The 15 Best French Restaurants In Sydney

Nothing beats heart-warming, home-cooked-style French cuisine. Whether you’re visiting Sydney or you’re a local looking for an indulgent and rich meal, Sydney offers a myriad of options for amazing French cuisine.

With so many restaurants on offer serving high-quality and delicious variations of French cuisine, knowing where to begin your search can be a challenge. 

Whether you’re looking for an authentic French meal, a French meal with an international twist, or a classic French dessert, there’s something for everyone! To help you get started on your food journey, we’ve put together a list of the best French restaurants that Sydney has to offer. 

The 15 Best French Restaurants In Sydney

The 15 Best French Restaurants

Restaurant Hubert

Restaurant Hubert is a charming and sophisticated eatery that specialises in serving traditional French cuisine and desserts. Restaurant Hubert strives to deliver food that reflects the essence of Paris.

The bistro-style layout includes a central dining room which is perfect for an intimate dining setting. The restaurant strives to create an elegant and theatrical dining experience. 

Restaurant Hubert’s menu consists of a wide range of French delicacies. Their chefs take pride in providing an intimate dining experience opening oysters, delicately slicing steak.

Their menu contains a range of seafood, shellfish, meat, and vegetable dishes. Their specialities include Duck a L’Orange which comes with pan fried Wollemi duck breast.

Their menu also contains a great variety of desserts and cheese boards for those looking for something a little more savoury. 

Restaurant Hubert offers the service of hosting banquets for a minimum of four people. This is a great way of having an intimate and luxurious dining experience.

They also offer wedding and event hire for anyone looking to host a chic celebration. The restaurant also regularly holds live music such as live jazz for a unique and memorable experience. 


  • Event and wedding hire
  • Live music 
  • Large menu 
  • Takeaway 

Bistro Papillon

Bistro Papillon provides a romantic atmosphere perfect for an intimate dining experience. Bistro Papillon prides itself on serving honest and authentic French cuisine and amazing French wine.

They strive to serve simple classics packed with flavour and character. Each dish serves to deliver a taste of France.

They are committed to providing a welcoming and community-oriented atmosphere so the restaurant stands as a hub for enjoying good company and delicious food. 

Bistro Papillon’s menu consists of a range of entrees, ‘plats de resistance’ containing a variety of classic French dishes, sweet and creamy treats, and a great selection of cheeses.

Some of their specialities include moules mariniere which comes with steamed black mussels with white wine, thyme, garlic, butter and parsley served with a fresh baguette.

Bistro Papillon offers hosting for private gatherings, celebrations and corporate events for groups of 6-30 people. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for a chic and sophisticated destination. 


  • Classic French dishes 
  • Event hire
  • Takeaway 
  • Delivery 


Felix is a brasserie tucked away in Sydney’s central business district. This restaurant offers a retro and chic atmosphere. This is a great place to visit for anyone looking for a vibrant and sophisticated dining experience.

Felix prides itself on delivering traditional French cuisine. Along with serving authentic French cuisine, the restaurant aims to create an ambient Parisian setting. 

Felix strives to create fresh and simple dishes that are honest and full of flavour. Each dish is carefully crafted by a professional hand. They also provide an extensive selection of fine wines crafted by a master sommelier.

For every dish, there’s a perfect wine to pair it with.

The menu consists of fresh seafood such as the woodfire big glory Bay salmon which comes with green beans, toasted almonds, and lemon beurre noisettes, locally sourced meat such as the roast cannon of spring lamb with flageolet beans, peas, leeks, and green olive tapenade.

They offer an extensive selection of simple and delicious dishes and desserts. 


  • Great wine list
  • Extensive menu 

Bistro Rex

Bistro Rex is located in the centre of Potts Point offering stunning views of the city. Bistro Rex provides a traditional Parisian Bistro setting. They strive to deliver authentic French cuisine with a modern twist.

The restaurant prides itself on delivering food made from high quality, fresh and native ingredients.

Committed to sustainability, they are also proud to support local suppliers and businesses and take part in an environmentally conscious recycling programme by committing to sustainable practices.

Bistro Rex’s menu offers a selection of French Bistro favourites. These include classic steak frites, cheese souffle, and chicken liver parfait. They also serve a french style Sunday roast with a whole champagne roasted pasture-raised chicken. 


