Red Rooster Catering: Guide To Menu, Prices, And More

When there is a gathering to organise – especially if it is full of fussy eaters – it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

Red Rooster Catering: Guide To Menu, Prices, And More

Yes, picky eaters can be quite difficult to cater to. However, Red Rooster aims to make these experiences easier for everyone involved and deliver delicious food that will please everyone. 

Having a spread that suits everyone is important, but it is also important to make sure that the catering is tasty and filling.

Why do this yourself when Red Rooster can help you? They offer an extensive catering service that will provide your guests with plenty of delicious food.

This article will guide you through Red Rooster’s catering service. We’ll tell you all about the menu, prices, and more to see if Red Rooster is the right caterer your next event.

After all, we all want to make life easier and please all of our guests.

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Who Are Red Rooster?

Red Rooster is a food fast restaurant chain in Australia that specialises in chicken. It is incredibly versatile and offers a wider range of products on its menus. This allows customers to choose exactly what they are looking for and suits a variety of dietary requirements. 

Red Rooster was the first chicken shop to open in Australia and they remain a favourite around the country. With nearly 50 years of experience, they aim to provide delicious chicken-based meals to their customers every day. 

The company strives to give customers classic recipes that will suit everyone. However, it also gives the recipes a modern twist, to give a point of difference. Their food is incredibly popular and Red Rooster catering promises nothing short of excellence.

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Who Does The Catering Suit?

The menu is very suitable for kid’s parties, which can be stressful enough to organise without worrying about catering.

As kids are usually fussy eaters, treating them to fried chicken, chips, roast chicken, sauces, and nuggets is a major step towards creating the perfect party. And let’s be honest. All you want is a bunch of happy kids at the end of the day.

This is also the type of food that works really well for a group of mates getting together to watch the footy or cricket.

The menu is also great for catering gatherings with family and friends if you are having a chilled evening.

This ensures that all of your guests are happy with the menu and it doesn’t pose too many dietary issues for your guests.

Nest of all, Red Rooster can cater to an event of any size. 

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How To Order

To order the catering service from Red Rooster, the easiest way is online.

Firstly, you need to enter your suburb and find the nearest restaurant to you.

Once you have found it, choose whether you want the food delivered to you or if you want to pick it up from the store. 

Once you have chosen either delivery or collection, you can then start to choose your order. You can add orders to your basket by clicking on the item and selecting how many you want. Your basket will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. 

After you have chosen your order, carefully check your basket to make sure that you are happy with the food that has been added. Once you are happy, you can move on to payment and delivery. 

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The Menu

Before you order from Red Rooster, it is important to make sure that the menu is suitable for your guests.

You will find a wide range of comfort food on the menu that should please your guests and leave them feeling full and happy. Hopefully, arranging your food this way will be stress-free and you should able to enjoy the event as much as the guests!


There is an option to select a bundle on the catering website. It’s a handy shortcut, designed to make choosing exactly what you and your group want that little bit easier.

The bundle deals include: 

Just Chicken

4 whole roast chickens and 2 large gravy pots- serves 12-15 people. $55.00

Chicken, Wraps, And Rolls

1 whole roast chicken, 8 halves of Flavya wraps, 4 half rippas, 4 bacon and cheese rippas, catering chips, and a large gravy pot- serves 6-8 people. $75.00

Red Rooster Catering: Guide To Menu, Prices, And More

Entertainer’s Pack

4 whole roast chickens, 30 chicken nuggets, 2 large chicken pops, 20 buttermilk wings, 2 catering chips, 2 large gravy pots, and 4 sauces- serves 15-20 people. $135.00

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Ultimate Feast

8 roast chickens, 40 buttermilk wings, 60 chicken nuggets, 4 catering chips, 3 large gravies, and 6 large slaws- serves 32-40 people. £240.00

As you might expect, the bundles are very popular for large gatherings. They are really convenient for ordering a large amount of food in one hit. It is also helpful for making sure that you stick to your budget and that you provide enough food for your event.

You can find serving sizes next to the items on the menu to determine how many people the bundle will feed. 

Fried Chicken

If you just want to order fried chicken for your event, there is an option to do so. The fried chicken also comes in different sizes to avoid you having to order lots of the same dish separately. 

  • 16 Pieces: $35.95
  • 24 Pieces: $49.95
  • 40 Pieces: $79.95

Fried chicken is popular to order for a small gathering, but you can add more than one to your basket. You can also add more fried chicken to your basket along with bundles. 

Roast Chicken

If you are planning a dinner and want the roast chicken to be perfect, you can order one from Red Rooster. This can save you a lot of stress and it allows your guests to sit down with a beautiful piece of chicken with their meal. 

  • 1 Whole Roast Chicken: $12.99

There is the option of adding more than 1 whole roast chicken to your basket if you are feeding a larger group. You just need to check your basket at the end of the order to make sure that you have ordered enough. 

Build Your Own Catering

Although the bundles make it easy to cater to a large group of people, the Build Your Own Catering menu is popular with people as it can include specific items.

This allows people to choose their items from the menu and enjoy them at the gathering as the bundles may not include them. 

From the Build Your Own Catering menu, customers can choose: 

  • Large Chicken Pops: $10.00
  • 20 Cheesy Nuggets: $10.00
  • 20 Chicken Nuggets: $10.00
  • 10 Buttermilk Wings: $11.45
  • Catering Chips: $10.00
  • Garlic Bread: $2.50
  • Large Mash And Gravy: $3.50
  • Large Onion Rings: $5.00
  • Corn: $2.95
  • Peas: $2.50

This style of catering is very popular amongst large group orders to make sure that all of the items that people want are included in the order.

You can add more than one of each item to the basket. This is ideal to make sure that there is enough for your event.

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Benefits Of Using Red Rooster Catering

Choose The Perfect Menu

When you use Red Rooster catering, you are given lots of different options to make sure that you receive the right menu for your event.

You can choose from bundles or build your menu to make sure that you and all of your guests are happy with the food that is served. 

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Choose Between Delivery Or Collection

You can choose to collect the food or have it delivered to your location to make it easier on yourself. All you have to do is specify the store and the delivery method before you order the food.

This helps to make the event less stressful for the organisers as the food is taken care of.

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Red Rooster Catering: Guide To Menu, Prices, And More

Enjoy Delicious Food At Great Prices

You can have dishes for your event that are perfect for catering to different preferences as it is great comfort food.

The prices are very affordable. In fact, it may be cheaper for people who do not want to cater themselves. You can stick to your budget and order delicious food for your event when you use Red Rooster. 

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How To Choose Red Rooster Catering For Your Event

Before you choose the catering for your event, it is important to make sure that everyone is happy with the food and has the opportunity to choose items that they want from the menu.

As the Red Rooster menus are varied and packed full of delicious options, people will be able to treat themselves to great food at great prices. 

You then need to make sure that you order the right amount of food for your event so that no one goes hungry. Making sure that you order the right amount is extremely important, so ensure that you are happy with the quantity. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Red Rooster is a great company to choose to cater your next event. You can have affordable, good-quality food delivered or you can collect it yourself.

The menus have a good variety of items to choose from to ensure that everyone is happy. 

You can choose between set bundles or you can Build Your Own Catering to make sure that you receive all of the items that you want.

It is important to make sure that you order enough food to serve your guests, so don’t forget to check the serving sizes!

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