The 10 Best Cafes In Adelaide

If you’re looking for a great place to stop off for a coffee, breakfast, or lunch, Adelaide has plenty to offer.

Offering a great selection of cafes, you’ll never be short of options of where to go for your coffee fix or for a relaxing brunch.

However, with so many venues springing up (and, unfortunately, closing due to COVID) it can be difficult to narrow down the best spot to visit.

To give you a little helping hand, we’ve put together a list of the best cafes in Adelaide. Use this as your go-to guide next time you’re out and about and looking for a pit stop in the City of Churches. 

The 10 Best Cafes In Adelaide

Cafe Troppo

Location: 42 Whitmore Square, Adelaide, SA 5000 Ph: (08) 8211 8812

Cafe Troppo is a lively, airy cafe which opens out onto the street.

Surrounded by a tight-knit community, Cafe Troppo aspires to create a destination for people to come together, enjoy great food and relax. With this in mind, they offer a green space for their community to gather. Throw in coffee, wine and even live music and you have a great local hub.

This commitment to uniting people has led to Cafe Troppo hosting a range of entertainment events. If you visit on a Friday evening, you may find live music. Come back during the week and there may be wine tasting or a workshop happening. The team here can even host a private event.

The menu represents the changing seasons, the city of Adelaide and its culture. Happily, the owners also hold an eco-conscious ethos.

As part of their desire to support their community and the environment, all their dishes feature locally sourced and organically grown produce. And by this, we don’t just mean a couple of items. Wonderfully, the menu at Cafe Troppo includes local growers, brewers, roasters, winemakers and craftsmen. 

So what can you order here? This cafe offers a farmhouse style menu. Think classic breakfast options with a twist – perfect for brunch with friends.

These include Sunshine Waffles – pumpkin seed and dill savoury waffles with smokey bacon, poached egg, halloumi, and herb oil.

They also offer dishes suitable for a vegan, gluten free and vegetarian diets. 

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Cafe Troppo offers:

  • A store 
  • A catering service 
  • Dietary alternatives
  • Hosts live events 
  • Indoor and outdoor seating 
  • An option to takeaway 

The Messy Tomato

Location: 151 Flinders St, Adelaide, SA 5000 Ph: 0403 643 452

Sadly, we’ve learnt that The Messy Tomato has closed.

Therefore, we’ve added an alternative cafe for you to try…

The Laneway on Ebenezer

Location: 4/10 Ebenezer Pl, Adelaide, SA 5000 Ph: 0490 069 130

This lively little cafe may have a tiny kitchen, but it knocks out big flavours.

From bagels and toasties to salads and breakfast plates, everything is made using fresh local ingredients. What’s more, the coffee has many fans – always a great sign as far as we’re concerned.

Combine this with friendly staff and a relaxed ambience and you’ve got a great spot for a brunch or a cuppa and a slice of cake.

Pop it on your list of the top cafes in Adelaide.

Peter Rabbit

Location: 234-244 Hindley St, Adelaide, SA 5000

Next on our list of the best cafes in Adelaide is the charming Peter Rabbit with its cosy, friendly atmosphere. The decor here is quirky, which gives the cafe a modern and chilled vibe.

Like Cafe Troppo above, Peter Rabbit is an eco-conscious cafe. This cafe is home to a couple of furry friends (rabbits) that live around the side of the building. And it’s one of the things that makes this a great place to bring kids for lunch.

Peter Rabbit serves earthy dishes made from fresh and organic produce. They offer a great seasonal menu with plenty of options available for those on a vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free diet. But don’t worry if you want to indulge – the menu has a wide range of pastries and sweet treats as well as breakfast and brunch classics.

Their drinks list consists of a broad variety of cafe favourites. These include a range of coffee and iced coffee, traditional and herbal teas, soft drinks, kombucha, fresh juices and homemade smoothies. And if you fancy a boozy lunch, there’s even a selection of cocktails.

Peter Rabbit is a community-centred cafe with a love of bringing people together. They regularly host live events to support local artists and businesses. One of the most popular is Sculpt and Sip, which is a brunch and ceramic session. 

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Peter Rabbit offers:

  • A catering service 
  • Entertainment 
  • Indoor and outdoor dining 
  • Dietary alternatives 
  • An option to takeaway

Exchange Specialty Coffee

Location: 12/18 Vardon Ave, Adelaide, SA 5000 Ph: 0415 966 225

Exchange Specialty Coffee is a cosy cafe with an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. The cafe consists of minimalist decor and a space with high ceilings and windows to accentuate the space.

This is a great cafe to come to if you’re looking for delicious fresh coffee and a light bite.

Exchange Speciality Coffee prides itself on making specialty coffee accessible for everyone. Here the owners are committed to providing coffee that is responsibly sourced and sustainable.

To honour their commitment, they only work with roasters that practice high quality roasting, work ethically and consciously, and foster transparency. 

The cafe specialises in brewing espresso and filter coffee. However, their menu includes a broad range of coffee merchandise, such as home brewing equipment.

