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A lot of catering companies specialize in parties and events, but there are lots of other types of catering. Business, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other establishments also need to be catered for.

Children being served healthy food at a school canteen - Kingswood Catering

These types of clients have different needs – the meals need to be healthy and balanced rather than decadent and celebratory.

Kingswood Catering is a company that offers healthy meals to schools. They have a varied menu with hot meals, cold meals, vegetarian options and vegan options. Keep reading to find out more about their menu, prices and how to order.

What Is Kingswood Catering?

Kingswood is a catering company based in the UK. It is a family run business that was set up by a home economics teacher who was frustrated by the catering standards on offer in schools.

She felt that there needed to be more choice for the children and the food should be more affordable to parents.

Kingswood now specializes in offering catering to schools. They have been up and running since 1991.

In that time, they have perfected the ordering system and communication networks with the schools they work in. This makes it as easy as possible for parents to feed their children. They offer a range of meals with meat, vegetarian and vegan options.

Kingswood catering has received excellent feedback from parents and from the schools that they work with. Children seem to love the meals and the parents find it a very affordable option that saves them time.

The children benefit from a variety of hot meals and balanced nutrition which gives them more energy for their school studies.

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Why Choose Kingswood?

There are lots of reasons why Kingswood catering is a fantastic option.

If you choose Kingswood catering then you are choosing food that has been prepared by qualified chefs who use traditional techniques. The ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible and also include free-range and organic ingredients.

The weekly menus are designed to be balanced, meaning that your child will be getting all the nourishment they need across the week from a variety of different foods. You can provide your child with up to 5 meals a day on the Kingswood catering programme so they will never go hungry.

Kingswood catering can cater for children with different dietary requirements so you never have to worry about them eating the wrong things.

Exposing your child to a wide variety of foods at a young age will not only encourage an interest in healthy eating, but will also make them less fussy. They will be able to widen their food horizons in a safe and comfortable space.

It is the Kingswood policy to keep an eye on the children to make sure that they are eating properly and eating enough.

If your child has a particular food they don’t like they will not be forced to eat it, but they will still be served a little bit of it on their plate to encourage them to try it. Children change their mind about what food they do and don’t like quite regularly.

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Sitting down to enjoy healthy meals with their peers is a great way for children to develop social skills. It also aids digestion.

Your child won’t be left feeling bored by the same packed lunch every day, and parents won’t have the pressure of having to come up with different lunch ideas every week.

On top of all this, you also benefit from the excellent customer service that comes with Kingswood catering. You get email reminders about ordering so that your child never goes without.

The communication between Kingswood and the schools is smooth so everyone knows that is happening. And the Kingswood team is always friendly and helpful.

Kingswood Catering

Kingswood Catering [Menu, Prices & More]

Kingswood catering uses a rotating menu system that works on a 3 week basis, so the children never get bored of the food on offer.

The menu changes three times a year to make use of seasonal ingredients. The menus vary from school to school as they are designed with the specific needs of the children in mind.

Using Kingswood catering works out as £2.40 per meal or £12 per week per child. Here are some example meals that could be on offer.

Hot Meals

Kingswood catering offer a range of hot meals that are filling and nutritious:

  • Chicken Tikka with rice and sweetcorn
  • Pork sausages with mashed potatoes and baked beans
  • Beef bolognese with pasta and mixed vegetables
  • Roast chicken in gravy with yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and carrots
  • Battered fish with chips and garden peas
  • Pork meatballs with tomato sauce, wholemeal pasta and sweetcorn
  • Chicken on BBQ sauce with rice and mixed vegetables
  • Bunless chicken burger with mini waffles and baked beans
  • Roast beef in gravy with yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and carrots
  • Salmon and sweet potato fish cake with chips and garden peas
  • Pork sausages in gravy with mashed potatoes and green beans
  • Battered chicken bites with sweet chili dip, rice and sweetcorn
  • Fish fingers with chips and garden peas

