The 15 Best Breakfasts In Perth

We’ve heard time and time again about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day but ironically, it is. A warm and hearty breakfast provides us with the sustenance we need to overcome a rancid hangover or to tackle an increasing workload.

With these 15 standout breakfast restaurants, breakfast no longer has to feel like a chore.

In fact, the range of breakfast dishes on offer will leave you feeling so satisfied that you’ll be getting up an hour earlier every morning just to sample their culinary excellence!

The 15 Best Breakfasts In Perth

The Old Laundry

The Old Laundry is an exciting, vibrant new food destination located in North Perth. This is a hipster-style venue with an immaculate interior design that comes complete with an old boiler located in the courtyard.

If you’re after a distinctively creative breakfast, you should most definitely try the green eggs and ham or their delicious peanut butter and jelly pop tart.

This is the perfect venue for students who are looking to fill up before a morning lecture or for a gathering of artistically-inclined friends.

It is the perfect venue to showcase Perth’s hipster-vibe and the range of deliciously nuanced and eccentric food that is on offer at The Old Laundry is evidence of the way that it is continually evolving to keep up with (and often beat) the latest trends.

You will be hard pressed to find another venue with this level of style so be sure to pay a visit, you will not regret it!

Good Things Cafe

Good things come to those who wait but you won’t be waiting long to be served a phenomenal breakfast from this cafe. Their caramelised-banana hotcakes are to die for and also come with the option of maple bacon.

This is undoubtedly one of the finest breakfast spots in the whole of Perth and it’s wonderful reviews are testament to its expertise.

The Shipping Lane

This is a newer breakfast spot that has had everyone in Perth talking. It’s food is of the highest quality and it boasts phenomenal views within a chic warehouse location.

The slow poached salmon with spinach, avocado, truffle oil, honey mustard, poached egg, potato, crispy bacon and capers should really say it all with regards to the delights that this restaurant serves. The perfect breakfast location with exquisite food! 


Sprolo’ is what South Perth residents call an espresso and this authentic spot brings all of the culinary excellence of Perth into one venue. Their Singaporean breakfast with sourdough and house-made Pepe Saya butter is tantalising for your tastebuds.

The food is served with efficiency and a smile and this spot has become a favourite amongst locals for a reason! You will never again return to the depths of the clichéd smashed avocado or eggs on toast after visiting this venue!

The Hardware Store

This breakfast spot is undoubtedly trendy and their tomato and avocado bruschetta is one of Perth’s finest breakfasts. Despite its seeming simplicity, it is prepared exceptionally well and the bread is buttered to perfection.

The avocado is always ripe and this dish is topped with roasted peppers and parmesan flakes to add an additional boost of flavour. Every single breakfast option at this restaurant is utterly phenomenal.


This Thai restaurant serves incredible breakfast crafted from one of the most unique menus in the whole of Perth.

The Rice Congee is served with crispy bacon and hollandaise and the Son in Law Eggs are also exquisitely delicious as they are caramelised and deep fried with scallops and crispy coconut rice.

This Thai restaurant is undoubtedly one of the finest, elite dining experiences in the whole of Perth and their breakfasts are also indicative of their innovation and culinary excellence. You will never experience a taste sensation quite like breakfast as Nunam!


The full Spanish breakfast served at this restaurant comes complete with eggs, chorizo, mushrooms, chipolatas, mushrooms, bacon, tomato and beans. This is a hearty option that is perfect to soak up any excess alcohol from the night before!

Alternatively if your preference is for a sweeter option, you should try the coconut bread with spiced chocolate cremoux. It is an experience that will have you salivating for days.

East Village

The 15 Best Breakfasts In Perth

This classy Perth restaurant is perfect to cure a hangover. You can hide away in one of their booths and chow down on one of their infamous ‘Brekkie Dogs’ that contain wholesome Irish sausages with eggs and BBQ sauce served on a wonderfully soft breakfast roll.