Of course, you can always save a few pennies and drink your favourite blend of beans at home with your own Coffee Machine. For more information and prices, click here.

On the food front, there is everything is delicious, from the fresh sandwiches to the pastries.

If you’re looking for something a little more, they also offer an all-day brunch menu that changes with the seasons. 

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Exchange Speciality Coffee offers:

  • Speciality coffee and home brewing accessories
  • Indoor and outdoor seating
  • All-day brunch 
  • An option to takeaway

UR Caffe

Location: 117 Melbourne St, North Adelaide, SA 5006 Ph: (08) 8267 3553

UR Caffe is a trendy coffee hangout. With an eclectic vibe and urban decor, UR Caffe is a popular spot with locals and one of the best cafes in Adelaide.

UR Caffe takes pride in delivering fresh dishes made from sustainable and locally sourced ingredients.

What sets this cafe apart is its Asian inspired dishes, which are scattered throughout the menu. So you can tuck into traditional breakfast and brunch classics such as waffles and omelettes, or try something more unusual. Dishes like the Sando which comes with pork katsu, kimchi slaw, and American cheddar on brioche, make a great brunch for a change.

Or perhaps try an open sandwich with grilled marinated chicken, salad leaves served with teriyaki sauce and kimchi slaw.

The breakfast/ brunch menu runs all day if you miss starting your morning with a hearty meal.

UR Caffe’s menu caters to a range of dietary restrictions offering gluten free and dairy free substitutes. Many of the dishes on the menu are also suitable for vegetarians.

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UR Caffe offers:

  • Indoor and outdoor seating 
  • Asian inspired dishes 
  • All-day breakfast and brunch, 7 days a week 
  • An option to takeaway 

Folklore Cafe

The 10 Best Cafes In Adelaide

Location: The Annex via, Mundy St, Port Adelaide, SA 5015 Ph: (08) 7226 9044

Folklore Cafe is centred around its local community with a commitment to supporting local farmers and businesses.

Like many of the best cafes in Adelaide, they strive to serve food that is sustainably sourced and seasonal. Offering local and organic coffee, milk and organic produce, Folklore Cafe works to keep its menu fresh and simple.

Folklore Cafe sits along the Port Adelaide river offering stunning views and regular dolphin sightings. This is a great place to stop off if you’re looking for a relaxing and hearty lunch. 

This cafe offers a small and intimate dining experience ideal for a special meal out. Their menu consists of classic brunch dishes with a twist.

Each dish is simple yet packed full of unique flavours. A perfect example is the Shakshuka which matches roast eggplant in a tomato sauce with poached egg, labne, dukkah and dried mint. Yum!

Folklore Cafe is conscious of dietary restrictions and caters to those with gluten intolerance as well as vegan and vegetarian diets. 

Excitingly, Folklore Cafe is also available for venue hire. Resting above the water, the cafe makes a gorgeous venue for an event or special occasion as it offers a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Even better, the cafe also offers full catering services for events. 

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Folklore Cafe offers:

  • Indoor and outdoor dining 
  • A catering service 
  • An option to takeaway
  • Dietary alternatives

The Flying Fig

Location: 161 Jeffcott St, North Adelaide, SA 5006 Ph: (08) 7226 1788

The Flying Fig is a quaint deli that offers famous Jewish delicacies. Here, they are committed to serving completely homemade dishes made from fresh and sustainable local produce. Any products that aren’t made in house are sourced from reliable and reputable South Australian suppliers. 

Here, the humble cup of coffee is taken very seriously. Their milk-based coffee made from a blend of Columbian and Ethiopian beans. In contrast, they use a single origin bean for black coffees. To find out more about what’s on offer, just ask the barista. 

The Flying Fig serves a wide variety of wholesome dishes. These include light bites, breakfast and brunch items.

There are also options to build your own breakfast as well as shareable breakfast platters. Each dish offers unique and rich flavours.

This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a fresh and wholesome home-cooked meal.

Like many establishments on this best cafes in Adelaide rundown, The Flying Fig can cater to dietary requirements on request. Their gluten free and vegetarian alternatives are particularly good.

If you’re looking for a relaxed venue to host an event, The Flying Fig is also available for venue hire. 

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The Flying Fig offers:

  • Indoor dining 
  • 90-minute sitting 
  • Venue hire 
  • An option to takeaway 
  • Dietary alternatives 


Location: 198A Hutt St, Adelaide, SA 5000 Ph: (08) 8227 1860

Coffylosophy is an award-winning cafe. Here you’ll find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with a venue space imbued with colour and personality.

They offer a wide selection of food including all-day meals, breakfast, brunch, sandwiches, salads, classic burgers, superfoods, and last but not least, a range of delicious sweet treats. 

Not only do they serve a great range of fresh food, but they also offer a great range of coffee. Well, they are called Coffylosophy, after all!

Interestingly, they also strive to support local businesses such as Adelaide Handmade Soap who makes natural soap from Coffylosophy’s recycled coffee grounds. 

