The 15 Best Pizza Places In Sydney

Pizza is one of those universal foods that everyone loves. While Sydney might not be considered the home of authentic Italian pizza like Naples, the capital city of New South Wales is abundant in authentic-style restaurants, cafes, and pizzerias. 

The problem with finding a pizza place is that everyone thinks they’re an expert when it comes to pizza. We all have our favourite toppings and ideas of how crunchy the base and crust should be. Often it’s impossible to please everyone.

Some people might want an authentic Italian pizza with a thin crust, while others might want a giant slice of New York pizza, absolutely dripping in cheese and oil. 

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re visiting Sydney on your travels or you’re new to the area, we have found the 15 best pizza places in Sydney to suit all of your cravings. 

The 15 Best Pizza Places In Sydney

Queen Margherita of Savoy 

Location: Shop 9, 2 Surf Rd, Cronulla, NSW 2230 Ph: (02) 9527 4992

Let’s open our take on the best pizza places in Sydney with a beachside winner.

The pizzas at Queen Margherita of Savoy are prepared and baked in the same way as traditional Italian pizzas are made. Here the thin dough and delicious toppings are baked in a wood-fired pizza oven at temperatures higher than 450 °F for 60-90 seconds.

Within this short space of time, the dough becomes satisfyingly crunchy yet soft and slightly chewy. Queen Margherita of Savoy offers an array of pizzas, including vegan options, all with the flavours inspired by Italian cuisine. 

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Bella Brutta 

Location: 135 King Street, Newtown, NSW 2042 Ph: (02) 9922 5941

Bella Brutta is a bright and welcoming restaurant that encourages customers to get to know one another through their fantastic service and the layout of the eatery.

On arrival, sit at the bar while you wait for your table to be ready. Then delve further into the restaurant to a quieter section where you can eat in peace.

And speaking of the food, Bella Brutta’s pizzas are made as authentically as possible in real wood-fired pizza ovens. Our go-to is the Mortadella ($29), where Fior Di Latte, Green Olives, Garlic and Parmesan work brilliantly with slices of tasty Mortadella.

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Location: 256 Military Road, Neutral Bay NSW 2089 Ph: (02) 8003 7343

So, not everyone wants an authentic Italian pizza. Mutz is all about bringing New York’s famous pizzas right to Sydney. If you love cheese, this is the place for you.

Not only does this restaurant perfectly mimic New York’s finest pizzerias, but they also have Chicago’s iconic deep-dish pizzas. These babies are absolutely oozing in cheesy goodness. Why bother going on vacation to the states when you’ve got Mutz in Neutral Bay?

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Editor’s Note: We have been informed that Mutz has closed. We will let you know when we learn more. In the meantime, here’s another great pizza spot to try…


Location: Upper Ground Floor, 100 Mount St, North Sydney, NSW 2060 Ph: (02) 9167 7499

Whilst not exclusively a pizza joint, Glorietta still make a pretty good slice.

We’re big fan of the Salsiccia – pork sausage, pomodoro, mozzarella & Spanish onion. However, if you want something a little different, their Bee Sting – salami, Quinby’s honey, pomodoro & basil is an unusual combination that works.

Throw in a sleek, modern dining space and a delicious cocktail or 3 and you’ve got the beginnings of a great night out, north of the ‘Harbour.

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Westwood Pizza

Location: 245 Australia Street, Newtown, NSW 2042 Ph: 0466 181 266

If you want to support a new local business, make sure to check out Newtown’s Westwood Pizza. With the aim of blending traditional Italian pizza-making techniques with locally sourced Aussie ingredients, this small pizzeria is quickly making a name for itself.

Westwood Pizza is owned by Mitchell Westwood, who has been making pizza in some of Sydney’s finest pizzerias for years – including Bella Brutta and Queen Margherita of Savoy. 

This place is all about simplicity, so don’t go expecting truffles and gold leaves. Grab your friends and get ready for minimalism in the tastiest form.

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Angry Tony’s

Location: 103 Cleveland Street, Darlington, NSW 2008 Ph: (02) 9699 3999 & 671 Gardeners Road, Mascot, NSW 2020 Ph: (02) 9059 0234

Next on our list of the best pizza places in Sydney is a shrine to all things smothered in cheese – Angry Tony’s.