Your stomach will be more than satisfied and this is the reason why it is one of the most popular breakfast venues in the whole of Perth.

Chu Bakery

This restaurant is located on the edge of Hyde Park in Highgate. You can choose from a range of toasts that includes avocado, whipped feta and chilli, prosciutto, pear and brie, peanut butter and coconut amongst other delicious options.

Their paper takeaway baskets ensure that you can enjoy a wholesome crunch in the park and take in the morning air with enthusiasm and glee.

These toasts are light enough to not overwhelm you but wholesome enough to provide you with a quick burst of energy to tackle the morning’s tasks. 

Pixel Coffee Brewers

This small and slight cafe located on Oxford Street receives a load of Instagram traction due to it’s photogenic, beautiful interior and heartwarming treats.

Their Sweet French Toast is made from sourdough bread and topped with chocolate mascarpone, banana and blackberry syrup. It is also topped with an edible flower for that perfect instagrammed finish.

If you are looking for a short, sweet breakfast in a stylish, quirky venue then this is most definitely the breakfast spot for you.


For the healthier breakfast eaters, Hylin’s Acai Bowl with granola is the perfect choice. The amalgamation of açai, mixed berries, banana and coconut water will be sure to leave you feeling replenished.

This bowl also comes topped with kiwi, apple and more banana!

The venue is light and airy providing you with wonderfully relaxing surroundings for your morning breakfast and their fabulously fresh fruit options will leave you feeling more than revitalised and ready to tackle the day ahead.

May Street Larder

This seasonal menu is packed with organic goodness and you can even wash down your wholesome breakfast with Kombuca on tap!

You should definitely try their Cocowhip Breakfast Bowl if you are feeling like a bowl-style brekkie or alternatively, their Soul Sandwich is a hearty option to soak up any winter morning blues.

This sandwich contains waffles with fried chicken, avocado, sour cream, jalapeños and a chilli maple syrup and is phenomenally delicious. This cafe is fast becoming one of the most popular breakfast spots in Brisbane for a very specific reason! 

Flora & Fauna 

This breakfast spot focuses on health and serves one of the best breakfasts in the whole of Perth. Their edible flower garnishes are exquisite and their menu is continually evolving to keep up with demands and meet the current health trends.

They are experts in crafting wholesome, healthy and delightful breakfast options including their infamous Canadian Style French Toast that comes complete with blueberry compote and maple syrup.

If you are looking for a unique, healthy and decadent menu, then this breakfast spot is most definitely the right choice for you!

Cantina 663

This restaurant has been a local favourite for a while. This is because it keeps it’s food fresh with an alternating menu that prevents it from becoming a dull, predictable breakfast spot.

Their s’mores French Toast with house-made marshmallow and chocolate ganache is utterly incredible and you will be dreaming of it endlessly until you return again.

The delicious food on offer here is testament to the legacy that this restaurant has built and their ability to have survived any tough economic world events.


This California style hangout has all the essence of Silverlake but in Australia. It is also always packed with customers which is testament to the wonderful food that is served here.

Their breakfast selection features local produce and their bakery is distinctly organic. You should definitely try their Wood Roasted Mushrooms that come with poached eggs and the finest artisan sourdough.

This is undoubtedly one of the finest breakfast spots in the whole of Perth and it’s popularity speaks for itself!

To conclude, these 15 restaurants prove that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and no longer has to be a chore. Long gone are the days where you need to be yawning profusely over a half-poured bowl of sugary cereal.

Perth’s innovative breakfast spots prove that a luxurious, healthy breakfast is only round the corner. These decadent venues also provide the perfect location to awaken your senses, shifting any hangover from the night before or anxiety about the day ahead.

Whether you are looking to indulge in healthy açai bowls or face plummet into a mountain of poached eggs and bacon, you will undoubtedly find the restaurant to suit you in the list above. 

Dylan Cole