The 15 Best Japanese Restaurants In Perth

Japanese cuisine is widely known for its subtle yet defining flavours, bold colour and minimalist style. However, Japanese cuisine is broad. As you are probably aware, it covers everything from miso soup to sushi. With so many contrasting dishes and Japanese restaurants offering different aspects of the cuisine, it can be difficult to know where to go. 

Well, don’t worry. Luckily, Perth is home to a range of amazing Japanese restaurants. So if you’ve been craving Japanese food lately, you know where to get your fix. 

Furthermore, to help you narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a list of the best Japanese restaurants Perth has to offer.

The 15 Best Japanese Restaurants In Perth

The Top 15 Japanese Restaurants In Perth 

Aisuru Sushi

Location: 208 William St, Perth, WA 6000 Ph: (08) 9328 8578

Aisuru Sushi is located in the heart of Perth’s cultural centre. This Japanese restaurant offers a relaxed and intimate atmosphere for a memorable dining experience.

Firstly, they have a mix of seating options to suit different preferences. Pleasingly, you can choose between a table setting in the dining room or sitting at the sushi bar. Personally, we’d take the sushi bar every time for that more authentic experience. 

Secondly, this restaurant offers a wide selection of authentic Japanese favourites. Every meal is full of flavour and colour.

Thirdly – and very importantly – they provide vegan and vegetarian options. We always love it when a restaurant caters to a specific dietary requirements.

Aisuru Sushi prides itself on serving a wide range of delicious, fresh sushi. Their menu includes everything from fish and meat sushi to veggie and vegan sushi rolls. Each sushi option is unique and made with a delicious combination of ingredients.

For those eating with family and friends, they also offer a range of sushi platters which are great for sharing. These are best enjoyed at the sushi bar for an authentic sushi experience.

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Aisuru Sushi offer:

  • A wide selection of sushi 
  • Alfresco dining or sushi bar 
  • Dining in 
  • Takeaway 


Location: Crown Metropol Perth, Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood, WA 6100  Ph: 1800 556 688

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll have heard of Nobu.

This is an internationally recognised Japanese restaurant. Excitingly, they pride themselves on delivering innovative and new style Japanese cuisine. The restaurant strives to create unique dishes, drawn from the fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine and South American flavours. This translates on the plate into innovative such as the Nobu Tacos – we love the Salmon Spicy Miso ones.

On top of this, they aim to create a unique and memorable dining experience. This is a great restaurant to visit to celebrate a special occasion. Each dish boasts unique flavours, colours and designs. In fact, some dishes look almost too good to eat. 

Highlights of this restaurant include an intimate sake bar for an authentic Japanese dining experience, as well as two private dining rooms. Not surprisingly, these spaces are perfect for an event or celebration.

Nobu also offers Omakase, which is a Japanese style of dining where the chef chooses the menu for you. This is a great way to really experience the flavours on offer and immerse yourself in the tradition. 

Besides the delicious food, Nobu is situated in a stunning area of Perth overlooking the Swan River and the city skyline. This is a restaurant where you can dine in luxury whilst taking in a million dollar view.

As you might aspect from reading this, a meal at Nobu isn’t a cheap feed. However, it will be a truly memorable experience. And we can confirm that the Nobu signature dish – Black Cod Miso – is worth every penny!

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Nobu offer:

  • Dining in 
  • Seasonal cuisine 
  • Omakase 
  • Sake bar and private dining 


Location: 64 Barrack St, Perth, WA 6000 Ph: (08) 6153 0742

Moving on in our list of the best Japanese restaurants in Perth, we have Edosei.

This is an elegant restaurant with a relaxed and ambient atmosphere. They provide a sophisticated dining experience serving a range of delicious, vibrant and authentic Japanese dishes.

Edosei is located in the heart of the city. They pride themselves on offering fresh and unique flavours by putting a contemporary twist on traditional Japanese cuisine. 

The restaurant strives to serve fresh, high-quality seafood as well as the best locally sourced ingredients. They also aim to create a unique dining experience that provides guests with the opportunity to try different dishes inspired by different areas in Japan.

There desire to represent the diversity of Japanese cuisine is written clearly on their menu. They offer everything from Karaa-ge Chicken and Agedashi Tofu to spicy Tan Tan Men Ramen and Miso-Marinated Fish. 

We recommend their signature dish of Kawara Soba. This delicacy includes grilled green tea buckwheat noodles topped with strips of succulent Wagyu beef and omelette.

As well as tasty entrees and mains, there is a wide selection of decadent dishes.

