32 Best Christmas Desserts

The festive period is full of parties and celebrations where the food is the star of the show – from themed buffets and sweet treats to traditional Christmas dinner. Seriously, there is so much food to enjoy.

If you are hosting Christmas day, or even a festive party or gathering, then you want to make sure that your guests are left feeling full and impressed by your catering.

32 Best Christmas Desserts

Choosing the right dessert will leave a lasting impression on your guests. It needs to be eye catching, appetising, indulgent and delicious. So we have put together a list of the best recipes for Christmas desserts to help you select the perfect one for your Christmas celebrations.

Buche De Noel – Chocolate Yule Log

Well, we are kicking off the list with a classic Christmas dessert – chocolate yule log – known as buche de noel in French. The chocolate sponge is filled with hazelnut whipped cream and topped with a rich ganache. It is then decorated to look like a snow frosted log.

It is easy to slice and serve at a party and looks very appealing. Children love helping to decorate a yule log, so this is something that the whole family can get involved in. Why not serve your chocolate yule log with a festive hot chocolate for a real treat?

Ok Chocaholics. Obviously, we have lots of Chocolate Dessert Recipes for you to try!

Traditional Christmas Pudding

As a British born Aussie, in my view many of the best Christmas desserts include booze and dried fruits.

This British Christmas pudding is a very traditional dessert to enjoy over the festive period. The sponge is dense and sticky, packed with dried fruit and soaked in brandy. You have to prepare this pudding a long time in advance to get the full flavours. Admittedly, it takes some planning, but it will be worth the effort.

Historically, the mixture would be made on the last Sunday before advent, about 4 weeks before Christmas. This is when the family would gather to make a wish and put a coin in the cake batter.

If you want to make this classic pudding into a show stopper, serve it in the traditional way. To do this, dose it in brandy and light it on fire in front of your guests. The alcohol is flammable and as it burns off it will add to the excitement of the occasion for your guests. But please make sure you are being safe!

Traditional British Mince Pie

The fruit mince pie is another traditional Christmas sweet treat that has been enjoyed during the festive period since the 16th Century. Originally, they were made with mutton, suet and spices. However, this evolved into a pie filled with spiced dried fruits in a sweet and sticky sauce.

It takes a total of 80 minutes to make these delights, with only 30 minutes of preparation time. They are the perfect treat to enjoy with a glass of mulled wine or a coffee to kick off an evening of festivities. Even better, the smell of the mince pies cooking will fill your home with all of the best aromas of Christmas.

Looking for a drink to compliment your fruit mince pies? Perhaps a Gin Cocktail will fit the bill?


Of course, the best Christmas desserts aren’t only British.

Panforte is an Italian fruitcake that is very different to a British Christmas pudding. It has a sweeter flavour, made with nuts, candied fruit and honey. It is also flat and round and served in triangle slices that are dusted with icing sugar.

Always, make sure you let the cake cool for 10 to 15 minutes before you take it out of the tin to ensure it retains its shape. As soon as the cake is removed from the tin, leave the tin to soak in hot water to remove the sticky residue and make it easier to clean.

Does the talk of panforte make you hanker for an Italian meal? See our guide to the Best Italian Restaurants in Perth.

Mexican Chocoflan

This exciting cake is a combination of two popular Mexican desserts – Mexican chocolate cake and caramel flan. It has been nicknamed ‘flan impossible’, but don’t let that put you off! If you follow this recipe you will be able recreate this show stopping cake in your own kitchen.

The chocolate cake is flavoured with cinnamon to give it a lovely warmth and the caramel flan is laced with sweet vanilla. This cake looks incredible and tastes even better. We predict your guests will be blown away if you serve this at your Christmas party.

This isn’t the only irresistible pud to come out of Mexico. See here for more Mexican Dessert Recipes

Christmas Trifle

A trifle is the perfect dessert for Christmas day. Fabulously, is sweet and flavoursome, but nice and light so you don’t feel uncomfortably full after enjoying a big Christmas dinner.

