The 15 Best Coffee Shops In Sydney

Life is too short for bad coffee, and Sydney is home to some of the best coffee out there.

However, if you’ve never visited Sydney, you might be curious to know where the best places to grab coffee are.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the 15 best coffee in Sydney, so next time you’re needing a pick-me-up you know exactly where to go.

Let’s get into it.

All You Need To Know About The 15 Best Coffee In Sydney


193 Missenden Rd, Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales 2042, Australia

If you’re in the area, Campos cafe isn’t a coffee pitstop to miss. Campos prides itself on high quality coffee, and for coffee lovers, it doesn’t get much better than Campos coffee beans as a gift.

Campos coffee beans are everywhere in Sydney, and for good reason! In addition to their coffee, Campos also serves a variety of breakfast foods, including granola and pastries that are perfect to pair with the star of the show.

Single O Surry Hills

60-64 Reservoir St, Sydney, New South Wales 2010, Australia

Single O has been a popular hotspot in Surry Hills for years, and is definitely worth checking out if you’re into your coffee. Established in 2003, Single O serves coffee, and breakfast and lunch from their seasonal menu.

Whether you prefer a flat white, latte, or simply take your coffee black, you’re sure to find a coffee that suits your fancy in the morning or afternoon.

For those individuals who can’t get enough of the stuff, Single O even offers a coffee subscription on their website!

Concrete Jungle Cafe

15 Kensington Street, Chippendale, Sydney, New South Wales 2008, Australia

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy coffee shop in the Chippendale area, then Concrete Jungle Cafe should be your first choice. This aesthetically pleasing cafe boasts modern decor with a splash of green plants and foliage 

Concrete Jungle Cafe’s coffee is packed full of flavor, with a smooth mouthfeel and creamy taste that you won’t be able to get enough of!

In addition to their delicious coffee, they also serve a variety of colorful dishes, from pancakes, to smoothie bowls, and fresh salads!

Coffee Brothers

54 Darley St, Mona Vale, Pittwater, New South Wales 2103, Australia

If you’re ever near the Northern Beaches, Coffee Brothers is not a cafe you’ll want to miss out on!

The family owned and run business have been making a name for themselves since their inception in 2010. They offer four varieties of coffee: A seasonal house blend, a specialty volcanic bloom blend, the single origin of the week and single origin decaf. 

Coffee Brothers also serve up a mean breakfast menu with sweet and savory dishes like African eggs, bacon and egg rolls, and pancakes.


6-8 O’Connell St, Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales 2042, Australia

Brewtown is a benchmark of quality in Sydney’s most renowned hipster district.

Brewtown cafe offers a variety of different coffees, and you can choose to dine-in, takeaway, or pick up to get your caffeine fix. Their blends include raging bull, metropolis, casablanca, Columbia el cedan caldas and decaffeinated coffee.

If you’re looking to visit for breakfast or brunch, they also serve a variety of foods including their apple and cocoa bercher, eggs on toast, and veggie breakfast roll.

Skittle Lane Coffee

40 King St, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia

Skittle Lane Coffee is committed to serving specialty coffee that never compromises on quality or taste.

From house espresso, to espresso, and filter coffee, you can enjoy several different types of coffees made from Skittle Lane’s own roasted blends that are truly delicious.

If that’s not enough, you can even enjoy their coffee on a regular basis by signing up to their subscription service!

Skittle Lane also offers a variety of homeware, so you can enjoy your coffee in beautifully crafted mugs or buy a whole set for your kitchen. 

White Horse Coffee

137 Flora St Shop 2, Sutherland, New South Wales 2232, Australia

If you’re looking for a coffee fix and you’re in Sutherland, White Horse Coffee is always a winner. Established in 2008, White Horse Coffee is voted among Sydney’s Best Speciality Coffee and has won a variety of awards.

Care is taken to ensure that drinking this coffee is a special experience, from plant to harvest, and roasting to serving. You can even get their coffee delivered and sign up to their subscription service.

