One of Australia’s most popular cities, Perth is known for its stunning coastline with sandy beaches, busy city life, beautiful botanical garden, and huge riverside park. There is always something to do, making this isolated city a big hit with tourists from around the world.

That’s not all Perth has to offer though. Perth has an incredible food scene, boasting some of the best restaurants in all of Australia. Here you will find a wide range of award-winning restaurants providing top-class meals that make it well worth traveling to the West Coast. 

With so many delicious options to choose from it can be a tough decision when deciding where to eat. Deciding where to eat can already be hard work when you want one meal and your partner fancies something else, so the last thing you need is the tough decision of where is best to eat as well. 

Luckily for you, we have researched the best places to eat in Perth, so you don’t have to. With so many inspiring cuisines and fine dining options available you can rest assured that all of the restaurants in our ultimate guide will provide you with a fantastic dining experience and some unbelievably tasty food. 

Best Burger Restaurant

Rib’s & Burgers

We all love a good burger, right? Well, Rib’s & Burgers is the best burger restaurant in Perth so be sure to check them out. With a background in butchery, this burger restaurant knows exactly what it takes to make the perfect big, juicy burger. 

Using only the best locally sourced ingredients Ribs & Burger will make you a burger to die for. Their 100% pure beef brisket and chuck patty will be up there with the best wholesome burger you have ever tried. Catering for everyone you can also indulge in some mouth-watering slow-cooked ribs, wraps, salads, and your more traditional ‘knife and fork’ dishes. 

Once you’ve tucked into your thick, juicy burger or fall off the bone ribs why not wash it down with a thick malted vanilla shake. 

Found on William Street the restaurant itself looks fantastic. The modern, clean design creates a relaxed atmosphere where you can sit with your friends or family and have a great time whilst enjoying high-quality food. 

We would say that Rib’s & Burgers isn’t only the best place to fill your stomach, it is also an excellent place to have a wonderful catch-up with friends or a fun time with your family.


  • Wide range of eating options - There is something for everyone.
  • Locally sourced food - Most of the food is fresh and locally sourced.
  • Charming restaurant - Rib’s & Burgers is the perfect place to kick back after a busy day of exploring the city.

The Best Pizza Restaurant


Of course, there has to be a pizzeria on our list. Pizza is a dish loved by everyone no matter where we are from. Appreciated all around the world it is no surprise that Perth has a huge variety of excellent pizza restaurants. 

Despite there being so many to choose from, we don’t think picking the best one is actually that hard. That’s why Pappagallo is our best pizza restaurant in Perth. If your looking for the perfect fine dining experience with a taste of Italy then Pappagallo is the place for you. 

Sourcing all their ingredients from Italy, you are transported through authentic food. From the Sanz Maranzo tomatoes and flour to parma ham, you will experience a taste of Italy in every bite. There is something for everyone at Pappagallo’s with the main menu consisting of an array of options. You can tuck into a pizza, enjoy some pasta or indulge yourself in one of the many tasty fish dishes. There is also a children’s menu for those of you who will be eating with your family. 

Aside from the main menu, we must say the deserts at Pappagallo are incredible. Served daily are freshly made ricotta donuts, homemade panna cotta, delicious tiramisu, and many more. We don’t know about you but we are getting hungry just writing this guide. 

At Pappagallo you can also hire the private dining suite if you’re looking to host a party or cocktail event. The beautifully designed lounge is perfect for up to 60 sitting guests. With each package, food & drink is included. 


  • Authentic - The food served at Pappagallo’s is 100% authentic.
  • Diverse menu - There are options available to suit everyone’s taste buds.
  • Freshly made - Every pizza and pasta dish is freshly made every day.

The Best Steak House

Rockpool Bar And Grill 

When spending time in Perth, there’s likely going to be a time where you want to get your teeth sunk into a juicy steak. Some of the best steak houses in Perth provide steak lovers with mouth-watering steaks that leave you wanting more. None do this better than Rockpool Bar And Grill. 

You can ask any local steak lover in Perth and they will quickly direct you in the direction of this restaurant. The well-established steak house has built itself a great reputation for producing high-quality juicy cuts of steak that never disappoint. 

Rockpool’s meat is sourced directly from producers before being dry-aged on their premises. This ensures the full flavor of the meat can be served to customers. Using their famous wood-fired grill they aim to please with three types of beef. These are Australian Blackmore Wagyu, Cape Grim, and Forest Grange British White. These steaks served with one of the luxury sides and a fine glass of wine from the extensive wine menu will leave you feeling very satisfied, and very full.

In regards to the restaurant’s look, we must say it is very inviting. The impressive dining room looks stylish and luxurious, creating a very elegant atmosphere that you can really immerse yourself in.


  • Variety of steaks - There is a great choice of steak cuts at Rockpool.
  • Large drinks menu - There are over 1350 different types of wine available.
  • Luxurious experience - Rockpool provides its guests with a luxury dining experience.

The Best Japanese Restaurant


Japanese Cuisine is known for its bold colors, defining flavors, served in a minimalistic style. Perth is home to a range of awesome Japanese restaurants and Edosei is one of them. Edosei is a beautiful restaurant with a relaxed and ambient atmosphere. Their highly acclaimed and skilled chefs provide customers with an array of authentic Japanese cuisine dishes which are both traditional and contemporary. 

The restaurant sitting in the heart of the city prides itself on serving high-quality, fresh, and natural food. Using locally sourced ingredients they strive to let their customers experience Japanese cuisines from all over Japan. Each dish is unique and diverse representing Japan in many different ways.

