The 15 Best Fish and Chips Places in Perth

Having fish and chips by the sea is harmonious. The crunch of the batter, and the saltiness of the chips – is there anything more exciting?

Perth is perfectly situated on the West coast of Australia, and is known for its gorgeous beaches, weather, and everything ocean related! Fish and chips tastes so much better with fresh fish, and where could be better than Perth?

That’s why, in this list we will give you some of the best places to get fresh, crunchy, and delicious fish and chips in Perth.

15 Best Fish and Chips Places in Perth

Grand Lane Fish House 

135 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Grand Lane Fish House was founded in 2017, and they strive to serve honest, home cooked food. Their chips are made from using good quality potatoes, and cooking them twice to create the crunch that we all know and love.

Their fish is sustainably sourced from all around the globe, but they also serve a few local fish. This includes barramundi, which is served caramelized in sea salt and olive oil.

They serve a classic fillet of South African cape hake, North Atlantic battered cod, battered or pan-fried smoked cod, along with panko calamari and an assortment of tacos.

They serve fish or prawn tacos, along with chips and a sauce of your choice. Grand Lane Fish House is inexpensive, with an amazing selection of food and a great atmosphere, including a rooftop terrace. 

Woodlands Fish & Chips

Shop 9 Woodlands Village, Rosewood Ave, Woodlands WA 6018, Australia

Woodlands Fish & Chips serve the type of fish and chips you dream of. The shop is situated by Jackadder Lake Reserve, and is only ten minutes away from the beachfront.

They serve all the classic choices such as premium hake, cod and chips, spicy hake and chips, crab sticks, prawns, squid, mussels and fish cakes.

They also serve some more interesting types of fish, such as the highly-rated Spanish mackerel, shark gummy, barramundi ocean, gold band, pink snapper, and red emperor. Here, you’ll be stuck for choice with all the flavorful fish! 

Stone Jetty Fish Market 

115A Brighton Rd, Scarborough, WA 6019, Australia

Stone Jetty Fish Market is a fish market as well as a fish and chip shop. As they are a fish market, all their fish is locally sourced, ‘as close as possible’, and all of their chips are hand cut and fried to perfection.

They use a yeast risen crispy batter for their fish, but there is also a gluten-free option. Their food is beautifully presented, and always from Western Australia.

They serve their ‘fish of the day’, along with favorites such as the spangled emperor, saddle tail snapper, gold band snapper, pink snapper, and dhufish. They serve hand cut chips that are twice cooked, as well as fish burgers, fish tacos, and prawn tacos with a chilli butter. 

Clancy’s Fish Pub 

51 Cantonment St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Clancy’s Fish Pub has been serving some of Perth’s best fish and chips for over thirty years, and their Fremantle chain is famous for their chips. They serve some amazing seafood, along with craft beers and perfectly paired wines.

Clancy’s Fish Pub is the place for food lovers, families, wine explorers and beer fanatics. The venue has live music too, so it is the perfect place for some good food with your loved ones.

They serve classic beer battered fish and chips, grilled barramundi, whiting tacos, red Thai fish curry, chili mussels, fish burgers, seafood platters, chips with aioli, as well as lemon pepper squid and feta fingers.

Their food is more upmarket, and they have some excellent dishes. 


3/73 Phoenix Rd, Spearwood WA 6163, Australia

Fishagogo serves some exceptional Australian seafood. They are known for their remarkable food, good service and friendly staff.

They serve classic fish which can be grilled or battered, along with gold band snapper, shark bay whiting, blue spot emperor, Spanish mackerel, shark, and mullet.

They also have their fish of the day signature burger, which is served with Japanese mayonnaise and red onions in a Turkish roll. They have a selection of local quid, banana prawn cutlets, scallops, fish tacos, as well as chiko rolls, and let’s not forget, their amazing chips and potato scallops. 

Moolanda Fish & Chips 

Shop 4/127 Moolanda Blvd, Kingsley WA 6026, Australia

Moolanda Fish & Chips has remained a local favorite for years. Based in Kingsley, the fish and chip shop serves some incredible fish and chips – fish that is a favorite amongst those who didn’t know they liked fish!

Their prices are relatively inexpensive, and they serve traditional fish and chips, amongst other local favorites. This includes snapper, gummy shark, whiting, red spot emperor, dhufish, barramundi as well as scallops, prawns, and fishcakes.

They have a vast range of different sausages, too, as well as a good range of snacks such as banana fritters, chico rolls spring rolls, and corn jacks. 

Fish Boss 

15 Best Fish and Chips Places in Perth

49/789 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park WA 6101, Australia

Fish Boss is one of the best-rated fish and chip shops in the local area. They are focussed on delivering the best quality and marine stewardship council certified fish. They are keen to work with local fishermen and suppliers to ensure their food is of the most sustainable quality.

Their menu is exciting, and vibrant, with a range of classics, tacos and burgers, as well as healthier options. In their more classic section, they serve dishes such as beer battered fish and chips, squid and chips, prawn and chips, as well as sharing baskets for all.

They serve up some delicious fish tacos, prawn tacos and spicy fish burgers, as well as classic sides such as potato scallops, coleslaw, panko fried prawn/squid and sweet potato wedges. 


2/21 Dance Dr, Middle Swan WA 6056, Australia

Swannies is a small family run fish and chip shop in middle swan, and is popular for its delicious fish and chips, as well as their dhufish bites.

