The 15 Best Breakfast Joints In Brisbane

Brisbane is a beautiful city known for its laidback culture, enviable sunshine and proximity to azure waters, stunning beaches and diverse wildlife.

It also has countless fabulous eateries that excel when it comes to producing wholesome, delicious breakfasts and brunches.

Breakfast in Australia has become its own cultural movement. Almost every street corner sports a cafe or bistro where you can enjoy crispy bacon and fluffy pancakes, vegan and gluten-free porridges, guilt-free donuts, sweet potato and thyme rostis and everything in-between.

The 15 Best Breakfast Joints In Brisbane

And with so many options available, it can be hard to find the best breakfasts that Brisbane has to offer. 

So let us help you find a delicious morning meal. From every corner of the city, we have rounded up our favourite breakfast spots so that you can sample some of the most unique dishes available in this thriving metropolis.


Location: Shop b7/275 George St, Brisbane City, QLD 4000 Ph: (07) 3211 2161


We’re opening our search for the top breakfast in Brisbane with Cicada. We love this casual, yet sophisticated, bistro and bar in the heart of the CBD.

Open Monday to Friday, serving hearty and healthy breakfasts and a diverse a-la-carte lunch and dinner menu from steak to share plates. The cafe serves Campos coffee, hot and strong.

Cicada is the ideal destination for catching up over coffee with friends, or discussing business with clients over a leisurely brunch.


Our favourite dish is the Truffled Mushroom Scrambled Eggs with enoki mushrooms. Delicious and filling.

The Rustic Breaky is also very popular. The homemade hashbrowns are delightfully fluffy, whilst the roasted pumpkin and tomato jam is a healthy addition.

Also note: As dusk falls, Cicada turns into a buzzing Brisbane bar. It’s the perfect spot for after-work drinks in the CBD, complete with everything you need to unwind (from top-shelf spirits and an extensive wine list to local craft beers and interesting cocktails).

Editor’s Note: Sadly, Cicada seems to have closed. We will update you when we learn more.


Two Locations: West End and Annerley 

Locations: Billykart West End – 2 Edmondstone St, South Brisbane, QLD 4101 Ph: (07) 3177 9477 & Billykart Kitchen Annerley – 1 Eric Cres, Annerley, QLD 4103 Ph: 0493 361 565


There’s nothing better than a quirky breakfast and Billykart is the reigning champion when it comes to unique and creative dishes.

Billykart has two innovative and buzzing restaurants in West End and Annerley. Both take traditional breakfast ingredients and combine them with new and exciting flavours. The result is some of the most celebrated dishes in the city.

So the next time you feel like fried eggs, go to Billykart and try them with a side of bacon, prawns and crispy noodles


The true testament to any good breakfast joint is its eggs Benedict. And Billykart offers one of the best variations that we have ever seen.

Featuring two poached eggs, this dish pairs the classic ingredients with cheese souffle and bacon before topping it with ocean cured trout and a decent helping of hollandaise sauce.

So if that doesn’t pique your culinary curiosity, then we don’t know what will. 

2022 update: Billykart has been focusing on introducing more plant-based breakfasts to the menu. Embracing the concept of breakfast boards, there is now a new Vegan Board. This delight features coconut chia sago mango puree pudding, smashed avo, falafel, hash browns and fresh fruits.

More than half of dishes on the menu are either vegetarian or vegan meals. In addition, there is an expanded the gluten-free menu. And finally, the new roasted cauliflower is both vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Little things like this make Billykart a strong contender for the top breakfast in Brisbane.

Florence Cafe 

Location: 54 Martha St, Camp Hill, QLD 4152 Ph: 0493 117 933


Continuing our hunt for the top breakfast in Brisbane, we head to Florence Cafe. This quaint little eatery resides in an old Queenslander cottage in Camp Hill. Here, the staff make their own delicious preserves, pickles and condiments.

