The 15 Best Italian Restaurants In Perth

Italian food is one of the world’s most beloved cuisines. With all kinds of tasty treats from pizza to gelato, there’s something for everyone on a typical Italian menu.

The only problem with having that much good food in one restaurant is that there may be hundreds of similar dining options in every city. And Perth is no exception to that rule.

That’s why we’re here to help you narrow down your choice of where to go out for your next Italian meal.

You’re bound to find your next favourite restaurant on our list of the 15 best Italian restaurants in Perth.

The 15 Best Italian Restaurants In Perth


Location: 440 Cambridge Sr, Floreat, WA 6014 Ph: (08) 9287 2700

The Italian word, ‘prego’ translates into English as ‘you’re welcome’, and that charming attitude is passed down though the food on the menu at this restaurant.

Their set menu has some fantastic selections for each course, ranging from a gorgeous Carpaccio to a rich Tiramisu.

The main ethos at Prego is providing high quality, sophisticated service with authentic Italian dishes.

The decadent ambience created by the classy decor is matched perfectly by the presentation of each dish. You’ll feel like you’re dining in a Michelin starred restaurant.

This is the perfect restaurant for a celebratory event with friends and family.


Location: 130 Mill Point Rd, South Perth, WA 6151 Ph: (08) 9367 1231

This place specialises in Pizza and, whilst they do offer takeaway options, it’s not your average greasy pizza joint where you can get a slice for a few dollars.

Instead, it’s a high quality dining experience that allows the world class food to speak for itself.

All of their Pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven and the Pasta is made fresh in the kitchen, every day.

You’ll also find plenty of dishes on their menu that you probably haven’t tried before. Therefore, it’s the perfect place for avid foodies who are looking for new things.

Gioia On The River

Location: 74/20 Royal St, East Perth, WA 6004 Ph: 0481 398 691

As the name suggests, the location of this restaurant is one of its biggest selling points. You can enjoy an evening meal in the brightly lit outdoor seating area and enjoy taking in the views of the river right next to you.

However, as well as the spectacular location, this place is well known for serving high quality food. In fact, it has won the Catering Institute Gold Plate Award for Mediterranean dining.

The Squid Ink Pasta is one of the highlights of the menu, combining the familiar seafood flavours with a creamy Pecorino sauce.

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Bistro Bellavista

Location: 150 Bennett St, East Perth, WA 6004 Ph: (08) 9220 9560

Bistro Bellavista is another award winning Italian restaurant, famed for its wood-fired oven and authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

Their menu consists of all the classic Italian favourites, leaving no surprises for even the fussiest of eaters in your group.

However, with dozens of menu items in every category, there’s bound to be something that you haven’t tried before.

We recommend not altering any of the menu items. Instead, simply enjoy the dishes that Bistro Bellavista’s expert chefs carefully craft for you.

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Location: 1309 Hay St, West Perth, WA 6005 Ph: (08) 6500 9111

The building that houses this Italian eatery has been around since 1902 and that old fashioned, rustic aesthetic has carried over into the modern day.

The same is true for the menu, which is filled with classic Italian dishes.

The Cicchetti section features a great range of small dishes like Calamari and Patatine. These are great for sharing with the table as a small appetiser for the main meal.

Lovers of authentic Italian cuisine don’t need to look any further than Julio’s. That’s why it’s one of our best Italian restaurants in Perth.

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar

Location: 4/189 William St, Northbridge, WA 6003 Ph: 0475 511 955

There aren’t many restaurants in the world that would market themselves as a dedicated Spaghetti Bar. However, when it’s one of the most popular pastas around, there’s no good reason not to serve as much of it as possible!

The atmosphere at this place isn’t quite the same as a decadent Italian restaurant, but has more of a small deli/bar feel to it.

For me Italian cuisine is pizza, pasta and great coffee. These days you can make incredible coffee at home with one of these easy-to-use coffee machines. And save money whilst you do so!

You can enjoy your meal in the intimate indoor seating area or outside in the Australian sunshine.

Wherever you choose to enjoy your meal, you’re guaranteed to be spoilt for choice with their vast array of Pasta dishes on offer.

Trattoria Ilaria

Location: Shop 3/10 Angove St, North Perth, WA 6006 Ph: (08) 6162 9406

The best part about eating a meal at Trattoria Ilaria is the lovely communal atmosphere in the restaurant. Small tables are arranged in a snug, cosy way to make everyone feel like part of a big family while eating here.

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The menu features some very high quality Italian food. Dishes are often centred around beautifully cooked Meat (Seconde)or Pasta with expertly paired seasonings and other ingredients.

Of course, everything is authentically Italian and you won’t find a chicken nugget within miles. Not to mention, this place has one of the best Italian cocktail menus you’ll find in Perth.


Location: 265 Walcott St, North Perth, WA 6006 Ph: (08) 6161 9559

Cariola prides itself on being just as good during the day as it is at night. You can easily stop by for a coffee and light snack in the morning, then come back for a larger meal for dinner.

One of the highlights of the menu is undoubtedly their Wagyu Beef Ravioli. This exquisite cut of meat is famous around the world for its intense flavour. Pairing it with Italian Pasta and a classic Tomato Sauce is nothing short of heavenly!

However, even if you only feel like sticking around for a light lunch and a hot drink, there are dozens of options to choose from. There are even some Fruit Smoothies.

