The 15 Best Steak Houses In Perth

Steak is perhaps one of the most versatile dinners around. Perfect for celebrating a special occasion, dinner with mates, or toasting a date night.

When you’re spending time in Perth, whatever the reason might be, there’s sure to be a time you want to sink your teeth into a steak.

Steak lovers in Perth have a lot of options to choose from. Established steakhouses sit alongside exciting newcomers, each place battling it out for the title of the best steak in Perth.

The 15 Best Steaks In Perth

This guide has collected the 15 best steaks and steakhouses in Perth, enough to satisfy any carnivore. The level of talent in Perth kitchens is incredible, and combined with fresh local ingredients, Perth steak is a real treat.

Grab yourself a steak knife and a napkin, and get ready to tuck in.

Rockpool Bar And Grill

Ask any steak lover in Perth where to eat, and it won’t be long before they direct you to Rockpool. This established steakhouse has built up a reputation for serving juicy cuts that never fail to get the mouth watering.

Enjoy steaks fresh from Rockpool’s famous wood fired grill, with a wide variety of cuts to please every diner. Indulge yourself in some luxury sides, and choose a wine accompaniment from the massive drinks’ menu.

You’ll soon understand why Rockpool has become the place for steak in Perth.

Samson’s Paddock

Dinner at Samson’s Paddock is all about the steak and whiskey pairing. Okay, the entire menu is pretty fantastic, but it’s the steak tasting board that’s made Samson’s Paddock a go-to for Perth meat lovers.

Featuring veal, grain fed, grass fed, and wagyu MB9+, it’s a real treat, particularly when accompanied by a whiskey pairing. The intelligent staff can guide you through the menu, picking a whiskey that will complement your steak, your experience, and your evening.

Samson’s Paddock combines sophistication and simplicity, creating an atmosphere of friendly welcome alongside their seasonal menu. 

The Meat & Wine Co

With an entire section of the menu dedicated to aged steak, you know a dinner at Meat & Wine Co is going to be good. Really, the clue is in the name. Meat is what they do, and they do it exceptionally well.

Try their exclusive Monte beef, or indulge in the wagyu rib-eye. The Meat & Wine Co also serves an impressive array of sauces. We recommend the Hot African Chilli, for something deliciously different.

Located in a landmark building in the heart of Perth, Meat & Wine Co is a charming restaurant with an impressive menu.

Mayfair Lane Pub And Dining Room

Inspired by the British gastro pub, Mayfair Lane uses local Australian ingredients to create classic dishes served with a refined cheerfulness. The steak menu is impressive, featuring some large sharing steaks that you might be tempted to keep all to yourself.

With duck fat potatoes on the side, and some rich sauces finishing the meal, any diner is sure to leave with a smile, and a plan for a return visit. Come for a celebration, and peruse the extensive wine list, featuring local bottles expertly sourced to suit the menu.

Hunter And Barrel

The luscious scent of fire grilled steak greets you as you step through the doors of Hunter and Barrel. Using tried and testing techniques alongside modern originality, the menu serves classic dishes with exciting flavoring.

Their steak menu features several traditional cuts, all basted and grilled to absolute perfection. The wagyu pie is sure to please meat lovers looking for something different.

Hunter and Barrel has a spacious and sleek interior, using natural decorations to craft a warm welcome that suits any occasion. 

Squires Loft

The 15 Best Steaks In Perth

A classic steakhouse, Squires Loft has a dedicated steak menu that prizes simplicity and big flavors. Char-grilled in baste, and served with either chips or baked potatoes, Squires Loft serves steaks for the carnivore, cooked perfectly so you can appreciate the tenderness of the meat.

Traditional side sauces complete the menu — you can’t go wrong with the blue cheese, or black pepper options. Save room for the hot chocolate mud cake, for a decadent finish to a hearty meal.

Firewater Grille

Firewater Grille is a lovely open-plan restaurant found in the Duxton hotel, serving locally sourced ingredients with a sophisticated finish. The dry-aged Tomahawk steak supposedly serves up to 3 people, but you’ll definitely struggle to give any of it up.

