The 15 Best Coffee Shops In Adelaide

Whether you’re trying to get some work done or meeting up with some close friends, a good coffee shop is one of the best places to be.

Everyone loves the warm, inviting atmosphere created by coffee shops, not to mention the delicious caffeinated drinks they have on tap!

Adelaide is the home of some of Australia’s most quaint and atmospheric coffee spots.

In this article, we’ll be going over some of the capital’s best kept secrets and famously top notch coffee shops for your next Sunday afternoon catch up.

The 15 Best Coffee Shops In Adelaide

Peter Rabbit

The first spot on our list is the charmingly named, Peter Rabbit.

Taking after its fairytale inspirations, this coffee shop boasts a gorgeous garden with natural shrubbery growing all around and overhead.

With regular live music and a friendly, familial atmosphere, this place feels more like a family backyard than a professional cafe.

It’s a great place to bring kids as there’s plenty of room outside the shop for them to spread their legs. However, there’s also a pretty varied alcoholic drinks menu for a more grown-up occasion.

Dutch Coffee Shop

Bringing a little taste of the Netherlands overseas, Dutch Coffee Shop is a perfect place to hang out for patrons young and old!

Their food menu consists of some delightful Dutch snacks, including stroopwafel cake and Dutch cheese toasties.

As well as having an impressive food menu, this place also takes its coffee seriously. They import some of the finest coffee beans from around the world to make their drinks extra special.

Despite being a small shop, the decorative bicycles hanging from the walls and Dutch artwork all over the place make it seem like a little slice of Amsterdam has been transported down under!

Larry & Ladd

On Grenfell Street, right in the center of Adelaide, you’ll find this decadent coffee spot which puts a modern twist on the traditional small pop up shop.

Despite the sleek, sophisticated decor in the interior of the shop, the staff make customers feel welcome and the place feels comfortable enough to stay in all day.

The vinyl records that adorn the walls give this place a modern-retro vibe (if such a thing exists!) that makes it the perfect place for Instagram photographers.

Of course, their coffee is exceptional and the variety of food on the menu means there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Cafe Troppo

This trendy little coffee spot is an absolute staple of Adelaide culture. Their aim to build a community surrounding their shop has allowed them to connect it with nature and people all around it.

The magnificent outdoor seating area boasts a beautiful wild flower patch and overhanging trees to make you feel like you’re out in nature, without even having to leave the city.

The regular live music, handmade food and drinks, and the most adorable family atmosphere make this one of the most wholesome and welcoming places to go in the whole of Adelaide.


Fiefy’s is one of the best places in the whole country to visit if you’re after the highest quality drinks.

They take things very seriously when it comes to drink preparation and service, winning awards and regularly competing in international competitions.

Their menu favours locally sourced ingredients and suppliers to keep the whole operation environmentally friendly and to cater specifically to the people of Adelaide.

With some of the world’s finest ingredients and baristas, this place is a coffee lover’s paradise!

Elementary Coffee

As the name might suggest, the ethos at Elementary Coffee is to keep things simple.

They use the same growers and suppliers every year and do a lot to support and reinvest in the communities that produce their ingredients.

As well as serving some of the highest quality coffee drinks available in the city, Elementary also sells coffee beans and grounds from all over the world, allowing you to go home and try a whole international range of different flavours.

For any coffee enthusiast, this is the sort of place you could come back to every day for years and never grow tired of it.

Please Say Please

The 15 Best Coffee Shops In Adelaide

This adorably named coffee spot is another of Grenfell Street’s hottest places to visit.

Putting the people of Adelaide at the front of their mission, PSP has a witty blackboard out front with a new message every day to start each day with a little entertainment.

You have to try their specialty cronuts, which you can find in different flavours at various points in the year.

Because it’s so charmingly small and quaint, it’s almost impossible to visit this shop and not be greeted with friendly conversation with staff or some of the regulars.

SOHO Coffee Roasters

Stepping into SOHO Coffee Roasters feels almost like walking into a Michelin starred kitchen, whilst maintaining a warm and friendly atmosphere.

With a whole host of bizarre and dazzling equipment behind the bar, you just know these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to coffee!

SOHO provides all the staple food and drinks items of any good coffee shop and even offers you the chance to set one up in your own home.

They have a great range of coffee making ingredients and equipment with knowledgeable staff who can help you learn all about these delicious beverages.

My Grandma Ben

Named after the grandmother of its founder, My Grandma Ben puts sustainability at the forefront of its incredible coffee service.

They work hard to minimise food and plastic waste and to make the whole experience of eating and drinking here environmentally friendly and fun.

They have a fantastic selection of vegetarian and vegan food to enjoy with a lovingly made cup of coffee.

The plants that overhang the interior and the regular pickling and fermenting workshops they host make this place feel like a family home.

Penny University

Penny University is one of Adelaide’s trendiest and most dazzling coffee shops.

Located on a quiet street, out of the way of all the chaos of the city, this shop boasts equally charming indoor and outdoor seating areas with a food menu to die for.

We know this is supposed to be a coffee-oriented list but if you come to Penny University you just have to try some of their dishes. Each one arrives at the table looking like it’s come out of a TV commercial.

The same can also be said for their drinks products, with love and care going into making each one look and taste as good as possible.

Sibling Cafe

Again, the name of this coffee spot tells you all you need to know about the family atmosphere they create.

Sibling exclusively uses locally roasted coffee and its own tried and tested brewing recipes.

Just like you’re a part of their family, all you have to do is ask and they’ll tell you all about how they make their drinks and even give you some ingredients to try it at home.

They even cater for small to medium sized events so you can enjoy coffee and a meal with a whole group of friends and family.


This award winning cafe has everything you could ever want when it comes to a relaxing afternoon at a coffee shop.

As well as providing a large and well varied food and drinks menu, the staff at Coffylosophy are there to make sure everyone feels welcome and enjoys their stay.

This is the sort of palace you could stay for breakfast, lunch and dinner while feeling like you were at home the whole time

My Kingdom For A Horse

Despite its delightfully thespian name, My Kingdom For A Horse is one of the simplest and chilled out coffee shops on this list.

They keep the decor low-key and make sure everyone from all walks of life feel welcome to stay a while and enjoy their carefully crafted hot drinks.

With their online shop you can order some of their favourite coffee beans to brew exquisite drinks at home or enjoy having it made by award winning baristas in the cafe.

Exchange Coffee

Exchange is one of Adelaide’s favourite minimalist coffee shops and it’s oriented on producing some of the highest quality coffee drinks possible.

Enjoy food and drink indoors, surrounded by clean, unclustered walls and real houseplants or in the outdoor seating area to bask in the glorious Adelaide sunshine.

They don’t have the most extensive menu for food and drinks, but they do what they do extremely well and you’re pretty much guaranteed to love something on the menu.

Veneziano Coffee

The last coffee shop on our list is this Italian inspired spot on Melbourne Street.

Despite its small size, Veneziano provides some of the best vibes for a coffee shop in the whole city, with an eccentrically designed interior and modest outdoor seating area.

You don’t just have to stay and drink coffee though. They have plenty of freshly made snacks and treats that you’re welcome to take away with you and make all your work colleagues jealous!

Dylan Cole