The 15 Best Burger Restaurants In Adelaide

There are few meals more satisfying than a good burger. When a burger combination just works, it doesn’t get any better.

Burger restaurants are great, and you definitely cannot go wrong with a juicy, delectable patty sandwiched in a quality bun. Some of the best burgers are served in Adelaide, with some unique and amazing flavour combinations.

Fast food does not always cut it, and it is great to appreciate a burger when its ingredients have been picked out specifically for the flavour.

The 15 Best Burger Restaurants In Adelaide

In this list, we give you some of the best burger restaurants in Adelaide, with some of the best parts of the menu.

From classic cheeseburgers, Aussie burgers, fish burgers, to burgers that have more than 10 fillings; Adelaide has it all! It’s a great city, with lots to do, and – happily – lots to eat.

Hello Harry

Location: Corner of King William and, Hindley St, Adelaide, SA 5000 Ph: (08) 8221 6678

Also at 40 Jetty Rd, Glenelg, SA 5045 Ph: (08) 8376 4070

First up in our take on the top burger restaurants in Adelaide is Hello Harry. This is a popular chain of burger joints in Adelaide, with two locations in the city. They describe themselves as a ‘funky eatery’, serving generous portions in a casual setting.

They have been serving up great burgers, shakes, and fries since 2014. However, it is not only a hit joint amongst those from Adelaide, as it can be found in most major cities across Australia.

They use quality ingredients, and create unique, great-tasting burgers. Hello Harry is inexpensive, whilst having an extensive menu. 

Some of their iconic burgers include the dirty Harry burger, the Chicken Caesar, and their iconic Aussie Burger.

The Dirty Harry includes two double beef patties, cheese, chicken, bacon, pickles, mustard, tomato jam and mayonnaise. Meanwhile, the Aussie features grass-fed beef, BBQ glaze, egg, beetroot, cheese and salad.

With such unique combinations, Hello Harry is bound to surprise you with their exciting flavours. 

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Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. 

Location: 211/215 Rundle St, Adelaide, SA 5000 Ph: (08) 8223 1016

Betty’s Burgers is a modern and popular burger joint in Adelaide, which was founded in 2014.

Inspired by 1950s burger-shacks, at Betty’s they serve the classic burgers, fries and shakes that everyone knows and loves. All of their burgers are exceptional quality. With this in mind, not surprisingly they have countless restaurants all over Australia, which are all popular.

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Their signature burger is the Betty Deluxe, which consists of Angus beef, bacon, pickles, salad, cheese, and Betty’s special sauce.

Another unique burger on their menu is the Noosa Classic Surf, which is an Angus beef burger, with battered prawns, salad, onion, cheese and special sauce.

The chain also has a nice range of thick shakes and ice cream for dessert. No wonder they make our list of the best burger restaurants in Adelaide.

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Yankee’s Burger Bar

Location: 225 Rundle St, Adelaide, SA 5000 Ph: (08) 7111 9879

Yankee’s American Burger Bar is a beer and burger bar, taking pride in serving up the best burgers, hot dogs, shakes, and beer.

Yankee’s care about good food, with their motto ‘convenience is king’ playing a part in their four locations, perfectly placed in South Australia.

They have an extensive menu, with cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, premium burgers, hot dogs, wraps and a long list of sides and loaded fries.

Some of their notable mentions include the Crispy Fish Burger, with tartare sauce and pickles, The Ultimate Piggy, with pulled pork, bacon and ham, and the Buffalo Chicken, consisting of fried chicken, bacon, salad and buffalo sauce. 

Burger Republic

Location: 1/110 King William Rd, Hyde PArk, SA 5061 Ph: (08) 8357 0810

Also at T21/330-334 Seaview Rd, Henley Beach, SA 5022 Ph: (08) 8355 1461

Burger Republic’s motto is to nourish the soul. All of their food is handmade, with love and maximum taste. They serve classic American food, such as burgers, fries, and thick shakes.

They have two restaurants in Adelaide, and are immensely popular for their great burgers with soft brioche buns and generous portions. Their menu is lengthy, and great value.

Some of their popular burgers include the old-fashioned Cheeseburger, the Zombie Burger, the Atomic Chicken Burger and the Nashville Fried Chicken Burger. And if you fancy a change, they do an excellent authentic New York style hot dog.