It feels like several desserts in one – cake, custard, jelly, fruit and cream – all layered beautifully in a glass dish. What’s more, it looks stunning in the centre of the Christmas table. You can customise the recipe by swapping out the fruit or even the jelly flavour. Also, you could try pears set in blackcurrant jelly for a wintry dessert.

In our opinion, it really is one of the best Christmas desserts.

Chocolate And Hazelnut Paris Brest

This French patisserie is an indulgent yet light dessert that is very eye-catching. As long as you follow the instructions carefully, you should get the choux pastry right. If you are making this dessert for a party then you might want a practice run first.

The Nutella creme mousseline is a very delicious treat that will leave all of your guests wanting more.

The French are master bakers. Here are some of the best places to get French Croissants in Melbourne.


Nothing says celebration quite like an impressive tower of profiteroles dripping with melted chocolate sauce. They are fluffy, light, creamy, and sweet- the perfect dessert. You can make the shells days in advance to save you time on the day, and you can even freeze them.

This recipe uses a creme patisserie custard filling, but you can use whipped cream if you prefer.

Love profiteroles, but hate baking? See our guide to the Best Dessert Stores in Sydney.

Pavlova Christmas Tree

Whether it was first created by an Aussie or a Kiwi, most Australians will agree that a pav is one of the best Christmas desserts.

If you are looking for a dessert that will wow you guests when they see it on the table then this pavlova stack is perfect.

The meringue and toppings are arranged in a stack to resemble a Christmas tree that is nearly 6 inches tall. Why not go all out source a nice star decoration to go on top? That will be the ideal finishing touch.

So much of the fun of Christmas cakes, cookies and desserts is how they look. Well you too can turn out professional-looking cupcakes and shortbreads with this Cake Decorating Supplies Kit for Beginners. It includes everything from cup cake moulds to piping bags and tips.

No Bake White Chocolate Cheesecake

If you want a dessert that is quick and easy to make but will still look impressive then you should try this no bake white chocolate cheesecake. The method is simple, and it is decorated with chocolate swirls and edible gold glitter to give it a touch of Christmas magic.

Have you attempted to make a Japanese-style cheesecake yet? See our Traditional Japanese Dessert Recipes to learn how.

Gingerbread Christmas Cake

This gingerbread cake is very moist and rich, decorated with a delicious cream cheese frosting. The sponge is flavoured with ginger, orange, lemon and honey, with fresh orange juice for moisture. There is also honey in the cream cheese frosting, making this cake a real treat.

Take a look at our Easy Orange Dessert Recipes for some more citrusy puddings.

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

If you want that traditional Christmas taste without the heavy pudding then why don’t you try Christmas pudding ice cream? It is light and creamy, and laced with brandy or rum for yummy Christmas indulgence.

Irish Cream And White Chocolate Fudge

Fudge is the perfect after dinner treat for the festive period. Even better, like many of the best Christmas desserts it also makes a lovely homemade gift.

This fudge is flavoured with Irish cream and white chocolate to give it some lovely Christmas flavours which pair very well with a nice cup of coffee.

Or perhaps a Baileys Cocktail? See our suggestions.

Biscoff Cheesecake

If you want an indulgent dessert that the whole family will love then look no further than this biscoff cheesecake. It has a crunchy biscuit base, a creamy filling, and is topped with whipped cream. It is best made the day before and left to chill overnight to ensure it is well set.

This means you can have fun making it on Christmas Eve and you have one less thing to do on Christmas day.

Orange And Cranberry Chocolate Tart

This dessert takes the traditional Christmas flavours of orange and cranberry but combines them with decadent chocolate and crunchy pistachios to create an irresistible tart. It is surprisingly simple to make, especially if you buy a ready made pastry case to save yourself time.

Melbourne has some glorious places to grab a dessert. These are our top spots.

Cherry And Dark Chocolate Self-Sauce Puddings

When we were compiling our best Christmas desserts list, we couldn’t ignore this one.

Cherries and chocolate is a classic combination that is reminiscent of a black forest gateaux. These puddings are a molten delight with tangy cherry to cut through the rich chocolate.

You make them in individual pots which means each guest gets their own little pudding to enjoy after dinner. Alternatively, you can double the recipe and make it in a large dish to make one big pudding.

