The 15 Best Ice Cream Sydney

Whether you’re looking for a way to cool down or are just in need of a scoop of something creamy and delicious, there are plenty of places to grab a sweet treat around Sydney. The options are so endless that it can be quite tiring trying to decide where to start!

Do you want ice cream or traditional gelato? What flavor combination should you pick? Do you opt for a cup or cone? 

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some of our top picks for the best ice cream shop in Sydney. Whether you’re looking for classic artisan gelato or off-the-wall flavors, there’s an ice cream place for you. 

Read on to get our inside scoop on where to get the best ice cream in Sydney!

The 15 Best Ice Cream Sydney

Aqua S

Visit Aqua S to satisfy your cravings for a sweet treat!

Though the idea of sea salt soft serve was taken from Okinawa in Japan, the team at Aqua S has pushed it one step further towards the artful.

As a result, Aqua S ice creams provide unique soft serve flavors in bright blue soft serve cones, offering a piece of ice cream heaven in every bite. 

Why not head inside? Not only will you get to experience its ethereal interior decor with clouds painted on the ceiling, but you can also try out stunningly sweet ice cream concoctions that will tantalize your taste buds.

You can keep things simple with a single-serve, or you can choose a blended swirl of two flavors to change things up. With a range of toppings to choose from, such as Mochi or brownie bites, you can customize your ice cream to your exact taste!

Cow & The Moon Gelato

Head on over to Cow & The Moon for ice cream that is definitely worth your time.

In operation since 1993, Cow and The Moon have become a sensational gelato institution located in the inner west. Tucked away on Enmore Road, this bustling family-run parlor is well-known for producing some of Sydney’s tastiest and creamiest artisan gelato.

All of their cold treats are made in-house. And, with over 26 ever-changing but still delectable gelato flavors to choose from, including pistachio and elderberry, you are truly spoiled for choice!

Cow & The Moon also offers various seasonal sorbet flavors for you to enjoy, including nectarine, watermelon, and coconut. 

They also churn out vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free variations, so there is always something new to try!

N2 Extreme Gelato 

If you’re looking for ice cream with a twist, N2 Extreme Gelato has got you covered.

They consistently reinvent the concept of traditional gelato by bringing in creatively decadent creamy flavors. As a result, this delicious instantly made-to-order gelato is not only Instagram-worthy but also leaves a traditional feel on the tongue.

What makes this ice cream parlor unique is that all of its gelatos are created using a liquid nitrogen freezing method. You can even watch as the gelato cups are transformed into the delicious treat that you will soon be devouring! 

With freshly sourced ingredients from local dairies and the incorporation of real fruits, it’s no wonder their gelato tastes incredible. Best of all, there are many vegetarian-friendly options available for you to try!

Gelato Messina

Though the first Gelato Messina store opened in 2002, it has slowly become an ice cream empire. From Parramatta to Darlinghurst there are 19 different locations across Australia for you to score a staple scrumptious cone of Messina gelato — so you’ll never miss out.

If you choose Gelato Messina, you can expect seriously creative flavors and an ever-changing menu of specialty gelato, all of which has been delightfully designed to appeal to your sweet tooth.

And, instead of buying pre-made ingredients, the Gelato Messina in-house pastry chef team creates everything from scratch — including toppings and honest, high-quality traditional gelato. 

You also have the opportunity to sample the tempting flavors! What’s not to love?

Bay Vista

Bay Vista has been focused on providing the best dessert experience in Sydney since its establishment in 1991. 

Bay Vista’s desire to create a unique but still highly welcoming family-friendly atmosphere has helped the company to stand the test of time. You can now find the two branches of this magnificent dessert empire in two locations; Brighton Le Sands, and Parramatta. 

So whether you’re craving traditional soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, or fat-free sorbet and ice cream — you’ll find something to suit you.