They have a good selection of sides such as their fried chicken or bacon cheese fries, along with their amazing thick shakes and donut desserts. 

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127 Days

Location: Shop 7, 113-131, 127, Days Rd, Croydon Park, SA 5008 Ph: (08) 8346 8205

127 Days is an inexpensive and great fast food burger joint in Croydon Park, Adelaide. The restaurant serves fresh and creative burgers, which are indulgent and hearty.

They serve classic burgers, along with innovative burgers, and fries, wings, and squid. Some of their more classic burgers are the Old-Fashioned Burger, the Cheese Banga, and the Chicken Fry.

However, they are best known for their more left-of-centre burgers, such as the 127 Ways To Die Burger. This delicious beast is filled with beef, jalapeños, onions, chilli, habanero Tabasco, Pepper Jack cheese and chipotle mayonnaise.

There is also the ‘Croydon Cheese Steak’, with sirloin steak, BBQ sauce, onions and nacho cheese, and the ‘Squealed With A Kiss’ Burger, consisting of pulled pork, apple slaw, pepper jack cheese and chipotle aioli.

And if you still have room for sides, they also serve classics such as tater tots, fried chicken and spicy wings. 

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Location: 31 Moonta St, Adelaide, SA 5000

Also at 168 The Parade, Norwood, SA 5067 & 259 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, SA 5007

Nordburger is a modern, trendy burger restaurant, with four locations in South Australia. They have a classic, yet extensive, menu.

Each burger on their menu is classically American, and sumptuous. Be warned – there aren’t as many vegetarian options as some other burger joints on this list, so Nordburger is for lovers of meat.

Their menu consists of burgers like the Bacon Double, the Big Kahuna, the Hot Burger, the Sloppy Joe, and the Chicken Parmesan.

All burgers are served in a deliciously soft sesame brioche bun.

The Sloppy Joe Burger consists of fresh ground beef, with melted cheese, beef chilli, pickled chilli, red onions, nord sauce and ketchup. These burgers are definitely messy! However, they are also 100% worth the laundry bills.

They also serve fries, with melted cheese and caramelised onions and sauce, as well as tater tots. 

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Location: 19 O’Connell St, North Adelaide, SA 5006 Ph: (08) 8267 1052

The 15 Best Burger Restaurants In Adelaide

Burgastronomy is a casual burger place in Adelaide, with a good selection of classic burgers. If you’re looking for a juicy burger with no nonsense, Burgastronomy is the place to be.

The restaurant does not have much indoor seating, and operates mostly as a takeaway, but sometimes there’s something great about tucking into a burger at home.

Their menu consists of classic beef burgers such as the Cheeseburger, the Trucker Burger with egg and onion, and the Angry Beef Burger with smoky bacon and jalapeños.

The restaurant also serves Chicken Burgers, along with their special burgers, like the Crisp Brown Burger and the Bacon Egg Roll Burger.

The Crisp Brown Burger consists of two hash browns, double bacon, egg, cheese, rocket and mayonnaise with BBQ chipotle. Yep, it’s a yummy breakfast in a bun!

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Bread And Bone

Location: 15 Peel Street, Adelaide SA 5000 Ph: (08) 8231 8535

If you’ve not heard of Bread & Bone, you are missing out.

Bread & Bone was rated South Australia’s best burger venue, and they serve delicious wood-grilled burgers, with a unique to their restaurant. So yep, they have to make our look at the top burger restaurants in Adelaide.

It is a family-owned restaurant, operating with simple, good quality ingredients and exceptional service. The restaurant has an industrial and hip vibe, with options to dine in and takeaway.

The joint is more pricey than some other restaurants, yet it is amazing quality. They serve starters such as wood roasted sweet potatoes, chicken tenders and BBQ buffalo wings.

Some of their burgers are the Memphis Pulled Pork Burger with kohlrabi rémoulade, jalapeño and coriander, or their 300 Burger which is a big beef patty, with double cheese, salad, pickles, caramelised onions, onion rings, mustard and special sauce. What a drool-worthy mouthful!

Bread & Bone also serve BBQ dishes, along with sides and shakes.

