The 15 Best Kebab Shops In Sydney

Grabbing a cheeky kebab at the end of a drunken night out is most peoples’ idea of heaven. It’s the perfect food for satisfying that greasy, salty craving you get when alcohol is involved!

However, kebabs and other Turkish dishes aren’t just for the drunken messes of the world! Kebab shops can also be a great place to sit down and enjoy some authentic Turkish cuisine with a group of friends or family.

In this article, we’ll be talking about both. This is our guide to the best 15 kebab shops in the whole of Sydney. Be careful, you might be pretty hungry by the time you’ve read all this!

The 15 Best Kebab Shops In Sydney

Mascot Kebab & Deli

The first shop we’re looking at is Mascot Kebab & Deli, one of Sydney’s most well reviewed Turkish restaurants.

The staff here are what make it such a great place to grab a kebab. They’re welcoming and considerate of everyone’s food preferences. They’ll have no problems adding whatever sauces you like and in whatever quantities you prefer.

Not to mention, the ingredients they use in all their meals are fresh. The lettuce is gorgeously bright and crunchy, and you won’t have to worry about soggy chips because they’re all cooked fresh to order.

Kebab On King

Another Sydney staple, Kebab On King has a super diverse menu that includes 4 different types of kebab as well as pizza, burgers and more.

Of course, one of the best things about kebab shops is that you can have your meal customized pretty much however you want it. Kebab On King is no exception to this and staff will happily add salad, chips and whatever sauce you want to your kebab meat.

In fact, with 8 different sauces and dips to choose from, the hardest part of your meal might just be deciding what to order!

Istanbul On Broadway

Bringing the heart of Turkey’s largest city to central Sydney, this kebab shop offers everything you could want for the end of a night out.

They offer plenty of kebab meat options, allowing you to choose between a roll, plate or combo meal.

As well as all the delicious kebabs on offer, they have a great selection of burgers. The Erica burger is a particularly interesting option, which offers a Portuguese style chicken burger.

That means you can enjoy all kinds of great Mediterranean food here, not just a Turkish kebab.

Pyrmont Kebabs

When you go for a meal at Pyrmont Kebabs, what you see is exactly what you get. It’s a simple kebab shop that offers big portions and lets you customize your order with sauces and salads however you like it.

Some customers have complained that portion sizes are a little inconsistent, so don’t be afraid to ask for a bit more food if you feel like you’ve been skimped out on.

However, the majority of the time you’ll be left with enough meat, chips and sauce to feed a family of 4, let alone just yourself!

Metro Pita Kebab

With Metro Pita Kebab, we move into a slightly more in-depth Turkish dining experience with a slightly more diverse menu than most kebab shops in Sydney.

For a sit down dining experience here, you can order starters like onion rings, olives with pita bread and chili prawns. Then, you can enjoy their selection of shish kebab skewers, steak and gozleme.

These aren’t items you’d find on the menu of any old kebab shop so it definitely stands this place out as a front runner.

Not to mention, they also have a decent range of pizzas on offer, kids meals and desserts, meaning the whole family can easily enjoy a full meal here and even the fussiest of eaters will be catered for.

So far, this place is definitely the best contender on our list!

Enfes Kebabs

Having been around for over 20 years, Enfes Kebabs knows just how to feed the Australian public!

Here, they’ll often make breads and wraps fresh in the kitchen and all their other ingredients are only served when completely fresh and at its most delicious.

As much as you could stop by for a quick takeaway meal, Enfes is also the sort of place you could happily sit in for a couple of hours and enjoy some Mediterranean cuisine you might not have tried before.

As well as the great savory dishes on offer, they even have some handmade Turkish sweets for you to try!

Ottoman Grill

The expertise built up by the staff at Ottoman Grill over many years makes them one of the most reliable kebab places in the city.

It’s pretty tough to find a bad review of this kebab shop because the staff always cut plenty of meat, serve a generous portion of chips and allow you to add whatever sauces and salad items you want to your meal.

Many locals herald this shop as having the best kebabs in Sydney so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

Ataman Kebab & Pizza

As the name suggests, this place isn’t just known for its great kebabs but has a variety of pizzas on offer too.

In fact, there are dozens of pizzas on their menu, available in a good range of sizes. Similarly, the kebabs on their menu can be ordered in a few different ways. Enjoy your meat in a roll, on a plate or as a gozleme.

However, one thing that sets this place apart from the competition is its rice packs. There aren’t many kebab shops in the world that offer this, so it’s definitely an interesting option to check out.

George’s Kebab

A slightly lesser known kebab shop, George’s has a prime location, right in the center of the city and is the perfect place to end a night on the drinks.

It’s a tiny ‘hole in the wall’ style takeaway restaurant that offers friendly, fast service of their tasty food.

Plenty of customer reviews have highlighted how well priced the food here is compared to the average in Sydney.

It’s definitely not the kind of place you could enjoy a sit down meal at but on the way home from a bar, you certainly can’t get much more satisfying food.

Our Kebab House

As the name suggests, the ethos at this kebab shop is all about a communal atmosphere. That’s why, as soon as you walk in through the door, the staff will be on hand to help you in any way they can.

All of the food here is made fresh and to your specifications, leaving you with no surprises about what you’re getting.

Our Kebab House has plenty of great reviews as Sydney citizens really enjoy the friendly customer service and high quality ingredients.

Ali Baba Kebab Palace

Any kebab shop that describes itself as a palace has some pretty high expectations for itself. Those high standards certainly translate to the quality of the food that’s served here.

With a few tables in the indoor seating area, you could easily enjoy a meal here with a group of friends and enjoy some freshly made kebab meals.

The menu doesn’t contain anything you won’t have seen before, but the staff know what they’re doing when it comes to the simple stuff and you won’t be disappointed.

Last Stop Kebabz

Again, the name of this place tells you a lot about what kind of kebab shop it really is. It’s another ‘hole in the wall’ style shop, located right in the heart of the city so it’s super easy to walk past this place on your way home from the bar.

Once here, you’ll be met with the dazzling lights on the front display and a gorgeous array of sauces, salads and other meal accompaniments you can add to your favorite dish.

This place has no illusions about being the fanciest kebab shop in the city but it will definitely provide you with a full, hearty meal to end the night with.

Western Sydney Kebabs

This place is definitely more of a daytime meal affair, with plenty of tables inside for you to enjoy your meal at the venue.

The shop gets very busy around lunchtime because of its popularity with Sydney locals so make sure you get here quickly to beat the queues!

Part of the reason it’s had so much success is the stunning food that’s served here. Trays of meat and chips are stacked so high you can hardly close the lid and the whole meal can be drenched in as much sauce as you’d like.

Sinbad’s Kebab & Pizza

As we near the end of our list, we come to a lovely, simplistic kebab shop that covers all the bases well.

It has an inviting, open-facing counter that allows you to see all your food being cooked and prepared before it’s served to you.

They have all the kebab shop classics here and a few little Turkish snacks you might be trying for the first time.

Kebabs On Cleveland

As you might have guessed, this kebab shop is located on Cleveland Street, a little further away from the center of Sydney but still pretty close to Central Station.

You can order food online or use the digital menu to sample through their selection of unique burgers and mouth watering meat dishes.

However, you choose to order, your food will be made with all the care and attention of an experienced Turkish chef.

Final Thoughts

Those were our picks for the 15 best kebab shops in Sydney. Of course, there are still plenty of smaller kebab joints that didn’t quite make our list but will still provide you with a tasty meal.

Next time you’re stumbling home after a night on the drinks, just remember these kebab shops and you’re sure to be taken care of!

Dylan Cole