10 Gluten-Free Chocolate Banana Mousse Cake Recipes

There was a time when have to follow dietary restrictions meant missing out on a lot of the more indulgent things in life. Well thankfully, not anymore!

If you’re looking for gluten-free banana chocolate mousse cake recipes, then look no further.

10 Gluten-Free Chocolate Banana Mousse Cake Recipes

It is the perfect dessert to make when you are craving something sweet and decadent but don’t want to go all out with a traditional cake or pie.

These gluten-free chocolate banana mousse cake recipes all have a light and airy texture that will have your guests asking for seconds.

The flavour combination of bananas and chocolate is so delicious and it pairs perfectly with whipped cream or ice cream.

This is great for anyone who suffers from celiac disease or has any form of gluten intolerance. Just because you have an intolerance to gluten, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo your favourite sweet treats.

Healthy Banana Chocolate Mousse (Gluten/Dairy-Free)

We’re opening with a simply banana and chocolate mousse recipe that can be added to any gluten free cake to jazz it up.

This recipe is one that includes absolutely no dairy or gluten, being made instead with dark chocolate that will give you some of that creaminess without any digestive or skin issues.

It uses overripe bananas to replace the sugar that you would normally have in a mousse.

This is a very simple recipe and it will only take you a few steps to make it. You can use either regular or organic bananas depending on what you prefer.

This is also a great recipe if you’re trying to cut down on the number of carbs you eat as it’s naturally low carb.

This mousse also looks amazing, topped with either strawberry or raspberry, for a splash of colour and freshness.

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Banana Cake Recipe

Next up, we have something in the more traditional cake territory, but nonetheless, it is delicious and 100% gluten-free.

The banana flavour in this chocolate cake is particularly strong and comes from completely natural ingredients.

If you love banana bread, then you’ll love this cake too. It’s moist, flavoursome, and incredibly easy to make.

If you’ve never baked before, then this is the perfect place to start.

The best part about this cake is that it is extremely versatile; you can add whatever flavours you like to it. Try adding cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, or even coconut.

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Mousse Cake

This next cake looks simply delicious, coming with 3 layers that include brownie, chocolate mousse and a delicious layer of cream on the top.

It’s a really indulgent treat that you won’t be able to stop eating once you try it.

Now this recipe requires the use of a Stand Mixer. If you don’t have a Stand Mixer, you can buy one here. They are incredibly useful appliances and you’ll be amazed how often you use it once you have one.

It’s a classic chocolate cake, but there are many different variations of it. This particular version uses a gluten-free flour mix and contains a lot less fat than most other versions.

You can easily customise this cake by using different types of nuts and seeds, such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, etc.

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Chocolate Mousse Cake – Gluten Free

Continuing on, we have a chocolate mousse cake that does not contain any bananas, but they can easily be chopped up and added to the baking mix.

This only takes 1 hour and 20 to fully prep and then bake and is one of the easiest recipes we could find.

We recommend making sure all the ingredients are at room temperature when mixing them together. This ensures that everything comes together smoothly.

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Banana Mousse With Strawberry Chocolate Sauce

Following on with our gluten-free chocolate banana mousse cake recipes is one that comes with banana as the dominant flavour and a chocolate strawberry sauce drizzled the top. Yum!

This turns the normal mousse on its head and transplants a lot of the traditional flavours from inside the cake to the outside.

This has an excellent presentation to it also. You can top it with some fresh strawberries, which will really elevate the taste.

This is an excellent dessert for those who want something sweet and decadent. The combination of the two flavours makes for a truly unique experience.

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Chocolate Mousse Cake – Gluten-Free And Vegan

Now we have a chocolate mousse cake with delicious layers that you can be sure will leave you with a full stomach.

This contains zero refined sugar, making it one of the healthiest chocolate desserts that you will find on this list.

There are no eggs in this recipe either, so if you’re looking for a healthier option, this is definitely it. We suggest making sure your butter is at room temperature when melting it.