Get the truffle mash on the side, and the wild forest mushroom sauce. If you like your food to look as good as it tastes, make sure to order one of the Firewater Grille cocktail creations.

They photograph particularly well against the exposed stone walls of the Firewater Grille dining room.

Market Grounds

The casual vibe of the Market Grounds restaurant, alongside the quality DJs and beer on tap, makes it the perfect destination for a get together with friends. The 1 kg rib eye on the bone is what it’s all about.

It serves 2 to 3 people, and comes with a side of fries, hot mustard, béarnaise, and salsa verde. The large venue is always bustling with life, and stays open late as you try your best to work through the exciting cocktail menu. 

Angel Falls Grill

Angel Falls Grill is the place to go if you want the best Venezuelan food in Perth, and it’s also home to some of the greatest steaks in the city. They do things a little differently, allowing you to build your own grill.

Start with the meat, which is hickory smoked and char grilled for a huge burst of flavor. Then, begin adding your sides. It’s important to remember to stop adding sides at some point, because they’re all so good.

Finally, pick a sauce. It’s really hard to go wrong with the chimichurri. Also, the entire menu is gluten-free!

Fibber McGee’s

A traditional Irish pub and steakhouse, Fibber McGee’s is known for serving some of the best dry-aged steak in all of Australia. Well-priced steaks are served alongside hand cut chips, onion rings, mushrooms, greens, and your choice of sauce.

With a pint of Guinness to complete the authenticity, this is a dinner that will leave you very satisfied. Fibber McGee’s has been a Perth institution since it opened its doors in 1998, and no trip to the city is complete without a stop here.

Bib And Tucker

The food at Bib and Tucker is just as good as the spectacular beachfront views from the restaurant. Beaches and steakhouses don’t always go together, but the Blackwood valley 350gm sirloin on the bone is one of the best things on the menu.

Add some sides, and try and time your visit for when the sun sets. With expertly prepared food and an incredible location, a trip to Bib and Tucker feels like a special occasion

Bistro Guillaume

Head to Bistro Guillaume for classic French dishes cooked with fresh local ingredients. If you don’t mind sharing, bring a loved one and order the châteaubriand with kipfler potatoes and a green peppercorn sauce.

Juicy and tender, it’s French steak done perfectly. This romantic spot is ideal for date nights, as an elegant French atmosphere adds a touch of intimacy to the dining experience.

Start with the organic steak tartare, for a meat lover’s dream, and save room for any of Bistro Guillaumes fabulous desserts. 

Santini Bar And Grill

Santini Bar and Grill may not have an extensive steak menu, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a trip. The two steak options on the menu at Santini are sure to please any steak fan, thanks to well-sourced ingredients and a simple cooking process.

The boldly decorated dining room has a distinctly Mediterranean feel, with a wood fire smoke adding an intimacy to the vibrant restaurant. Finish your meal with a trip to the bar next door, and enjoy one of the signature cocktails on offer.

The Olive Leaf Martini is perfect before eating, while the Flip the Script rounds off an evening nicely. 

La Sosta

Steak fans and food lovers will immediately find their eyes drawn to the Fiorentina, the unique take on the steak you can find at La Sosta. This thick-cut T-bone steak is served on the grill at your table, cut immediately so you get it at its freshest.

Using a tender local Black Angus that’s been dry-aged for 45 days, this Perth twist on an Italian classic is sure to delight and impress any dinner guests. If you can, try and save room for the goat cheese panna cotta.

Tony Roma’s

Tony Roma’s might be known as the go-to place for excellent ribs, but you’d be a fool to ignore the steak section of the menu. Any of their steaks are worth trying, with a hearty and meaty deliciousness that’s enhanced by the welcoming vibe of Tony Roma’s.

Come with a big appetite, so you can start with the onion loaf, and order a half rack of baby back ribs as an add-on. By the time you’re done you’ll be so full you can’t move — but it’s more than worth it.

Dylan Cole