The 15 Best Bottomless Brunches In Sydney

Bottomless Brunch is a must for the modern consumer. You will feel like you’re majorly missing out (and you are) if you have never experienced what it’s like to indulge in a bottomless brunch with your friends and loved ones (or even alone!)

Whether you are wanting to celebrate a birthday or start off a hen party in style, you’ll definitely find the best bottomless brunches in Sydney.

Whether you want to soak up the sunshine whilst you indulge or dine in a modern luxurious setting, the choice is yours with the vast array of restaurants that are now offering bottomless brunches!

15 Best Bottomless Brunches In Sydney

Sydney has been ahead of the game when it comes to the latest trends and the culinary excellence of this city is undoubtedly demonstrated through the warming excellence of its hospitality industry.

If you are not a fan of copious amounts of alcohol coupled with mouthwatering treats, then read no further. However, if you wish to treat yourself (as you deserve to) then read on to find out the best bottomless brunches that Sydney has to offer.


Cicco is an Italian diner that has a renowned reputation amongst locals. There are three types of bottomless brunch packages available (bottomless mimosas, bottomless spritz or bottomless Prosecco).

You can also select from a series of set menus that are crafted specifically to enable you to indulge in mouth watering delicacies with your friends. The first menu comprises breakfast which stands at a low cost price of $35 pp.

Breakfast contains gorgeous, ricotta pancakes and homemade hash browns with a selection of eggs cooked to your preference. The lunch menu is $50pp.

There is also a full antipasti selection, homemade pizzas and ricotta cannoli dessert available to add the perfect end to your meal.


Misfits is the perfect venue if you want a longer length of time to indulge. They host a bottomless brunch on the final Saturday of each month. The menu is always exquisite and alternating.

But the entrees like the Salmon and potato doughnuts remain the same. They are also served with a drool-inspiring caramelised onion butter. The hearty mains include Mulloway fillet, Sirloin or Mushroom and Goats Cheese Tortellini or even, a Roast Chicken!

There is also a wide array of drinks to satisfy your thirst and these come in the form of a three-hour offering of beverages. Champagne is an option as are the monthly-alternative cocktails. This package is also not too overpriced at $75. 

Hello Auntie

Hello Auntie serves a mix of Vietnamese dishes that will leave you more than satisfied. This is also a dog friendly venue.

You will be able to sample truffles, shallots, ca hot tai with cured salmon, prawn dumplings and creme fraiche and wash it down with fruity spritz including lychee ginger, strawberry lime and passionfruit grape concoctions. 

La Farmacia

La Farmacia has deservedly earned a reputation of delivering the best margaritas in the whole of Sydney and also boasts approximately twenty variations.

If you are eager to indulge in an impressive array of boutique Mexican spirits whilst absorbing the pulsating sounds of Hip Hop. It has also announced a new bottomless brunch special and it’s pretty incredible!

These bottomless margaritas, rosé wine and a range of Mexican beers are served up for 90 minutes. There is also a set menu that contains delicious fried corn chips, flame-grilled corn and salsa.

Rocker Bondi

Bondi’s neighbourhood favourite, Rocker Bondi, has launched an incredible bottomless brunch that pays homage to the wonderful, Australian coastline.

This restaurant boasts a European-style menu that sources local ingredients. The local burrata with pumpkin is delicious. The slow roasted lamb with honey puree is also drool-inspiring.

The seating asks for a minimum of four people and your package will include a selection of wines and mimosas. An arrival spritz is only $10 extra and for $45 extra you can add some bottomless margaritas.


15 Best Bottomless Brunches In Sydney

This Mexican restaurant incorporates the cuisine of Sonora. Sonora is a coastal state in the north-west of Mexico that is infamous for it’s “tacos chingones” which translates to “badass tacos”.

This restaurant is at the forefront of Sydney’s bottomless brunch scene and it’s extensive menu offers unlimited margaritas, rosé wine and tacos. The brunch is served in two hour sessions.

During this time, you’ll be able to indulge in lamb, cauliflower, chicken, wild mushroom and barramundi tacos. The flour tortillas are also homemade.


