The 15 Best Breakfasts In Adelaide

Eating breakfast in a cafe or restaurant is a brilliant way to start the day. Whether you are looking for bacon, eggs, sausages, or pancakes, there are plenty of breakfast options in Adelaide. 

To help you in your quest to find a fine breakfast establishment in Adelaide, we have selected 15 of the top restaurants in the area. 

The 15 Best Breakfasts In Adelaide

Folklore Cafe

You can find this restaurant located above the Port Adelaide River. From here, you can get some beautiful and scenic views.

With large windows, the Folklore Cafe gives you stunning scenery. If you are lucky enough, you might even be able to see some dolphins as you enjoy a mouth-watering breakfast. 

However, this cafe does not just offer views to-die-for. Their food is diverse, from a range of different cultures. The food served here includes waffles, eggs, and mushroom ragu.

Furthermore, their luscious coffee is organic and locally sourced. If you happen to be in this area, we heartily recommend the Folklore Cafe.

My Grandma Ben

Secondly, My Grandma Ben emphasizes the importance of sustainability and ethical cooking practices. They also focus on engaging with members of the community.

They also host workshops for techniques such as pickling and preserving foods.

This restaurant has a wide variety of breakfast foods available on their menus, including crumpets, granola, toast, and the option to build your own breakfasts. 

My Grandma Ben also offers a service whereby you can trade produce.

If you have green fingers and have lots of homegrown fruit and vegetables, you can trade them with the cafe for other produce, such as coffee.

This produce is then used in the breakfasts served at My Grandma Ben. 

Flinders Street Project

Next up, we have chosen the Flinders Street Project. This avant-garde restaurant is quirkily decorated with 10,000 wooden spoons dangling from the ceiling.

Not only this, but the cafe is dog-friendly. If you love to take your pooch for a walk in the morning, feel free to call into the Flinders Street Project for a delectable meal. 

There is a focus on modern breakfasts here. They are also renowned for their delicious pastries, which are cooked in an old-fashioned 990-kilogram oven.

In addition, Flinders Street Project brews specialty coffees that will give you the energy to start your day. Offering a variety of vegan choices, this restaurant has something for everyone. 

Whistle And Flute

Offering delicious alfresco dining, this cafe and liquor bar is the perfect place to spend your mornings. It is a lively and modern space, with lots of hanging plants, exposed brick, and timber beams. 

In terms of food, the Whistle and Flute will give you so many options that it will be difficult to make a decision.

Highlights from their menu include the ciabatta bread, the local halloumi burger, and chicken waffles.

If you are looking for somewhere with a good atmosphere, Whistle and Flute will be of interest to you. 

Karma And Crow 

Set up in 2016 by Janie Kammer and Alanna Crowe, the idea behind this restaurant was to provide high-quality food in a relaxed environment.

To create this atmosphere, the owners of the Karma and Crow built their restaurant in a spacious setting with high ceilings. They have fitted it with comfortable retro furniture. 

The menu at the Karma and Crow is constantly changing, giving you the opportunity to try out different foods and flavors.

They offer really refreshing juices as well as a variety of breakfast foods, including both standard classics and some more bold options. 

Hey Jupiter

Sixth on our guide is Hey Jupiter, a French-inspired brasserie. The outside of this brasserie is distinctive, with its bold tiling and green color scheme. 

Like their decor, Hey Jupiter provides food that is French-themed, including croissants.

On weekends, Hey Jupiter serves their breakfast menu throughout the day. This means that you can satisfy your breakfast cravings whenever you need to.

They also have plenty of alcoholic drinks to choose from, if this is something that you are keen to try. 

Topiary Cafe 

The 15 Best Breakfasts in Adelaide

This cafe cares a lot about providing food with ingredients that have been sourced locally.

Everything here is homemade, highlighting the art of cooking. In addition, you can dine here assured that there will be minimal food waste.

This establishment can be found in Newman’s Nursery, a scenic garden that tourists and locals alike should visit. 

Some of the best foods featured on the menu at Topiary Cafe include fresh sourdough bread and cured meats. Their breakfasts are accompanied by delicious coffee or sparkling wine.