If you’re not in the mood for ice cream, there’s no need to worry. Bay Vista also offers amazing cakes, waffles, hot drinks, hot savory food, and crêpes (sweet and savory) for you to enjoy!


This hidden gem is located in Darling Quarter.

Whether you’re after traditional ice cream flavors or new, innovative ones, Gelatissimo offers the perfect solution for you. In operation since 2002, Gelatissimo currently has over 40 stores across the country, so there’s no shortage of deliciousness!

Feel free to choose between ice cream and artisan gelato, or even try a handmade gelato cake. 

In each store, you can select your favorite dessert from a wide-ranging selection of 40 flavors; 35 traditional and 5 rotating weekly specials. Also, all gelato is made fresh in-store with no added artificial flavors or colors!

In addition to their extensive flavor range, you can also find vegan, non-dairy, and gluten-free options. 

Anita Gelato

Located near Bondi Beach, Anita Gelato is a trendy gelato spot that has lots of appeals. Whether it’s the graffiti-adorned walls or the tempting range of ice cream flavors, Anita’s always hits the spot!

The team at Anita Gelato specializes in combinations. And, with over 150 temptingly flavored sweet treats, Anita’s is the perfect solution to your dessert woes. Like

Gelato Messina, you can sample some of the most enticing flavors before you commit to buying! If you aren’t in the mood for traditional ice cream, you can also purchase fruity frozen yogurts, sorbets, waffles, or delicious soy-based ice creams.

From Pistachio Bronte to Popcorn with Honey and Caramel, feel free to take your pick from a huge range of creative combinations!

With such an extensive flavor menu, you may have a problem narrowing down just one product to buy. Overall, it’s definitely worth the visit.

Fresko Gelato And Waffle House

The 15 Best Ice Cream Sydney

Fresko Gelato and Waffle House is a dessert place with a welcome difference. They specialize in providing Greek-inspired gelato flavors for non-traditional customers. 

Fresko Gelato and Waffle House have become an institution since their 2015 launch, with stores now dotted around the country. Fitted out in retro design, it’s well worth the detour just to sample the crazy combinations.

If you are one to shun plain flavors and prefer to opt for more exciting flavors, why not try watermelon and feta, or even a passion fruit cheesecake? 

If being able to choose from over 36 Greek-inspired ice cream flavors wasn’t enough, Fresko also has an impressive waffle and beverage list for you to choose from, including their Baklava Frappé & Gelato Shakes. Whatever you’re craving, there’s something fresh for you at Fresko.

Ciccone & Sons Gelateria

This shop is located in Redfern. 

If you’re seeking typical 1950s authentic tasting Italian gelato for your afternoon treat, Ciccone & Sons is the place for you! With stunning small-batch artisan gelato, it’s no surprise that so many people continue to flock to this space!

All gelato is made in-house with the best and freshest locally sourced ingredients. As a result, the flavor menu changes depending on the product that has been harvested. However, there are a few Italian favorites that stay on the menu all year round.

Not only do Ciccone & Sons provide you with the high-quality and authentic taste of gelato that you desire, but each flavor is given ample room to shine. This means it won’t be difficult finding a flavor that appeals to your inner child!

Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream

If you’re in the mood to try something different, you should head down to Hakiki Turkish Ice Cream to check out the variety of Turkish-origin sweet treats and beverages available. You can find this store on Enmore Road, Newtown.

The store opened intending to merge the traditional tastes of Maras with those present in the Inner West. And, after years of dutifully serving the Australian public and tourists alike, it’s safe to say that the mission has been a success!

At this delightful store, you can expect to find flavors such as sour cherry, Turkish delight, pistachio, and the simple combination of milk and sugar to flavor your iced confections. The difference here is that they use salep, which gives all Turkish ice cream its super tacky consistency. 

Rivareno Gelato

Rivareno has continued to provide traditional crowd-pleasing gelato across the globe since opening its first store in Milan in 2005. Since then, more stores have opened in locations across Australia, such as Barangaroo. 

