The 15 Best Restaurants In North Sydney

If you’re looking for one of the best restaurants in North Sydney, then look no further.

We’ve visited, tasted, and review dozens of restaurants in North Sydney, and from our rigorous testing, we’ve discovered the 15 best restaurants.

North Sydney is home to Sydney’s second-largest CBD, and as a result, it means there are tons of restaurants and bars to choose from. With all the choices, it can be difficult to know what places are good and worth visiting.

That’s why we’ve done all the research for you!

With that said, here are the best restaurants that North Sydney has to offer!

The 15 Best Restaurants In North Sydney

Chaco Bar

The first restaurant we recommend visiting is the delightful Chaco Bar.

If you are looking for exquisite Japanese food, then enter the wonderful world of Chaco Bar.

While the food is the star of the show, the restaurant aesthetic and the atmosphere it brings is intoxicating. Featuring moody lighting, this restaurant will transform you into an intoxication of pure relaxation.

As most of our readers know, there is a huge, global problem when it comes to food waste. Chaco Bar prides itself on being one of the few restaurants in North Sydney that really tackle this issue.

Everything in the Chaco Bar is used, almost every aspect of the animal is transformed into delicious food, which is not only good for our taste buds but gives a sense of respect to the animals we so luckily get to eat.

When it comes to the chicken, all aspects of the meat are used – the wings, heart, the tail.

They get skewered, basted, and then charred, transforming aspects of an animal we would usually throw away, into appreciative works of art.

The chickens, in fact, are deboned in-house and are simmered into a delicious broth which is used at their sister restaurant, Chaco Ramen.

Chaco Bar is fine dining, but truly initiative. We respect and commend Chaco Bar on their menu and their commitment to creating surprising, and delicious food, in a splendid setting.

Chaco Bar offers:

  • Exceptional fine dining
  • Zero waste policy
  • Japanese cuisine


Source: Crownsydney

The next restaurant we recommend visiting is the remarkable a’Mare.

A’Mare is an Italian restaurant, owned by the delightful Italian couple Alessandro and Anna Pavoni. If you appreciate fine dining, then you will fall in love with a’Mare. The dishes are refined and outstanding.

You can expect to see delectable dishes such as squid-ink risotto, which features buttermilk emulsion and roe.

There is also basil pesto, which is made table side, so you can appreciate the immense skill that the chefs at a’Mare hold. If you like gelato, you can also expect it to be scooped in front of you, serving up classic Italian desserts.

The only hold-up with this restaurant is that it is set inside a hotel and a casino. That means it may not be suitable for those with younger children, and those who are not comfortable around casinos.

It is, however, a true representation of a fine dining restaurant, and you have an excellent view of Barangaroo’s bay.

A’Mare offers:

  • Incredible views of the bay
  • Italian cuisine


The following restaurant we recommend visiting is the wonderful Quay.

It’s not surprising that a restaurant named Quay serves some of the best seafood in North Sydney. If you’re a fan of seafood, then experiencing what Quay has to offer is a must.

Quay transforms the ordinary, their white coral is a must, and if you’re planning on a starter, you need to order the walnut, truffle, and cornflour dumpling.

It’s designed to look like a walnut, not only is it a work of art, but the taste is extraordinary.

Their menu changes seasonally, but you can rest assured that whenever you visit Quay, you’ll be getting the freshest seafood, along with the freshest dishes.

Quay offers:

  • Seafood

The Botanist

The next restaurant we recommend visiting is The Botanist.

The Botanist is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant. They use seasonal ingredients, that are always fresh, to create vibrant and delicious dishes.

More than that, The Botanist understands that when you visit a restaurant, there is more to experience than just the food.

From the outstanding dish decoration to the interior of the restaurant, The Botanist has managed to create a chic and relaxing atmosphere that can transform the individual to indulge in their palace of food.

You can expect to see hanging plants and vines, paired with delightful vases and pots, pulling on the botanical color scheme of green and brown.