Christmas Baked Alaska

In this recipe for baked Alaska, a light hazelnut sponge compliments salted caramel ice cream to create a delightful dessert that will definitely impress your guests.

The ice cream is shop bought to save you some time and effort, but you can make your own if you prefer. However, the meringue is homemade and is surprisingly easy.

Wondering where to buy ice cream in Sydney? Help is at hand.

Pandoro Semifreddo

This incredible dessert is a combination of two classic Italian recipes – pandoro (Italian sweet bread) and semifreddo (frozen mousse). With accents of chocolate and amaretto and topped with crunchy pistachios it definitely has a celebratory feel. If this doesn’t get you and your family in the Christmas spirit, nothing will.

It takes 45 minutes to make plus 6 hours of freezing time. We advise you make it in the morning ready for dessert after your evening meal. This is definitely a dish that you can present on the table and slice up in front of your guests for a real show stopping experience.

Eggnog Tart

This recipe takes eggnog, a classic festive drink, and turns it into a delicious dessert that you can enjoy as part of your Christmas menu. It makes a nice change to a standard custard tart. What’s more, you can decorate it however you like to give it even more of a festive feel.

The shortcrust pastry is baked until golden and has a lovely crunchy texture which contrasts the creamy, soft tart filling. If you would rather have a non-alcoholic dessert then switch out the rum for a rum extract. Make sure you cook this tart at a low temperature to prevent the eggs from curdling.

Fancy a cheeky cocktail to pair with your tart? Here are some classic combinations for you.

Mulled Wine Pudding

You have probably tried summer fruit pudding- a delicious dome of soaked sponge filled with berries. Well this recipe is a wintry version which is perfect for Christmas.

It has warm spices, redcurrant jelly and sliced pears which come together to create a comforting dessert that is just the right balance between sweet and tart.

It looks lovely on the table with a deep reddish pink colour, and when you cut into it the fruit spills out onto the plate and looks very tempting.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

My family thinks sticky toffee pudding is the ultimate treat any time of year. So it’s natural it’s one of our best Christmas desserts.

If you fancy something rich and indulgent this Christmas then sticky toffee pudding could be the perfect dessert for you. This traditional pudding is made with pump dates and creamy caramel, with a moist sponge that is decadent and satisfying.

You can serve it with cream or custard, or even a scoop of ice cream. Creme anglaise is also a great accompaniment to this dessert – a thin custard with a gentle vanilla flavour.

Would you like to try some stunning French cooking? Here are our top French Restaurants in Melbourne.

Sherry Berry Christmas Trifle

This ultimate sherry and berries Christmas trifle is an over the top, festive masterpiece that will be the cherry on top of your celebrations. It is luxurious, with layers of tasty treats and wintry flavors that will blow you away.

Thankfully, it is also nice and light, so you will still have room to enjoy it after your big Christmas dinner. It takes two hours in total, but there are only 30 minutes of preparation time so you won’t have to spend too long in the kitchen.

From Cake Tins and Silicone Baking Mats, to Mixing Bowls and Icing Kits – you can find everything you need for your Christmas baking here.

Festive Terrine

Terrine is a flourless dessert that is shaped into a loaf or a rectangle and packed with delicious fillings. This one is filled with cherries, pistachios, and crumbled up christmas pudding.

You can switch out the Christmas pudding for whatever cake you have leftover from your Christmas party – yule log, brownies or even ginger cake.

Make the terrine the night before and leave it to set in the freezer. Before serving, you can decorate the terrine however you like. This recipe uses silver cachous, but you can also use edible glitter, chocolate shapes, or fresh fruit.

Dishes using pomegranate seeds like so pretty on a festive table. See some recipes here.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Fondant Cakes

A regular chocolate fondant is a thing of beauty. And Chocolate and Salted Caramel is a deliciously decadent combination that works perfectly fits our best Christmas desserts brief. Combine the 2 and you get a treat that is rich and indulgent, with a molten, sticky sauce and soft sponge.

They take 45 minutes and you will be amazed at the professional appearance of these desserts. In fact, they look like something you could order at a fancy restaurant.

