We Visited The Best Steak Restaurants in Adelaide [2024]

We started 2024 with a culinary journey aimed at uncovering the best steak in Adelaide, presenting you with an exclusive guide to the city’s premier steak restaurants. Adelaide, known for its diverse food scene, is home to some of the most exquisite steak offerings in the country.

We’ve visited a multitude of restaurants, from the cozy corners to the grand dining rooms, to bring you a final list of the best steak houses. Whether you’re looking for modern Australian BBQ meats, American smokehouses, or Argentinian grills, the South Australian capital has a wide range of dining options.

Read our reviews to discover where to find the juiciest, most flavorful steaks in Adelaide, making every bite a memorable delight.

The Little Hunter

The Little Hunter is a premier Steak & Ale House nestled in Adelaide. Established in 2014, this restaurant is celebrated for its dedication to serving the finest steaks, grilled to perfection, within the warm confines of a historic 1800s building.

My friend and I were immediately drawn to the rustic yet welcoming atmosphere of The Little Hunter, noticing its elegant, casual decor that set the perfect vibe for our evening. The staff impressed us with their friendliness and professionalism, effortlessly accommodating our preferences and dietary needs. Our dining experience began with an exceptionally paired fruity cocktail, followed by a 750g rib eye on the bone, perfectly complemented by a Mollydooker blended red and the recommended Hunter’s sauce. Despite a slight issue with the steak being a bit rarer than requested, the flavors were unforgettable.

We appreciated the effort to cater to diverse diets, including a dedicated vegan menu. Parking was a bit of a challenge, with various street options available but somewhat hard to find. Despite this and a small issue with how a steak was cooked, our overall experience was so positive that we would eagerly return and recommend it to friends seeking the best steaks in Adelaide. Just remember to book in advance, as it can get busy.

The Little Hunter - Steak - Steak & Ale House in Adelaide

Location: 25 Victoria St, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: (08) 8211 8464

Website: thelittlehunter.com.au

  • Pros: High-quality steaks, with the ability to customize sides and sauces. Offers a diverse menu, including options for vegans even though it’s a steakhouse.
  • Cons: Possible inconsistency in meal quality during busy times or special events. Additional charges for sauces and sides.
  • House Specialities: Steak and Fries; Black Angus Rump; Garlic Bread; Slow Cooked Wagyu; Short Rib
  • Who is it for: Friends, Couples, Family

Gaucho’s Argentinian Restaurant

Gaucho’s is 25 year-old family-owned business, recognized as Australia’s pioneering Argentinian restaurant. It specializes in modern Argentinian cuisine, celebrated for its passion for the char grill.

Visiting Gaucho’s with my parents on a Friday night was a notable experience. Right off the bat, the place struck me with its welcoming decor, despite being a bit crowded. The restaurant was a bit noisy, making it hard to converse at times. However, the staff more than made up for it with their friendliness and efficiency. They knew the menu inside and out, offering great recommendations and quickly adjusting to our special requests.

Our meal started with some excellent appetizers, including oysters and a selection of bread and chips, all of which were delicious. But, the main highlight was definitely the steaks. My steak was cooked perfectly, possibly one of the best I’ve ever had, and the sides were just as impressive. My parents enjoyed their lamb and lobster immensely. The house-made chimichurri sauce was a standout. We also appreciated the extensive wine list, which helped enhance our meal.

Dessert didn’t disappoint either, with the chocolate ganache tart and espresso martini being a great end to our meal. Overall, despite a few drawbacks like noise and tight seating, I’d highly recommend Gaucho’s for its outstanding food and service.

Steak - Gaucho's Argentinian Restaurant in Adelaide

Location: 91 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: (08) 8231 2299

Website: gauchos.com.au

  • Pros: The steaks and seafood. A well-curated selection of wines that pairs beautifully with the meals.
  • Cons: The restaurant can get quite noisy. The dining experience might not fit everyone’s budget. Restrooms are an area that can be improved.
  • House Specialities: Porterhouse Steak, Lamb Cutlets, Fried Brocolli, Rack of Lamb, Chimichurri sauce.
  • Who is it for: Meat Lovers, Friends and Family; But not ideal for those sensitive to noise, and looking for a budget-friendly meal.

