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We love cheese, and always have done.

However, some of our readers have been asking if we know of any decent vegan cheeses. We appreciate that it must be a real wrench for our vegan friends to miss out on the pleasure of eating wonderful cheese. So we have done some research into the highest quality vegan cheeses available in Australia. 

We always support Australian artisan producers. And with this article, we hope that we can expose innovative and delicious plant-based cheeses to a wider public. Living dairy free does not have to mean sacrificing the taste and experience of great food.

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Excitingly, there has recently been an explosion of choice and availability of vegan cheese due to widespread online e-commerce adoption. As a result, It is now possible to have the finest of cruelty free, dairy free, gluten free, plant based cheeses delivered to your home.

Good cheese deserves to be presented properly. So why not invest in a beautiful Cheese Board, complete with Cheese Knives and sections for Fruits and Nuts? Click here for more information and prices.

Of course, the best cheeses are not just for vegans. These days, the best dairy-free alternatives rival the traditional kind for taste and mouth-feel. There doesn’t have to be sacrifices, irrespective of whether you are a casual cheese nibbler or serious cheese connoisseur.

Whether you have given up dairy for health, ethical or environmental concerns we have you covered.  Giving up dairy has never been easier, delicious and satisfying.

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The Vegan Cheese Shop

The Vegan Cheese Shop used to be our go-to recommendation for buying dairy-free cheese online. Brooke and her team had curated probably the best collection of locally-made artisan produced vegan cheeses in one Australian online store and even offered an innovative cheese subscription.

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For a monthly subscription you could sample the best Australian artisan produced plant-based cheeses delivered to your door in icy packs. Each month you would receive a new selection of hand-selected cheeses to create the finest Instagrammable, delectable platters to share or greedily consume yourself.

However, the business is no longer operating (Brooke has branched out into other ventures) and it does leave a gap in the market.

We’re sadly going to have to find another supplier of the fabulous Hello Fresh Brie in Puff Pastry. It’s the stuff that “ooey gooey cheesey dreams are made from“.

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Our Favourite Vegan Cheeses

Hello Friend (Melbourne) – Haloumi / Fresh Mozzarella / Brie in Puff Pastry (magical!)

Dilectio (NSW) – Blue cheese / Camembert / Chevre /

Lauds (Tasmania) – Original Oat Melt Cheese / Almond Greek Feta

Bio Cheese / My Life – Multi Award Winning Dairy Free Cheese, including the Nourish Vegans Awards 2021 Best Vegan Cheese. These folks don’t just make plant-based cheeses, so check them out.

Noshing Naturally (WA) – Smoked Gouda / Gloucester Chive and Onion

Artisa (Tasmania) – Gladstone Cashew Cheese Smoked with Tasmanian Applewood / Rosie with Tasmanian Pepperberry

Nutty Bay (Byron Bay) – various Cashew cheese spreads. (We’re particularly fond of the Chives and Shallots)

Yay! – Marinated Vegan Feta (try the Rosemary and Garlic on a toasted bagel with vine ripened tomatoes and cracked pepper. Fab!)

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Fine Cultures – recently opened

Fine Cultures is based on the Gold Coast and has perhaps the largest range of vegan cheeses available in Australia. The cheeses have an excellent international reputation (owner Imber Lingard previously founded artisan cheese businesses in Portland, USA) and has recently opened its doors in Australia for plant based cheeses, cheese platters and grazing boards.

We are particularly looking forward to trying Fine Cultures’ Gin & Candied Lemon Whiskey Cheddar, Caramelised Onion Camembert and Peppercorn Brie as we’ve heard great things.

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Vegan Cheese Making Kit

Feeling inspired? Looking for the perfect plant-based gift for a vegan friend or colleague? Try this vegan cheese making kit and make 6 dairy free cheeses in around an hour –  Mozzarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone, Cypriot Style Cheese, Greek Style Cheese and Parmesan.

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