This coffee has been roasted locally, adding a real sense of community to this delightful cafe. 


If you cannot resist American breakfasts, then this may be the place for you! C.R.E.A.M has a bright and airy feel to it, making it the ideal setting for a relaxed breakfast.

The name of this establishment is an acronym for ‘Coffee Rules Everything Around Me’, a statement that is true for many people. 

There are lots of sweet and savory options available on this extensive menu, including pancakes, maple bacon, French toast, and fried chicken.

All of these tasty meals will leave you full but still wanting more. 

Peter Rabbit

At the number 9 spot is Peter Rabbit. Located in the Central Business District in Adelaide and surrounded by lemon trees, this cafe was formerly a shipping container.

Nowadays, it delivers delicious breakfast grub. This includes granola and differently cooked eggs. Though this may appear to be an unusual setting for a cafe, you will not be disappointed by it. 

If you are an animal lover, this should be added to your list of places to visit. Two super cute rabbits inhabit this restaurant. With its focus on nature and the environment, this is a relaxing spot to check out. 


A tram barn-turned cafe, Bloom is yet another great place to eat Breakfast in Adelaide.

It has high ceilings, lush plants, and a neutral color scheme, instilling it with a soothing vibe that is perfect for calming you down during stressful mornings. 

Their breakfast is served all day. Taste dishes such as smoky lentil dahl, BBQ sourdough, and dark rye.

They even have bottomless brunches every Friday, meaning that it is also ideal for this meal-time. 

Banksia Tree Cafe

Championing local ingredients, Banksia Cafe is perfect for those who worry about the ethics of their meals. For example, their coffee comes from Monastery Coffee, a supplier that is based in Adelaide.

They also have an interesting initiative that ensures all profits made from sparkling water are given to local Australian farmers. 

Aside from their ethics, Banksia Tree is known for its breakfasts and brunches. They also have an open kitchen, allowing you to watch as your breakfast is carefully prepared. 


At number twelve is Pippo, a breakfast and brunch cafe that can be found in North Adelaide. They have a pastel aesthetic, with pretty soft pinks.

Among their many breakfast items include smashed avocado and wild mushroom. If you are vegetarian or vegan, there are a few great meal choices designed for your dietary needs. 

Abbots And Kinney

Founded in 2015, Abbots and Kinney sell delectable pastries, sweet and savory alike. Aside from this, they also have sensational cakes and bread.

Alongside the pastries, you can order coffees that will give you some much-needed energy in the morning.

If you are looking for a more traditional breakfast, Abbots and Kinney also serve standard breakfast favorites such as eggs. Adorned with wood, this establishment has a cozy vibe to it. 

Hilton Adelaide 

For our penultimate choice, we decided to go for something that was a little different from the other choices contained in this list.

This is not just a hotel, but also a glamorous spot to have breakfast. This meal can be enjoyed in a pristine location.

If you are staying in this area, it is definitely worth staying in this hotel for its high-quality breakfasts.  


The last item on our list is Exchange, a coffee shop that was established in 2013. If you consider yourself a coffee fan, this will be somewhere you should certainly visit.

Their coffee is responsibly sourced and roasted to perfection. Their breakfast menu consists of different types of bread, granolas, sandwiches, and pastries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Best Breakfast In Adelaide?

The answer to this question is very much subjective and will be reliant on personal preference.

However, all fifteen of the breakfast establishments featured in this list could be considered the best breakfast in Adelaide. 

What Is The Most Popular Breakfast In Australia?

Of course, every individual has a preference for breakfast dishes. Though many Australians adore traditional cooked breakfasts, toast and cereals have proven more popular.

This is likely because they are more convenient.

As a result, when Australians eat breakfast outside of the house, they are more likely to treat themselves with cooked breakfasts that consist of ingredients such as eggs and bacon. 


When it comes to places to eat breakfast, there are a plethora of excellent options in Adelaide.

In fact, there are so many viable choices that it can be hard to make a decision as to which venue to attend.

However, if you are visiting Adelaide, you should not limit yourself to one breakfast establishment. Instead, we encourage you to visit as many of these amazing restaurants as possible. 

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