The 15 Best Steak Houses In Adelaide

Steak is an essential staple of the meat lover’s diet.

It is nearly impossible to beat a finely prepared and perfectly chargrilled cut of beef and you will undoubtedly find the drool-inspiring option to satisfy your every desire from the list of restaurants below.

Read on to discover the 15 best steaks in the whole of Adelaide. 

15 Best Steaks In Adelaide

Victory Hotel

This hotel serves up three of the finest steaks that your avid meat lover could wish for! The venue also boasts stunning coastal views for a literal ‘surf & turf’ experience!

These steaks are a Thousand Guineas grain-fed rump, a Clare Valley 300g scotch fillet and the Black Angus 200g eye fillet, all of which come accompanied with a stunning potato grain, roasted mushrooms, and a delightful cauliflower puree.

They also pride themselves on sourcing only the finest meat and cooking it on a piping hot chargrill that is guaranteed to grill your steak to perfection.

The Victoria Hotel

This hotel has been serving it’s prime steaks for over a decade. They also boast a wide range of steak-options to choose from including the wagyu rump and their infamous 1kg T-bone.

If you are brave enough to sample the latter, you will be more than sufficed (and sweating!) This T-bone challenge comes complete with 500g of BBQ ribs and 500g of chicken wings alongside crispy wedges and a caesar salad.

This restaurant certainly takes pride in its food and it’s generous portions are reflective of this.

D’arry’s Verandah

This restaurant is award-winning for a reason and their scrumptious fillet of beef comes with paprika shallots, fine polenta chips and fried chorizo.

You will be salivating as soon as you read the menu and in steak-heaven once you have tried this dish.

The head chef, Peter Reschke has stated that the key to a great steak lies in ensuring that the meat is rested in an oven after being seared in a hot pan as this is the perfect way to settle the juices.

He’s not wrong as this steak is to die for!

Ellen St Restaurant

This restaurant believes that the secret to a perfected steak lies in the way that the meat has been dry-aged.

This restaurant cooks it’s meat in a hot oven for 30 minutes before chargrilling it and caramelising the steak until it is perfectly tender.

If you are looking for indefinable culinary excellence, this is the steak-spot for you!

The Lion Hotel

This hotel offers the choice of fine or casual dining.

On the casual menu, you will be able to sample the delights of their Australian Angus Sirloin that comes complete with black cabbage, polenta chips and a luscious bacon jam.

On the fine dining menu, you can try the most costly Black Angus fillet (which is the most renowned option as it is cooked on their infamous rotisserie!)

This restaurant has been named the best by the Australian Hotels Association and so you are guaranteed to receive excellent service and exquisite food.

Black Bull Hotel

If you are not in fear of the meat sweats then this is definitely the spot for you!

Their huge 1KG Black Bull Clare Valley Hereford Rump Steak challenge is utterly phenomenal and this $50 challenge has rarely been completed!

All of these steaks are cooked to perfection and served with their flavoursome seasonal vegetables, chips and sauce of your choice.

The Black Angus porterhouse is definitely recommended as is the (slightly smaller) version of their Clare Valley Hereford rump.

A Hereford Beefstouw

15 Best Steaks In Adelaide

This restaurant boasts a whopping ten cuts of beef to choose from, ranging from the wagyu to rib eye steaks.

This steakhouse is influenced by Danish cuisine and it specialises in the finest cuts of dry aged beef that is dried in-house.

Your order is able to be placed simply by ticking the list on the mini order that is supplied.

Their Hereford grass-fed beef is the standout choice and their salad bar offers a varied selection of potato salad, olives and phenomenal dressings to compliment your meat.


This Serbian influenced eatery has been dry ageing steak over a year but they keep it humble by not flaunting this factor.

They prefer not to refer to themselves as a steak restaurant and allow their food to do the talking for them.

These month-dried steaks are further dried for another four before being served and all of these cuts are cooked on charcoal adding a boost of flavour and authenticity.

It is seasoned with a healthy dose of pepper and salt and glazed in garlic. These steaks are undoubtedly some of the tastiest on offer in Adelaide! 

Cork And Cleaver

This institution has been in operation for 38 years and is renowned for serving some of the best steaks in Adelaide.

Restaurateur, Stratos Pouras has also amassed 38 awards and the excellent steaks on offer here are undoubtedly reflective of his excellence.

The dining experience here is classic, authentic and elite. Their Black Angus Steak is spiced to perfection and you can also chow down on their scotch fillet with hickory and pepper.

The Little Hunter

This is the perfect spot for chargrilled steaks that will more than satisfy your meat cravings.

The lean Black Angus rump, Angus ribeye and Sherwagyu rump and Angus eye fillet are all thoroughly recommended and come with a wide variety of sauces ranging from peppercorn and red wine to the more experimental wild mushrooms.

Wash down with a fine glass of red wine to hit the spot nicely!

Torrens Arms

These steaks are inexpensive and undoubtedly delicious! The juicy cuts served at the Torrens Arms are usually under $40 and come served with broccoli and sweet potato fries.

They also dedicated Thursday evenings specifically to rump steaks where you can try their finest black Angus steak and a drink for only $15!

This restaurant’s reputation speaks for itself and it is renowned for delivering constant and continual excellence. You’d be a fool to miss out!

Britannia Hotel

This restaurant serves wholesome steak for those who are on a budget. These steaks may be cheaper but they’re certainly no less juicy!

You can wrap your eager jaws around a delicious T-bone steak or try their delightful porterhouse option. Both of these steaks come served with chips and a salad for only $12!

You should book in advance as this is an incredibly popular venue amongst locals for a good reason – the food is delicious!


This family favourite restaurant is the perfect place to finish a stroll through the beautiful park located on its doorstep.

Try the 600g T-bone steak if you are particularly hungry or even the 300g fillet that comes topped with delicious prawns and a veggie stack.

The waiters here are also more than willing to talk you through their extensive wine menu to ensure that you find the perfect drop to accompany your meat.

Grand Central 

If game meat is more your thing then this is definitely the right spot for you. The Grand Central’s finest chargrilled kangaroo steak is the perfect option for those more experimental eaters.

This meat is grilled to perfection and served with plump cherry tomatoes.

For any sports fans, this venue is also home to Central Districts Football Club and you’ll be able to grab a delightfully delicious steak whilst cheering on the team on match day making this the perfect spot for gatherings of friends and family alike.


This oriental Japanese steak is guaranteed to have you salivating for days until you get to sample it’s excellence again. It is carefully and intricately prepared and cooked teriyaki-style.

This steak is served rested on a banana leaf for that added oriental experience and comes accompanied by a delightuflly fresh side salad drizzled in teriyaki sauce.

This is definitely the best restaurant to choose if you are seeking an experimental fillet of steak and you will certainly not leave disappointed once you have experienced the tender meat on offer at Mobara. 

To conclude, Adelaide boasts some of the finest steak connoisseurs and restaurants in the whole of Australia.

Whilst this city can so often be overlooked with regards to it’s restaurant scene due to its smaller size, it undoubtedly serves some of the finest food in the whole of the country and should not be underestimated.

Whether you are looking to chow down on a traditional steak that is cooked to perfection or you prefer to try a more experimental option, you will undoubtedly find the right dish to satisfy your every desire in Adelaide. 

Dylan Cole