20 + Thai Catering Food Ideas

If you’re a lover of contrasting, aromatic flavours, Thai food is the perfect cuisine for you! 

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (18)

Thai cuisine combines hot and spicy flavours with light, citrus notes from ingredients like lemongrass, mango, and lime to deliver the ultimate burst of flavour. 

Striking the ideal balance between sweet and savoury, Thai food appeals to all kinds of people with different palates and preferences. That’s why it’s the perfect cuisine for event catering.

Here are 21 delicious Thai catering food ideas that are packed with flavour and reflect the authentic nature of Thai cooking. 

We have options for self-serve buffets as well as sophisticated sit-down meals. So no matter what kind of event you’re planning, these Thai dishes will fit right in.

Pork Satay Skewers 

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas

For many people pork or chicken satay skewers is one of the first appetisers they choose when ordering Thai food. In fact, this tasty entree has its origins in Indonesia and the Philippines, though it is now served along side a number of Southeast Asian cuisines.

But one thing we know for sure – Wherever, these yummy snacks come from, we are sure they’ll fly off the buffet.

We love the contrast of the creamy peanut sauce with the sharp notes of lime and garlic, all brought together by the sweetness of the brown sugar. Plus, these skewers are so versatile. They work as part of a larger buffet selection or as hors d’oeuvres. 

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Larb Gai (Thai Lettuce Wraps)

Another great option for a self-serve, Thai-themed event (although they also work perfectly as a starter) is Larb Gai. 

These Thai lettuce wraps make for fun finger food. Inside the lettuce shell, they’re packed with authentic Thai flavours, including lemongrass, chilli, ginger, and coriander (cilantro). The chicken mince helps to make these wraps surprisingly filling, too.

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Coconut Shrimp Soup

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Thailand is known for its delicious soups, and this coconut shrimp soup is a perfect example of simple yet elegant and flavoursome Thai cuisine. 

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The creamy coconut base of this soup is given a kick with red curry paste, fish sauce, minced lemongrass, and lime juice. You get a hint of chicken broth as well as fresh ginger notes and, of course, the sweet-and-salty taste of prawns (shrimp). 

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 Thai Peanut Noodle Salad 

This Thai peanut noodle salad can be served as an appetiser. However, it’s also the perfect light and refreshing choice for guests to help themselves to alongside other foods at a buffet. 

While salads often aren’t considered an exciting catering option, this one is definitely an exception. Dressed with a sauce made from peanut butter, fresh ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar, red pepper, honey, and sugar, this dish will have your guests coming back for second helpings.

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 Vegetable Thai Red Curry 

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Thai red curry is one of the most popular Thai dishes worldwide. If you’re considering serving a Thai-themed sit-down meal at your event, this is definitely a dish to add to the menu. 

This curry recipe is healthy, filling, and aromatic, marrying mild and spicy flavours such as coconut and ginger perfectly. It’s definitely one of our favourite Thai catering food ideas.

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Khao Tom Mud 

Khao Tom Mud - Thai catering food ideas

Khao Tom Mud is a traditional, authentic Thai dessert. Sweet and satisfying without being too heavy, this dessert is the perfect way to end a Thai-style meal. 

This dish consists of sticky coconut and banana rice wrapped in banana leaves. However, it can also feature jackfruit or mango. It’s easy and fun to eat, and as desserts go, it’s a great healthy option.

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Pla Goong (Thai Shrimp Salad)

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Pla Goong, a Thai spin on a salad. It is a light appetiser that can be prepared in larger quantities if you want to serve it as part of a buffet. 

This particular recipe is quite spicy, in keeping with traditional Thai cuisine. However, you can always make it milder by using less chilies than called for in the instructions. 

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Thai Chicken Casserole 

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (5)

If you’re looking for a filling Thai entree to serve either as part of a sit-down meal or a self-serve buffet, look no further than this Thai chicken casserole. 

This is a filling catering option made with thick rice noodles, chicken broth, and delicious peanut sauce. When served hot, it’s the perfect hearty main course for cold-weather events. 

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Pineapple Udon Noodles 

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (6)

Noodle dishes can often feel quite heavy, but these pineapple udon noodles will tickle your guests’ taste buds while ensuring that they still have room for more.

The udon noodles in this recipe are topped with a sweet, aromatic pineapple vinaigrette as well as chunks of fresh mango for a fruity and filling taste experience.

