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If you are looking for a catering company that is perfect for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, takeaways and cafeterias then Star Catering Supplies Ltd could be ideal.

Star Catering [Menu, Prices & More]

They offer a delivery service for a range of catering supplies from food to packaging and even cleaning products. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Star Catering?

Star Catering Supplies Ltd is a company based in the UK that offers high quality food services. They have been operating out of North London for 25 years and they have an excellent reputation in the food industry. They have an impressive range of over 1500 products.

Star catering has a fleet of more than 45 refrigerated multi-temperature vehicles which they use to ensure that their food is delivered in perfect condition to their customers all over England. Their client base ranges from care homes to theme parks and from pubs to leisure centers.

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Why Choose Star Catering?

Star Catering Supplies Ltd is a member of the British Frozen Foods Federation which means that they adhere to all of the rules and regulations required.

They work with reputable manufacturers and supplies and have a network of trusted business partners. Their 25 years of experience in the industry make them an excellent choice for all of your catering needs.

Every step of the process is smooth and efficient. The sales team are well trained to find out the needs of each client and direct them to the most suitable products, offering plenty of support along the way.

They will also make sure that customers are aware of any special offers that could save them money. You will have access to competitively priced branded products as well as value brands.

The products are stored at an ambient distribution center that is well managed with the latest technology and the best stock rotation techniques.

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The food is loaded onto one of the temperature controlled vehicles and delivered to your door by a professional driver. The drivers are always well presented in uniform and offer a friendly service.

With Star Catering you are getting an excellent selection of products to choose from. There are over 1500 products including groceries, beverages, chilled food, fresh food, frozen food, catering equipment, food packaging, and cleaning and hygiene products.

There are always offers and promotions that you can take advantage of to help you save money.

Not only does Star Catering Supplies Ltd offer nationwide delivery services, they also have a lower minimum order compared to a lot of other catering companies.

This means that they are more accessible and can provide for a range of clients from small to large businesses. They also keep their prices low and competitive.

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Star Catering

There are so many different products on offer at Star Catering Supplies Ltd. Whether you run a business offering takeaway food or dine-in food,or you run an establishment that needs to provide food, you will find everything that you need.

Here are the different categories that customers can choose from.


This section is where you would find your cupboard foods:

  • Sauces dressings & relishes – Lion sauces, Heinz sauces, premium sauces, sauce bottles, sachets, and large buckets of sauce for restaurants etc.
  • Gravy and Flavoring – Gravy granules and curry sauce paste sold in large quantities
  • Salt, Vinegar and Flavorings – Flavorings and seasoning sold in large bottles for use in restaurants etc
  • Flours, Breading and Batter – Dry mixes for making up batter or bread coatings
  • Pitta Breads, Rice & Pasta – Pitta bread, tortilla wraps, rice, noodles and pasta
  • Dairy, Eggs and Cheese – large blocks of cheese, bags of shredded cheese, different varieties of cheese, large bottles of milk, large tubs of yogurt, and eggs.
  • Pickles, Peppers and Olives – large jars of olives, pickled eggs, gherkins, pickled chili peppers, and jalapenos
  • Tinned Foods – Chopped tomatoes and passata, tinned fruit, tinned beans. Tinned carrots, tinned peas, tinned sweetcorn etc
  • Tinned fish and meat – Tinned tuna, tinned roe, and tinned pork shoulder
  • Herbs and spices – Dried spices and flavorings such as taco seasoning
  • Oils and fats – large bottles of different types of cooking oils and large boxes of frying fat
  • Jams and spreads – butters, margarine, jam and marmalade
  • Ice cream, syrups and sauces – ice cream mix, various flavored syrups, milkshake mix and flavored syrups
  • Sugar – different types of sugar in large quantities
  • Confectionary – Crisps, biscuits, chocolate bars, pretzels, sweets

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There are lots of different drinks that you can choose from:

  • Soft drinks (bottles or cans) – Dr Pepper, Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Pepsi, Tango, Water etc
  • Energy Drinks – Lucozade, Monster. Red Bull
  • Fruit Juice (cartons or bottles) – Ribena. Caprisun, Fruit Shoots, Oasis, Lipton, J20, juices from concentrate, juices not from concentrate
  • Water – bottled water, sparkling water, flavored water,
  • Flavored Milk – Yazoo milkshakes in various flavors
  • Alcohol – wine and beer
  • Post Mixes – Syrups for mixing up drinks to serve on tap/draught
  • Hot drinks – everything you need to serve tea and coffee etc
Star Catering [Menu, Prices & More]

