The 15 Best Ramen In Perth

Perth is the home of some of Australia’s finest international cuisine. Taking a walk through town, you could easily pass as many restaurants from Asia as you could from Europe.

However, one thing people in Perth agree on when it comes to international food is that ramen is one of the tastiest comfort meals out there.

In this guide, we’re looking at the 15 best Ramen places in the city to help you decide where to go out for your next meal with friends.

The 15 Best Ramen In Perth

Main Street Ryu

The first venue on our list is definitely one of the most unique you’ll find anywhere in Australia.

It’s a Japanese restaurant, with a wide range of liquors and a theme centered around video games. You’d be very hard pressed to find that combination anywhere else!

The main reason we’ve included Main Street Ryu on our list is its famous volcano ramen. This is a seafood based ramen dish, with crab, mussel and other seafood and vegetables all served in a spicy broth.

You can choose which level of ‘disaster’ you want to experience, with the levels ranging from ‘less spicy’ to ‘extra spicy’.

Dining at this place is a really fun way to spend an evening with friends, sampling enough of the liquor menu to leave you with a headache in the morning!

Hiss And Smoke

A slightly more traditional example of a Japanese restaurant, Hiss And Smoke has a menu with everything you need to cover everyone’s tastes.

There might not be an expansive ramen section on the menu but the yaki ramen on the lunch menu will definitely catch your eye.

It’s a stir-fry ramen that’s served with baby squid and egg, all with a rich broth. The stir-fry aspect of the dish gives the whole bowl a gorgeous smoky flavor.

Lucky Chan’s

Now, if we told you this place was a Japanese noodle bar that also does laundry, you probably wouldn’t believe us. However, it’s actually true!

Bring your dirty clothes along with you and try out the great noodle menu while you wait. There aren’t many places in the world where you can go to do that.

There are plenty of great noodle dishes on the menu at Lucky Chan’s. Some are fairly traditional Japanese recipes but there are definitely a few interesting twists that will grab your attention.

Dosukoi Ramen

The clue is in the name when it comes to this restaurant: they really know what they’re doing with ramen.

You’ll find 9 different set menu items for ramen alone. These can all be customized in pretty much any way you want, with plenty of extra toppings available for each.

It’s basically impossible for someone to come here and not find a ramen that suits their tastes, so it’s a great place to go with a group of fussy eaters and have everybody enjoy their time out.

Ramen Boy

The 15 Best Ramen In Perth Ramen Boy

This is another Japanese restaurant that’s dedicated to making great ramen. They don’t have quite the same level of customization as Dosukoi Ramen but they do have an exquisite selection available.

This place has been around long enough to know what flavor combinations work well together for the Australian palate.

You should definitely come here if you enjoy new experiences and want to leave the decision making to the expert chefs.

Hakata Gensuke

One of the best reviewed and most popular Japanese restaurants in the whole of Perth, Hakata Gensuke absolutely had to make it onto our list.

Their signature tonkotsu ramen is to die for, making great use of some traditional flavor combinations that you don’t see in many modern Japanese restaurants any more.

This pork bone broth makes for one of the richest bases to prop up the silky smooth noodles, tender pork and veggies.

Even if that doesn’t take your fancy, there are plenty of other world class ramen dishes on the menu.

Trust us when we say you definitely want to check this place out!

Oishii Ramen

A humble Japanese restaurant with a delicious menu and intimate, friendly vibes, Oishii Ramen is a great place to enjoy a meal alone or with a small group of friends.

They have loads of set menu items when it comes to ramen but one of the highlights is definitely the spicy miso. It’s a warm, comforting bowl teeming with a variety of ingredients, flavors and textures that makes every bite feel special.

As long as you can handle the spice, you’ll definitely enjoy this ramen dish!

Hifumiya Udon Noodle House

The thing that makes this place stand out immediately from the competition is that they make all of their noodles fresh, in-house, every day.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to the other ingredients either. The set menu items aren’t complicated and make good use of traditional Japanese recipes.

Of course, the slightly thicker udon noodles are the speciality for this restaurant so you definitely have to try out some udon ramen when you visit.

Ramen Samurai

A slightly more modern take on Japanese restaurants, Ramen Samurai features a clean, vast interior with great decor and an even better menu.

They also make their noodles fresh, every day and have 10 different ramen flavors to choose from!

If you think you can handle your spice or just fancy a challenge, the devil’s ramen is a delicious option.

Alternatively, for something a little bit different, why not check out the tsukemen? It’s a broth-less ramen that’s served with a dipping sauce instead.

Tosaka Ramen Bar

Tosaka is a great place to enjoy a meal out with a group of friends and family. They have a great alcoholic drinks menu with some authentic Japanese options if you fancy an evening meal. Alternatively, the lunch menu has enough deliciousness on it to keep everyone satisfied.

Plenty of customer reviews testify how great Tosaka’s ramen is. With so many options available on their menu, it’s no wonder everybody can find something they’ll enjoy.


Ippudo Ramen In Perth

Ippudo is one of the more up market options we’ve included on our list. It has branches in Perth and Melbourne, with customers in both cities constantly coming back for more.

From the moment you step inside, you become overwhelmed with the aura of sophistication and class- definitely not something you get from the average ramen place.

Not to mention, when it comes to ramen, this palace it’s own signature dish: shiromaru motoaji. The expert chefs have perfected the flavors of this creamy broth which pairs gorgeously well with the noodles, pork loin and vegetables.


This restaurant provides a very traditional Japanese dining experience, with authentic interior decor and table layouts that allow guests to enjoy a meal with a group of friends or on their own.

If you come here, you have to try their ajitama chashu-uma ramen. It might be a bit of a mouthful to order but you’ll quickly forget about that when a bowl full of delicious broth, stacked high with meat and veggies, arrives at your table.

Ramen Keisuke

Located in the exquisite Melbourne Hotel, Ramen Keisuke has some of the best ramen dishes in the whole city!

Seriously, this place doesn’t just do comfort food, stacking bowls with a bunch of salty ingredients. Instead, the chefs here have worked hard to create menu items that pair unique ingredients together to create incredibly delicious meals.

Our advice is to avoid altering the menu items too much and just enjoy whatever the chefs prepare for you.

Ramen Ichiraku

We’re almost at the end of our list but that doesn’t mean we’ve run out of great ramen places in Perth.

Ramen Ichiraku has ramen dishes with more depth of flavor and variety of ingredients than you’ll find anywhere else in the country.

For example, their Red Dragon ramen dish uses the flavor of chilli paste as a backdrop to all the other ingredients that come in the bowl. You can even choose the level of spice you want in the dish, though the restaurant does specify there are no refunds if you overestimate your tolerance!

NAO Japanese Restaurant

The final restaurant on our list is also one of the most popular and well reviewed in the whole of Perth.

Customers love how light and delicious each bowl and plate of food is. The restaurant does a good job of avoiding the common pitfall of greasy, stodgy ramen that fills you up but leaves you feeling bloated.

Their Shio ramen is a great example of this. It’s a clear broth, served with a variety of delicious vegetables including fresh seaweed and bamboo shoots. Not to mention, their house roasted pork slices do a great job of completing the dish and it’ll definitely leave you wanting more!

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are plenty of other Japanese restaurants in the city of Perth that we didn’t have time to look at in this article.

However, if you’re looking for some inspiration for planning a meal out with friends and family, you really can’t go wrong with any of the places we’ve listed here!

Dylan Cole