However, you won’t want to swing by this place on a Sunday, as they’re not open then.

Edition Coffee Roasters

All You Need To Know About The 15 Best Coffee In Sydney

60 Darling drive haymarket, Sydney, New South Wales 2000 Australia

If you’re bored of visiting the same old coffee shops, then Edition Coffee Roasters is a unique experience for all coffee lovers. 

Edition Coffee Roasters serves delicious blends out of their flagship cafe and roastery inspired by a Japanese farm house. The space is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and a wonderful place to enjoy your coffee.

They also sell a variety of coffee brew gear on their website, for you to imitate this delicious coffee drinking experience from the comfort of your own home.

Reuben Hills

61 Albion St Surrey Hills, Sydney, New South Wales 2010, Australia

Reuben Hills is well worth a visit if you’re in the Surrey Hills area. From espresso, to cold brew and filter coffee, you’re bound to find a coffee to satisfy your caffeine craving.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, they also offer an all-day, seasonal breakfast menu that is inspired by Central & South America. They offer foods such as avocado on toast, tacos, and fried chicken.

Mecca Coffee

26 Bourke Rd Alexandria, Sydney, New South Wales 2015, Australia

Established in 2005, Mecca Coffee is a roastery that has been committed to making a difference since their inception.

With a focus on transparency, Mecca coffee never compromises on the quality of its coffee.

When it comes to the coffee that they serve, Mecca has got a wide range to offer. From espresso to pour-over, all in a variety of different blends, you’re sure to find your perfect beverage.

Kingswood Coffee

World Square 680 George St Shop 10, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia

Cheap and cheerful, Kingswood Coffee is a great pitstop to grab your coffee on the go.

Kingswood Coffee roast their own speciality coffee, making the taste of their coffee second to none. They also serve their signature hot chocolate, tea, and chai.

If you’re looking for a snack to take on the road, they also serve a variety of pastries and cronuts to satisfy your stomach on the go!

Industry Beans York St.

40 York St, Sydney, New South Wales 2000 Australia

Industry Beans focuses on innovative approaches to coffee making, and once you try their coffee, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular amongst the coffee lovers in Sydney!

This company is unique in that they use under the counter machines, allowing customers the opportunity to view the careful process the coffee beans undergo to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this experience!

Gumption By Coffee Alchemy

Shop 11 G 412-414 George St, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia

Making great coffee takes great gumption, and Gumption by Coffee Alchemy has got coffee making down to a T.

Coffee Alchemy is the proud receiver of several coffee roaster awards, and it’s no surprise when you experience it for yourself. With a smooth mouthfeel and wonderful flavor, it will come as no surprise that many people consider this coffee as their favorite.

If you want to enjoy the taste of their coffee at home, be sure to pick up a bag of their coffee beans!

The Paramount Coffee Project

80 Commonwealth St, Sydney, New South Wales 2010, Australia

The Paramount Coffee Project was established in 2013 and showcases high quality coffee with an unbiased approach.

This means that Paramount Coffee Project’s coffee menu features local and international roasters on a rotational basis, meaning that you get to experience a huge variety of coffee beans all in the same place.

You can also enjoy delicious breakfast or lunch options here, from granola bowls to fried chicken waffles depending on your mood! It doesn’t get much better than this.

Sample Coffee

Shop 1A 118 Devonshire St, Sydney, New South Wales 2010, Australia

Last, but not least we have Sample Coffee. Established as a deliberately small business that makes a large impact, they have a focus on producing consistently high quality coffee for their loyal customers.

Offering a variety of different blends, Sample Coffee is known for making blends from diverse coffee fruit species. From Americanos, to espressos, to filter coffee, there’s bound to be an option that is perfect for your morning fix. 

Least of all, Sample Coffee has a huge commitment to sourcing new and exciting coffees without compromising on responsible and ethical means to provide them. They never cut corners, which means you can trust each cup of coffee is of good taste and quality.

Dylan Cole