This American style bar hosts two hour bottomless sessions on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays that include an array of smoked meats and a variety of beer options.

You can treat yourself to a beef brisket from the Hickory smoker or some smokey chicken wings. Wash it down with a cold beer from a selection of locally and internationally sourced breweries. 


Nour is undoubtedly one of Sydney’s most stylish restaurants and it’s authentic, Middle Eastern bottomless brunch compliments it’s gorgeous interior.

Sample some of the finest rosé, Persian spritz or Espresso Martinis alongside lamb merguez sausage with fried eggs and hash browns. The sticky chicken wings with rose petals are also a quirky option. This is definitely not one to miss!

Dead Ringer

At Dead Ringer, you can choose a 90 minute bottomless mimosa brunch. This comes as part of their a la carte menu. 90 percent of the menu is also gluten-free which is perfect for those with an intolerance.

This will set your mind at ease if you happen to suffer with celiac disease and this is undoubtedly the best option for those who are concerned about consuming gluten unintentionally.

This is also worth considering if any of your family members have a gluten allergy as this venue will be sure to make them feel at ease and therefore able to indulge properly.

Two hours of mimosa or presseco joy will be sure to bring warmth to every occasion. The brunch session also includes miso mushroom, cured salmon and spiced rhubarb pavlova.


This large space includes an overhanging garden terrace and outside bar. There are also multiple semi-private and private dining rooms. The luxurious nine-metre bar is made from dark Gold Spanish marble.

The bottomless mezze and mimosas brunch is a fine combination. You’ll be able to try everything on Babylon’s extensive mezze menu including flatbread, hummus and waffle seed sukkah, pan fried halloumi, lentil kofta and broad bean falafel.


This bottomless deal includes margaritas, sparkling wine and a range of Mexican beers. The menu is also inspiring. This brunch includes a star studded line up of braised chicken, fish tacos and luxurious cinnamon doughnut balls.

This menu is filled with a vast array of options to suit every appetite and also includes vegetarian options like zucchini taquitos and avocado Baja tacos.


SoCal takes its influence from Southern California and the menu channels all of the summery vibes of the golden state. You’ll feast on an incredible bottomless rosé selection alongside some warm sangria.

You’ll need a minimum of four people to dine but for $69 you’ll be able to indulge in chickpea and mushroom fritters, shoestring fries and a shed load of tacos. Soak up the sun on the terrace and allow this bottomless brunch to lift your spirits, entirely!

The Winery 

This restaurant has it’s very own exquisite champagne room so you can rest assured that their bellini’s are also of a high quality. You can also sip on wonderful lychee or raspberry alternatives.

For two hours you will be served an endless variety of bubbles coupled with three courses; cheese boards, arancini with dips and mini burgers with sweet potato fries plus a gelato champagne spider to finish.

You can also select the “disco bellinis” package which includes a whole array of live entertainment to add fun to your feast.


This popular venue churns out gorgeous banquets every weekend. These include mushroom pieces or fried chicken wings, Aphrodite halloumi, and a range of side options with gorgeous sauces.

Their popular ramen gravy is a must-try as are the cinnamon doughnuts for dessert. You’ll also have a choice of Chandon Blanc De Blanc, Hennessy VS Lemon Ice Tea Punch, NV Veuve Clicquot which will be endlessly flowing for the full 90 minutes of your brunch.


This Mexican restaurant takes bottomless brunch to a different level by incorporating bottomless margaritas and tacos. You’ll be able to dine for two hours and engulf all of the tequila that you could wish for.

These tacos are packed with pork, chicken, mushroom and lamb. And the authentic, cactus tacos are also a delightfully unique alternative. 

If Latin American flavours are your thing, check out our review of Panama House. It even does a bottomless brunch!

To conclude, Sydney has a wide variety of bottomless brunch options available to the avid traveller or keen locals.

Bottomless brunches are perfect for gatherings of family and friends and the vast array of alternative food options means that you’ll be able to make the right choice for your collective palates.

Whether you want to dine on a sun enriched terrace or within the finest marble walls, you’ll find the right bottomless brunch for you from the wonderful restaurants listed above. 

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