Christmas Tiramisu With Coffee Caramel And Cherries

How could you have a list of best Christmas desserts and not pop in a tiramisu option?

Tiramisu is a wonderful dessert which is already good enough to serve at Christmas time. However, this recipe gives it an extra special something, with the addition of fresh cherries and a delicious coffee caramel sauce which makes the dessert indulgent and rich.

It looks very appetising and will smell fantastic as you serve it up to your guests – it is sure to get their mouths watering! Coffee is an ideal flavour to enjoy after a rich dinner, as it cleanses the palate.

You can even serve this dessert with espresso so everyone stays awake long enough to play some charades!

This Italian classic is simple to make, but perhaps you’d like someone else to prepare it? Here are some of the Best Italian Restaurants in Brisbane.

Christmas Panna Cotta With Raspberries

Even though raspberries are a summer fruit, their sharp flavor means that they are often used in winter desserts alongside tart berries. Presentation is important in this recipe – the panna cotta is served in individual glass dishes and appears to be all white like snow.

When you dig your spoon into the creamy dessert a flash of intense pinkish red raspberries appears as you come across the fruit filling. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint to really set it off.

Whilst you could make your own panna cotta, getting a professional to prepare it is such a treat. Here are some of our favourite Italian Restaurants in Melbourne.

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (German Black Forest Cake)

Black forest cake is a traditional German recipe that is full of winter flavors. The chocolate sponge cake is soaked in cherry syrup or kirsch, and then layered with fresh cream and cherries to create a wonderful, rich dessert that is perfect for Christmas time.

It is the perfect combination of sweet and tart, which means it isn’t too sickly. The sponge is different to an American style sponge- it has lots of eggs and no other dry ingredients. This prevents the sponge from going mushy when it is soaked in syrup.

White Chocolate And Irish Cream Roulade

If you enjoy a cup of Irish cream during the festive period then you will love this roulade. It is luxurious yet light, with sweet white chocolate. It takes about one hour to make, with additional chilling time, but the process is fairly simple.

There are lots of different options when it comes to decoration – edible glitter, chocolate shavings, fresh fruit, or whatever you fancy. You can serve it with pouring cream, whipped cream, custard, or ice cream.

Did you know that the roulade is a French confection? If this makes you hungry for a French meal, try one of these Restaurants in Sydney.

Classic Gingerbread House

Don’t worry. We know that you can’t have a definitive run-down of the best Christmas desserts and not have a gingerbread house.

If you have some time on your hands or you want to take on a baking project with your children, why don’t you have a go at making your own gingerbread house?

It is fun, creative, and is a tasty treat that everyone can enjoy over Christmas. Just make sure you take a photograph of your finished gingerbread house before you tuck in!

Christmas Brownies

Brownies are always a good idea – they are rich and chocolatey, soft and so delicious. This recipe makes classic brownies which are cut into triangles and decorated to look like little Christmas trees.

They are perfect to serve at a Christmas party or after dinner with a coffee to get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

Would you like to impress your guest with something completely different this Christmas? Why not try a Traditional Chinese Dessert instead?

Christmas Blondies

If you prefer vanilla cake to chocolate cake, you could try these Christmas blondies instead. They are studded with colourful M&Ms, and packed with chocolate chips and crushed Oreos. Yes – they are all of your favourite treats rolled into one superb dessert.

They are perfect when served warm with vanilla ice cream, or you can cut them into squares and serve them as part of a festive buffet.

Candy Cane Pie

If you want to make something a bit unusual for your Christmas dessert this year then this recipe for candy cane could be just what you are looking for.

The kids will love it, and so will the adults! It takes just 15 minutes of preparation time and 30 minutes to cool the mixture before it is assembled with the pie crust. Then the whole thing is refrigerated for 8 hours.

It has a lovely pink colour and you can decorate it with crushed candy canes or even lay two mini candy canes crossed over in the middle. The peppermint flavour is sweet yet refreshing, and this easy recipe will be one the whole family can enjoy.

What’s more, we predict it will become a regular fixture amongst your best Christmas desserts.

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