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Edosei offer:

  • Dining in 
  • Takeaway 

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Main Street Ryu Japanese Food X Liquor

Location: 83 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000 Ph: (08) 9221 7577

Main Street Ryu is a Japanese restaurant based around the fictional Capcom’s Street Fighter series from 1987. So as you might expect, this eatery has a fun atmosphere with a unique, quirky twist.

Not only does the restaurant offer an interesting setting, but the food lives up to the dining space.

Traditional Japanese dishes litter the menu. However, each dish is presented in a playful and unusual way. Moreover, many of the dishes on the menu have a quirky twist and are named after characters from the cartoon series. 

Also, they have a wide range of Japanese tapas, nori tacos and a raw sushi bar.

This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a light, fun dining experience. That said, they take their food seriously. For example, they pride themselves on offering a range of options suitable for those with dietary restrictions.

Finally, Main Street Ryu also provides a catering service for anyone looking to host a unique and thrilling event or special occasion.

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Main Street Ryu offer:

  • Dining in 
  • Catering and venue hire 
  • Takeaway 

NAO Japanese Ramen

Location: 191/580 Hay St, Perth, WA 6000 Ph: (08) 9325 2090

If you think that a simple ramen spot doesn’t deserve to make our list of the best Japanese restaurants in Perth, think again.

NAO Japanese Ramen strives to provide a genuine taste of Japanese offering homemade food with real and fresh ingredients. Everything from their broth to their noodles is homemade using traditional techniques and ingredients. 

Their menu offers a unique option of choosing from a range of broth flavours and choosing a type of noodles to go with it. Their variety of noodles include original egg noodles, spinach infused noodles, red chilli infused noodles and squid ink noodles, all of which are homemade. 

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NAO Japanese Ramen offer:

  • Dining in
  • Takeaway 
  • Delivery 


Location: 3/323 William Street, Northbridge, WA 6000 Ph: (08) 6114 5470

Next up on our rundown of the best Japanese restaurants in Perth is Shimizu.

This establishment offers a range of creative and carefully crafted Japanese dishes. With a comprehensive menu, there should be something for even the fussiest eater.

Whilst they specialise in creating authentic Japanese dishes with traditional flavours, they incorporate an interesting twist. Rather than offering pure Japanese plates, they add Southeast Asian ingredients for a unique mix of flavours, aromas and colours. 

Shimizu strives to create a happy and relaxed dining experience. However, they are also keen to deliver food of exceptional quality and value for money. With this in mind, they make sure they source the best ingredients available.

Finally, their menu consists of traditional dishes with fish, meat and veggie options. They also offer a range of delicious desserts and traditional Japanese drinks. 

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Shimizu offer:

  • Dining in 
  • Takeaway 
  • Delivery 

Editor’s Note: sadly, we have heard that Shimizu is currently closed. We will let you know when we learn more. As this is the case, why not try this noodle spot instead…?

Tosaka Ramen Bar

Location: 305 William St, Northbridge, WA 6003 Ph: (08) 6107 6380

It might be dinky, but the food at Tosaka Ramen Bar definitely doesn’t lack flavour. And that’s exactly why you will almost certainly have to queue for a seat – almost as soon as the eatery opens.

Ramen – as the name implies – is the speciality. In fact, many online reviewers confidently declare that it is the best in Perth. A big call, I know but – when a broth has this much slow-cooked depth of flavour – who am I to argue?

But this popular Japanese noodle spot isn’t just about the Ramen. All of the Donburri (Rice Bowls) are fab too.

And then there’s a wonderfully friendly service. Honestly, standing outside on the street, waiting for table is so much nicer when chrming staff keep you informed of where you are in the line.

This place has a dedicated following. And if you are lucky enough to eat here, you’ll know why.

Ha-Lu Japanese Tapas Restaurant

The 15 Best Japanese Restaurants In Perth

Location: 4/401 Oxford St, Mount Hawthorn, WA 6016  Ph: (08) 9444 0577

Ha-Lu is an award-winning Japanese restaurant that separates itself from the pack by creating tapas-style Japanese food. Whilst the presentation and concept is innovative, the food maintains the balance and beauty you expect from Japanese fare.

And of course, each plate is perfectly crafted and designed for sharing, making this a great dining options for groups.

Their menu consists of a range of seafood, meat and veggie dishes. One example of this is the fresh vegetarian spring rolls served with cream cheese, shibazuke pickles and wholegrain mustard. Another is the grilled duck breast slices served with aubergine and Madeira sauce and wholegrain mustard.

With so much choice on offer, you could easily get carried away here. So why not grab some friends and book a table?