Offering all-day breakfast, you will have plenty of opportunities to sample some of the most unique dishes that Brisbane has to offer. From mushrooms served with potato pancakes to poached eggs with ricotta and homemade pepper sauce – everything is divine.


If you have the time to pay this adorable spot a visit, then we recommend ordering their famous breakfast omelette. Featuring a combination of Jerusalem artichoke, smoked ricotta, seaweed vinaigrette and hazelnut, it’s stunning.

Perfect for gluten-free diners, this omelette makes for a delicious morning meal and is a great way to start your day. 

Halo Ground 

Location: 100 Brookes St, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006


The next spot on our list can be found in Fortitude Valley, although it can be easy to overlook as it is tucked away from the rest of the world.

Sporting a rather unassuming front, this cafe boasts a seasonal breakfast menu that offers some of the most epic dishes available, from thick cuts of pork belly to eggs Benedict served with waffles.

Just make sure to get there early, for this cafe can get crowded on the weekend. And as you know – a crowd is alway a good sign that this cafes serves the best breakfast in Brisbane.


Although the Halo Ground menu is constantly changing, there are some recurring dishes that you have to try.

Our personal recommendation would be the orange blossom hotcakes, which come with a fruity pineapple custard.

Personally, the indulgence of eating dessert for breakfast is one of life’s great perks and we love that Halo Ground agrees. 

Of course, few brunch items can top a good toasted sandwich. And whether you go for a classic egg, bacon and avo or a halloumi, hummus and harissa, the one thing you need is a reliable sandwich press. For the latest models and prices, see here.

My Mistress 

Location: 4011/515 Sandgate Rd, Clayfield, QLD 4011 Ph: (07) 3256 0590


Another of the most popular breakfast spots in Brisbane, My Mistress has been based in Clayfield for over six years. This busy eatery offers a range of dishes with amusing names such as One Night Stand and Morning Glory.

The brunch and breakfast dishes lack for nothing in quality; each dish is made with the freshest of ingredients to produce a breakfast experience that you will not forget easily.


One of the best things about this cafe is how they use culturally specific ingredients to construct their unique breakfasts. For example, Oh My Geisha centres on a Japanese okonomiyaki pancake topped with a fried egg.

However, if you prefer to keep things simple, you can order a plate of Rendezvous. This is your classic smashed avocado on sourdough with beetroot hummus and fried halloumi – delicious! 

Chapter IV 

Location: 180 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, QLD 4064 Ph: (07) 3367 0834


If you want to sample traditional breakfast dishes with a modern and tasty twist, then there’s no better place to visit than Chapter IV.

Located in Paddington, this cafe is housed inside a historical Queenslander, which offers stunning views of the surrounding city.

Featuring a wide menu, this spot boasts hearty versions of all of your breakfast favourites, from eggs benedict and waffles to French toast and hash browns. 


For many, when it comes to breakfast, a good eggs benedict is all that is required to start the day off on a solid foundation. For these traditionalists, Chapter IV offers one of the best in the whole of Brisbane.

Sporting the classic poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, this recipe finished the dish with spicy Singaporean crab and served it on a slice of Turkish bread. 


Location: 220 James St, New Farm, QLD 4005 Ph: (07) 3113 3660


Although the original Pablo closed its doors a few years ago, a new venue has opened up in New Farm, where they continue to serve their glorious smashed peas.

However, they also offer a range of breakfast and brunch options that showcase the best elements of the classic morning meal.

From breakfast burgers to breakfast trifles, this establishment has something for everyone and does not hold back when it comes to flavour. 


If you manage to pay this wonderful cafe a visit, then we recommend ordering some of their famous cinnamon waffles, which are topped with toffee sauce as well as caramelized bananas, chocolate mascarpone and a sprinkling of toasted pistachios – now if that doesn’t sound good then we really aren’t on the same page 😉

Editor’s Note: Sadly, Pablo has closed. We will update you when we learn more. As this is the case, why not try here instead…?

