Greek Street Food

Grilled Meats, Falafels, Salads and Hot Chips – all freshly prepared – are the dished up with a smile at Greek Street Food by Kara’s Kalamaki in happening Thornbury. And if you feel like pushing the boat out, they’ll even pour you an Ouzo!

Greek Street Food

Location: 794 High Street, Thornbury, VIC 3071 Ph: (03) 9484 9478

The food truck origin of Greek Street Food by Kara’s Kalamaki is clear to see. For whilst the Thornbury restaurant is a permanent location, the menu still reads like a hit list of sunny afternoon festival favourites. And believe me, that’s not a criticism.

The Space

Clean and casual, there are definite fast food joint vibes – but in a good way.

Greek Street Food gr - Interior

The restaurant’s food truck heritage is acknowledged in a Banksy-esque mural on the distressed brick wall, right next to the white and black menu.

Seating is almost makeshift, but that totally works with the ultra-chilled ambience. Basically, if you want to stay and eat your Souva, you’re welcome. But you’re likely to get uncomfortable if you lurk on the wooden benches for too long.

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The Food

As the name says – Greek Street Food. Hurray!

Yep, this is Souvlaki and Classic Mediterranean Salads territory, and we’re here for it.

Really, it would be rude to order anything but a Souva in an eatery declaring itself to be all about Greek street food. And honestly, these wraps are very good – being freshly made to order with quality ingredients.

Greek Street Food gr - Souvlaki in Tray

On the day, we tried a couple of Souvlaki. The Cluck came stuffed with smoky Chicken Fillet, Tomato, Red Onion, Chips and Housemade Tzatziki. And can I say right now, that as a British born Aussie, few things make me happier than hot chips inside some form of bread. Adding chips to a souvlaki of any domination is a big thumbs up from me.

Our other choice was The Mix. This carb and protein hit had all of the above, plus Lamb. Fragrant, meltingly tender Lamb. And if you wanted to supersize it, you could by adding more Lamb, Chicken, Pork or a Falafel or 2.

And talking of Falafels, they are a big feature in The Veggie Souva, if plant-based is your thing.

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Greek Street Food gr - The Mix Souva close up

As I said above, if you’re not such a carb fiend, there are some great salads on offer. In particular, The Cluck Salad and The Cluck Salad, if you want to make a meal out of them.

In addition, Greek Street Food also do Pax. These are a range of Skewers, Dips, Pita and Chips that you can mix and match til your heart’s content.

The Drinks

There are a sprinkling of soft drinks, but also a few alcoholic ones.

It’s always nice to see a ‘House’ wine on a menu (and yes, I am desperately hoping that the white is a Retsina!). However, I was genuinely thrilled to see Ouzo ($10) making an appearance. At 2 in the afternoon, it sounded like a recipe for disaster, but I’ll be back for a glass another time.

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Greek Street Food by Kara’s Kalamaki is everything we like about non-chain fast food restaurants.

The staff are friendly and look happy to serve you, the food comes together before your eyes and everything tastes great.

If they were up the road from me, I’d be happy to grab a quick souvlaki from them a couple of times a week.


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