Eatability Has Acquired Three New Catering Sites – Here’s What To Expect

At Eatability, our vision is to present you with the best food related content we can, so we are happy to announce that we have acquired three new websites focused on catering and catering services.

Mr Finger Food, Red Pear Catering and Budget Catering have been publishing quality articles on catering services, catering food and Australia’s top caterers for many years, and we feel that this acquisition can help turbo charge our catering food hub.

Whether you are planning to cater your own party, or wish to find a quality caterer who can do it all for you, we plan on having all your bases covered. We’re making it our mission to provide you with all the catering information and inspiration you require.

And, should you even be looking into a career change, and considering running your own home catering business, we’ll be writing informative articles for you too.

Thank you to our readers for your ongoing engagement, suggestions and support. Like many in the hospitality industry, we had a tough few years during the pandemic, but are now firmly in growth mode.

We hope that these site acquisitions can help us become your one stop destination for all things food related in Australia.

Finger food catering

What’s On Offer At Eatability?

Eatability is a fast-growing Australian website, and one of the biggest sites for news and information on food, recipes, restaurant reviews, global cuisines and other food related content.

One of the most popular sections of our site is the recipe section. We try to cover every cuisine with informational articles about how to keep food warm, to how to use leftovers, as well as general guides to cooking dishes such as curry, and recipe lists you can find inspiration from.

We also look to assist those with particular dietary needs (eg. vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, paleo).

Of course, we are mainly known (by both native Aussies and incoming tourists alike) for our recommendations on the best food and drink venues around this great island, from Adelaide to Sydney.

And now, we intend to increase our catering content output. We recognise that both outsourcing and insourcing catering services have different challenges and pose their own problems.

Eatability intends to act as a guiding hand as you negotiate your way through the potential perils and pitfalls of catering for your special event.

Organising functions, running events, or catering for special occasions and family celebrations, can be highly stressful. You have been warned 😉

If we can help you control your anxiety and calm any troubled waters, then we’re delivering on our mission!

Here are some of the things you can expect from our new catering content:

Catering For An Occasion

At any special occasion, you want people to remark on how good the catering was. This is particularly true should you have taken the reins into your own hands, and prepared the food yourself.

Thanks to our new website acquisitions, we can provide you with tons of catering ideas. Whether this is for engagement parties, weddings, funerals, baby showers, birthday parties, Christmas, or even at a festival!

Catering Idea For Different Cuisines

Australia prides itself on being an ethnically diverse country and fabulous melting pot of global cuisines. Exploring different cultures is part of our DNA at Eatability, so we will endeavour to provide catering ideas for all types of food cultures and cuisines

Whether that is Mexican, Nigerian, Thai, Filipino, or anything else, we will have you covered with some great suggestions about how you can cater to that cuisine.

Understanding Different Types Of Catering

Of course, understanding the various types of cuisines, appreciating how to create catering ideas and dishes from scratch, and soaking up instructional food articles, can set you off on a very different career path to the one you originally embarked upon.

If you’re a newcomer to the hospitality industry, or a frustrated domestic caterer itching to get started, we hope we can add substantially to your store of knowledge and continue to fuel your passion.

For example, read about catering for breakfast, brunch, fingerfood, paella, spit roast, and more. Once you understand the basics, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding in, what can be, a cut-throat industry.

A catering food van parked on the street

Understanding The Catering Business

The catering industry can be a tough one. The Covid pandemic has only made it harder, brutally ejecting many not fully committed to the industry or those who, unfortunately, over-stretched their businesses in the good times.

If you are thinking of entering the catering business yourself, then you’ll need to do your homework. Domestic home catering can be a fantastic way to make a living – you get to be your own boss, work from home, to your own schedule and hours, and you get to choose when and whether to take on a new client.

However, it can also be lonely, stressful, full of long hours, with supply-chain issues and harrassed clients, late payers and wafer-thin margins.

And you firstly have to win new business and your initial clients, before you can generate customer reviews and build up a reputation for quality and reliability.

In order to become a caterer yourself, or to simply understand the more theoretical and logistical side of catering as a self-employed domestic caterer, we will look to increase the number of advice, white papers and how-to informational articles on the business side of catering.

We have already published articles on how to cater on a budget, popular catering dishes, how much a ‘full tray’ feeds, ideas for catering vans, for large groups, and how to control the temperature of your food and an introduction to sous vide cooking, as well as the portion sizes.

Of course, as with any business, an appreciation of the financial aspects to running a catering service is vitally important.

We already cover such topics as the average profit margin for a catering business, how much money you can make as a caterer, as well as what to consider before you actually start your own business. We intend to publish more content of this ilk.

Guides To Local Catering Companies

We intend to double down on recommendations and reviews of catering companies.

The quality of local catering businesses can vary wildly, and if we can guide our readers into choosing only those with best reputations for flavour, timeliness, cleanliness, portion sizes and reliability, then we will have succeeded.

We have only just started this process, but can already provide guides to both local and commercial catering providers, including KFC, Subway, Red Rooster, Ultimo, Coles Catering, Miss Maud, Costco, Jeeta Catering, Oasis Bakery and Woolworths Catering.

We’re also intending to publish in-depth guides to the top caterers in each of our major cities and regions. We’ve started with Melbourne catering services and will roll out additional cities after we’ve completed our research.

As we continue to grow and expand our base of contributing writers and editorial staff, we are able to review catering businesses for our overseas readers. We’ve started with the USA and UK and you can now read reviews and guides to a number of catering options in each country.

If you’re in the US and looking for a caterer, please check out our guides to Apple Spice, Cracker Barrel Catering, Portillo’s Catering, Wawa Catering, Panda Express, Chick Fil A and Shoprite Catering.

If you are reading this in the UK, then we’d direct you to our guides on menus and prices for Lockhart Catering, Jolly Catering, Star Catering, Kingswood Catering and Buzz Catering. If you’re in need of catering, hospitality or restaurant equipment then be sure to read our guide to Stephensons Catering Supplies.

These guides include menus, prices and more, but they are just the tip of the iceberg of what we intend to produce in the future.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s clear that Eatability is expanding. We finally seem to have put the worst of the pandemic behind us and we are filled with an optimism for the future.

Australia has such a wonderfully eclectic and vibrant food scene, and a rich hospitality and dining culture.

We love that our site continues to help and inform both local and global readers. The catering websites we have recently acquired are a perfect fit with the culture, ethos and mission of Eatabilty.

Eatability is putting its foot to the floor in becoming your one stop site for everything food related in Australia.