The 15 Best Pizzas In Brisbane

You should never trust a person who doesn’t like pizza. I mean, what is there not to like?

Brisbane’s pizza scene exemplifies this human infatuation with pizza by providing the best Italian restaurants that you could wish for.

There’s nothing worse than a chargrilled slice that tastes cheap and neglected. These pizzerias lovingly craft all of their pizza with the utmost excellence and culinary skill.

Whether you are looking for traditional options like a Margherita or you are seeking to try experimental or wood fired choices, you will certainly find the right spot to satisfy your every desire from the list below.

15 Best Pizzas In Brisbane

Julius Pizzeria 

The guys behind this pizza venue also have another venue in the South of the city. They are therefore a much loved institution across Brisbane and are renowned for serving the best pizzas!

If you are a fan of hearty, lovingly-crafted Italian food that only uses the freshest ingredients, this is the spot for you! The reviews for this restaurant speak for themselves and it’s popularity only increases.

If you are looking for a vibrant atmosphere with world-class pizza, then definitely check out this venue. 


This restaurant has mastered the art of perfect thick to thin crust-ratio! The dough is also perfectly balanced ensuring that it is crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

Beccofino’s pizzas are authentic and therefore highly favoured amongst traditional pizza lovers! The Number 1 is arguably the most delicious on their extensive menu. Do not miss out!

Tinderbox Kitchen

The pizza scene in Brisbane has undoubtedly switched up since the arrival of this Italian restaurant.

This is a restaurant that isn’t afraid to use lashings of cheese and the resulting taste sensation is phenomenal.

One of the most favoured toppings here is the Savoyarde, that includes potato, leek, chilli, lyonnaise onions and raclette.

This is truly a unique spot for authentic Italian pizza and has fast become a local favourite for a very specific reason!

Prova Pizzeria

If you are looking to fully indulge in excellence, then you must try the deep-fried dough balls that are on offer at this outstanding pizzeria.

They come smothered in Nutella to make the perfect dessert option. If you’re looking to indulge in the savoury dishes on offer then their classic slices including the rags pizza are to die for!

You can also choose from a range of standardised toppings including gamberi or Margherita and for those who are gluten-intolerant, you can switch up the dough for only $4 extra.

Lupa Pizza

This restaurant flexes it’s culinary muscles by serving deliciously hearty pizzas to Brisbane’s West End.

Their menu offers the choice of 13 pizzas, seven of which are made from their traditional tomato based house sauce and the remaining six are white based pizzas.

You’ll also be able to sample some of the finest burrata, prosciutto, and cheeses if you are looking for sharing options as opposed to pizza (but you’d be a fool to miss out!)

The Burrow

These pizzas are experimental and incredible! You can try the ‘Bad Motherfungi’ to taste mushrooms like you’ve never tasted them before or choose the ‘big voodoo daddy’ to tantalise your tastebuds with a combination of chorizo and pulled pork with a luxurious bourbon glaze.

This is one of the more unique pizza places on this list and it is definitely one to try, even if you are a fan of the more traditional style of pizza, you won’t be disappointed!

Little G

If you are looking for an extensive, rotating menu of specialised pizzas, then this is the spot for you.

These experimental slices are nothing like anything you will have tried before.

If you are looking to fully indulge then definitely try their Wagyu cheeseburger pizza or their hearty spaghetti and meatballs pizza.

This is a spot like no other and the food will leave you salivating endlessly until you return again!


The key to discovering a good pizzeria is by buying a plain Margherita and seeing how phenomenal it tastes.

At Tartufo, no pizza option is neglected as all of the pizzas are served with a thin and soft crispy base combined with the perfect amount of topping.

There’s nothing more satisfying than the pizzas on offer here.

Superfly Pizza

15 Best Pizzas In Brisbane

The menu may seem a little small but this is because they have crafted a small range of pizzas that boast only the finest toppings and ingredients!