As a result of its distinct Italian origin, Rivareno Gelato does gelato the conventional Sicilian way. So, for a taste of Italy, you should be sure to visit Rivareno!

All gelato is freshly prepared in-store each day and is stored in covered, stainless-steel pozzetti containers. Though this means you don’t get as much of a visual spectacle as you would in other stores, the use of pozzetti has many benefits.

Not only does it keep the gelato at an optimum temperature, but it also ensures freshness and creates a silky texture that makes for a better consumer experience. 

Overall, you should prepare to taste some of the most delicious classic gelato flavors, tangy fruit sorbets, and Sicilian granita at Rivareno. You’ll also find a selection of other artisan desserts, including crêpes, waffles, brioche, and gelato sticks.


Another must-visit ice cream parlor, Serendipity, was born in 1966. With backing from founder Alix Mandelson and the local community, Serendipity has perfected the balance between addictive flavor and quality in its products.

They are a 100% carbon-neutral company and use only the most premium natural ingredients in all of their ice creams.

With slightly unusual yet still highly inspired ice cream flavors like Salty Pistachio Praline and a scrumptious honeycomb-based Hokey Pokey, Serendipity offers something to satisfy your every craving.

If you aren’t in the mood for rich ice cream, feel free to try their just-as-tasty sorbet.

All things considered, it’s very easy to see why Serendipity has become one of the most awarded ice cream places in Australia. 

Mapo (Newtown)

Mapo is a sustainable and artisan gelateria with locations in Newtown and Bondi Beach. According to their website, it’s ‘A little Laboratory where gelato is made every day from raw and fresh ingredients.’ 

If that wasn’t enough, the perfectly imperfect tasting gelato is freshly made each day, so you must be quick to catch a flavor before it is completely gone! And, over half of these offered 14 flavors are also dairy-free, so you can consume your cold treat without feeling stressed or guilty.

Behind the scenes of this Italian gelateria, everything appears to be green. Between sustainable packaging (edible cones and compostable containers), you can have your ice cream any way you want – with the knowledge that everything can be recycled!


Operating since 1999, Pompei’s are highly regarded for their expertly made pizza. The range of artisan gelato and sorbet available at Pompei’s has been created from a mix of tradition and a passion for flavor.

Owner George Pompei spent over 20 years in Italy learning the ins and outs of the gelato trade to replicate the taste of authentic gelato to residents of Sydney.

As a result, Pompei’s has established itself as the place to go for authentic, creamy Italian gelato.

The high degree of dedication required to accomplish this shines through in the richness of their flavors. Whether you choose to consume hazelnut and dark chocolate flavors or opt for subtle pistachio, you’ll find something to enjoy.

The best part? You can enjoy your ice cream inside the venue, or you can take it away and savor it for a stroll along the nearby beach. 

Cremeria Giuseppina

Located in Five Dock, Cremeria Giuseppina proudly serves a variety of Italian treats to the surrounding neighborhood. 

From the classic Sicilian granita to artisan desserts including cannoli’s, panini’s, and cakes, Cremeria Giuseppina provides you with many delicious treats to sample, for any occasion.

Some classic gelato flavors include a mouthwatering hazelnut, old-school Cassata, and Stracciatella. Other gelato flavors are also regularly rotated, so it’s a great idea to keep an eye out for availability!

There is also a variety of vegan and gluten-free options available in-store. What’s not to love?

If you’re heading to Sydney in colder weather and want to forgo ice cream, why not try a cup of their luxurious Italian-style hot chocolate? It is so thick that it can be eaten with a spoon, and you also receive a delicious creamy Panna as an added extra!

A Summary

And that brings us to the end of our article! We hope that we’ve shown you the array of ice cream that Sydney has to offer.

Each place offers its has a unique approach to serving ice cream and gelato, and so it’s very likely that you’ll have an excellent experience whichever venue you choose. In fact, why not visit more than one? We won’t judge!

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