  • Takeaway 
  • Locally sourced produce and ingredients
  • Sustainable practices 

Bistro Moncur

Bistro Moncur offers a quintessential French dining experience. They serve authentic French cuisine made with the best of Australia’s seasonal produce.

They strive to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and create a humble space for sharing food and making memories. This is a great restaurant to visit if you’re looking for somewhere sophisticated to enjoy great food. 

This French bistro offers an extensive menu enjoyed by many. They offer a regularly changing menu that includes classics, specials and delicious wines. Bistro Moncur strives to uphold tradition and share a unique experience with all.

Their menu includes entrees, main courses and sides.

The entree list includes favourites of burrata and Monterosa tomato with strawberries, basil and pine nut vinaigrette and on the main menu, pan-roasted fillet of snapper with potato dauphinoise, broccolini, cauliflower puree and sauce Vierge.

Their menu offers a variety of fresh fish and meat dishes and a couple of vegetarian options. 


  • Extensive wine list 

Bistro St Jacques

Bistro St Jacques offers an authentic French bistro dining experience. This restaurant offers fresh and wholesome dishes made with fresh and sustainably sourced produce and ingredients.

They strive to create authentic dishes with straightforward flavours and clean presentation. They believe in simplicity and not over-complicating a combination of delicious flavours.

Bistro St Jacques is committed to offering sustainably sourced produce such as their grass-fed beef cuts as well as the sustainably sourced wine. 

They offer an extensive menu that includes a selection of entrees, mains, sides, cheeses and desserts. You’ll notice that their menu changes frequently as they align their menu to what’s seasonally available.

They also offer a great wine list which makes a perfect pairing for the dishes on offer. 


  • Sustainable and locally sourced produce 
  • Simple and clean food

Loluk Bistro

The 15 Best French Restaurants In Sydney

Loluk Bistro specialises in serving authentic French cuisine. They strive to introduce French Southern cuisine to Sydney. Loluk Bistro is inspired by homemade, fresh and authentic French cuisine.

Their menu aims to create a home cooked feel in a space that offers wholesome and hearty food. The bistro aims to create a cosy atmosphere that reflects the South of France and makes guests feel like they are at home. 

Loluk Bistro’s menu includes a selection of entrees, platters, mains, sides, desserts and cheeses. Their menu contains some classic Southern French favourites which include escargot en persillade.

This dish includes snails in parsley and garlic butter and souffle aux deux fromages, crème de champignon, salade frisee which includes double cheese souffle, mushroom cream and frisee salad.

Their menu includes a range of dishes that cater to different dietary requirements including vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free dishes. 


  • Dishes cater to different dietary needs 

La Guillotine

Le Guillotine serves a range of delicious and traditional French dishes. This restaurant is a great choice for anyone looking for a quick and easy meal.

Le Guillotine provides a humble Parisian atmosphere with a romantic setting that’s ideal for an intimate dining experience. The restaurant began as a traditional French omelet house and has since grown into a popular French bistro that offers a range of classic French favourites. 

Their menu includes entrees, omelettes and desserts. With a tapas style menu that encourages trying a selection of dishes, La Guillotine makes a great lunch choice. They also provide a great wine list which works nicely with the entrees. 

La Guillotine offers hosting for parties and celebrations. For these events, they provide a set menu with dietary alternatives available. 


  • Offer event catering 
  • Provide dietary alternatives 
  • Takeaway 

The Little Snail

The Little Snail is a chic restaurant that offers a classic French set menu. The Little Snail specialises in hosting corporate events, celebrations and parties of up to 200 people.

They strive to offer authentic French cuisine that caters to your every need. This is a great choice for anyone looking to host a large and memorable event. 

For those dining in, they offer a selection of menus including a lunch menu, dinner menu, kids menu, and a la carte menu. Their dinner menu consists of classic French dishes.

One of the specialties includes escargots de Bourgogne. This dish includes a dozen snails marinated in herb-infused court bouillon and oven baked in garlic butter. Their menu offers a range of dishes that include fish, meat and vegetarian options. 