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Vegetarian Meals

There is always a vegetarian option available for children who don’t eat meat:

  • Vegetable nuggets with BBQ rice and sweetcorn
  • Vegetable cottage pie with baked beans
  • Macaroni and cheese with mixed vegetables
  • Cheese and onion pasty with roast potatoes and carrots
  • Vegetarian breakfast with hash browns and baked beans
  • Quorn bolognese with wholemeal pasta and sweetcorn
  • Cheese and tomato pasta bake with mixed vegetables
  • Cheese and tomato quiche with mini waffles and baked beans
  • Vegetable lasagna with roast potatoes and carrots
  • Cheese and tomato pizza with baked beans
  • Omelet with green beans and new potatoes
  • Tomato tumble with roast potatoes and carrots
  • Vegetable fingers with chips and garden peas

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Vegan Meals

Whether the child follows a vegan diet or has allergies, the vegan alternative is a great option:

  • Vegetable, potato and chickpea curry with rice and sweetcorn
  • Vegan sausages with mashed potatoes and baked beans
  • Tomato and vegetable pasta with mixed vegetables
  • Vegan roast quorn filet with gravy, roast potatoes and carrots
  • Vegan nuggets with chips and garden peas
  • Meat free meatballs in tomato sauce with wholemeal pasta and sweetcorn
  • Meat free southern fried chicken with mini waffles and baked beans
  • Meat free sausage roll with chips and garden peas
  • Vegan cheese and tomato pizza with baked beans
  • Spicy vegetable rice with sweetcorn

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In addition, hot meals come with a pudding which varies from day to day:

  • Frozen yogurt
  • Fresh fruit
  • Chocolate sponge
  • Guilsborough biscuit
  • Red velvet cake
  • Blueberry muffin
  • Iced sponge cake
  • Banana bread
  • Chocolate cookie
  • Lemon Drizzle cake
  • Iced carrot cake
  • Fruit Yoghurt
  • Fruit flapjack

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Jacket Potatoes

As well as the hot meals on offer, there is also a jacket potato option with toppings like:

  • Baked beans
  • Cheese
  • Tuna Mayonnaise

Packed Meals

As well as a range of hot meals, there are also cold meals on offer that are just like a packed lunch:

  • Cheese sandwich, sultanas and raisins, golden oat flapjack, apple
  • Ham roll, apricot bag, gingerbread biscuit, satsuma
  • Meat free sausage roll, fruit yogurt, vanilla muffin, apple
  • Ham roll, cheese snack, shortbread biscuit, satsuma
  • Cheese sandwich, sultana and raisins, blueberry flapjack, satsuma

As you can see from the sample menu, the meals are hearty and healthy. There is a good range of different ingredients and plenty of choice.

There is something for everyone – fussy eaters, vegetarians, vegans, or children who prefer cold food. Even the desserts are quite healthy, so you know that your children will be well-fed.

How To Order

To start ordering Kingswood catering meals for your child, you will need to register online. Enter your child’s information online and the form will be sent to the school.

You will then receive log-in information that you can use to gain access to the menus and begin ordering meals for your child.

The process is simple and smooth – you don’t need to worry about filling in any complex forms or having to contact the school yourself.

Once you are registered you have until 11:59pm on the Wednesday to order for the next week commencing Monday. You will receive an email reminder to make sure that you don’t miss the deadline.

If your child is ill and will not be at school to have their meal, you can cancel it up until midnight the night before and receive a refund. You cannot receive a refund if you cancel on the same day.

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Kingswood catering is a UK based family run company that caters for schools. They offer hot and cold meals that are suitable for different dietary requirements for a reasonable cost of £12 per week per child.

It is a flexible option as you can order per meal or by week, which means that you don’t have to commit to a whole term of ordered meals in advance.

The menu is carefully planned to avoid repetition and to provide healthy, balanced meals. Your child will never go hungry at school and they will always feel energized and well fed.

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