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Location: 1 Cathedral Ave, Perth WA 6000 Ph: (08) 6168 7822

Post is another contemporary Italian restaurant that enjoys taking the best aspects of traditional recipes and putting their own twist on them.

For example, their Spaghetti with King Prawns, Garlic, Chilli and Vermouth is a very interesting culinary experience that shouldn’t be missed out on.

As well as the highly decadent food menu, Post has one of the most extensive Wine and Cocktail lists of any establishments in the city.

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Ciao Italia

Location: 273 Mill Point Rd, South Perth, WA 6151 Ph: (08) 5500

Having been around since 1999, this place definitely knows how to serve high quality Italian food to the Australian public.

You’re unlikely to find much on this menu that you haven’t seen before, but Ciao Italia prides itself on serving familiar comfort foods with love and care.

They have plenty of Pasta and Meat dishes to choose from, with all your favourite recipes represented. Not to mention, they even offer takeaway and home delivery services.

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Acqua E Sale Ristorante Pizzeria

Location: 391 Fitzgerald St, North Perth, WA 6006 Ph: (08) 162 2579

Best Italian Restaurants In Perth - Acqua E Sale

Translating to ‘water and salt’, Acqua E Sale knows exactly what to do when it comes to the old fashioned Italian cooking methods.

The highlights on their menu include Culurgiones. These are hand-braided pasta pockets, stuffed with potato cheese and mint. There is also a long list of Pizzas, all cooked freshly in-house, every day.

You’ll have to book in advance because tables here are often in high demand. Alternatively, you could even make use of their takeaway and delivery services instead. Whatever you do, you won’t regret it. This is one of the top Italian restaurants in Perth.

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Caffe Italia

Location: 51 Hay St, Perth, WA 6004 Ph: (08) 9221 3100

Don’t be fooled by the name, this isn’t your typical coffee shop with a few sandwiches and cakes on the menu. It’s a classy sit-down restaurant with a friendly atmosphere and plenty of comforting Italian food on offer.

They serve all kinds of meat-based dishes, including a Fish of the Day. As you would expect, this changes according to whatever fresh fish comes into the kitchen that day.

Of course, no great Italian restaurant would be complete without an extensive Pizza list and Caffe Italia is no exception, with dozens of traditional and unique options available.

Editor’s Note: Sadly, we’ve heard that Caffe Italia has closed. I’ll let you know when we learn more. As this is the case, who not try this popular spot instead…?

Si Paradiso

Location: 1/446 Beaufort St, Highgate, WA 6003

Intimate and charming, Si Paradiso has an old skool feel and a killer cocktail list, great food and even a dance floor – if you decide to make a night of it.

The menu features plenty of favourites, given a wee tweak of modernity. And lots of plates are perfect for sharing too.

Open with the Croquette ($11 for 2) – Gruyere, French Onion & Chives, then move on to Kingfish Crudo ($25) at Si Paradiso it comes with an unusual (but yummy) Persimmon Vinaigrette, XO & Kelp Oil. After that, maybe a Pizza appeals? The Pepperoni ($27) with Sugo, Smoked Mozzarella, Pickled Jalapeno and Parmigano Reggiano has just the right amount of heat.

Finish off with the wonderfully retro Bombe Alaska ($15) and you’ll be ready to dance the night away.

With all this, it’s easy to see why Si Paradiso is one of the top Italian restaurants in Perth.


Location: 77 Outram St, West Perth, WA 6005 Ph: (08) 9321 5420

One of Perth’s classiest restaurants, Perugino has some of the most exquisite decor and a chic ambience to accompany its fine cuisine.

Ornate vines and shrubs adorn the exterior walls, whilst the interiors are decorated with gorgeous artworks and bottles of wine.

This decadence extends to the menu which features some unique dishes often based around meats like Rabbit, Quail, Calf Liver and Tiger Prawns.

Even with all of these high class dishes on the menu, the prices aren’t too steep. Luckily, it’s the sort of place you can take a group of friends without breaking the bank.

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Location: 63 Bennett St, East Perth, WA 6004 Ph: 0480 317 677

This family owned restaurant is famous for cooking classic Italian dishes the way grandmothers used to back in Italy. If simple, authentic fare is what you want, this is one of the best Italian restaurants in Perth.

Plenty of care and attention goes into cooking each dish and you’ll absolutely love Nonna’s Meatballs just as much as the Chicken Saltimbocca.

They also have family-style meals out covered, with a simple kids menu that features Chicken Nuggets, Gnocchi, Pizza and more. Perfect for fussy eaters!

SIMPLE Italian Cucina Pizzeria

Location: 413 Murray St, Perth, WA 6000 Ph: (08) 9481 7999

The last place on our list of the best Italian restaurants in Perth truly is simple by name and simple by nature. Their wood-fired Pizzas and classic Pasta dishes leave nor surprises when you order them.

However, despite the simplicity of the menu, this place definitely doesn’t skimp on quality. Here, they use fresh ingredients that are expertly put together into fantastic dishes.

This place will even cater for events, offer takeaway options and is open from 6am to serve breakfast food. What’s not to love?

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list of the best Italian restaurants in Perth has helped you narrow down your choice of where to go out for your next big Italian meal.

There are plenty of places mentioned here that are perfectly suited for big, celebratory events. However, there are also some that you could easily head to every week just to enjoy their delicious food.

No matter how often you want to enjoy a meal out at one of these establishments, you’re definitely in for a treat.

Buon appetito!

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