They serve fresh, wild caught fish that can be grilled or crumbed, such as hake, shark, barramundi, dhufish, king snapper, red emperor and pearl perch.

They also serve fresh battered seafood such as crab sticks, mussels, prawns, calamari, oysters and sea scallops. They have family meal deals, as well as family favorites such as a Kiwi dog, Aussie dog, spring rolls, chiko rolls, corn jack, cheese sausage and fish cakes. 

South Perth Fish & Chips

256 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151, Australia

South Perth Fish & Chips serve delicious, crisp fish and chips. Their restaurant is vibrant and small, with great presentation in their food. Their motto is ‘always fresh, always crispy,’ to which they stick to their word.

They serve traditional battered fish, shark, barramundi, whiting, and red emperor. They have meal deals, including seafood baskets with dim sum, squid rings, and chips.

They also have some delicious extras such as battered prawns, squid, spring rolls, potato scallops, battered pineapple, cheese sausage, crab sticks as well as their unique battered Mars bar! 

Fisch On Broadway

18/88 Broadway, Crawley WA 6009, Australia

Fisch on Broadway is a family-owned fish and chip shop, which was founded in 2015. The family behind the shop have been operating fish and chip shops for over twenty-five years, and they always aim to serve fresh, local, and sustainable produce.

They serve some unique dishes such as dhufish chowder, as well as their baby bronze whaler. They also serve New Zealand hake, Spanish mackerel, shark bay whiting, dhufish, red emperor, pink snapper, and gold band snapper.

They have seafood combos, squid rings, mussels, extra large king prawns, and crumbed sardines. The shop has a unique range of sauces to go with your fish, too. This includes tartar, aioli, tomato, chili, seafood sauce and sriracha. 

The Groper & His Wife 

8/31 Gayton Rd, City Beach WA 6015, Australia

The Groper & His Wife is regarded as ‘Perth’s best fish and chips’, and their slogan is ‘it’ll be love at first bite.’ The restaurant serves some of Perth’s best seafood, along with other dishes.

They pride themselves on their quality, the freshness of their food and their daily specials.  They serve classic hake and chips, Spanish mackerel, shark, barramundi, gold band snapper, red emperor, and the unique Tasmanian salmon.

Here, you pick the style of your fish after you have chosen your fresh fish. You can have your fish deep fired and battered with either plain, peri-peri or Cajun seasoning, grilled, crumbed or crunch spicy. After, you add chips or salad.

They also serve groper bowls, which are salad rice bowls with fresh fish. 

Kailis’ Fishmarket Café

46 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Kailis’ is a Fish market, as well as a café. It is situated directly on the waterfront in Fremantle, and they have an award for the best family dining venue.

Here, you can experience Western Australia’s best, and most fresh local seafood, straight from the harbor side you will be sat next to. The café has two styles of menu, their BBQ menu, and their fry menu.

Their fry menu includes their fresh fish range. They serve traditional battered or grilled fish and chips, along with other fried fillets such as mullet, Albany cobbler, flathead, whiting, market special, local snapper, and Western Australian emperor.

They have delicious extras such as herring, shark bay king prawns, Fremantle sardines, whitebait, New Zealand mussels, squid rings, scallops, mushy peas, and a fish burger. 

Redfish, Fish, Chips And Grill

88D Moreing Rr, Attadale WA 6156, Australia

Redfish’s desire was to supply people with quality, fresh fish. Their head chef has been cooking up a storm for over forty years, and wanted to make a change to the seafood scene in Perth.

They source their fish from the fish market several times a week, ensuring that their fish is locally sourced, as well as fresh. Their menu reflects sustainability, as well as creativity.

They serve salmon belly bao, salt and pepper crayfish, Freo sardines, chili mussels, scallop pies, seafood chowder, dhufish, rock flathead, gummy shark, as well as a huge selection of other fresh fish. Their selection is broad, with every type you can think of. 

Tankk Gourmet Fish & Chips

Shop 14 Hatherley Parade Winthrop WA 6150, Australia

Tankk was established in 2015, and was voted Perth’s best fish and chips in 2019. Tankk is a family-owned and operated restaurant, and they proudly support local fisherman, ensuring their fish is sustainably sourced and of the best quality.

They have three locations in Perth, Como, Winthrop and Melville. They serve hake, Spanish mackerel, gummy shark, barramundi, saddle tail snapper, and red emperor.

They serve traditional fish shop chips, as well as their famous thin chips, sweet potato fries and wedges with sour cream and chili. They have oysters, scallops, prawns, stuffed prawns, squid rings, calamari, along with a range of burgers and fish tacos. 

William St Fish & Chips

190 William St, Beckenham WA 6107, Australia

William St is a family-owned local business, who care about the quality of their food, and where it comes from. They are popular with locals, and are open seven days a week.

They serve traditional fish and chips, along with several types of platters and meal deals. These include crab sticks, dim sum, pineapple, prawns, squid, and potato scallops. Their shop is easy and quick, with fresh, good food guaranteed every time. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many places to get fish and chips in Perth. Of course, not all fish and chip shops will be supporting local fisherman, and may not serve the most fresh fish.

In this list, we ensure that these fish and chip restaurants and shops care about their quality. I mean, if you’re going to have fish and chips, you want them to be fresh! 

Dylan Cole