  • Event hosting and catering 
  • Takeaway 

Four Frogs Creperie

The Four Frogs Creperie serves authentic French crepes. The restaurant prides itself on serving fresh and handmade crepes made with love and care. Each is made to order using the freshest and finest ingredients.

All of their dishes are made in-house, including their crepes, sauces, milkshake and even their buckwheat flour. 

Whether you’re after something sweet or savoury, Four Frogs Creperie offers an extensive menu that includes over 50 crepes and galettes (savoury crepe).

Their crepes include classic topping favourites such as butter with sugar and lemon and more adventurous flavours such as chocolate coconut ice cream and rum.

Their galettes include classic favourites of ham and swiss cheese and more adventurous flavours of pork and apple cider sausage with swiss cheese, mushrooms and slow cooked onions in cider.

There really is something for everyone. They are committed to providing delicious crepes for all. Their crepes include gluten-free and vegetarian options.


  • Unique flavours 
  • Wide selection of crepes 
  • Takeaway 
  • Delivery 

Le Bouchon

Le Bouchon is a traditional French bistro that strives to bring a taste of France to the Lower North Shore of Sydney. The restaurant offers a rustic, warm farmhouse atmosphere that makes for an intimate dining experience.

This is a great place to visit for anyone looking for a welcome and hearty environment with a home cooked style meal.  

They offer a variety of menus including a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that each includes French classics.

They also offer a degustation menu which includes an 8-course meal along with premium matching wines. This is a great experience to share with friends and family for a memorable occasion. 


  • Large menu choice
  • Degustation menu 
  • Takeaway 
  • Delivery 

Chez Pascal French Restaurant

Chez Pascal is a traditional French restaurant that serves authentic French cuisine in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere that makes for a convivial dining experience.

They strive to create authentic French cuisine with flair. They pride themselves on transporting guests to old world France with their soulful and rich flavours. 

With an award-winning chef on hand, you’re sure to enjoy some top quality dishes. Their selective menu includes a range of classic entrees including traditional onion soup and mains including Filet de Boeuf a la Bourguignonne.

They offer a range of fresh seafood and meat dishes. 


  • Award-winning chef
  • Takeaway 

Atelier By Sofitel 

Atelier by Sofitel offers South of France cuisine with a modern twist.

Dedicated to introducing delectable French cuisine to Australia, Atelier by Sofitel strives to create inspiring dishes made with fresh flavours, unique and high-quality ingredients that represent the essence of France.

They pride themselves on delivering a sensory dining experience. This is a great place to visit for anyone looking to indulge in high quality and heart-warming food. 

Atelier by Sofitel offers a range of menus including buffet breakfast, le petit buffet breakfast, a dinner menu and le petit dinner. With a wide selection of food on offer, there’s certainly something for everyone.

Each of their menus also offers vegan and vegetarian options. 


  • Caters to dietary restrictions
  • Variety of menus 
  • Takeaway 

Metisse Restaurant

Metisse Restaurant is run by a father and daughter duo. They specialise in serving classic French dishes with a generational twist. The restaurant is run by Chef Opel Khan who is also an author and TV personality.

And daughter, Lucinda Khan who stands to be the youngest Head Chef in Sydney. 

Their menu pays homage to 30 years of gastronomy adventures with inspiration from all over the world. They strive to challenge the way we dine by marrying the old and the new to create new flavours.

Their menu consists of an 8-course degustation menu which includes dishes you will never have tasted before. This is a great place to visit for anyone looking to have a completely new and memorable experience. 


  • Degustation menu 

Claire’s Kitchen At Le Salon

Claire’s Kitchen at le Salon specialises in serving French cuisine with a modern twist. This restaurant stands out for its eccentricity.

Each dish has the base of a classic French dish and is then fused with a modern twist to create a burst of unique and vibrant flavours.

An example is the tourte a la ratatouille. This includes ratatouille, tofu and vegan cheese pie with balsamic ketchup.

Another favourite is the carre d’agneau which includes a rack of junee gold lamb with carrot and cumin puree, dutch carrots, broad beans and roasted garlic jus. 

The restaurant also offers a range of events and entertainment. These include nights of live music, fireworks and a 6-course degustation dinner. This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a unique and vibrant dining experience. 


  • Unique flavours
  • Live music 
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