Sometimes, all you want to eat is a giant slab of greasy, cheesy, and oh-so-satisfying pizza. Angry Tony’s is all about packing their pizzas with indulgent “cheat day” flavours.

But the best part?

These pizzas are made from fresh locally sourced ingredients and made with a whole lot of love. Angry Tony’s is the place to go after having a few beers with friends. Even better, why not order a takeaway pizza and eat it in bed, just because you can.

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Pizza Madre

Location: 2/205 Victoria Road, Marrickville, NSW 2204 Ph: 0417 849 419

Truth is, pizza doesn’t necessarily need meat to be delicious. Pizza Madre have proven this fact, as their entire menu is filled with a variety of mouth-watering vegetarian pizzas that can be easily made vegan.

This place takes on all those unnecessary meat cravings and shows you the multitude of ways you can cook and enjoy cheeses, vegetables, and even fruits.

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The dough is a real standout feature. At Pizza Madre it undergoes a 3-day fermentation process. This creates a tart, sourdough-like flavour that marries beautifully with the toppings. 

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Macchiato Sydney

Location: Shop 2/338 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Ph: (02) 9262 9525

Macchiato Wood Fire Pizza and Coffee Roasters definitely has a vibe.

Big and buzzing, with a relaxed ambience that suits the rustic, casual decor, this eatery does the Italian basics – really well. Whilst the kitchen are proud of their Pasta dishes, it’s the Coffee and – of course – Pizza they we’re here for.

We’re talking bubble-crusted pizza bases, crisped to perfection in a wood-fired oven. The Tartufata Pizza is a luxurious mix of Mixed Mushrooms, Caramelised Onion, Ricotta, Mozzarella and Truffle Paste. However, as lovers of chilli-heat, we can’t go past the Diavola Gamberi – Garlic Prawns, Pepperoni, Olives, Onions, Capsicum, Mozzarella & Chilli.

And the name? Well, this Pizzeria also roasts its own coffee in-house. And there are few things better in life than a beautiful slice of pizza, washed down with a great coffee.

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Al Taglio 

Location: 102-104 Albion St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 8021 5944

The 15 Best Pizza Places In Sydney

If you’re going out to eat some authentic Italian pizza, you’d want the pizza to be made by and inspired by an Italian pizzaiolo, right? Al Taglio is run by pizzaiolo Enrico Sgarbossa who perfected his craft in schools and pizzerias across Italy before taking his signature style to Sydney.

This signature style uses a different flour to other traditional Italian pizzaiolos, giving the pizza a rougher texture. Plus, Al Taglio has mastered the rare art of vegan cheese, which is often tough to accomplish. 

Add this spot to your list of the best pizza places in Sydney and give it a go.

Vacanza Pizzeria

Location: 261 Bronte Road, Waverley, NSW 2024 Ph: 0432 055 987 & 414 Bourke St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 8964 6414

Translating to “holiday” in Italian, it makes sense for Vacanza to be located in beautiful Bronte. Whether you’re on vacation or a local to Sydney, Vacanza is the ideal place to make you feel like you’re on a relaxing vacation.

Every pizza at this pizzeria is made from locally sourced ingredients, and in true Italian style, the pizzas feature minimalistic toppings. Less is more, after all. Plus, the rest of the menu includes authentic Italian antipasti and pasta dishes and imported alcohol. 

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La Bufala

Location: Shops 17 & 18, 19/33 Kent Road, Mascot, NSW 2020 Ph: (02) 8319 4090

The standout feature of La Bufala is its method of making pizza dough. La Bufala uses Type 1 stone-ground flour (whereas most other pizzerias use Type 0 or Type 00) for the dough, which is then left to rise naturally for 48 hours.

To put it simply, this flour and dough-making technique is not only better for the digestive system (as the flour is high in fibre), but it also creates a dough that is equally crispy and soft. 

And with tomato-bases and white pizza bases – as well as vegan alternatives – this place is pizza heaven.

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Lucio Pizzeria

Location: East Village 2, Shop 34, 2-4 Defries Avenue, Zetland, NSW 2017 Ph: (02) 9697 3028 & 248 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 9332 3766

Owner Lucio De Falco is literally known as one of the best pizza makers in Sydney, to the point where he is the vice president Australasia of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

So, if you’re looking for award-winning authentic Italian pizza in Sydney, Lucio Pizzeria is the place to go. The Margherita pizza is particularly outstanding, as it famously won a prestigious pizza award in 2018.

