The 15 Best Steak Restaurants In Melbourne

Steak. To the ardent carnivores amongst us, few words are more alluring.

For generations, in many cities around the world, the premier restaurants have been the steakhouses. Steakhouses were where the rich and powerful dined out to discuss business deals, political machinations and general Machiavellian bastardry in a smokey atmosphere of excess protein, heavy wine and entitlement.

Things may have changed over the years, and big cities are now more culturally and food diverse than ever before, but the lure of a great steak restaurant is still evocative.

Melbourne is a vibrant modern city known for its culture, art, and food, but can it do a steak? Well yes, it most certainly can.

And to prove it, we’ve put together a guide to the best steakhouses that this great city has to offer.

Following, we present you the top 15 steak restaurants in Melbourne, with a rundown of their menu and decor. 

The 15 Best Steak Restaurants In Melbourne

Rare Steakhouse

First on our list of the best steak restaurants in Melbourne is Rare Steakhouse. Arguably one of the top steakhouses in the city, it boasts three locations throughout Melbourne – Uptown, Midtown and Downton. All of them are homely and warm, with big tables suitable for large parties.

Their menu features quality pasture and grain-fed beef, basted with aromatics. The result is steak cooked to perfection every single time. They have cuts such as a T-bone scotch fillet, porterhouse, rump, rib-eye on the bone, and an eye fillet.

Along with their amazing 200/300g steaks they offer sauces including mushroom, black pepper, creamy garlic or Danish blue cheese.

If red meat isn’t your thing, their menu features delicious starters such as oysters, scallops, calamari, and ribs.

Surprisingly, this Steakhouse is relatively inexpensive, too.

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A Hereford Beefstouw

A Hereford Beefstouw is a Danish steakhouse chain, which first opened its doors in Denmark in 1971, hence the Danish name. The Steakhouse has locations globally, from Greenland to Copenhagen.

Here they are all about quality steak, paired with great wines. Interestingly, they also value art. This is why their restaurants are so uniquely and meticulously decorated, making it all part of their restaurant experience.

There are several cuts of steak on their menu, ensuring each person gets their favourite. They also respect customers’ choices on how they want their steak cooked. Something which we feel is a must-do for a steakhouse – but not all steak restaurants agree with us.

All the beef they serve is grain-fed, from quality Australian cows. They serve eye fillet, Chateaubriand, rib eye, sirloin, ribs, hanger steak, New York sirloin, cote de boeuf and rump.

They also have ‘extreme beef’ options, which are unique cuts of beef that are dry-aged or unique. These are their 200-day grain-fed T-bone, the dry-aged cote de boeuf, and the massive tomahawk steak.

In addition to steaks, they serve some delicious starters such as duck terrine, beef tartar, and oysters.

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Meatmaiden is a steakhouse, but with a twist. The restaurant is in the central business district, and its mission is to give a smokehouse twist to their classic steakhouse dishes.

For a dedicated review of Meatmaiden, see here as we revisited the restaurant in May 2022.

They have a custom grill and wood-fired barbeque, and they take a modern approach to barbeque. It is a trendy restaurant, with quality meats and a convivial atmosphere, but the interiors are dark, mysterious and have a subterranean feel.

Check out the starters such as rib rolls, scallops with pork belly, chargrilled prawns, wagyu tartar, and fried zucchini. As they are also a barbeque, they knocked out amazing 20-hour smoked wagyu brisket, as well as grilled clams and smoked fish velouté.

Some of their cuts of beef include their porterhouse, wagyu rump, eye fillet, and dry-aged rib eye. They also have a mystery weekly special cut.

Sides include a delicious lobster mac and cheese, as well as hand-cut fries with garlic aioli.

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San Telmo

San Telmo is an Argentinian steakhouse. If this information doesn’t make you excited, it should. The Argentines take their steak very seriously. Luckily for us, the folks at San Telmo do too.

