The 15 Best Clubs In Melbourne

Melbourne is known as one of the liveliest cities in Australia. Boasting a wide range of restaurants, entertainment venues, cultural diversity, and excellent coffee, it’s no wonder that Melbourne is renowned for being possibly the most welcoming city in the world. 

Aside from daylight activities, Melbourne’s nightlife is equally exciting. The capital city of Victoria offers an array of nightlife venues, from live music venues to bars to raves.

It doesn’t matter how well-versed you are in the world of clubbing – you’ll find exactly where you belong in Melbourne. 

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of options available, we’ve got you covered. We’ve created the ultimate guide to Melbourne’s nightlife, including the type of music each club has to offer, and the type of atmosphere you can expect. Here are the 15 best clubs in Melbourne!

The 15 Best Clubs In Melbourne

Revolver Upstairs 

229 Chapel Street, Prahran, Victoria, 3181 
+61 3 9521 5985

Affectionately known as “Revs”, Revolver Upstairs is known as one of Australia’s best nightclubs. This club hosts an array of local and famous DJs, with each evening belonging to a specific genre of music, ranging from deep soul to techno.

The thing people love most about Revolver Upstairs is that Friday nights run straight through to midday on Saturday, which is ideal for the hardcore clubbers who just love to dance the night away.

Plus, during the day, the dance floor turns into an elegant Thai restaurant. Talk about versatility! 

Chaser’s Nightclub 

386 Chapel Street, South Yarra, Victoria 3141
+61 3 9827 7379

Chaser’s Nightclub is a legendary club in Melbourne, almost entirely because the club frequently hosts special events and international acts. These special events range from specific music genre nights, DJs, dress codes, and most popularly – drag nights.

Chaser’s Nightclub is possibly most well-known for Poof Doof, an LGBTQIA+ club night that features a range of queer music and acts, including local and internationally famous drag queens.

Chaser’s is also known for its legendary birthday parties to celebrate the life of the club, which is nearing 40 years. 

The Lame Duck 

247 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065
+61 3 9042 5743

Sometimes, all you want in a club is pure tackiness. The Lame Duck is the home of disco, karaoke, and pure cringe – and it’s oh-so-good. The decor is bright enough to make your eyes water and the music is bound to get you dancing after every song.

It’s not all tacky, though – this club also offers a vintage pinball machine and pool table, making an awesome backdrop for the 70s disco music. There’s absolutely nothing subtle about this club, which is why locals love it. 

Sub Club

Flinders Court, Victoria 3000
+61 3 8614 5723

On the complete opposite side of the scale to The Lame Duck is Sub Club, a basement nightclub featuring nothing but bass, techno, electro music. Be prepared for your ears to burst at the 10,000 Watt speakers, but in the best way possible.

The club is based inside an old ANZ vault, making for an intimate and somewhat brooding atmosphere. However, don’t feel too terrified of this place – the staff and bouncers are particularly strict when it comes to drunkards who take it too far. 

Colour Nightclub

294 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065
+61 3 9417 2551

Colour Nightclub (spelled the Australian way) is a fairly recent addition to Melbourne’s nightlife. After beloved club Lounge was shut down in 2018, Colour took over, and has since earned its place on our list of the best clubs in Melbourne.

The venue itself is enough reason to visit – it’s based in a refurbished church that was built in 1835. Colour boasts a 24-hour license and works as a bar and live music venue during the week, and a nightclub on Friday and Saturday nights. 

Black Rabbit Bar 

85 Queen Street, Victoria 3000
+61 3 9600 1161

If you’re not in the mood for a rave or intense dancing, check out Black Rabbit Bar. This is the place to go to hang out with mates with some of the tastiest craft alcoholic beverages in Melbourne without the mental atmosphere of a club.

However, that doesn’t mean Black Rabbit Bar is quiet. Saturday nights are when this bar turns into an old school R&B club, which is the perfect place to feel nostalgic and dance the night away. 

The Emerson

The 15 Best Clubs In Melbourne

145 Commercial Road, South Yarra, Victoria 3141
+61 3 9825 0900

The Emerson is all about versatility. One minute you’re sweating from dancing on the dance floor, the next you’re sipping a cocktail on the rooftop bar.