Plus, Lucio Pizzeria offers some outstanding homemade Italian desserts. 

Frankie’s Pizza 

Location: 50 Hunter Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

If you’re looking for an awesome dining experience that mixes fine dining with rock’n’roll, Frankie’s Pizza is the place for you. At the front of the building you’ve got one of Sydney’s finest pizzerias, but towards the back, it turns into a rock club.

Frankie’s Pizza blends Italian and New York pizza with Australian culture. This makes for an entertaining and unique experience that’ll make you want to return. Plus, Frankie’s Pizza is the host to countless live acts – from local musicians to well-known artists. 

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Editor’s Note: Sadly, Frankie’s Pizza is another spot that has been demolished so that a new metro station can be built. As this is the case, why not try this lively spot instead…?

DOC Pizza – Surry Hills

Location: 78 Campbell St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 9211 1507

Well it took a while, but Melbourne’s hugely successful DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar finally has it’s first outpost in Sydney. And we’re pretty sure it won’t be the last.

As in their eateries in Carlton, Southbank and beyond, the Surry Hills venue is a winning combination of chic, yet casual dining space, lively bar and simple, good food.

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Along side the Charcuterie and Cheeses, the Sardines ($15) with Marjoram, Oregano, Shallots and Chilli are a great way to start your meal. But obviously, the main attraction here is the Pizzas.

If you like it meaty, hot and spicy, then the Pizza Cornuto ($27) is for you. Here, a layer of San Marzano Tomato comes topped with Mozzarella, Induja, Roasted Pepper & Hot Cacciatore Salame. Or if you’re leaning more to the veggie-side, may we suggest the Pizza ai Porcini ($32). With this beauty, Wild Mushrooms, Truffle Oil, Mozzarella and Grated DOP Pecorino arrive on a Bianco base.

Whatever you choose, the pizza base is delicious – light, chewy and flavoursome. Already loved in Victoria, we positive DOC Pizza is also one of the top pizza places in Sydney.

Dimitri’s Pizzeria

Location: 215 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 8068 4247

Dimitri’s Pizzeria is quickly making its way up our list of the best pizza places in Sydney.

The Darlinghurst locals love this spot, but even if you’re not a local, owners Ken and Drew are committed to welcoming every customer as if you were.

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This is a unique pizzeria that specializes in 100% sourdough bases, craft beer, and some interesting pizza toppings that surprisingly work.

The “Brussels Crowe”, for example, features wood-roasted Brussels sprouts, pancetta, mozzarella, onions, ricotta, and Parmesan. ‘Sounds strange, but it works. 

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La Coppola

Location: 152 Redfern Street, Redfern, NSW 2016 Ph: (02) 9699 8450

Located in the hustle and bustle of the Redfern, La Coppola is owned by Stefano Scopelliti, who has at least 30 years of pizza-making experience under his belt.

His signature style is the Sicilian pizza, which is crispier than the Neapolitan and Romana pizzas. These pizzas tend to push the boundaries of traditional pizzas. Our favourite is the Monferrato – a moreish mix of Fior di latte, Spicy pancetta, potato and rosemary. Delicious!

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Rosso Antico Pizza Bar

Location: Within The Urban Newtown, 2/52-60 Enmore Road, Newtown, NSW 2042 Ph: (02) 8065 4224

Owner Ricardo Tedesco has the art of pizza-making running through his veins. After years of experience (including with his mother who has owned restaurants in Sydney for decades), Rosso Antico is all about bringing traditional pizzas to the table.

However, that doesn’t mean the owner isn’t willing to make changes, so these pizzas are constantly developing in flavours and cooking style to surprise each customer. 

Make the trip to Newtown and give this entry on our list of the best pizza places in Sydney a go.

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Society Pizza Bar, Bondi Beach

Location: 88-90 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026 Ph: (02) 9130 7359

Bondi Beach isn’t exactly the place to go if you want a quiet dining experience However, if you manage to get a table at Society Pizza Bar, you’re in for a treat. Owned by Sicilian brother and sister Jonathan and Vittoria, this is the place to go for a welcoming and inclusive dining experience.

The best bit about this restaurant is the locally sourced seafood, which makes for delicious pizza toppings – a perfect meal before taking a stroll on the iconic beach. 

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