If you want really fluffy, light frosting, try using an Electric Hand Mixer. These things make easy work of everything from beating egg whites for meringues to creaming butter and sugar for cakes. For more information and prices, see here.

This is another great recipe for people who don’t eat dairy products. It’s made without milk, cheese, or yoghurt as well.

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Double Chocolate Chip Banana Cake (Gluten-Free, Vegan)

Here we have another great recipe for a chocolate and banana cake whose flavours really dance on your tongue.

You can also make this cake into muffins, which is a great reason to make cakes just for yourself. After all, you can have some for lunch time snacks and freeze the rest for another time.

The batter is very thick, so you’ll need to use a stand mixer to beat it together. If you don’t have one, you can still do it manually, it will just take more time.

This is a perfect recipe for anyone who wants to make their own gluten-free banana bread.

There are plenty of options here, including adding cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and even pumpkin pie spice.

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Easy Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake

Next up, we have another mousse cake that is great for vegans and also contains no gluten whatsoever. This is a simple recipe that only takes about 30 minutes to prepare and bake.

You can add whatever kind of fruit you’d like to this cake. We chose to go with strawberries because they complement the chocolate nicely.

The great thing about this recipe is that it gives you tips on how to prepare your chocolate mousse properly.

If you’re going to try this recipe out, we highly recommend using a stand mixer to get the best results. You can also use a hand mixer, but it won’t give you quite the same result.

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Gluten-Free Banana Chocolate Chip Cake

This is a great recipe for those who like an equal balance of chocolate and banana. It comes with a creamy banana centre that gives you all the rich sweetness without any of the harmful side effects.

We love this recipe because it’s easy to make and doesn’t require any special equipment. Just mix everything together and then pour it into cupcake tins.

It’s important to note that this recipe uses a large number of bananas. That’s why it has such a high calorie count. However, you can always reduce the number of bananas used by half.

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Banana Mousse Recipe

Finally, we have a recipe for a delicious banana mousse that can easily be prepared in under an hour. This is a great dessert for someone who likes both sweet and savoury flavours.

In order to create this recipe, all you’ll need are fresh bananas, two tablespoons of honey, some lime juice and three-quarters of a cup of fresh cream.

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This is simple to make and fairly economical too.

This recipe is great for beginners as well as experienced bakers. It is super easy to follow and should leave you with a tasty dessert that you can enjoy every day.

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What Is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley, and spelt. These grains contain proteins called gliadin and glutenin.

When these proteins combine, they form long chains that help dough stay elastic and firm.

Because of this, people who suffer from celiac disease or gluten intolerance cannot eat foods containing gluten. They must avoid anything made with flour that may contain gluten.

The good news is that there are several ways to eliminate gluten from your diet. One way is to purchase gluten-free products at the grocery store. Another option is to cook your food at home.

Many of these recipes also work for paleo dieters. For paleo-friendly Pie Crust Recipes, click here.

Are Bananas Gluten-Free?

Yes, bananas are considered gluten-free. In fact, they are one of the most popular fruits consumed worldwide due to their unique flavour and texture.

However, if you want to make sure that your bananas aren’t contaminated with gluten, you should wash them thoroughly before eating.

What Is The Best Chocolate To Use In Mousse?

Chocolate is considered a healthy choice when it comes to desserts. It contains antioxidants and other nutrients that promote overall health.

When choosing which type of chocolate to use, look for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains more cocoa solids than milk chocolate does.

Cocoa solids are what make chocolate taste so good.

When you add milk to chocolate, you dilute its natural flavor. Milk chocolate tastes better when eaten on its own.

How Much Sugar Should I Add To My Mousse?

If you’re looking for a low-sugar mousse, you’ll need to cut back on the amount of sugar that you use.

You can do this by using less sugar in your recipes.

Our Final Say

We hope that you enjoyed our list of 10 Gluten-Free Chocolate Banana Mousse Cake Recipes!

Try a few of these recipes to see which one suits your palate the best. The great thing about some of these recipes is how versatile they are.

10 Gluten-Free Chocolate Banana Mousse Cake Recipes

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