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Ha-Lu Japanese Tapas Restaurant offer:

  • Dining in 
  • Takeaway 
  • Dietary alternatives

Restaurant Jun

Location: 568 Hay St, Perth, WA 6000  Ph: (08) 9221 3339

Restaurant Jun delivers a wide range of classic Japanese dishes in an intimate setting.

Here, they champion authentic flavours made from both local ingredients and imported specialities from Japan. However, wherever the provenance of the parts of a dish, everything is beautifully fresh.

Restaurant Jun’s menu includes a lunch, dinner and specials menu. Their menu includes everything from Karaage (Japanese style fried chicken with rice) to Miso Soup, Salad and Pickles to Wagyu Beef Teriyaki (stir fried wagyu beef and onion with teriyaki sauce).

In addition, this Japanese eatery specialises in offering plenty of takeaway style food. This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a quick and delicious meal. 

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Restaurant Jun offer:

  • Dining in
  • Takeaway 

Editor’s Note: sadly, we have heard that Restaurant Jun has closed. We will let you know when we learn more. As this is the case, why not try this spot instead…?

Nippon Bar and Kitchen

Location: QV1 Plaza, 250 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 Ph: (08) 6317 9672

If you’ve never eaten at Nippon Bar and Kitchen, then you are in for a treat.

This is a classy Izakaya serving everything from smoky Char-Grilled Skewers to Sashimi, Gyoza and Noodle dishes.

Our tip is to turn up with a few friends and treat the menu like a tapas, choosing dishes to share. Start with the Pork Belly Skewer, follow with the O-Toro Nigiri Sushi, move on to the Tempura Vegetables or the Ika Karaage (Fried Squid) and finish with the Yakisoba.

But honestly, this is just a suggestion. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be beautifully cooked and presented.

Lastly, don’t forget that this is a bar, as well as a Japanese restaurant. With that in mind, the team behind the bar mix up some pretty fabulous cocktails. If you fancy something fruity, try their Ring Around Saturn. It’s a winning combo of Roku Gin, Passion Fruit Liqueur, Ginger Syrup & Lemon Juice.

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Nippon Bar and Kitchen offer:

  • Japanese-style tapas
  • Cool cocktail list

Tansawa Modern Japanese

Location: 2/12 Victoria Ave, Perth, WA 6000 Ph: (08) 9221 7292

Tansawa Modern Japanese pride themselves on delivering food made from the best ingredients. Their philosophy is that great food isn’t just about the taste, it’s equally about the ingredients used to make it and how it’s prepared and presented.

They strive to create a whole and unique dining experience. Tansawa Modern Japanese uses the freshest seafood and the freshest ingredients to make their sashimi and a whole range of other delicious dishes. Furthermore, they delight in making sure that each dish is immaculately presented. Here, colour, flavour and texture are all carefully considered.

So knowing all this, it’s clear why this sleek eatery is on our list of the best Japanese restaurants in Perth.

As well as their attention to detail, they also add a contemporary twist to give their dishes a little extra flair. Pleasingly, Tansawa is all about sharing. Their menu consists of a wide selection of dishes perfect for mixing or matching.

So what of their signature dishes? Look no further than the sashimi made with raw, fresh fish. All of their dishes are made in-house and are artistically presented. This is a great place to enjoy an intimate dining experience with others.

Apart from its in-house menu, Tansawa offers catering for events and special occasions as well as Omakase tasting. These are great options for anyone looking to host a unique event.

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Tansawa Modern Japanese offer:

  • Dining in 
  • Takeaway 
  • Catering and venue hire

Super Tetsudo

Location: Westfield Carousel, 1382 Albany Hwy, Cannington, WA 6107 Ph: (08) 9358 3999 See website for further locations

Delicious, authentic food and smart serving solutions come together perfectly at this smart (in every sense of the word) Japanese restaurant.

At Super Tetsudo, you can select your dishes from a sushi train, a meal train or even go a la carte via and iPad.

But don’t worry that this place is all gimmick and no flavour. The dishes are pretty exciting too. From gyoza and sushi, to sashimi and yakimono, to noodles and more. Along side are the more common dishes they have some interesting Asian fusion offerings, including their popular ‘sushi tacos’. Why no one else has done this before, we’ve no idea – they really work.

With a fun dining experience and tasty fare, Super Tetsudo is one of the top Japanese restaurants in Perth.

Super Tetsudo offer:

  • Dining in
  • Takeaway 

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Location: 22/145 Stirling Hwy, Nedlands, WA 6907 Ph: 0431 040 899

Marumo delivers Japanese-inspired cuisine with a contemporary twist. Each dish is light and flavoursome and beautifully presented; vibrant colours sing on every plate.