It is rated in the top ten best steak restaurants in Melbourne. They offer smaller plates, as well as sides, larger dishes and desserts. There are even set menus. Some of their smaller plates include ceviche, asparagus, humita, empanada, and provolone cheese. Personally, we can’t go past the chorizo, spiced black sausage, and premium pasture-fed beef short ribs.

Of course, steaks are the stars here and their rump cap steak, hanger steak, sirloin, eye fillet, rib eye, and their ‘special of the day’ are all excellent.

If you want a change from steak, there is always a market fish of the day, corn-fed roasted chicken and lamb rump to tempt you.

Their menu is extensive and inexpensive. And it is evident that a lot of these dishes are for sharing, so bring some friends along! 

Pavs Bar and Grill

Pav’s Bar & Grill is a family-owned restaurant, located in the suburb of Sunbury to the north-east of Melbourne.

Famous locally for producing out-of-this-world smoked & barbecued meats, the restaurant has been a true labour of love for local chef Josh Pavia (Pav) and father Joe. 

There are a wide variety of dishes, including gluten-free and vegetarian options, and the menu is complemented by a fine selection of imported & local wines, craft beers, spirits, and premium cocktails.

Located in Sunbury, the gateway to the Macedon Ranges, Pav’s Bar and Grill proves that there are fabulous food options available outside of the inner-city suburbs and Melbourne CBD.

Take a drive out to a beautiful part of Victoria and bask in the incredible views and delectable barbecued meat. Sourced from Victoria’s finest producers, there is a fantastic array of Black Angus and Wagyu beef, rum-glazed pork ribs, sausages and wings from the Pit.

The smoker used is a Yoder Cimaron. This particular smoker gives great consistency in barbecuing as it delivers less variable temperatures.

The beautifully appointed bar is perfect for pre- and post-dinner drinks, and for a more relaxed dining experience. With cozy couches near the fireplace and a fantastic cocktail menu, it is ideal for impromptu or casual drinking and dining moments.

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, this restaurant has been reported as closed (June 2022)

Squires Loft  

Squires Loft is a classic steakhouse, serving generous portions of grass-fed steaks as well as surf ‘n’ turf dishes.

Due to their success, they have lots of locations in Melbourne – nine the last time we looked.

These include Albert Park, Cheltenham, City Grill Room, Docklands, Essendon, Nunawading, South Yarra, Camberwell, and Williamstown. It’s not quite every street corner, but its a fair representation.

The 15 Best Steak Restaurants In Melbourne

Squires Loft have been serving some great steaks for over 25 years. As you would expect, the usual sauces are on the menu. However, they baste the meat with their own blend as they grill it. All of their beef is sourced from Western Victoria and Gippsland, and it’s all grass-fed.

Their menu is simple yet effective, with excellent entrées and succulent mains served with fries and salad. These entrées include baked mushroom and feta, chicken kebab, beef sausage, prawn skewer, lamb loin chops, pork spare ribs, beef spare ribs, and lemon pepper calamari.

For mains you can choose from rump steak, porterhouse, black Angus porterhouse, eye fillet, scotch, rib eye or T-bone. Along side the steaks there are pork spare ribs, beef spare ribs, lamb loin chops, and grilled chicken, salmon, and prawns.

Load up with some tasty sides and enjoy your meal.

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Mediterraneo is a great restaurant, specializing in aged beef, seafood and grilled vegetables. This crew have mastered the art of grilling. Their magic ingredient is authentic Mallee Root Charcoal, which imbues all their dishes with a unique flavour.

The restaurant opened in 2002, and has a reputation for well-cooked dishes, as well as excellent wine. Some of their entrées include grilled scallops, stuffed calamari, antipasti, prawns, spicy sausage and grilled vegetables with polenta.

Amongst their steaks you’ll find grass-fed scotch fillet, black Angus porterhouse, gold eye fillet, T-bone, and wagyu porterhouse. Mediterraneo also serve meat platters and seafood platters, with steaks and fresh crab and prawns. 

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Lygon Charcoal Grill And Steakhouse

Lygon was founded in 1992 and has won several awards for its great food in Melbourne. They grill steaks perfectly to your taste, and their restaurant in Carlton is known as one of the best steak restaurants in Melbourne.