Andonis Cafe & Bar

Location: 4/281 Station Rd, Yeerongpilly, QLD 4105 Ph: (07) 3848 8180 & 28/32 Robertson St, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006 Ph: (07) 2113 2734 & Andonis By The Corso, 19 Orontes Rd, Yeronga, QLD 4104 Ph: (07) 3848 2657


Next up on our hunt for the finest breakfast in Brisbane we have Instagram favourite Andonis Cafe and Bar.

Currently with 3 venues, these folks are killing the brekkie game. Fancy something sweet? Then the Nutella Pecan French Toast Our Way should hit the spot. If savoury is more your thing, the Breakfast Burger of the Gods – with Bacon, Fried Egg, Hash Brown, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce and more – is hard to ignore.


As for us? Well, all too often we want a bit of both. Luckily, Andonis Cafe and Bar has that sorted too. Their Canadian Breakfast Tower is a Belgian Waffle topped with Bacon, Egg & Hash Brown, with Fruit and Icing Sugar thrown in for good measure.

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Peach Cafe 

Location: 97 Haig Rd, Auchenflower, QLD 4066


A relative newcomer to the city, Peach Cafe first caught the attention of the public with its pastel pink decor and epic vegan breakfasts. Further investigation reveals a menu boasting a wide selection of delicious and indulgent snacks.

From eggs benedict croissants to halloumi hash burgers, this spot offers a unique range of dishes that promise to satisfy even the most avid of breakfast eaters. 


We understand that some people prefer something sweet in the morning, which is why Peach Cafe found its way onto our list.

Beyond its savoury breakfasts, this establishment also offers a range of pastries and cakes, with one of its most popular dishes being breakfast hotcakes topped with spiced apple, oat crumbles and salted dulce de leche sauce – yum! 

Smoked Paprika 

The 15 Best Breakfast Joints In Brisbane

Location: 2/5 Nash St, Paddington, QLD 4064 Ph: 0431 080 925


We know that small portions can rip out your soul when you’re feeling ravenous at breakfast. So, if you want to feel full and satiated until late afternoon, then Smoked Paprika should be the first stop on your list.

Boasting a range of delicious options, this cafe offers a new special dish every week, with some notable entrants including mac ‘n’ cheese scotch eggs and sticky date pancakes. Reassuringly, the portions are on the generous side.

So the next time you have a craving, make sure to pay this joint a visit. 


Savoury breakfasts are all the rage at the moment, and Smoked Paprika offers some eclectic and wholesome dishes well worth sampling. Our particular favourite is the sweet potato hash, which comes topped with bacon, halloumi, avocado, poached eggs and bearnaise sauce. 


Location: 9 Somerset Rd, Kedron, QLD 4031 Ph: (07) 3861 1956


Even though our next entry can be found in the sleepy suburb of Kedron, it still manages to capture the rustic charm of a countryside vineyard.

Considered to be one of the most popular breakfast spots in Brisbane, this cafe often sports a long queue on weekends.

However, you will be rewarded for your patience with some of the best food that the city has to offer.

So if you have a craving for breakfast gnocchi with chili sauce or poached eggs with parmesan and bacon, then this is the place for you. 


There’s no denying that pancakes are a breakfast staple and Farmhouse offers one of the best pancake dishes in the city.

Bursting with fresh strawberries, these pancakes are served with white chocolate and pistachio dukkah, as well as a scoop of gelato and Miss Sophia’s homemade berry and honeycomb sauce. 

Banter Coffee 

Location: 1/190 Radford Rd, Manly West, QLD 4179 Ph: (07) 3162 5767


If you find yourself on the southern bayside, there’s no need to drive halfway across the city to get a good breakfast and espresso – there are plenty of cafes and restaurants waiting for you in the bay.

Located in Manly, Banter Coffee offers a selection of inventive dishes, with some of their most popular breakfasts including culinary creations such as apple crumble French toast and spicy zucchini fritters. 


When you visit Banter Coffee, you are always guaranteed a delicious and hearty breakfast, so why not indulge yourself and order the Philly cheesesteak and eggs?