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Gang Gang

Location: 69 Unley Rd, Parkside, SA 5063 Ph: (08) 7225 5366

Gang Gang is an exciting and contemporary burger restaurant with pop-culture inspired burger names.

They have a unique and unforgettable menu, and their prices are slightly higher than other burger joints in Adelaide.

Their menu is fun, with burgers such as the Cardi B, the Spice Girl, God’s Plan, Tinie Tempah and Big Poppa.

They also serve sides such as mozzarella sticks, popcorn chicken and quesa tacos, as well as hot fresh gourmet takeaway sandwiches such as the Tokyo Drift and the Adele.

This restaurant takes influences from Los Angeles, and serves some incredible burgers.

The Cardi B Burger is one of the most popular, consisting of buttermilk chicken, Balinese salsa, smashed avocado, cheddar and gang slaw.

The Spice Girl is an Asian inspired cheeseburger, with a soy garlic beef patty, and pickled ginger and wasabi mayo. How good does that sound?

The Big Poppa includes crispy south Australian bacon, with an egg, halloumi, a big hash brown, avocado, rocket and their special sauce. Their menu is unforgettable, and we reckon you’ll keep coming back to try other combos.

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Chuck Wagon 175

Location: 175 O’Connell St, North Adelaide SA 5006 Ph: (08) 8267 4070

Chuck Wagon 175 is a classic burger restaurant, and it is extremely popular. They specialise in American themed dishes, such as Smokey Mac and Cheese Bacon, Rib Bites, and Jalapeño Poppers.

They also serve their iconic Pizza Fries, and Nachos.

Some of their burgers include the Drunk on Blue Cheese, with mild blue cheese in the middle of a juicy 140g beef patty, along with onion rings, whiskey sauce and cheese sauce.

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One of their most iconic burgers however, is the Burgernator. People come from all over South Australia for this burger.

The burger consists of a signature chuck beef patty, double crusted chicken, streaky bacon, molten cheese, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, Jack Daniel’s sauce, tangy try sauce, all served on a soft brioche bun. You have to see (and eat it) to believe it. Obviously, with an option like this, they have to be included amongst our top burger restaurants in Adelaide.

They also have pork and steak burgers, as well as vegetarian options.

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FB’s Fancy Burgers

Location: 402 B27, Kensington Park, SA 5068 Ph: (08) 8331 4000

Also at 237 Main Rd, Blackwood, SA 5051 & Shop 11/715-725 South Rd, Black Forest, SA 5035

Fancy Burger’s was founded in 2010, and is locally operated, delivering the best gourmet burgers in town. They bake all buns fresh, and all of their meat is locally and ethically sourced.

Pleasingly, they use premium ingredients and sell their creations at an affordable price. They serve classic beef burgers such as the Crispy Bacon and Cheeseburger with herb mayo and the Biggy Burger served on a wholemeal bun with egg, beetroot and salad.

However, their brioche bun burgers are a bit more fancy. Their El Loco Burger consists of Australian beef with jalapenos, cheese, chilli mayo.

Their Blue Cheese and Crispy Bacon Brioche Burger is a hit, along with their unique Satay Chicken Burger served with tomato relish.

They also serve lamb burgers and vegetarian burgers, along with classic sides such as fancy fries, sweet potato fries and fancy sauces. 

Barry’s Burgers

Location: 1/13 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore, SA 5019 Ph: (08) 7226 3241

Barry’s Burgers was established in 2015, and has proven a popular hit with locals. The burgers are made with high-quality ingredients, making you feel good after you eat at Barry’s Burgers.

Barry himself recommends the Baz Deluxe as their best. After all, it’s their signature burger. The Baz Deluxe consists of a beef patty, with American cheese, smoked bacon, onion jam and Baz mayo.

They also serve the Buffalo Bird, stuffed with fried chicken, American cheese and buffalo aioli coleslaw.

They also have the Hot Barry, which gives you a beef patty, cheese, jalapeños, roasted capsicum, rocket and peppery mayo.

Finally, Barry’s Burgers also serve hot seasoned fries, and vegetarian options such as the Halloumi and Mushroom Burger, as well as a large selection of beers. 

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Benny’s American Burger

Location: 73A Hindley St, Adelaide, SA 5000 Ph: (08) 8325 0985

Also at 4/2 Malone St, Morphett Vale, SA 5162 Ph: (08) 8325 0985

Benny’s American Burgers is a simple, delicious takeaway burger joint in Adelaide. They are relatively new, but have received excellent reviews so far.