This is certainly one of the more sophisticated clubs in Melbourne, which is the perfect excuse to dress up with your friends for a sophisticated yet highly entertaining night ahead.

With the rooftop bar and lounge as well as the dance floor, you can balance your night between dancing and mingling with strangers without having to shout over one another! 

The Toff In Town

252 Swanston Street, Victoria 3000
+61 3 9639 8770

Speaking of sophistication, if you want to turn it up a notch and feel extra special, make sure to check out The Toff In Town.

Located in Curtin House (filled with some of the widest range of clubs and bars in the city), The Toff In Town is known for its private booths and stage, home to some of the best live music acts in Melbourne.

If you feel like having a dance, sweat it out on the dance floor. If you want to chat with friends over some cocktails, hire a booth. 

Angel Music Bar 

12 Bourke Street, Victoria 3000
+61 3 9654 6249

As the name suggests, Angel Music Bar is all about good music first, good times second. The whole club is run on the basis that great music is played, whether it’s a well-known DJ or local live music act, on every floor.

Each floor features different music genres, from 70s bangers to legendary DJs to hardcore rock. Angel Music Bar is also a notoriously pitch-black club, so it doesn’t matter how ridiculous your dancing is. Nobody will see anyway! 


393-395 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065
+61 3 9419 6380

Glamorama is certainly one of the most unique clubs in Melbourne. At first glance, the red neon signs on the front of the building are inviting and exciting.

Once you enter the club, you’re met with mutilated mannequins dangling from the ceiling. Subtlety doesn’t exist in Glamorama, which is why it’s so brilliant.

Keep an eye out for special live events, and get ready to wear shoes comfortable enough for a lot of dancing. Plus, due to the popularity of the club, you might want to book ahead!

The Night Cat

137-141 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065
+61 3 9417 0090

The Night Cat is the best club in Melbourne for inclusivity, diversity, and equity. Prepare to be indulged in a new experience within every visit, whether it’s from meeting new and fascinating people or listening to a new genre of music.

The Night Cat is known for its Latin, disco, soul, funk, hip hop, and R&B nights in a unique 360-degree dance room where the DJ or live band’s stage is located in the middle of the dance floor.

In terms of accessibility, there are no pillars to obscure your view from the stage, plus the venue is on ground level with no steps for wheelchair users. 

La Di Da 

577 Little Bourke Street, Victoria 3000
+61 3 9670 7680

La Di Da has been known as Melbourne’s go-to venue for live music for the last 14 years. Not only is La Di Da great for its club nights, but the main stage is home to local and international live music acts, festivals, and even open mic nights, allowing for something new every night.

Make sure to keep up to date with events, because no two nights are the same at this club! 

New Guernica 

Level 2/322, Little Collins Street, Victoria 3000
+61 437 593 232

New Guernica is the type of club you go to for versatility and making memories. Like La Di Da, no two nights are the same at New Guernica – with rave nights happening on Thursdays and an array of events happening on Friday and Saturday nights.

This club is home to some of the best local and international DJs in the world, which is the main reason why Aussies will often travel across the country to be in the same room as their favorite DJ. 

The 86

185 Smith Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3000
+61 3 9077 4360

You don’t get much better than a night at a gay club. The 86 is a renowned gay club in Melbourne, specializing in nights of nothing but queer music and drag queen events.

The music is completely unapologetic old school disco and pop, so be prepared for a night of pure nostalgia. This is an inclusive venue that invites people regardless of sexual identity and gender – as long as you like to dance, you’re welcome to come in! 

Section 8

27-29 Tattersalls Lane, Victoria 3000
+61 430 291 588

Possibly one of Melbourne’s most unique clubs, Section 8 is located inside a car park in a bunch of shipping containers. This is because Section 8 started as a pop-up nightclub back in 2008, but due to the fast popularity of the club, it kind of stuck.

Section 8 is charming and endearing for all the right reasons – it’s intimate, original, slathered in street art, riddled with interesting people, and filled with some of the best dance parties in Melbourne. 

Dylan Cole