15 Best Wine Bars In Sydney

Whilst some may prefer anther tipple, wine is the go-to beverage for many people.

More often than not in a normal bar or club, the varieties of wine are limited, to say the least. And there’s nothing worse than being stuck with a ‘house white’ that either resembles weak fruit juice or something much more acidic.

As wine lovers, we love nothing more than being handed an extensive wine list with loads to try, from semi-sweet whites to oaky reds.

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, you are in luck as Sydney has some lovely little wine bars scattered around the city. From quaint tasting rooms to Mediterranean-style tapas restaurants, Sydney has them all.

We’ve compiled a little list for you of 15 of the best wine bars in Sydney, so you always know where to find a great drop.

15 Best Wine Bars in Sydney

10 William St

Location: 10 William Street, Paddington, NSW 2021 Ph: (02) 9360 3310
Opening Hours: Wednesday – Thursday (5pm-12am) Friday – Saturday (12pm-12am)

You’ll find yourself constantly returning to this little place as their wine list changes every month.

Choose a monthly favourite here, from a Japanese digestivo to a Pinot Noir from France. In introducing you to the finest wines from all over the world, this wine bar will not disappoint. And the people watching from the downstairs window is an added bonus.

WyNo X Bodega

Location: 4/50 Holt St, Surrey Hills, NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 9212 7766
Opening Hours: Tuesday- Friday (4:30-11pm) Saturday (4:30-12am)

Located in Surry Hills and part of The Porteno Group, this little gem serves a variety of international and local wines.

It’s important to also appreciate wines from your local area, and this place does just that.

Their menu boasts a variety of traditional Argentinean meals along with wines from there as well as Italy and around Australia.

They even have their little wine store, so if you fall in love with one of their bottles, you can pick one up for yourself on your way home.

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Black Bottle

Location: Shop 2/118-116 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 9184 7735
Opening Hours: Wednesday -Saturday (5pm-12am) Sunday (4pm- 10pm)

This Mediterranean-inspired place is known for its great service and lovely decor.

Here you’ll be amazed by their little share plates and drops of wines from around the globe. Enjoy a comforting glass of red along with a platter of cured meats and cheeses.

The perfect place for after-work drinks and nibbles.

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Vini Divini

Location: 60 Carrington Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 Ph: 0477 033 811
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday (12pm till late)

Next in our best wine bars in Sydney we have another Mediterranean style option. And yes, they also offer some delicious little share platters.

What makes them stand out is how geographically diverse their wine list is, and they are all stocked in their aesthetically pleasing wine wall. This is the perfect Instagram pic backdrop!

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They are known to hold more than 1000 bottles from countries such as Turkey, Greece, Armenia, and Georgia.

Did we mention that Raphael Mulligan who was once the Rockpool Dining Group’s Head Sommelier has a hand in this bar? With a pedigree like that, you know you’re in for some fine vintages.

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The Wine Library

Location: 18 Oxford St, Woollahra, NSW 2025 Ph: (02) 9368 7484
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Thursday (5;11:45pm) Friday- Saturday (2-11:45pm)

Located at the top of Oxford Street, this is the place to go if you want to learn more about wine. They offer a variety of masterclasses to educate the public about different wines from the globe as well as Australia.

This little place is run by individuals who are seriously passionate about wine. Even better, they want to share their knowledge and passion with anyone who walks through their doors.

If trying all their precious drops gets you a little hungry, they offer a lovely selection of wine bar snacks and share plates.

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Love, Tilly Devine

Location: 91 Crown Ln, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 9326 9297
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday (5 pm-12 am)

Named after the 1920s notorious crime boss in Sydney, this little hideaway would have definitely made her proud.

This character-filled wine bar is not easy to find, but its bolt-hole feel, hanging ferns, and tables for two make it perfectly intimate for a romantic date.

Their wine list consists of around 300 different wines from all over the world. They work at keeping up to date with what is popular, while also respecting the classic staple wines.

Finally, there is a European menu that is constantly updated, so you are bound to find some nibbles to your liking. Love.Tilly Devine is definitely worth adding to your list of the top wine bars in Sydney.

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She Loves You

Location: 530 King Street, Newtown, NSW 2042 Ph: 0402 611 783
Opening Hours: Thursday – Friday (5pm- 12am) Saturday (3pm – 12am) Sunday (3pm- 10pm)

This uniquely named place is a comforting neighbourhood bar. The wines provided here are carefully selected by the owners, Sophie Otton, her partner Stephen Smooker, and Markin Corcoran.

Just looking at Sophie Otton’s background assures you that you won’t be disappointed with the selection on offer.

She is a wine consultant, educator, and writer, as well as a two-time finalist in Australia’s most popular wine award, Vin de Champagne.

Although they don’t serve food, you can bring your own from the nearby restaurants to have alongside some of their delicious wines.

What’s more, their cocktail list is pretty fabulous as well.

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Where’s Nick

Location: 235 Marrickville Road, Marrickville, NSW 2204 Ph: 0481 759 182
Opening Hours: Tuesday (4pm-8pm) Wednesday – Thursday (4pm – 11pm) Friday (4pm- 11:30pm) Saturday (12pm-7pm) Sunday (12pm – 9pm)

The rise and rise of Marrickville continues with Where’s Nick.