A Hereford Beefstouw

This steak restaurant is part of the A Hereford Beefstouw chain, which is renowned for its dedication to providing guests with premium steaks and a selection of dishes that showcase the best of Scandinavian culinary traditions.

When I visited the restaurant, the place had a nice, elegant look with a cozy vibe, making me feel comfortable right away, even though I was dining alone. The interior was well-designed, blending modern with a bit of a thematic touch that suited the restaurant’s overall atmosphere. The music in the background was a bit old-fashioned for my taste, but it wasn’t too loud, so it didn’t bother me much. What stood out to me was the staff’s professionalism, they didn’t rush me to make decisions, which I appreciated.

I ordered the tomahawk steak, which was fantastic and definitely worth the price, despite many considering it expensive. However, the side dishes didn’t impress me much. On the upside, the panna cotta dessert was delicious, especially with the mango topping. I noticed the place was pretty empty during lunch, which was a bit of a downside as a fuller restaurant often has a better atmosphere.

Despite some of the downsides like the side dishes and the need for more gravy and sauce options, I would recommend this place and plan to return. It’s definitely a nice steak spot for a special meal if you’re willing to splurge a bit.

Steak - A Hereford Beefstouw Restaurant in Adelaide

Location: 143 Hutt St, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: (08) 8232 6868

Website: beefstouw.com/restaurants/adelaide-australien

  • Pros: The steak, particularly the tomahawk steak, is exceptional and worth the expense. The atmosphere is elegant and cozy, suitable for both casual and special occasions.
  • Cons: Portions can be considered small relative to the price, which might not satisfy all appetites. The air conditioning is not optimal, which could affect comfort during warmer days.
  • House Specialities: Tomahawk Steak, Sticky Date Pudding, Duck Liver Pate, Sauces, Dry Aged Steak, Beef Tartare
  • Who is it for: Friends and family, special occasions e.g. birthdays, but not to have every night dinner due to the price point.

Hoosegow Charcoal Restaurant

Hoosegow Charcoal Restaurant in Adelaide opened in 2014 and blends Latin American, Eastern, and Asian flavors in its charcoal-cooked cuisine. It offers a cozy ambiance with diverse dining areas and specializes in robust, spicy dishes alongside unique cocktails and great steaks of course.

Walking into the restaurant with my sister and her son, we were immediately struck by the warm hospitality and elegant, romantic setting. The staff’s friendliness and professionalism stood out, offering knowledgeable recommendations and accommodating my nephew’s dietary restrictions with ease.

Our dining experience was highlighted by the 8-hour Smoked Wagyu Beef Brisket and the Chargrilled Porterhouse, which showcased the chef’s skill in meat preparation. Even the kids’ menu, with its Grilled Chicken and chips that my nephew ordered, was a pleasant surprise, offering a quality dining experience for younger guests.

The cocktails were well-crafted, complementing the meal beautifully. Despite its slightly higher price point, the quality of food and service made it a worthy choice for special occasions. The free parking added to the convenience, making the visit hassle-free.

Overall, the restaurant’s dedication to excellent service, delicious food, and welcoming atmosphere make it highly recommendable for those seeking a memorable steak in Adelaide.

Steak - Hoosegow Charcoal Restaurant in Adelaide

Location: 419 Magill Rd, St Morris SA 5068

Phone: (08) 8332 6599

Website: hoosegow.com.au

  • Pros: Elegant and romantic setting, suitable for special occasions. Innovative and delicious menu options. High-quality kids’ menu.
  • Cons: Location slightly further out of town, which may require extra travel. Limited options for those who cannot eat spicy food, particularly items with chili.
  • House Specialities: Charcoal Octopus, Chilli Chicken, 8 Hour Smoked Beef Brisket, Tres Leches Cake, Dark Chocolate Tart
  • Who is it for: Families with kids; Couples; Larger parties or a catch-up with friends.

Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel offers a diverse steak experience with its grillhouse. The dining room, recently renovated, boasts full-length glass windows with views of the Adelaide Hills, a fireplace, and ample seating across two levels.