Frozen Food

Star Catering offer a wide range of frozen food delivered to your door that you can cook on site:

  • Potato products – chips, wedges, hash browns, curly fries, jacket potatoes
  • Bakery – burger buns, ciabatta, paninis, baguettes, deli rolls, hot dog rolls. Wraps, pittas, pizza bases, garlic bread, pastries etc
  • Beef burgers – Various sizes of beef burger patties
  • Doner Kebab – chicken doner, lamb doner, lamb and beef doner ready to be cooked at a kebab shop, or pre-cooked and sliced meat
  • Chicken – raw chicken portions, chicken steaks, chicken nuggets, chicken burgers, chicken filets, chicken wings
  • Sausages – breakfast sausages, chip shop sausages, saveloys, hot dog sausages, jumbo sausages, cumberland sausages
  • Lamb and Pork – bacon, ham, ribs, gammon, black pudding, lamb chops, pork chops
  • Seafood – fish cakes, fish fingers, skinless fish filets, skin on fish filets, battered cod filets, fish burgers, scampi, prawns, squid
  • Ready meals and pies – individual pies, family pies, sausage rolls, pasties
  • Vegetarian – veggie burgers, veggie sausages, spring rolls, bean burgers, onion rings, breaded mushrooms, falafel, frozen vegetables
  • Pizza – cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, plain pizza bases, pizza dough, pizza toppings
  • Frozen dairy – cheese sticks, cheese bites, cheese nuggets, frozen grated cheese
  • Pre-sliced cakes – apple pie, chocolate fudge cake, toffee pie, carrot cake, banoffee pie, strawberry cheesecake
  • Ice cream – Ben & Jerry’s, large pots, small pots, various flavors
  • Desserts – Muffins, Sponge puddings, pies, cheesecakes etc

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Chilled & Fresh Food

As well as the dairy products, milkshakes and eggs etc that were mentioned in the groceries section, you can also choose from:

  • Fresh vegetables – onions, tomatoes lettuce, peppers, oranges etc
  • Sandwich fillings – Perfect for deli chops with a fresh sandwich counter
  • Fresh chicken – raw chicken portions to cook on site

Cleaning & Hygiene

If you are serving food then you will need to keep the area clean and hygienic with these products:

  • Hand towels toilet rolls
  • Serviettes and tissues
  • Aprons and hats to wear in the kitchen
  • Disposable gloves for food preparation
  • Rubber gloves for leaning
  • Dish sponges, cloths and scourers
  • Cleaning sprays and products

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Catering Equipment

If you are short of catering equipment then you can find what you need:

  • Glasses
  • Cooking equipment
  • Serving trays
  • Dishes


Star Catering also offer a range of food packaging for takeout food etc:

  • Fish and chips boxes
  • Pizza boxes
  • Chicken boxes
  • Chip bags, cones and trays
  • Greaseproof bags and paper bags
  • Foil containers and lids
  • Microwavable containers
  • Wrapping sheets and box liners
  • Polystyrene cups
  • Hot drink cups and lids
  • Cold drink cups and lids
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic cutlery

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How To Order

There are several different ways that you can order from Star Catering Supplies Ltd.


You can register online and then begin your first online order. Add the items you want to your cart and pay for the items and shipping at the end. You will be able to schedule the delivery.

If you are a regular customer then this is probably the easiest way to place your orders. You can place an online order any time day or night which is very convenient.

Over The Phone

Star Catering Supplies Ltd have a team of dedicated telesales staff who can help you to create an order over the phone.

You can access the product guide on the website and it is a good idea to have a look at this before calling so that you are prepared. You can call up to place your order between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday, or between 10:30am and 6pm on a Sunday.

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In Store

If you visit the headquarters of Star Catering Supplies Ltd there is a reception area. Here you can view some example products on the screens, and look at the latest deals. You can also speak to a member of staff in person to place your order.

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You can schedule a delivery, or use the cash and collect service for same-day orders. Cash and collect is available Monday to Friday between 6am and 5pm, Saturdays between 8 am and 5pm, and Sundays between 8am and 4pm.


Star Catering Supplies are a well respected company in the food industry with years of experience. They provide excellent customer service and have an impressive range of products.

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