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Thai Shrimp Cakes 

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (7)

Yet another prawn (shrimp)-based recipe (because you can’t go wrong with prawns). These versatile Thai shrimp cakes can be served as finger food or with a side of salad as an appetiser or entree. 

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The ginger in this recipe pairs perfectly with the flavour of the fish sauce in a shining example of real Thai cuisine. 

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Mango Sorbet 

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (8)

Mango sorbet is a staple dessert in Thailand and it’s an excellent palate-cleanser. Especially after a meal filled with powerful Thai flavours. 

This dessert is especially fitting for events hosted during the summer months when guests are likely to be craving something sweet and refreshing.

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Vegetable Pad Thai 

Pad Thai is a traditional Thai dish. Typically served as street food, Pad Thai has found its way into Thai restaurants worldwide. So we couldn’t really give you Thai catering food ideas and not include it.

This recipe is vegetable-based to help you get your 5-a-day. Luckily, it’s so delicious that it doesn’t even feel like the ‘healthy option’. 

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Thai Turkey Burgers 

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (9)

These Thai Turkey Burgers will work great as entrees, but you could even make miniature versions if you wanted to serve them as appetisers or hors d’oeuvres. 

Topped with a combination of cooling cucumber and slaw as well as hot and spicy sriracha aioli, the balance of flavours delivered by these burgers is incredible. 

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Thai BBQ Garlic Shrimp In The Shell

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (10)

BBQ prawns (shrimp) in the shell (Thai-style) makes a perfect entree or appetiser. The shrimp can easily be paired with rice and vegetables for a complete and satisfying meal. 

Furthermore, the flavour of the shrimp is enhanced by the fish and oyster sauce in this easy yet innovative recipe. 

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Larb Salad 

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (11)

Larb salad makes the perfect side dish to accompany almost any of the appetisers or entrees suggested in this article. It’s light, crunchy, and absolutely packed with flavour. 

Even better, it’s a highly versatile catering option because it can be served hot or cold depending on your preference.

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Thai Green Curry

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (12)

Just like Thai red curry, Thai green curry is much-loved dish to feature on your Thai catering menu. 

As you can see from this recipe, it’s easy to adjust the classic Thai green curry to any dietary requirements. For example, you could use tofu and vegan fish sauce for any guests who prefer plant-based dishes. 

Coconut Ice Cream 

This is a creamier and slightly richer, yet still light and refreshing, alternative to mango sorbet for the dessert section of your Thai menu.

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20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (13)

One reason we love this Thai dessert option is that it’s dairy-free but it doesn’t taste like it.So again, vegan and non-vegan guests alike can enjoy it at the end of their meal.

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Pineapple Fried Rice 

No Thai catering menu is complete without a delicious rice dish. This pineapple fried rice meets that description perfectly. 

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (14)

We love the combination of flavours in this specific recipe, from the powerful punch of curry powder and chilli flakes to the fruity, citrus zing of lime and pineapple. 

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Thai Spring Rolls 

Spring rolls are an excellent finger food option for Thai-themed events, but you could also plate them up with some salad, noodles, or rice as an entire course. 

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (15)

Our favourite thing about this recipe is that it pairs the light and crispy vegetable spring rolls with a traditional Thai peanut sauce. You can add some prawn to the recipe or, to make it vegetarian, tofu. 

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Mango Chicken 

This mango chicken recipe can be served alongside rice, vegetables, or one of the salads on our list as an appetiser or entree. If you can keep it warm, it also works on a self-serve basis. 

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (16)

The mango sauce features an interesting and authentic combination of Thai flavours. The fish sauce, garlic, chilli, turmeric, and soy sauce cut through the sweetness of the mango and brown sugar. 

Kanom Tuy

20 + Thai Catering Foods Ideas (17)

Our final Thai catering food recommendation is another dessert. If you’ve been serving fairly light courses throughout the meal, it’s nice to treat your guests to some indulgent coconut cake. 

The cake is made with flour, sugar, coconut cream, coconut flakes, whole eggs, and egg yolk. It’s easy to bake in large trays so that all guests can have a sizeable slice of cake. 

This is also a convenient dessert for guests to take home with them at the end of the event because the squares can be boxed up or wrapped in paper towel without falling apart. 

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Final Thoughts 

We hope that the 21 Thai catering food suggestions in this article have given you some ideas about what to serve at your Thai-themed event. 

Bear in mind that many of these recipes contain common allergens such as peanuts and shellfish, so make sure to ask your guests about their dietary requirements before you start planning your menu.

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