Walking into the restaurant with my group of seven friends, we immediately noticed how clean and well-presented the place was. The open fire and booths added a unique touch, and the staff greeted us with warmth and professionalism. They made great recommendations, ensuring everyone found something they were excited to try.

For starters, we ordered a variety of drinks and appetizers, which set a high expectation for the rest of the meal. The main event, of course, was the steaks. Each one was cooked just the way we liked, from my perfectly medium scotch fillet with that amazing mushroom sauce to the eye fillet that was so tender, that you hardly needed a steak knife. The sides, especially the chips, were a big hit too.

This steakhouse also scored high marks for ample parking and accessibility, including ramps for easy access.

In summary, our dining experience was thoroughly enjoyable, from the accommodating staff to the delicious food. It’s a place I’d gladly recommend and visit again, suitable for both families and groups looking for quality dining.

Steak - Victoria Hotel in Adelaide

Location: Main S Rd, O’Halloran Hill SA 5158

Phone: (08) 8298 6633

Website: victoriahotel.net.au

  • Pros: Has outdoor seating and a gaming lounge, good portion sizes, kid-friendly options, ample parking, and wheelchair accessibility.
  • Cons: Can get busy with some wait time for food.
  • House Specialities: Steaks cooked to order, Pork spare ribs, Schnitzel, Fresh seafood.
  • Who is it for: Families with kids, Groups, Individuals with dietary restrictions.

Silver Brewing Co.

Silver Brewing Co., Kafana’s New Venture, is a multifaceted venue that operates as a restaurant, bar, brewery, and distillery. It offers a dining and drinking experience inspired by Viking and Slavic legends.

Stepping into this steak restaurant, the first thing that hit us was the amazing smell of roasting pig and ribs, a scent so rich and inviting that we instantly knew we were in for a treat. The staff, particularly Max at the bar and Mama in the kitchen, impressed us with their friendly demeanor and professionalism. This Serbian-influenced restaurant has been dry ageing steak over a year but they keep it humble by not crowing about this fact.

Our meal began with a selection of appetizers, including the flavorful chevaps and a Serbian platter, followed by a perfectly cooked scotch fillet, adjusted to our liking with a side of potato salad instead of fries. The highlight, however, was the in-house apple Rakija, a gesture from the owner that led us to purchase a bottle for home. While the venue’s name might imply brewing activities, the focus is on their food and spirits, with a slight wish for an expanded beer selection.

Without a doubt, we’ll be visiting Silver Brewing Co. again and recommend it to anyone in search for best steaks, meat, unique drinks, and a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere.

Silver Brewing Co. - Steak - Steak Restaurant in Adelaide

Location: 200-206 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: 0466 477 770

Website: silverbrewingco.com.au

  • Pros: Unique in-house spirits, Suitable for casual dining and events,
  • Cons: Limited beer selection, despite being expected at a place with “Brewing”, Some dishes may be too salty; specific requests for seasoning adjustments needed.
  • House Specialities: Viking Beef, Secret Burger, Cevapcici, Pljeskavica, Serbian Platter
  • Who is it for: Family and Friends, Private Dining, Events, Functions or Party

The Meat & Wine Co.

The Meat & Wine Co. in Adelaide’s CBD is a premium steak restaurant known for its commitment to quality and unique dining experience. It features a diverse menu with the finest cuts of meat and an extensive wine list.

Last week, my friends and I decided to visit this steak restaurant in Adelaide, drawn by their reputation for premium steaks. The interior, with its thematic elegance, hanging ropes, and view of the bustling kitchen, complemented the overall vibe of sophistication yet casual comfort.

Our waiter suggested we try the O’Connor rib eye steak medium-cooked, which was a great call as it turned out to be more tender and flavorful than if we had gone with our usual medium-rare. The restaurant is definitely on the pricier side, but the quality of food and service made it feel worth it. It seems more suited for special occasions, good for both groups and couples. There’s also a spacious area for pre-dinner drinks. Note that parking can be difficult to find.