Featuring a premium eye filet that has been topped with scrambled eggs, this dish is served with a side of potato wedges and comes garnished with horseradish cream cheese, jalapeno peppers and a spicy jam – amazing! 

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Block House Coffee

Location: Inside Fifth Avenue Lifestyle Nundah, 130 Ryans Rd, Nundah, QLD 4012 Ph: (07) 3172 6869


Considered one of Nundah’s most popular breakfast joints, Blockhouse offers a creative and moreish menu that is crazy in all of the right ways.

From fried chicken and waffles to avocado toast with popcorn chicken, this cafe has something for everyone and is not stingy when it comes to portions.

So if you want to experience a breakfast unlike any other, you need to book a table at this amazing spot. 


If you love waffles for breakfast, then you have to try Blockhouse’s okonomiyaki waffles with maple bacon steak.

Not only does this dish combine the very best of sweet and savoury, but its Japanese-inspired twist also gives it a unique and delicious flavour. 

Pawpaw Cafe 

Location: 898 Stanley St E, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102 Ph: (07) 3891 5100 


Pawpaw Cafe is the kind of joint that knows how to do breakfast right, from its diverse menu to its stylish and modern space.

Distinguished by its selection of hearty options, Pawpaw offers unique twists on notable classics such eggs benedict croissants and white chocolate meringue pancakes.

So you know you will have plenty of options when it comes to ordering your morning meal. 


Although this cafe offers some of the best gourmet breakfasts in Brisbane, we personally love their take on a classic avocado toast.

Featuring smashed avocado and black vinegar reduction, this dish is topped with fried brussel sprouts and juicy cherry tomatoes, resulting in a breakfast that is both beautiful and nutritious.

Miss Jones 

Location: 1/599 Brusnwick St, New Farm, QLD 4005 Ph: 0450 455 799


Have you ever wondered what happened to Bridget Jones? Well, it seems she moved to Australia and opened one of the best restaurants in Brisbane.

Offering a new menu every season, this stylish spot is known for its vibrant decor and comfortable seating, with delicious dishes that are constantly changing and evolving. 


Because of the vast selection of dishes available, Miss Jones is the kind of breakfast joint that you can visit again and again, with each trip yielding new and amazing results.

From delicate hotcakes to breakfast burgers loaded with toppings, there’s something for everyone when you visit this amazing spot. 

Editor’s Note: Sadly, Miss Jones Cafe seems to have closed. We will update you when we learn more.

Morning After 

Location: Cambridge St, West End, QLD 4101 Ph: (07) 3844 0500 


Are you planning a brunch date with a special someone? Then we recommend that you book a table at the Morning After.

Despite its hilarious name, this cafe offers a wide menu of gourmet dishes, from breakfast carbonara (yes, pasta for breakfast!) to ornate muffins loaded with fruit and grains.

So if you take your breakfast seriously, then this is one place you need to see. 


You know the eggs benedict are going to be good when they are simply called Benedict on the menu.

Taking the basics of the classic breakfast, this dish tops a slice of sourdough with poached eggs, watercress and pork belly before smothering it with a creamy hollandaise sauce – breakfast is served! 

Petrichor & Co.

Location: Corner Allen Street & 1/33 Racecourse Rd, Hamilton, QLD 4007 Ph: (07) 3194 9185 


If you prefer your breakfast with a South American twist, then Petrichor & Co is the best place for you.

Featuring a wide menu of Colombian meals, this cafe boasts classic breakfast dishes that have been infused with notable Latin ingredients.

So if you fancy some poached eggs, why not smother them with pulled pork and guacamole for some extra measure. 


When it comes to ordering breakfast at Petrichor & Co, there are so many options that you may find it difficult to choose.

However, we personally recommend a plate of the spiced pumpkin pancakes.

Served with an acai and berry compote, these pancakes come topped with white chocolate and pecan crumbles, creating a dish that embodies the very best flavours of Autumn.

Dylan Cole