Coffylosophy’s menu offers dishes with international inspiration such as their Italian spiced pumpkin and feta rye sandwich or Cajun chicken and avocado focaccia.

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Whatever you decide one, each dish is packed with vibrant colour and flavour. Conscious of dietary restrictions, the cafe also has a wide selection of vegetarian options as well as other dietary specifications on request. 

Coffylosophy offers full catering services. Their warm and inviting atmosphere makes for a great venue to host an event or special occasion. 

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Coffylosophy offers:

  • Indoor dining
  • A catering service 
  • Delivery 
  • An option to takeaway 
  • Dietary alternatives 

The Banksia Tree Cafe And Restaurant

Location: 147 St Vincent St, Port Adelaide, SA 5015 Ph: (08) 7006 2424

Continuing our look at the best cafes in Adelaide, the Banksia Tree Cafe and Restaurant is a lively place that strives to produce food that is made from fresh and sustainable ingredients, sourced from suppliers in South Australia. Their meat, seafood, grains, pulses, dairy, pasta and spirits are all produced in the state.

Unusually, all of their wine is organic and vegan. It’s part of their commitment to sustainability and ensuring that they reduce their carbon emissions and produce fresh, environmentally conscious food.

Due to their commitment to sustainability, all of the dishes on their menu are made from seasonal produce. Whilst this means their menu is frequently changing, it ensures that there is always something new to look forward to.

Each dish contains native herbs, fish, nuts and fruit which are all foraged locally.

This eatery strives to create unique flavours paired with artistic presentation. They are committed to incorporating ancient medicinal properties into their dishes. Even the wood burnt on their grill is red gum, to enhance the authentic Banksia dining experience.

This cafe also serves delicious coffee that is small-batch roasted in Adelaide. The beans are sustainably produced and are of high quality for a superior taste.

The Banksia Tree Cafe and Restaurant also offer catering services and event hire. Their unique dining experience and classy venue make it a great space to host an event or special occasion. 

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The Banksia Tree Cafe and Restaurant offer:

  • Indoor dining
  • Catering and event hosting 
  • Order pickup and delivery
  • Live entertainment

My Kingdom For A Horse

Location: 191 Wright St, Adelaide, SA 5000  Ph: (08) 8410 7408

Can I just say that of all the best cafes in Adelaide featured in this post, this one wins my Best Name vote.

My Kingdom for a Horse strives to offer outstanding beans sourced sustainably from great producers. This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a coffee stop.

All of the beans at this cafe are of speciality grade and seasonal. With a commitment to sustainability, My Kingdom for a Horse ensures that they buy their beans according to availability.

They also only source coffee from reputable coffee suppliers that practice good farming and are fair trade.  

If you’re looking for a rich espresso or a hot filtered coffee, you’re in luck because they brew both. Their coffee is brewed with a delicious seasonal blend.

And if you’re after something a little creamier, they offer a range of milk and milk alternatives. 

My Kingdom for a Horse prides itself on delivering a warm and relaxed dining experience. Along with great coffee options, they also offer a seasonal all-day a la carte menu.

Their menu consists of dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Think tacos and falafel bowls packed with vibrant colours and zinging flavours. That said, they also serve more classic breakfast and brunch options.

Best of all, their menu considers dietary restrictions offering a range of gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian options. 

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My Kingdom for a Horse offers:

  • Indoor and outdoor dining 
  • Speciality coffee 
  • An option to takeaway 

BTS Cafe

Location: 33A Pirie St, Adelaide, SA 5000 Ph: (08) 7220 4747

BTS Cafe is a cute and cosy cafe that offers a range of sweet treats. No wonder it’s on our list of the top cafes in Adelaide.

This is a great place to go to spoil yourself and satisfy your sweet tooth. But that’s not all, here they also serves locally roasted Magalia coffee. 

BTS Cafe ensures that all of its cupcakes are made from locally sourced ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a single cupcake or a dozen, the variety of flavours to choose from is endless.

BTS Cafe is also conscious of dietary restrictions and offers a selection of cupcakes that are suitable for vegans and those with gluten intolerance. How good is that?

Perhaps it’s not surprising given the emphasis on cupcakes, but BTS Cafe offers catering perfect for a birthday party, baby shower, engagement party, or wedding. They offer a range of 8 flavours to choose from, so chances are there will be something for everyone.

If you’re looking for something extra special, the cafe also offers the option of customising your cupcakes to make sure they are perfect for your special occasion. 

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BTS Cafe offers:

  • Indoor dining 
  • An option to takeaway 
  • Cupcake customisation
  • A catering service


So there you have it, the ultimate list of the best cafes in Adelaide. Each cafe offers unique benefits and unique quirks.

With a range of cafes offering light bites, breakfast, lunch, specialty coffee, and even some offering entertainment and catering services… You’ll never be short of options.

This selection of the best cafes in Adelaide offers something for everyone. It’s now down to you to decide which you’re going to go for. Enjoy!

Dylan Cole