

Working hours: Weekdays: 5:30 – 10 pm

Friday : 5:30 – 11 pm

​Saturday: 5:30 – 11 pm

Sunday: 5:30 – 10 pm


Pricing: $$$

8. Mansae Korean BBQ and Bar

Mansae Korean BBQ is a modern restaurant in Melbourne dedicated to celebrating the communal sharing style of Korean BBQ cuisine. With two locations in Melbourne, one in the CBD and another in Burwood East, my friends and I opted to visit Mansae CBD after work. Upon calling to book, we were informed that they don’t accept reservations for this location, only walk-ins. Despite this, we were seated after a short 10-minute wait.

When we walked in, the atmosphere at Mansae was fun and interactive and we liked the minimalistic yet modern style of the restaurant.

The waiter and waitress were super welcoming and interacting which made our visit enjoyable and memorable. The music and vibe in the venue is super cool.

For entrees, I opted for fried rice cakes, and we shared Korean corn cheese. The fried rice cakes were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, while the Korean corn cheese was delightfully gooey and savory. After enjoying our appetizers, we were happy to dive into our meat selection. With such a tempting array, choosing became quite a challenge! Eventually, three of us indulged in the Happiness Tasting Set which includes a selection of meats like the marinated Wagyu Scotch, Wagyu Beef Belly, and pork belly. The meat was to die for! Alongside the succulent meats, an array of enticing side dishes continued to arrive throughout the meal, including tangy kimchi, silky tofu, savory pasta, roasted sweet potato, fresh spring onion, and crisp lettuce leaves. To complement our meal, we enjoyed a refreshing spot of Somaek, a traditional Korean cocktail made by mixing soju with beer.

Mansae also offers takeout, delivery, and a variety of vegan options. I’m excited to order from them more frequently and plan to keep visiting whenever I am up for a premium, savory meal.

Inside Mansae Korean BBQ and Bar in Melbourne

The vibe: fun, interactive, casual

Specialties: Wagyu Scotch filet MB 9+ , Wagyu Striploin MB 9+, Premium Wagyu Ox Tongue, Dwaeji Wang Galbi Marinated Pork Ribs

What we loved: premium meat quality, friendly staff

Ideal for: families & friends

Cons: Ventilation wasn’t the best.

Location: CBD- 120 A’Beckett St; or 2-8 BURWOOD HWY

Phone: 03 9939 9189- CBD; 03 9122 8599- Burwood East

Working hours:

Mansae CBD

Sunday – Thursday 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Friday & Saturday 5:00pm – 11:00pm

Mansae Burwood

Saturday & Sunday 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Monday – Sunday 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Closed on Tuesday


Pricing: $$$

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