Dishes served in Edosei include miso-marinated fish, edamame, agedeshi tofu, teriyaki chicken, and so so much more. We recommend you try their signature dish Kawara Soba. Kawara Soba comes with grilled tea buckwheat noodles, wagyu beef, and omelette. This dish is loved by visitors so why not give it a try.

This is a great place to eat if you are wanting to try something new or indulge yourself in authentic, delicious Japanese cuisine. 


  • Unique dishes - The food at Edosei is unlike anything you have ever tried.
  • Great atmosphere - The restaurant is a lovely place to spend an evening.
  • Wide variety - There are options available for everyone.

The Best Cafe


If you’re not visiting Perth for very long or are simply way too busy, a sit-down meal might not be for you. Maybe a quick, yet delicious meal in one of the best cafes in Perth is a better option. If it is then Hylin is the cafe you have to check out. 

Inspired by New York City, Hylin is a fantastically designed cafe. The interior is all locally sourced, including the artwork that gives the cafe even better vibes. Hylin offers customers an excellent coffee, sourced by local supplier Micrology Coffee and some pretty awesome shakes. You’ll be glad to hear that’s not all Hylin serves.  

Hylin serves an array of scrumptious breakfast dishes and hearty dinners. All sourced from a local farmers market this cafe is popular for its New Yorker Reuben bagel, unique British Crumpets, and acai bowls. Also served by Hylin are popular meals such as tacos, beef, and chicken burgers. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy bite to eat, yet something that still tastes delicious and fills you up then Hylin could be the cafe for you. There is something for everyone. Hylin is also a great place to meet up with friends you haven’t seen for a while or have a catch-up with your parents. If you work in Perth why not try this cafe on your next lunch break, if you haven’t already.


  • Quick and easy - In Hylin you can get a tasty meal in no time at all.
  • Range of unique foods - There are a variety of unique dishes to try.
  • Stylish cafe - The cafe itself looks great. It is a joyful place to sit and eat.

Honorable Mentions

Wildflower | COMO The Treasury, Level 4, 1 Cathedral Ave 6000

We couldn’t write this guide without including Wildflower. Wildflower is a contemporary rooftop restaurant where the food is inspired by native concepts. Overlooking sweeping views of the Swan River and the city of Perth, Wildflower serves dishes that revolve around the “indigenous ethos of six seasons with the farmer and forager-driven menus”. The food served by Wildflower is unique and packed with flavor. Why not give Wildflower a try if you’re looking for something completely different.

Long Chim | Barrack St, Perth 6000

Long Chim is one of the best Thai restaurants in Perth. Translated to “come and taste”, Long Chim serves food inspired by the streets of Bangkok. This hugely popular restaurant absolutely nails authentic Thai food that represents Thai street food perfectly. The taste and flavors of each dish are designed to transport you to the bustling streets of Bangkok. Most dishes are meant to be shared so make sure you go here with a friend or partner. On top of incredible food, the service is wonderful. The super friendly staff can give you great recommendations and help you find the dish you will enjoy most.

Grand Lane Fish House | Grand Lane, 135 Barrack St 

Since Perth is right on the coast, it would be wrong not to treat yourself to a good fish and chips. Perth has many great fish and chips restaurants but Grand Lane is arguably the best. Grand Lane keeps it simple. They serve tasty home-cooked food, sourced by high-quality providers. A good fish and chips is made or broken by the quality of the fish and it’s fair to say the fish here definitely makes this fish and chip restaurant. The local barramundi is caramelized in olive oil and sea salt before being served. This gives the fish a delicious light, crisp taste that you won’t be able to get enough of. You can also order hake, cod, calamari, and tacos here, so what are you waiting for. 

Tips for finding the best restaurant

  • Check reviews - Always check reviews and feedback to make sure the restaurant provides what you are looking for. 
  • Ask for recommendations - Never be afraid to ask for a recommendation. Whether it be a local or somebody you know has visited Perth before most people are more than happy to help. This is often how you find a hidden gem.
  • Plan ahead - The best restaurants tend to get booked up pretty quickly. To avoid disappointment plan ahead and book in advance. This gives you the best chance of eating in the most popular places. 
  • Read local publications - The locals always know the best places to eat, after all, they eat there all the time. Read what they have to say online. They will show you exactly where you should eat.
  • Search by cuisine -  If you’re looking for a specific type of cuisine for example Thai or Indian, make sure you set the parameters to only search for these types of food. This will save you a lot of time and help you find any hidden gems. 
  • Award winners - Award-winning restaurants tend to put their awards on their websites. These restaurants are the best to go to so keep an eye out when looking for somewhere to eat. 


Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or a full fine dining experience, Perth has something for everybody. It is a city full of wonderful places to eat. Though our list shows you the best places to eat, we have barely scratched the surface. There are that many restaurants to eat at, we simply couldn’t have put them all in our guide. 

Now you have our guide at your fingertips it is down to you to carry on the hard work. Check out the restaurants on this list or look for even more fantastic restaurants. Can you find your own hidden gem? If you are too hungry to keep looking then think about what you want to eat and get booking one of the fabulous restaurants in this guide. We know you won’t be disappointed.

If you are looking for more inspiration be sure to check out the other guides on our website. We have written articles about each category in this list, looking at other restaurants that are well worth checking out. We are sure whatever you do will lead you to enjoy an authentic, tasty meal. 

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