The 15 Best Indian Restaurants In Adelaide

Indian food is world-famous for its exciting and fiery flavors that are an absolute delight to the palate. Visiting a great Indian restaurant is a perfect way to get a sense of the culture of the vibrant country.

There are many Indian restaurants all across the world that help to make these flavours accessible for all.

The only problem is, with so many Indian restaurants available, how can you possibly choose just one? Which one has the best food? Which one is the best for its price?

The 15 Best Indian Restaurants In Adelaide

If you are based in the Adelaide area of South Australia, and you want a satisfying Indian meal today, then why not check one of these 15 restaurants.

You’re sure to leave with a full belly, and a satisfied mind, no matter which one you pick. Join us below as we explore these 15 restaurants together!

Jasmin Indian Restaurant

Established in 1980 as a small family restaurant, Jasmin quickly became a local staple of its area, providing intense and exciting flavors to its thousands of frequent customers.

With a warm, and welcoming, but also high-class atmosphere, Jasmin is able to provide a wonderful eating experience that you’ll remember for years to come. 

Try the excellent blue cheese naan, which is stuffed with blue cheese and onion filling and a side of chutney to create a subtly bitter taste that is beautifully complemented by the taste of the chutney.

This is a massively popular venue in the area, so you may need to call in advance to reserve a spot, but there is a large amount of space inside, so walk-ins are often accepted!


Dhoom is perfect for those with varying dietary needs, such as vegans, vegetarians, or gluten intolerant people.

Dhoom also has a wide range of meat-based dishes, so everyone will be satisfied by a visit to this local wonder. You can easily take a large group of friends to this restaurant, and everyone will be catered to.

Dhoom also offers takeout and delivery options, so that you can get delicious Indian food from home.

Visiting this restaurant can also be a fancy treat, thanks to an extensive wine menu, and a wonderfully decorated interior.

When you visit, make sure to try the Palak Paneer, made up of cottage cheese cooked within a flavorsome green curry base, bursting with herbs.

Little India Takeaway

Friendliness is the name of the game at Little India Takeaway.

The staff in this small and unpretentious restaurant are kind, friendly, and always accommodating, no matter whether you are a frequent customer or a complete first-timer.

Ask for recommendations from the friendly staff, and they will gladly point you towards some of their most delicious dishes. If you’re unsure what to pick they can be a great source of inspiration.

Be sure to try the delicious Chicken tikka and Vindaloo, which has an incredibly aromatic smell that you can even smell over a block away!

Sukh Sagar

Focused only on delivering the absolute best in Indian cuisine, Sukh Sagar is a wonderful local restaurant to visit, or order takeaway from, if you want an authentic and exciting experience that only Indian food can offer.

The restaurant is closed on Wednesdays but is open from 11 to 10 every other day throughout the week, so you can pick up some of this delicious grub no matter when the craving hits you!

Try the specialty Burani Baigan which has an incredible and diverse array of flavors, thanks to eggplant, chutney, and yogurt.

Beyond India

True to its name, Beyond India offers incredibly unique flavors and dishes that you won’t find anywhere else.

The modern and welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant perfectly complements the adventurous and experimental flavors that the restaurant specializes in.

Customers praise the restaurant for its friendly staff who are dedicated to providing a welcoming and personal service, and food that satisfies every possible craving.

As well as food, you can also order an array of drinks that will be served directly to your table.

If you arrive early, or the restaurant is currently full, the staff will gladly provide you with drinks while you wait for your culinary adventure to begin!

Chefs Of Tandoori

The Chefs of Tandoori deserve all the praise that they receive day to day.

Customers love to praise this restaurant and the plethora of delicious dishes they serve, and the amazing atmosphere the restaurant has.

The restaurant itself is light and airy, which provides an amazing space where the aromas of the kitchen will get your appetite going, ready to receive amazing food.

Amongst the many exciting items on the menu, some of the most popular are the char-grilled barramundi, and the lamb chops tandoori, both of which have mature and rich flavors that are destined to please any appetite.

They also have a selection of vegan and vegetarian options that are equally as delicious.

The celebrity chef Jock Zonfrillo has played a big role in getting Adelaide on the foodie destination map. Read more about his ventures here.

British Raj

Unassuming, but full of character and passion, British Raj is a wonderful one-stop destination for an amazing Indian flavor.