One of the highlights of dining here is a 7-course Omakase menu which is selected by the chef.

At Marumo they pride themselves on delivering delicious cuisine made from the freshest seasonal ingredients across all plates. To showcase this they have an exceptional tasting menu packed full of surprises and delicious flavour. 

Each Omakase tasting starts from 7 pm and each seating lasts for 3 hours. This is a great way to experience an authentic Japanese dining experience and to really indulge in the flavours and variety of foods on offer.

This is a great place to visit with others to share the experience. 

Marumo offer:

  • Dining in 
  • Omakase 

Hifumiya Udon Noodle House

Location: Shop, 2, Ground Level, 100-104 Murray St, Perth, WA 6000 Ph: (08) 9221 9462

If you think a noodle house can’t be good enough to make the best Japanese restaurants in Perth, think again.

Hifumiya Udon Noodle House originated from Kurashiki, Okayama (Japan), the birthplace of bukkake-style Udon noodles. The restaurant aims to share the subtlety and balance of Udon-based dishes. Indeed, they use premium wheat from Perth to make their noodles as well as a salt which is rich in minerals. Such is their dedication that they make their noodles using traditional techniques and machines from Japan.

The result is tasty, chewy noodles. Yum!

Pleasingly, the restaurant provides an intimate and friendly atmosphere for sharing and enjoying great food. They are centred around community-based hospitality and they pride themselves on preparing fresh, healthy food in a casual, warm environment. 

Hifumiya Udon Noodle House is tastefully decorated with neutral decor and large tables designed for sharing. This restaurant makes all of its dishes in house using fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

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Hifumiya Udon Noodle House offers:

  • Dining in
  • Takeaway 

Zen Japanese Restaurant

Location: 2/1 Seddon St, Subiaco, WA 6008 Ph: (08) 9381 4931

Zen Japanese Restaurant delivers traditional Japanese style cuisine with an Australian essence. They work to create dishes that appeal to all preferences and palates. Most importantly they pride themselves on offering the very best of Japanese cuisine. With credentials like this, of course it’s amongst our best Japanese restaurants in Perth.

The restaurant’s interior has a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere for an intimate dining experience perfect for sharing with friends and family. 

This restaurant offers simple dishes with bold flavours and colours crafted from a unique mix of ingredients. Traditional Japanese dishes including Sashimi, Sushi Rolls and a range of main dishes such as fish and meat Udon and a Seafood Hot Pot are all present. In fact, the choices on the menu seem almost endless.

This is a great place to visit if you’re looking to explore new flavours whilst experiencing authentic Japanese cuisine. 

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Zen Japanese Restaurant offer:

  • Dining in 

Ichirin Japanese Food

Location: 2/1 Dundee St, Leeming, WA 6149  Ph: (08) 9310 8255

Ichirin is a small and intimate family run restaurant. They provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for anyone looking for a relaxed dining experience.

Located in the suburbs of Perth, this restaurant is a hidden treasure. Ichirin delivers carefully crafted authentic Japanese cuisine, passionately made and packed with character, flavour and colour.

They pride themselves on delivering food made from the freshest ingredients. Their menu includes a range of dishes pulling from both traditional Japanese recipes and Australian influences.

Ichirin also offers an Omakase menu which is a popular option. Committed to sustainability and sourcing the freshest ingredients, their Omakase menu is seasonal and is subject to change.

This is a great place to visit for anyone looking for a hassle free dining experience where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy great food. 

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Ichirin Japanese Food offer:

  • Dining in
  • Takeaway
  • Omakase 
  • Dietary alternatives 

Nine Japanese Bistro

Location: 227 Bulwer St, Highgate, WA 6003  Ph: 0423 245 757

Last, but not least on our round-up of the best Japanese restaurants in Perth is Nine Japanese Bistro. This dining spot offers modern and contemporary Japanese cuisine with an Australian twist.

Like many of their contemporaries, they strive to create a unique dining experience. Nine Japanese Bistro offers a chilled, sophisticated atmosphere perfect for unwinding and enjoying light and vibrant delicacies. 

Their menu contains a wide variety of dishes – some more traditional, whilst others are more of a mix. However, the menu really caters to everyone. There are plates for those on a gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian diets.

They also offer an Omakase menu for anyone feeling adventurous and looking to try an authentic Japanese dining experience.

This is a great place to visit for a special occasion. 

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Nine Japanese Bistro offer:

  • Dining in 
  • Omakase 


So now you have a rich list full of gems right at your disposal. Perth stands to be the place to be for finding fresh, authentic and delicious Japanese food. 

Dylan Cole