The Meat & Wine Co. - Steak - Steak Restaurant in Adelaide

Location: 39 Currie St, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: (08) 8127 0888

Website: themeatandwineco.com

  • Pros: Unique and welcoming decor, Perfectly cooked steaks and flavorful starters, Area for pre-dinner drinks
  • Cons: Pricey, making it more suitable for special occasions rather than regular dining.
  • House Specialities: Filled Steak, Pork Ribs, Szechuan Calamari, Short Rib Croquettes, Chocolate & Hazelnut Fondant
  • Who is it for: Celebrate a special occasion, Groups, Couples

The Black Bull Hotel

The Black Bull Hotel is Adelaide’s first permanent hotel, established in 1838. This historical venue offers a variety of dining experiences including lunch and dinner, and of course one of the best steaks in Adelaide.

When we visited the Black Bull Hotel, the rustic atmosphere and the steakhouse vibe immediately struck us. While the service was friendly and the staff knowledgeable, the huge screen’s brightness and the late-night crowd’s slightly marred the overall ambiance.

All dishes, including appetizers and the main courses, arrived simultaneously, showcasing the kitchen’s efficiency. Our main course, the Eye Fillet medium steak, was exceptional, possibly one of the best steaks I’ve had in years. Despite a minor inconsistency in the cooking of the steaks and a need for more seasoning noted by my friends, the quality of the meat was undeniable. Next time we visit the Black Bull Hotel, my friend and I are planning to tackle the infamous 1KG Black Bull Rangers Valley Onyx Rump Steak challenge, priced at $65!

The absence of soap in the bathroom and the main courses’ lack of seasoning left room for improvement. But would I recommend it? Absolutely, especially for steak enthusiasts.

Steak - The Black Bull Hotel in Adelaide

Location: 58 Hindley St, Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: (08) 8231 3236

Website: blackbullhotel.com.au

  • Pros: Excellent steak, Affordable soft drinks, Friendly and knowledgeable service
  • Cons: The bright screens and late-night crowd, Some dishes lacked seasoning
  • House Specialities: Black Bull Burger, Chargrilled Kangaroo, Black Bull Rangers Valley Onyx Rump Steak
  • Who is it for: Friends, Groups, Adventurous eaters eager to take on the steak challenge.

Glenelg Barbeque Inn

Glenelg BBQ Inn is a restaurant renowned for offering the best steaks in South Australia. It specializes in barbecue cuisine, showcasing a diverse menu that caters to a variety of tastes.

Despite its small space, the bustling vibe and the crowd hinted at its popularity. The decor struck a balance between casual and thematic, focusing on a barbecue-inspired ambiance that felt both familiar and inviting. The staff’s friendliness and expertise shone through, offering recommendations and accommodating our dining preferences with ease. Despite the limited menu, focusing heavily on red meat, the quality of the cuts and the generous portions more than compensated.

The complimentary bread and butter were our first delights, setting a high standard for what was to come. The star of the night, the Texas T-Bone steak, was a marvel at 850g, cooked to perfection, and unmatched in both size and taste. Our other friends were impressed as well; the eye fillets, charred over charcoal and accompanied by a traditional salad, were standout dishes, capturing everyone’s admiration for their flavor and presentation.

Glenelg Barbeque Inn - Steak - Steak Restaurant in South Australia

Location: 160 Jetty Rd, Glenelg SA 5045

Phone: (08) 8294 3432

Website: glenelgbbqinn.com.au

  • Pros: Exceptional quality and enerously sized steaks, Free and convenient parking options
  • Cons: Limited space, requiring advance booking, Limited salad options
  • House Specialities: Eye Fillet Steak, 650g Rumpsteak Medium Rare, Lamb Chop Mixed Grill & Eye FilleRib Eye Steak on the Bone
  • Who is it for: Family-friendly dining, Groups, Steak and BBQ lovers

Final Words

In conclusion, Adelaide’s culinary landscape offers an exceptional variety of options for steak enthusiasts. With a rich array of steak restaurants that cater to diverse tastes and preferences, the city stands out as a premier destination for those in pursuit of the best steak. From cozy, historic settings to modern, upscale environments, each establishment prides itself on serving high-quality, perfectly cooked steaks.

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