The 15 Best Mexican Restaurants In Melbourne

Pretty much everyone in the world knows just how fun and entertaining a Mexican meal can be. Whether it’s a celebratory fiesta with your amigos or a casual dinner with la familia, Mexican food has some of the most delicious and explosive flavours to please everyone’s tastes.

Melbourne, in particular, is one of Australia’s biggest hotspots for international cuisine and there are plenty of Mexican restaurants in the city competing for you to enjoy a meal with them.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at our 15 favourite Mexican restaurants in the city to help you decide where to go out for your next meal.


The 15 Best Mexican Restaurants In Melbourne

Guzman Y Gomez

The first restaurant we’re looking at is one of Melbourne’s most popular and best reviewed Mexican spots.

Their menu features all of the classic Mexican staples like burritos, nachos and tacos. Then they let you take full control over your meal, allowing you to select your own type of filling and level of spice.

This is exactly what fun Mexican meals are all about and it’s great that they give you the chance to create your own flavour combinations, try something new or stick to the classics.


This cantina style restaurant really takes an authentic approach to classic Mexican food service. Order your food at the counter and eat in the intimate indoor seating area or take it away to enjoy elsewhere.

Wherever you choose to eat your meal, the food will have you wanting to come back for more straight away! Customer reviews highlight how sizable the portions are, without being overly expensive.

For a relaxed, quick meal when you have a spare half hour at lunch, Chilangos is the place to be!

Radio Mexico

For a restaurant that offers delivery and takeaway, Radio Mexico also boasts a surprisingly high quality eat-in experience for all its patrons.

Their fully stocked bar will keep you topped up with international beers, wines and cocktails all while you enjoy their expertly crafted dishes.

You can order any number of their traditional Mexican sides and accompany them with sharing platters and wide spreads of different plates and bowls, all exploding with vibrant colours and flavours.

You can even try their cook at home taco kit. They’ll give you the specially prepared ingredients for you to whip up a feast in the comfort of your own home!

Los Hermanos

Translating to ‘The Brothers’, Los Hermanos really does put the family atmosphere at the forefront of its service.

You can enjoy your meal at one of their long benches out the front of the restaurant or in the vibrant and energetic indoor seating area.

Their expert chefs put every ounce of care and attention into every dish they serve, using only the freshest ingredients and hand making everything they possibly can.

The combination of high quality Mexican cuisine and the friendly atmosphere make Los Hermanos one of the best places to eat in the city.

Mesa Verde

Something less of a typical restaurant and more of a cocktail bar, Mesa Verde allows you to take in a more Spanish inspired tapas-style meal alongside some of the best drinks in town.

Their drinks menu contains plenty of universal favourites as well as some lesser known Mexican cocktails. However, it’s the food accompaniments that will make your mouth water. The plates might be small but each one is bursting with flavour.

Naturally, this isn’t the most child friendly dining experience but it is the perfect place to relax with friends for the evening.

Mad Mex

The name of this restaurant is definitely appropriate, as they pride themselves on their own homemade hot sauces which pack a serious punch! You can try it on your food in the restaurant or even buy a bottle to take home.

Since 2006, Mad Mex has tried to bring authentic Mexican cuisine down under, using real ingredients with as few preservatives, oils and sugars as possible.

As well as the healthy range of ingredients, they also invite you to try out meat-free Mondays to sample some delicious vegetarian cuisine and do your part to help the environment.

Rosa Mexicano

The 15 Best Mexican Restaurants In Melbourne

The whole vibe of Rosa Mexicano is to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere to enjoy your food in.

However, this shouldn’t draw too much attention away from the plates in front of you because the food here is regarded as some of the best Mexican in the city!

Everyone knows the tastiest dishes are the ones that can get a little messy and this restaurant certainly doesn’t skimp out on the delicious gooey sauces and burritos that are bursting with filling.

Bring your friends or the entire family along with you to enjoy this gorgeous cuisine!

Taco Bill

Taco Bill has a few restaurants in Melbourne alone and has been operating in Australia since 1967.

In that time, they’ve perfected their menus to combine the best Mexican recipes and flavours with the Australian palate.

Their ethos is all about sharing food with family and friends so feel free to bring as many people as you want with you and they’ll make sure that everyone is well catered for.

You can keep coming back time and time again and Taco Bill will reward you with their special offers and loyalty bonuses to make each meal cheaper than the last.

Paco’s Tacos

As well as being delightfully named, Paco’s Tacos prides itself on having some of the best tacos you can get in Melbourne.

With 6 different taco fillings and varieties to choose from, there’s bound to be something on their menu to suit everyone’s taste. Alternatively, try one of their sharing dishes to get a taste for the best Mexican flavour combinations.

The food menu here might not be the biggest, but there are even more drinks options to make up for it, with enough beers, wines and cocktails to leave you stumbling out of the restaurant!


As their name suggests, Amigos is all about creating a friendly atmosphere but still allows you to enjoy a relaxed, quiet meal if you want to.

The interior decor makes this place come off as dark and mysterious so it’s the perfect place to sit and sip cocktails with a small group of friends.

Alternatively, you could try the chef’s menu, which gives you some sizable portions of their signature dishes and can be shared with larger groups.

Hello Jose

This restaurant is themed around a charming story of Jose, a man who visited Melbourne and left behind some of his best Mexican recipes.

We’re not sure quite how true the story might be, but it shows a lot about how this place operates. As well as serving high quality tacos and small plates, Hello Jose prides itself on a fantastic tequila and cocktail range.

However, you choose to spend an evening here, we can guarantee you’ll enjoy a friendly, sociable atmosphere.


One of Melbourne’s busiest and most stylish Mexican restaurants, Fonda is one of the places to visit while you’re in the city.

With a wide range of tacos, quesadillas, burritos and so much more on their menu, there’s almost no chance of not being able to order something you like the look of.

The same goes for their drinks menu which features some classic cocktails and international beverages in tandem.

The only  issue you might have with this restaurant is being able to get a seat!

El Sabor

El Sabor prides itself on its experienced chefs, authentic cuisine and fresh ingredients.

Of course, you can expect to find all of your favourite dishes on the menu but you’ll still be impressed by how good the food all looks when it arrives at your table.

The smaller size gives this palace an intimate atmosphere and isn’t great for large groups. However, you might find yourself leaving with new friends and great memories.

Bodega Underground

The red-themed paint and artwork that surrounds you at Bodega Underground might give you a hint as to what their food style is like. It’s all about spicy and explosive flavours here, making sure every dish is served with vibrant colours and the best Mexican seasoning.

The downstairs seating area really is underground, making it feel like Melbourne’s best kept secret for Mexican cuisine.

However, it’s definitely no secret how good this place is, as it’s one of the best reviewed restaurants in the city!


The final restaurant on our list is another of Melbourne’s most popular. Taking pride in the simplicity of their food, Mamasita really focuses all of its attention on making each dish as delicious as possible.

The modest seating area sits opposite an impressive bar to provide you with any soft or alcoholic drink you could ever want. Meanwhile, the food may be simple but it still looks flawless and elegant when it arrives at your table.

There isn’t a great deal of space for large groups of people but this is the perfect restaurant to relax and spend time with a few close friends and family.

Dylan Cole