Vegans are also looked after here due to the veggie watts option that contains eggplant, capsicum, zucchini, basil, olives and tahini swirl.

For vegetarians, there is also the option of the pumpkin pizza that comes infused with rocket, thyme blue cheese, mozzarella and honey.

The pizza here is lovingly crafted, ethically prepared and served with a smile!

Smokin’ Joes

This spot may be a little small but it’s extensive clientele speaks for itself.

They are renowned for their wonderfully thin and crispy pizza bases and host all-you-can-eat pizza nights on a Wednesday for only $22 per person.

Their unconventional options include the Rahman, a lamb kofta pizza that comes served with an incredible yoghurt based garlic sauce.

This is a family owned, Italian business which also gives it an added authenticity.


This is a relatively new restaurant but they’ve already established themselves as a G.O.A.T on Brisbane’s pizza scene!

The Roma is well recommended and contains flor di latte, burette cheese, cracked pepper and parma ham.

This restaurant incorporates authentically Italian flavours and there is nothing pseudo-traditional about the food that is on offer. This is definitely one to watch and undoubtedly one to try!


You cannot get more authentically Italian than this pizzeria! This is because it is quite literally tucked inside the Case Italia Community Centre.

It has been transformed from a food truck into a full on pizza restaurant that boasts an extensive range of traditional options.

You can of course grab yourself a slice of Margherita, or if you are feeling more experimental, there’s an entire vegan menu that serves the finest vegan pizza in the whole of Brisbane!

You can also choose a gluten-free base for only $6 extra.

Revel Brewing

The Revel Brewing Co is obviously associated with beer but this brewery serves incredible wood-fire pizza.

Their truffle pizza is cooked to perfection and comes with Italian pork sausage, truffle paste, mushroom and copious amounts of cheese.

The wood fired taste makes this venue stand out and if you are looking for a less indulgent option, their garlic focaccia is also phenomenal!

Mr Badgers

These pizzas are beyond hearty. You will feel warmed for days once you’ve sampled their incredibly thick pizza that comes with a copious amount of smooth, soft cheese. These pizzas are baked in a deep pan which provides them with an additional crunchy cheesy crust. Whilst these deep bases may be more Americano than Italiano, you will be more than satisfied with the deeply delicious taste!

Sugo IT

This restaurant is a favourite amongst locals for a reason. The dough is perfectly puffed and the silky soft crust is testament to the craftsmanship of the chefs at Sugo IT.

The Arrostita is a highly recommended favourite and contains scrumptious pulled pork that is slow roasted and served alongside caramelised onions and mozzarella cheese.

The Anatra is also to die for and contains confit duck, caramelised pear and mozzarella.

You will definitely be telling your friends about this restaurant and returning time and time again to taste the Italian excellence that is on offer here!

Sette Pizza (BONUS)

The Italian royals of Brisbane are the creators of this hole-in-the-wall pizza joint. The extensive expertise of the Gambaro Group is undoubtedly on display here.

Although the menu is quite short, you can rest assured that every single pizza is being crafted to perfection as they have a considerable reputation to uphold!

There’s also a delightfully wholesome calzone option for those of you who enjoy folded pizza.

To conclude, Brisbane hosts some of the finest Italian restaurants in the whole of Australia and these pizzas are undoubtedly demonstrative of the culinary excellence that is on offer in this city.

Whether you are looking for the traditionally thin, crispy pizza slices or are seeking a deep-pan hearty alternative, you will not be disappointed by the range of pizza that is available throughout the city.

Pizza can put a smile on the faces of most people and these venues are also the perfect spots for a date night or gatherings of family and friends alike.

Be careful though, as these pizzas are so tasty that you might need to purchase more than one to avoid any hand-slapping! You most certainly won’t be offering our last slice to anyone else.

Enable yourself to indulge and put the smile back on your own face by sinking into a traditional slice of Americano or Margherita pizza or alternatively, indulge your every sense with the more experimental alternatives that I have listed above.

Bon Appetit!

Dylan Cole