The food itself is designed to be shared. You can take a step back from fine dining, and enjoy properly made slides, pizzas, and tacos. They also took the time to create an extensive drink menu, full of wonderful cocktails, which is very popular.

The Botanist offers:

  • Fresh, seasonal ingredients
  • Natural inspired interior design
  • Sharing food


Another restaurant we recommend visiting is the very quirky, Treehouse.

If you’re searching for a restaurant with a unique twist, then pop on down to Treehouse. Given the name, it’s no surprise that these guys aren’t afraid to be bold.

You can expect to see gargoyles, who protect the outdoor seating area from any mythical predators.

The interior is splendid. It’s dark, moody, and mysterious. You can expect to see chandeliers, rustic wood, and leather seats, paired against a brick wall.

When it comes to the meals, everyone can expect to find something that they like.

We recommend that you order the grilled scampi, it comes with lemon-infused herb butter and a delicious parsley salad. If you prefer meat, then you may enjoy the beef carpaccio, paired with capers and anchovies.

Treehouse offers:

  • An exciting, bold decor
  • Dishes suitable for all palettes

Saint Peter

The subsequent restaurant we recommend visiting is the critically acclaimed Saint Peter.

Josh Niland is one of Sydney’s most famous chefs, and he owns the wonderful restaurant, Saint Peter. Given this is Niland’s restaurant, we had big expectations on visiting, and we were not let down.

Saint Peter features an innovative design, which a gorgeous marble counter stretching the length of the restaurant, showing off a stunning diner aesthetic.

It’s an incredibly fun, charming, and elegant restaurant, which is very surprising and difficult to pull off in a diner setting. Niland has transformed our expectations of diners and turned it into true fine dining.

When it comes to food, Niland is most known for his ability to cook fish to perfection.

The restaurant has a commitment to sustainability, so you can trust that all the produce used is as ethical as possible. Truly, a restaurant to visit.

Saint Peter offers:

  • Excellent seafood
  • Gorgeous restaurant


The next restaurant we recommend visiting is the boisterous Firedoor.

If you manage to get a booking at the infamous Firedoor, then count yourself lucky. While Netflix increased Firedoor’s popularity, it fully booked up its system, meaning it’s incredibly difficult to get a seat.

Firedoor truly is out of this world. They do not use gas or eclectic, they pride themselves on their work with fire, and want all their guests to indulge in the magnificence of the combination of fire, and their skills.

When it comes to food, you’ll be looking at a five-course menu, with the option of added extra signature dishes. Firedoor is a new type of fine dining experience.

They transformed the game to show that fine dining can be exciting, bold, and a little dangerous.

Don’t fret – you’ll be perfectly safe, but don’t try to recreate the dishes at home, because it takes serious skill to work with fire the way these chefs do.

Firedoor offers:

  • Food cooked exclusively with fire
  • Five-course menu

Moorish Blue

Another restaurant we recommend visiting is the delightful Moorish Blue.

Moorish Blue is an excellent restaurant, that we feel has not received the publicity that it deserves.

This is a Tunisian-inspired restaurant, created by the owner and chef Jamil Ben-Hassine. The dishes are authentic North African food and are truly delicious.

You can expect to discover mouthwatering dishes, such as a tagine’s with flavorful rice, full of succulent lamb, olives, figs, and broad beans.

Plus, the serving sizes are Moorish Blue are very generous, so you’ll be leaving with a very happy stomach.

Moorish Blue offers:

  • North African food
  • Tunisian food


The following restaurant we recommend visiting is the quaint Oski.

Okay, if we’re honest, Oski is not a restaurant, it’s technically a cafe, but it’s still worth the visit. So, this little place does not take bookings, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get a seat.

Crowds of people wait in line to get a seat at Oski, because the food is that good. The owner of Oski is from Sweden, and as a restaurant, the menu is inspired by Swedish food.