This wine bar is run by brothers Dominic and Julian Abouzeid. They have a third brother called Nick, who is not involved in the running of this bar which is where the humorous name comes from.

Julian is the one responsible for choosing the wine, and bases his choices on how natural the wine’s production methods are. He also strives to veer away from the standard wine culture, offering something more diverse.

There are around 150 bottles of wine here that are replaced with different ones as soon as they are finished.

You are bound to expand your wine pallet in this little nook, and with the precise attention that has gone into choosing each bottle, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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15 Best Wine Bars in Sydney

Location: 6-8 Bulletin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000 Ph: (02) 9247 3221
Opening Hours: Monday (9:30am-5:30pm) Tuesday – Thursday (12pm-10pm)

We’re back to the Med as we continue our take on the best wine bars in Sydney.

Tapavino’s name derives from tapas, small sharing plates, and vino, wine in Spanish. This beautiful Spanish bar will transport you across the globe and make you feel like you are in the heart of a little Spanish village.

The bar area is lit up by a red backlight, illuminating an array of multi-sized glass carafes that were glass-blown especially for this little bar.

Their other specialty is sherry, and they will provide you with 80 different types. Aside from this, you can enjoy a hearty glass of red Spanish wine, along with some Spanish cured meats such as Jamon Serrano.

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Location: 7 Bay Street, Double Bay, NSW 2028 Ph: (02) 9362 4680
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (1-4pm/7:30pm-12am)

Interestingly, this dark bar that opened in 2016 has a Portuguese influence, a result of the owner, Jose Silva’s upbringing in Portugal.

In his household, you never drank without eating and never ate without drinking, which is something he has incorporated into this drinking spot.

The food menu offers some mouth-watering seafood such as kingfish and salmon, along with Portuguese-inspired croquettes.

Of course, there’s also wine. Their 150 bottles offer glorious drops from Australian regions.

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The Lodge Bar

Location: 3/415 Darling Street, Balmain, NSW 2041 Ph: 0474 079 824
Opening Hours: Wednesday (4pm- 10pm) Thursday – Saturday (4pm-11pm) Sunday (12pm-5pm)

Located on Balmain’s Darling Street, this little bar is perfect all year round.

Inside, its dim lighting and leather couches make it warm and inviting during the winter months. In contrast, its outdoor courtyard makes it wonderful for those late summer evenings.

Their by-the-glass options of wine change daily, so you are bound to try an extensive list of bottles the more you come here. They also have a very varied menu, from Spanish sombrasada on toast to gnocchi and a selection of cheeses.

Small Bar Crows Nest

Location: 85 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, NSW 2065 Ph: (02) 8084 5118
Opening Hours: Monday-Wednesday (4pm-12am) Thursday/Friday (12pm-12am) Saturday (8am-12am) Sunday 8am-10pm)

Like the previous suggestion, this bar has a very inviting outdoor area, with fairy lights and dangling grapevines all over.

Keeping their products local and close by, they specialise in wine mainly from Australia and New Zealand, throwing in a few European specialties too.

They’ll also serve some sharing plates and some pleasant mains to accompany your wine.

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Location: Moore Rd, Freshwater, NSW 2098 Ph: (02) 9938 3331
Opening Hours: Sunday-Friday (5 pm-9 pm)

Il Baretto, meaning ‘small bar’ in Italian is situated on one of Sydney’s glorious Northern Beaches.

Enjoy a picturesque view of Freshwater beach from their outdoor area. This is a completely Italian-inspired place with its wine list focusing on the Sardinian region of Italy.

They also have an extensive selection of cocktails and Spritzes, in case anyone in your group isn’t into wine (yes, those people exist).

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Ash St Cellar

Location: 1 Ash Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 Ph: (02) 9114 7302
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday (7:30 am-12 am)

This is another option that’ll feed you European-style tapas along with a wonderfully thought-out wine list.

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Most options are from Italy, Spain, and France, but these are some lovely Australian drops as well. Suffice to say, they value the importance of appreciating wine that’s been curated locally.

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Location: 16 Foster St, Surrey Hills, NSW 2010 Ph: (02) 9280 3395
Opening Hours: Monday- Thursday (6pm-9:30pm) Friday-Saturday (12pm-4pm/5pm-10pm) Sunday (12-8:30pm)

Finally, the last of our best wine bars in Sydney is another option located on Surry Hills.

This wonderful restaurant prioritises using produce that sourced from local growers.

Their menu is inspired by Morocco, the Middle East, and Spain, providing you with wholesome, mouthwatering dishes.

Their wine list showcases small and upcoming producers. They are committed to sustainability and only favour growers who pursue organic farming.

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Final Thoughts

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Sydney is not lacking in wine bars. Many specialise in providing you with international options, while also showcasing local producers.

If you are a visitor who is looking for a laid-back ambiance and a nice glass of wine, or a local who is trying to branch out and try some new places, pick one of the wine bars in this list and explore what they have to offer.

You may find even yourself becoming a regular in some of them.

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