With their love of food, the team here are big on quality. To this end, they work closely with exceptional meat suppliers, who supply quality products such as wagyu and black Angus grass-fed beef.

The steaks all come with a side dish and a sauce of your choice. Let’s talk about those steaks -scotch fillet, porterhouse, t-bone, rib-eye, eye fillet and fillet mignon are all present. Fancy a change? Then surf and turf or kangaroo fillets might suit you better.

Some of their starters include soup, garlic bread, fries, saganaki pan-fried cheese, pan-fried liver, and pate.

They have a unique menu, with Asian influences, with a lovely choice of fluffy pancakes for dessert.  

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Steakhouse Grill 66

Steakhouse Grill 66 is a modern Australian steakhouse restaurant with a kaleidoscopic range of top-quality meats. They are a contemporary restaurant, with sleek designs in the restaurant interior, menu, livery and tableware. The venue has an elegant feel.

Even better, they also have an alfresco dining area, where you can take in a beautiful view of the water at Docklands. Some of their smaller dishes include garlic bread, oysters, beef chevapchichi, wagyu rostbiff tataki, salmon, and Korean fried chicken wings.

Here you can find larger dishes such as seafood linguine, mushroom risotto, lamb shank, pork belly, and king prawns.

What about the steaks? Well, their steak menu is just what you’d expect – all the classics, served simply and priced reasonably. delightful. They serve eye fillet, scotch fillet, porterhouse, rib eye, and wagyu rump, and offer regular specials and limited seasons.

Combine your steak with one of their divine sauces – black garlic aioli, mushroom gravy, red wine sauce, or their blue cheese butter – and you should be a happy meat diner.

Marbl Steakhouse

Marbl Steakhouse is a modern, sleek, and highly-rated steakhouse in Prahran, Melbourne. They specialise in quality in a sexy space in a fashionable part of town. If you love steak, this joint has to be on your list of the best steak restaurants in Melbourne.

Come for the starters like tequila and chilli olives, Spanish sardines, Spanish anchovies, and duck and cherry pate. Stay for the succulent steaks such as their porterhouse, rump medallion, wagyu rump, rib-eye, eye fillet, and scotch fillet.

All of their steaks come from as pasture-fed cattle and are wet-aged. It is details like this that ensue that you get the best quality steak for the price.

Aside from superb steaks, they also have a range of different mains such as St Louis-style ribs, beef ribs, lamb loin chops, and grilled chicken breast with fries. 

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Palermo Restaurant

Palermo is another Argentinian restaurant, bringing the ‘fire and passion from Buenos Aires to Melbourne’. They offer a contemporary twist on the Argentinian tradition of sharing platters, as well as serving Australian produce.

Some of their small plates include oysters, empanada, ceviche, beef tartar, Plato de picada (salami, pickles, and focaccia), as well as charred scallion with mozzarella focaccia.

Showcasing a flair for drama, they have a fire pit, along with centrepiece grills to ensure your steak is cooked to perfection every time.

Their charcoal grill cuts include scotch fillet, porterhouse, rib eye and wagyu porterhouse. All of their steaks are pasture-fed and dry-aged. Along side these options there are others such as slow-cooked pork and marinated chicken. Oh – and the Tartufo Dessert alone would put this place on our list of the best steak restaurants in Melbourne any day of the week.

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The Railway Club Hotel

The Railway Club Hotel is one of the busiest restaurants in Melbourne. Here, you can choose your own steak from their display and watch it being cooked to your liking. They have an extensive range of seafood and Specials too.

The restaurant is sleek and newly renovated, with a traditional bar. Come for the steak, but don’t miss the starters. Entrees include mixed olives with fresh baguette, cevapcici with calamari, charcuterie boards, tiger prawns, chicken liver pate, chilli mussels, and oysters.

But the steak is what this place is famous for. They serve three types of beef, of three different cuts and quality. Firstly, they have their Tasmanian cape beef, and they offer porterhouse (300g/400g), as well as a scotch fillet.

