KFC Catering: Guide To Menu, Prices & More

Show off your love of fried chicken by having KFC cater your next big event.

KFC Catering: Guide To Menu, Prices & More

KFC, the world-famous fried chicken brand, caters to both private and corporate events, as well as private parties and events in its restaurants. 

You are welcome to enjoy all of KFC’s scrumptious dishes at family gatherings or private events of any kind.

Do you know what the prices are for all of the party platters that KFC has to offer? Continue reading to find out.

In addition to standard boxed meals, KFC’s catering menu offers A La Carte pieces and a variety of other items.

If you want something more substantial than the standard meal, you may get extra crispy boxed meals, which contain 2-5 pieces of chicken, biscuits, and two sides, in addition to the regular meal. 

Also available are a range of tenders, buffet dinners, and a selection of side dishes from Kentucky Fried Chicken. It costs less than $60 to purchase a KFC party plate for eight people.

KFC also offers complimentary catering services, including pick-up and delivery, at no additional charge.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the catering KFC offers to see if it’s the right choice for you. 

Brief History Of KFC

Before we do, let’s have a quick overview of KFC. 

In March 1930, Colonel Sanders opened a restaurant in North Corbin, Kentucky, United States, where he invented Kentucky Fried Chicken.

There are 24,104 outlets of this casual dining restaurant company in various regions throughout the globe. 

It is the world’s second-largest fast-food firm, after McDonald’s, in terms of revenue.

KFC Catering

When it comes to KFC’s buffet-style meals, you have two options from which to pick on the catering menu.

If you pick the first option, you will receive 30 pieces of fried chicken (either standard or extra crispy), two sides of your choice, and 15 biscuits. 

A KFC buffet supper may accommodate anywhere from 10 to 15 people, depending on the size of the party.

The second option, which is a buffet-style layout, can accommodate around 25 – 30 individuals at a time.

You will get thirty chicken pieces (either extra crispy or regular), two small sides, and fifteen biscuits included in this bundle.

Medium-sized side dishes serve ten people, while large-sized side dishes serve twenty people, according to the menu.

Side dishes like mashed potatoes with gravy, coleslaw, whole kernel corn, biscuits, and macaroni and cheese are among the options available through the catering service.

KFC’s party platters feature tenders and wings that are perfectly crispy. Tenders or wings platters are offered in three different sizes, depending on how many people are coming to your party.

You can get 25, 50, and 100 tenders or wings platters, respectively. 

Half gallop lemonade is one of the pleasant beverages that can be found on the menu at the restaurant. There is iced tea and a half-gallon of sweet tea available for purchase.

Catering Prices 

KFC provides food for a wide range of events, including private parties, weddings, and other gatherings, as well as corporate events.

KFC is well-known for its fried chicken, and you may order it in huge amounts or by the bucket to feed a large group of people.

Prices for a full-service tray of KFC chicken vary depending on the sort of meal you want and might range from $3 to $4 per person, though this depends on what food you order (such as how many pieces of original recipe chicken you get). 

On the KFC Catering Menu, for an additional price, you may order combo meals that include mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, and other side dishes.

It’s worth noting that these prices are subject to change and you should ask KFC directly for accurate prices when placing your order. 

Box Meals

Take advantage of KFC’s pre-packaged meals for your next private functions!

Typically, a conventional boxed meal includes 2-3 pieces of chicken, your choice of two sides, and one biscuit, among other things. 

All of the crispy fried tenders, wings, and chicken drumsticks that go into creating an A La Carte chicken piece are available for purchase.

You have the choice of ordering a platter of chicken that has 100 pieces, 50 pieces, or 25 pieces of fried chicken.

For those who want it, you may order a KFC sandwich plus a side dish of your choice as part of a pre-packaged meal.

Boxed meals may be customized to match the needs of you and your guests, depending on how hungry they are.

Box Meal Prices 

  • 3pc Chicken – $7.99
  • 3 Tenders – $6.99
  • 2pc Chicken – $6.99


There is now a newly updated assortment of side dishes available from KFC Catering that can be served for any occasion!

KFC has everything you need to complete your catering order, including green beans, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and much more! 

Sides Prices 

  • Small sides option – $12.99
  • A dozen biscuits – $4.99
  • Large sides option – $19.99

Wing Platter

A hot wings platter from KFC Catering is the perfect way to add a little zing to your next gathering.

Their versatility makes them ideal for a wide range of situations, including game-day festivities and family get-togethers.

In addition to your options of hot wings or chicken, all of the catering platters feature a lot of options of side dishes to complement the main course (baked beans, potato wedges, coleslaw, etc.).

If you have any dietary restrictions, KFC’s catering staff would be happy to work with you to accommodate your needs.

Wing Platter Prices

  • 75 hot wings – $59.99
  • 50 hot wings- $44.99
  • 25 hot wings – $24.99

Extra Crispy Tenders

If you’re planning a party and need food catered, KFC is the best option for you to consider.

When you use the Party Platters, you can feed your guests quickly and efficiently without having to make a big deal out of it.

Tenders Prices 

  • 100 Tenders – $115.99
  • 50 Tenders – $58.99
  • 25 Tenders – $29.99



The KFC Platters Menu offers a diverse selection of options for a wide range of occasions and events.

Choose from Colonel’s BBQ Bites, Grilled Chicken Breast, and Original Recipe, or make your own. 

Buffet Prices 

  • 50 pc – $128.99
  • 30 pc – $79.99


Known for its chicken platters, KFC specializes in creating chicken platters for any sort of event.

The menu offers a variety of options, including grilled and spicy dishes in addition to the traditional southern fried fare.

Platter Prices 

  • 100 pc – $149.99
  • 50 pc – $78.99
  • 25 pc – $39.99


KFC is a household

 name when it comes to fried chicken. But what can they offer your party in terms of dessert options, you might wonder? 

Desserts such as cookies, brownies, and apple pie are among the options available on the KFC Desserts Menu. 

If you’re searching for something sweet to serve as an accompaniment to your supper, this menu may be the best option.

Dessert Prices

  • Lemon cake – $4.99
  • Chocolate chip cake – $4.99
  • 12 cookies – $4.99
  • Small lemon cake – $1.49
  • Small chocolate cake – $1.49


You can quench your thirst at any time of day since KFC offers a choice of beverages to suit your needs. There is something for everyone on the KFC Drinks Menu, no matter what your mood.

A range of flavors from their fountain drink machines has been added to KFC’s catering menu to enable greater customization of their customers’ dining experience.

Drinks Prices 

  • Sweetened tea – $1.99
  • Half a gallon of regular lemonade – $3.49
  • Unsweetened tea – $1.99
  • Half a gallon of strawberry lemonade – $1.99

Wedding Catering 

KFC wedding catering is a terrific alternative for people who want to eat a bit healthier while still enjoying the meals they like eating at their wedding reception.

When you’re hosting a huge event with a large number of guests, it can be challenging to find high-quality, appetizing, and reasonably priced food for everyone.

In one convenient location, KFC Catering Wedding provides everything you need! When it comes to food on your big day, everyone should be delighted with their choices. 

For those looking for delicious fried chicken, you’ve arrived at the correct place! 

KFC can offer all the food you could ever need for your big day!


KFC Catering offers some outstanding deals for the amount of food they provide you and your event with.

With a huge menu being made available to you, you should be able to find something that all of your guests will love. 

Typically KFC catering will only cost around $3-$4 per person, making this service very affordable. 

You may have never thought about having KFC catering at your event, especially if you are planning the catering for your wedding.

But having KFC provide your food will certainly be a talking point at your event. And it is almost guaranteed that everyone will enjoy the food. 

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