One especially popular dish is the pytt I panna, which translated to bubble and squeak.

Think of a delicious fried egg, sautéed bacon, tiny fried potatoes, and sausages, drizzled in olive oil with a sprinkle of dill. Um, did someone say brunch? Incredible.

Oski offers:

  • Swedish food


The subsequent restaurant we recommend visiting is Porcine.

If you’re a fan of French bistros, then you will adore Porcine. It’s an incredibly enchanting bistro, full of charm and wonder. If you’re looking for a restaurant for a special occasion, Porcine is for you.

The dishes they serve are ever-changing, but they stay loyal to the traditional theme of French classics, merged with British pub food.

Any meat lover should venture to Porcine. You will find immense and innovative dishes that are sure to impress.

Porcine offers:

  • French and British fusion

Charlie & Franks

The next restaurant we recommend visiting is the classic Charlie & Franks.

Let’s be honest, none of us are in the mood for fine dining all the time.

Charlie & Franks offers amazing food, in a relaxed, homely environment. All the ingredients are sourced ethically and are as sustainable as possible.

When it comes to the menu, you can find a range of tasty, proper food. One of our favorite items was the Korean-style fried chicken burger with fries and a chai latte. There’s also an excellent selection of salads and green juices if that’s your thing.

Charlie & Franks offers:

  • Casual dining

Mr Wong

Source: Merivale

Another restaurant we recommend visiting is Mr Wong.

Mr Wong serves up some of the best Cantonese food on offer in North Sydney. There are over 80 incredible dishes, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

The dim sum is impressive, and the lobster and scallop dumplings will be grand enough to impress any connoisseur. We recommend the whole roast duck and the grade-9 wagyu.

If you have any room left in your stomach for dessert, you need to try the deep-fried ice cream.

Mr Wong offers:

  • Cantonese food
  • 80 different dishes


The next restaurant we recommend visiting is Lavendra.

When it comes to Indian food, Lavendra is one of the greatest. What we loved about Lavendra is that they offer a seasonal tasting menu, full of delicious food, but guests can also navigate the menu by themselves.

When it comes to the food itself, the butter chicken and roasted macadamia nuts are extraordinary. There are also barbecued lamb cutlets, papri chaat, and samosa that will knock your socks off.

Lavendra offers:

  • Excellent Indian food
  • Seasonal tasting menu


The subsequent restaurant we recommend visiting is the delightful Lumi.

Lumi fuses Japanese and Italian cuisine and hospitality, to create a truly unique restaurant. It’s an incredibly contemporary restaurant, so if dining inside an ultra-modern den is unappealing to you, then Lumi is not the place for you.

If, however, you are impressed with how chefs and restaurant owners are transforming the industry, you will be marveled at the wonder that is Lumi.

We tried the chicken skin with diced raw scallop and naturism flowers, which was impeccable, and the plating was divine. We also tried the al dente tagliolini, which was cooked to perfection.

Furthermore, we cannot recommend Lumi enough.

Lumi offers:

  • Japanese and Italian fusion
  • Modern and contemporary design

The Gidley

The last restaurant we recommend visiting is The Gidley.

If you enjoy fine dining, and you love steak houses, then you will fall in love with The Gidley. This is an impressive venue.

As soon as you enter, you will walk down gorgeous dimly lit stairs, and into this old-school and charming restaurant. Here, you will eat some of the best steaks in Sydney, while sitting in some remarkable, leather chairs.

The other grand aspect of The Gidley is that the staff have an impressive amount of knowledge about the wine menu. This is especially important in a steak house, and their wine list is very pleasing.

The Gidley offers:

  • Fine dining
  • Steak house
  • Extensive wine menu


North Sydney is full of amazing and interesting restaurants. These are some of the best restaurants that North Sydney has to offer. Let us know if you end up visiting any, as we had a delightful time visiting and reviewing these wonderful restaurants.

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