Based in the small town of Torrensville in Southern Adelaide, British Raj is easy to find and provides a comfortable setting to enjoy their amazing food.

You can order both in-store or online, so if you need a hit of Indian flavor at home, look no further than British Raj.

Amongst their menu are specials such as Tandoori Chicken Tikka Masala, and Chicken Manchurian, each of which has deeply satisfying flavor profiles that are well worth experiencing for yourself.

Bombay Bicycle Club

The 15 Best Indian Restaurants In Adelaide

Customers at this famous eatery are often left dumbfounded by the amazing decor that the restaurant boasts. Look to the roof to see numerous bicycles hanging from above.

It’s no surprise how the place got its amazing name.

These comfortable surroundings aren’t all that Bombay Bicycle Club has going for them though, they also have a range of great dishes that you can chow down on to satisfy your hunger. 

Make sure to check out the ‘Fire in a Bowl’ fish curry for a truly mind-blowing flavor experience, packed to the brim with chilies and other flavors that will make you feel like you’ve been whisked away to India.

Indian Masala

There’s no doubt at all that you will leave Indian Masala having enjoyed an incredible dining experience.

You’ll be left satisfied by rich and intense flavors, created by blending some of the best fresh ingredients to create amazing dishes.

The restaurant may appear unassuming from the outside, but absolutely stunning things await within. 

If you’re visiting Indian Masala, be sure to try out the amazingly fragrant butter chicken, which has a nostalgic taste that will instantly remind you of home, and have you feeling warm and comfortable from deep within.

Raj On Taj

With a name like Raj on Taj, it’s no surprise that this restaurant continues to consistently surprise new customers every day, and continues to satisfy its legion of loyal customers.

The Raj on Taj offers incredible surroundings within which to enjoy the best of Indian food. Raj on Taj offers a beautiful sunlit dining area that looks just as wonderful at nighttime. 

If you want some truly amazing food, then make sure to order the Rogan Josh, alongside a delicious and easy-to-share garlic naan for the whole table to enjoy.

These flavors complement one another beautifully and will feel like a party in your mouth.

Chennai Palace

Modern, chic, and full of amazing dishes, Chennai Palace is to die for when it comes to Indian food in the Adelaide area.

It would be a massive disservice to yourself to miss out on what this restaurant has to offer. From its beautiful decor to its wonderfully presented food.

Every element will have you feeling elegant and royal. And the food tastes amazing to boot!

Taste the wonderful duck curry, the fiery goat curry, or even the Daal Tadka, if you want something to suit a vegetarian palette!

Charminar Indian Cuisine

Whether you’re a returning customer or a first-time customer, it would be impossible to not have a great experience at this local favorite Indian restaurant.

Extensive, and full of Indian delights, the menu at Charminar has something for everyone, regardless of age, or dietary needs. These meals are simply decadent and will have you deeply satisfied.

Want a rich chicken dish? Try the butter chicken curry, which has a nutty sweet sauce. Want something exciting and rich? Try the Beef Cheeks.

The Snake Charmer

Perhaps the best name on our list, The Snake Charmer features a wide range of dishes that are just as unique and full of character, just like its name!

This restaurant is open all throughout the week until 10 PM, so no matter when the cravings for their delicious food hit you, they’ll be ready to satisfy them in seconds.

Dishes range from large curries for one, to small sharing dishes that make this a wonderful place to visit with family and friends, to share a flavor experience unlike any other. 

Bollywood Indian Restaurant

This restaurant will have you feeling like a star of a Bollywood movie, thanks to its amazing flavors that will excite the palate, which can then be complemented by an extensive selection of drinks, which includes a range of cocktails.

You can even, on some nights enjoy your delicious curry or roti with complimentary entertainment, such as dancing, which really creates a vibrant and happy atmosphere that only makes all of your food taste better.

Sea Lounge

Indian cuisine has a lot of exciting fish dishes that not many people are aware of, but that they are seriously missing out on.

If you want in on some of these delightful seafood flavors infused with Indian spices and cooking methods, then you cannot go wrong with Sea Lounge, in Glenelg, South Adelaide. 

The interior of the restaurant is decorated throughout, with images of the famous Taj Mahal, which adds an authentic taste to all of the beautiful dishes they serve.

Try the chili crab cakes, and the baby barramundi, to see some of the exciting flavors that the sea has to offer.

Dylan Cole