In addition to this, they have a Robbins Island full-blood wagyu, with beautiful marbling. There’s a porterhouse (300g/400g) as well as a rump. And then they also have Bass Strait beef, which comes from Gippsland, King Island and Flinders Island, and is pasture-fed. And it doesn’t stop there. They serve Eye Fillet (220g/300g) along with rib eye.

All steaks are served with hand-cut fries and a sauce of your choice. One of their top steak sauces is their black garlic and truffle aioli. It leaves plain old mushroom for dust.

They also have some unique and decadent butter blends, including garlic, anchovy and caper, porcini and truffle, and a trio of all three. 

Grill Steak Seafood

Grill Steak Seafood serves exactly that; steak, meat, and seafood. It is an authentic fusion restaurant, combining Australian, Italian, and other cuisines. The restaurant was rated the top seafood restaurant in 2013, but their steak is exceptional, too.

Their starters include calamari fritters, garlic bread, scallops, olives, and oysters.

All of their steaks are a cross-breed of black Angus and wagyu, and they are all pasture and grass-fed. Their featured cuts include a porterhouse, T-bone, scotch fillet, rib-eye, eye fillet. If you’re feeling hungry, there’s a mixed grill platter with porterhouse, ribs, lamb, chicken, chorizo, fries, and salad. 

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Lady Nelson’s Wine And Steak

Lady Nelson’s is a relaxed steak and wine restaurant in Melbourne, specialising in perfect wines to pair with their perfect steaks. All of their meat is locally sourced and is often described as some of the best in Melbourne.

In a break from the competition, this spot serves Thai fusion dishes as sides and starters – and they are great. Think chicken balls with Thai satay sauce, roti with Thai sauce, marinated mixed olives, sautéed mushrooms and fries.

In terms of steak, they have eye fillet, porterhouse and scotch fillet. If you don’t fancy steak, there’s smoky barbeque chicken.

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If you want one of the best steak restaurants in Melbourne, it makes sense that you’d turn to a butchers’. And that’s the very idea behind Macelleria – ‘Butcher Shop’.

Now with a number of branches across Australia, the restaurant in Richmond is a great spot to grab dinner on your way to the footy.

Here the starters include olives, arancini, Italian meatballs, and Caprese salad. They also serve juicy burgers made from steak as well as regular beef patties.

Their defining motto is ‘the butcher that cooks for you’ – which sounds perfect to us. And turning to the steaks, they serve eye fillet, Angus scotch fillet, Angus rump, wagyu strip loin, rib eye cutlet, T-bone and wagyu rump. Looking for something else? Then try the a lamb cutlets, chicken, skewers or fabulous homemade sausages.

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Meat & Wine Co

The Meat & Wine Co. is a restaurant group with an Afrocentric twist and a great selection of steaks and perfectly paired wines. The decor inside the restaurants is dark and classy with pops of colour.

These restaurants are as glamorous as it gets inside. Better still, all of their meat is locally sourced and of the best quality.

Some of their starters include bruschetta, aged wagyu tartar, boerewors (South African beef sausages), baked scallops and peppery Szechuan calamari. Not surprisingly, we are big fans of the tasting plate which ideal for sharing.

What makes this restaurant even more special is their premium line of beef which is exclusively sourced and selected just for this restaurant. This beef is Monte, and is packed with flavour and juice.

On their menu, they offer grass-fed rump eye Monte, as well as fillet and rib-eye (grain-fed). They also serve shorthorn fillet, New York strip, and rib-eye.

Finally, they have a beautifully marbled range of wagyu, including grain-fed rib-eye and rump. The restaurant also has lovely sides and salads. 

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Final Thoughts

As you can tell, in Melbourne, there are lots of excellent steak restaurants. All of these restaurants listed above offer some of the best steaks in the city, cooked to your preference.

Dining in a steak restaurant in Melbourne is satisfying experience and chances are you’ll also have a perfect wine to match your meal. What’s better than a premium cut of wagyu paired with a full glass of wine?

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