Some of their menu items include their Cheeseburger, the Hot Beef Burger with hot sauce and jalapeños, the Henny Chicken Burger with bacon, mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, cheese and coleslaw, and their Jamaican Burger.

The Jamaican Burger consists of fried chicken, bacon, ranch, mint sauce, cheese, pineapple, salad and spicy salsa.

They also serve an Avocado Burger, a Classic Veggie Burger, a Halloumi Burger, and a large range of premium burgers.

Few things are as delicious as a burger thrown together on the BBQ on a hot day.

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Their premium burgers are noteworthy. In particular, the BBQ Meat Lover Burger, filled with beef, salami, ham, BBQ sauce, cheese and mac and cheese, and their Canadian Burger, comprising of beef, bacon, mustard mayo, cheese, fries, curd cheese, gravy and onion rings.

Their menu is unique, and has some of the most exciting combinations out there. 

Grill’d Rundle St

Location: 187 Rundle St, Adelaide, SA 5000 Ph: (08) 8223 3188

Also at T13A Parade Central, Cnr The Parade &, George St, Norwood, SA 5067 & Shop 2026A/297 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park, SA 5046 Ph: (08) 8296 7977 & SP03 Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, 976 North East Rd, Modbury, SA 5092 Ph: (08) 7002 3970

Grill’d was founded in 2004, and is known for their consistently good, healthy burgers. All of their meat and produce is ethically sourced, with no hormones or preservatives.

They have ‘Healthy Fried Chicken’, which is fried in Australian extra virgin oil, with no gluten and dairy.

They also have Lamb Burgers, Classic Beef Burgers, and even Wagyu burgers, all for a relatively inexpensive price for the quality. Their Wagyu burgers are premium, with basil and truffle mayonnaise.

They also cater widely to vegans and vegetarians, with extensive and creative options. Grill’d also do grilled fries. What’s more, their Healthy Fried Chicken is all RSPCA approved. 

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Two-Bit Villains

Location: Adelaide Arcade, Shop 150, Level One, 111/117 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA 5000 Ph: (08) 8232 1302

Two-Bit Villains is on a mission to stop the stigma against vegetarian food, and they are succeeding. They were established in 2011, and have been thriving ever since.

They have some of Adelaide’s best vegetarian burgers and hot dogs, and for a restaurant that only serves veggie food, they are doing exceptionally well.

It is often difficult to find great vegetarian options, especially in a burger restaurant. Usually, the options are mushroom, or halloumi.

Two-Bit Villains will amaze you with their burgers, from their Sloppy Joe, to their Chickpea and Lentil Burger, they are doing it right!

Their menu consists of a wide range of burgers, along with salads, fries, tater tots, mac and cheese, and tacos.

They have a pulled, spiced Jack Fruit Burger, served with apple slaw and BBQ sauce, along with classic favourites such as a Fish Burger, Buffalo Chicken Burger and a Picante Burger.

All of these burgers are vegetarian or vegan, and they are all delicious. So put Two-Bit Villains on your rundown of the top burger restaurants in Adelaide.

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Couch Potato

Location: 199 Port Rd, Hindmarsh, SA 5007 Ph: (08) 7222 8127

Whilst they are not the only tempting things on the menu, the burgers at retro-cool Couch Potato are totally worth the trip to Hindmarsh.

Settle into a squishy booth, absorb the 70s-tinged ambience and try the Truffle Buddha ($16). This taste of nirvana includes Beef, Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Caramelised Onion & Truffle Mayo. It’s messy to eat – as all should burgers should be – and tastes divine.

Now Eatability is a sucker for a punny name, so we love the Cluck Norris Burger ($16). Jammed full of Fried Chicken, Bacon, Cheese, Chilli Jam, Blaze Sauce and Pickles, it’s heavy on protein.

Of Course, the plant-based eaters also get a look in. Couch Potato does both a straight up Vegan Burger ($16) and a Vegan Cheeseburger ($15). Both come with their own additions such as onion and pickles.

For both the great food and kitsch decor, Couch Potato is one of the finest burger restaurants in Adelaide.

Dylan Cole